Mary’s No Toilet Challenge Pt. 01

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The following story contains strong fetish play including bodily wastes such as urine and scat. If these topics do not interest you, please do not read further or rate this story poorly because of its contents. Constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated, but extreme negativity will not be accepted. Please rate the story and comment if you enjoyed and feel free to reach out to me directly!

All characters are fictional and over the age of 18.

Author’s Note:

Apologies for such a long delay between my last post and now. I had been working on a different, much longer one-off story for a couple of months but, unfortunately, it seemed its contents were not suitable for Literotica. Even after many edits, it is still being rejected and I no longer know what to change without completely changing the main plot. I have checked the story guidelines and can’t think of any restrictions I am breaking. As a result of this, I don’t imