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Subject: “Master of River’s Bend” Chapter 29 Gay Male/Authoritarian Gay Male/Interracial Master of River’s Bend Chapter 29 “Ramses’ Descent into Abject Slavery” Written by Jean-Christophe: May, 2019 This is a story of erotic slave fiction with the emphasis on male on male sex. If you are under the legal age or should the subject matter offend you, then read no further. This story is the product of the writer’s imagination and not based on any actual persons or events. Please respect the integrity of the writer’s work and don’t do any rewrites, make alterations or add another person’s artwork without permission. My blog, “Slaves through the Ages” can be found pot/ Special Note: needs your financial help to continue posting these stories for your reading enjoyment. Please consider making a donation fty/donate.htm Chapter 29: As Ramses laboured on the water-wheel another change was occurring; he began to understand his place as a River’s Bend slave. Besides depriving a man of his freedom, slavery robs him of his dignity and reduces him to the level of the sub-human in the eyes of his owner and other free men. As Luke Trevannion, Ramses grew up with the notion that his family’s slaves weren’t “quite human” and that they were a lower order of God’s creation. In his formative years, he’d listened as his father’s slave-owning friends spoke disparagingly of their slaves describing them as primitive savages given to continuous, inter-tribal warfare and who’d only recently descended from the trees to walk upright as terrestrial beings. He’d listened further as they tried to rationalise the ownership of their slaves with such arguments that, if left in their former natural environment, they would have led indolent, barbaric lives without any purpose. Therefore, slavery was good for them. It saved them from themselves, it lifted them from their slothful existence and gave their lives meaning and purpose. Also, it exposed them to the “civilising” effect of the white man’s world. To their logic, they were performing a noble duty in “uplifting” the black man from his primitive existence of savagery into the god-fearing world of the white man. However, these arguments denied the fact that African culture was a highly structured one and that it possessed a rich and vibrant civilisation in its own right. Luke, living in his privileged white world, had never demurred with these arguments. In fact, he’d just accepted then as fact without ever giving them too much thought. Now, as he toils under the whip as a naked, dishevelled white slave of the black man, he sees these arguments lack any moral force or validity. Put simply, slavery is the exploitation of the vulnerable by the strong for their own selfish greed and no amount of rationalisation can ever condone the evil nature of chattel slavery. His time spent on the water-wheel has broken Ramses. He now knows there can be no redemption for him and he is doomed to be a slave for the term of his natural life. He is too young and vulnerable to harbour any sense of defiance; after all, he has seen how his fellow slaves are mercilessly punished should they show even the slightest sign of resentment – and he has quickly submitted. What other choice does he have? Apart from the most obvious changes to Ramses – the building up of him physically, the lank, shaggy hair, the stubbly beard and the grime-encrusted, naked torso – there are also other, more subtle ones taking place. Gone is the refinement of a young “Southern gentleman” of good breeding and education only to be replaced with the brutishness of slavery. Chained, in place, to his cross-bar of the capstan, ankara otele gelen escort Ramses is forced to labour in mind-numbing, never-ending circuits to keep the waterwheel turning for fourteen hours a day. At first, as he strained at the cross-bar, laboriously placing one sore foot before the other, Ramses tried to keep his mind alert by counting the number of steps it took to complete one full circuit of the capstan and the number of circuits he’d completed but that had proved a pointless exercise and he had quickly abandoned it. Also, at the outset, his mind turned poignantly to memories of his faraway home and parents. The absence of any siblings meant his childhood had been a lonely one and his strict, puritanical parents had seemed remote. Yet, in retrospect, he knew they had loved him and cared for him in their own particular way. He’d never wanted for anything except perhaps for a hug and praise from his father or a kiss and a cuddle from his mother – both were too aloof to show any emotional attachment to one another or to their son – but they had provided for all his material needs, given him as good an education as their considerable wealth could buy and kept him safe. Ramses knew his father found satisfaction in thinking of him as Luke and the sole heir to River’s Bend Plantation, one of the finest on the Mississippi River. He also knew that his mother had held strong reservations about his exposure to his distant cousin, Beauregard St Jean who unnaturally preferred to lay with men rather than women as God had intended. Indeed, Ramses knew she was strongly opposed to him ever visiting River’s Bend in the first instance. In retrospect, how he wished she had prevailed. In his absence, his mother prays constantly to her God to keep her son safe and free from the clutches of that vile sodomite whose soul is surely doomed to burn for all eternity in the everlasting fires of hell. Of course, both his parents are unaware of his true fate and that he is now a slave labouring on the property they thought would be his at some time in the future. At first, Ramses had wept bitterly at the loss of his home and parents but eventually his tears dried up only to be replaced with a sense of despair that eventually gave way to the hopelessness of his existence. With the passing of each day, his mind became a blank canvas devoid of any cognitive thought on his part. Now, the only things to register in his consciousness are the constant needs to apply himself to his labours or feel the sting of the overseer’s whip, the creaking protests of the waterwheel as it rotates non-stop and the laboured breathing and the animal-like grunting of his brother slaves as, like him, they apply their tired, aching bodies to the inhuman task that Massa Charles and his overseers demand of them. He world is restricted to the three slaves chained to the crossbar immediately in front of him and to the two shackled alongside of him. He sees their naked, sweat-sodden, whip-lashed bodies straining forward as they push like oxen against the impossibly heavy crossbeam. He also sees the unnatural stress placed on their muscles and sinews stretching them to almost breaking-point and he hears the constant, staccato cracking of the overseers’ “encouraging” whips and the slaves’ answering cries of pain as yet another stripe is laid across their bare backs. And he is spurred on to greater effort by the shouted exhortations of his overseers. “PUSH, you lazy white beasts! Push, I said! Put your backs into it or you’ll feel my whip on your lazy white asses. KEEP THE WHEEL MOVING!” öveçler escort As Luke Trevannion, Ramses had imagined nakedness to be an erotic fantasy. Now, he has a very different view of his enforced slave nakedness. It humiliates him and reduces him to the level of an animal; a mere beast-of-burden akin to a plough-ox. For those first days toiling on the wheel, he’d been acutely aware his nakedness and it had filled him with shame. Viewed from the rear, he couldn’t help but notice the sweat-glistening, undulating ass-globes of the slaves straining in front of him or of their limp cocks and low-hanging balls swinging freely between their muscular thighs. But even worse, was their uninhibited emptying of their bladders as they worked. He’d watched in disgust as they pissed, noisily splattering the stones beneath them and, incidentally, spraying his feet with their urine. At first, he’d rebelled against the idea of urinating like a domestic farm-animal and he had refrained from doing so. He’d used the irregular, brief water-breaks to relieve himself but inevitably, he found these occasions were too infrequent and that overfilled bladders couldn’t be denied. That first time, when he involuntarily pissed, he wept with bitter shame as his urine ran down his inner thighs, splattering the cobblestones beneath his feet and leaving a darkened, wet trail behind him. Even worse were those occasions when, first thing in the morning after being aroused from their slumbers and again last thing of an evening before being locked up for the night, the slaves were made to straddle the reeking, narrow-slit trench that served as their latrine and empty their bowels. As Ramses and his fellow slaves squatted one behind the other, their overseers casually flicked their whips against the backs of the slaves all the time urging them to “Hurry it up! We don’t have all day!” Inevitably, if one is treated like an animal then you become one and Ramses quickly lost any notions that he was a man and, as stated previously, he became the slave that Massa Charles had always intended. Constant exposure to the slaves had a deleterious effect on Ramses. Ramses quickly adapted to their ways and subconsciously absorbed their habits and style of speech. The refined manners and correct enunciation of speech – the hallmarks of his education at the exclusive “academy for young Southern gentlemen” – gradually disappeared and were replaced by the coarse patois of slavery. Gone also, are the gracious eating habits so carefully instilled into him from an early age by his strict mother, Martha Trevannion. Many times, as a very young boy, his knuckles had been rapped by his mother’s discipline cane to show her disapproval of his table manners or at the improper use of his knife and fork. And gone also is his appreciation of the fine foods and wines which are the hallmarks of his mother’s dining table. As a slave, with his belly growling from hunger, he uses his fingers to scoop the glutinous mess fed to him twice a day from the rough wooden bowl which has replaced his mother’s fine porcelain dinnerware. Then, finally, doglike he uses his tongue to lick out his food-bowl for the very last morsel of food and wishes hungrily for more. Towards the end of his time on the waterwheel, Ramses’ descent into abject slavery is almost complete. However, there remains one last trial he must endure; the humiliation of sexually surrendering to his former slave, Nestor, who is now the freeman, Yancy. He’d already been used sexually when Massa Charles had exercised his master’s right of “ius primae noctis” – the law of the pendik escort first night – to twice fuck him. The memory of that night still lingers in Ramses’ mind and he has mixed feelings about those occasions. The first time, when he lost his virginity, had been “uncomfortable” but the second time, the following morning, when Massa Charles had virtually raped him proved painful and it had left him apprehensive about future sex. And yet, as he thought back over that night, as he did so often when working on the waterwheel – there being little else to fill the mind-numbing void of his thoughts – he’d fantasised about Yancy using him. From the security of his overnight cage in the slave stables – the one that protected him from the predations of the more aggressive slaves – he’d watched and listened as his fellow slaves indulged in their nightly rituals of fucking. He watched as the more submissive slaves willingly surrendered their asses to their dominant brethren. In the gloomy interior of the stables, he looked on as soft, naked flesh yielded to hard, thrusting penile tissue, he heard the soft moans of pleasure and the loud shouts of triumph as lust was satisfied, he smelt the sweat and testosterone of their orgiastic couplings and these served as a powerful aphrodisiac which could only be satisfied by self-masturbation. Obviously, his fellow slaves enjoy male on male sex – and Ramses soon realised this was the only pleasure available to them in the grim reality of their existence – and he accepts the inevitability of it happening to him one day. Paradoxically, he faces that day with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation. As days turned into weeks, Ramses lost all notions of time and with no rest-days or observation of the Sabbath, he doesn’t even know the day of the week. Time means nothing to a slave and his day is measured by backbreaking labour and fitful sleep. A slave’s time belongs to his master to be used at his owner’s discretion and for his benefit or financial advantage. Does it really matter to a slave what hour of the day it is or to know the day of the week? Of course not; it is irrelevant! A slave has only one purpose for his miserable existence and that is to keep toiling at the task his master has assigned to him. Having lost all sense of time, Ramses’ life as a slave settles into a familiar routine. He is awakened by the overseers in the early, predawn gloom, given the first of his two meals for the day and led out to attend to his bodily functions before being shackled to the wheel for the next fourteen hours of strenuous toil. Then, at the opposite end of the day, things are reversed before he is given his second food ration and locked in his cage for the night and left to rest his tired, stressed muscles and recoup his strength for the next day’s labour. After two months, his existence has assumed an unbroken pattern; one which is now simply a matter of routine. He has no idea of how long he is to spend toiling on the waterwheel or of Massa Charles’ and Yancy’s plans for him. Yancy, who is working closely with Charles to learn the operation of River’s Bend, visits for several hours every day to check on Ramses’ progress and well-being. He delights to gloat as Ramses strains on the heavy capstan and he frequently uses his whip to encourage his former master to greater effort. And Massa Charles, mounted on his stallion, Pegasus, also visits daily as part of his tour of inspection of the plantation’s activities. However, he ignores Ramses and no words are ever spoken. Nevertheless, Massa Charles’ eagle eye is noting Ramses’ physical and emotional transformations – and he is pleased with what he sees. Things are progressing as he had intended. However, all this is about to change. One morning, as Massa Charles gazes down on Ramses’ sweating, straining body, he decides it is time for Ramses to move onto the next stage of his descent into slavery. To be continued …………….

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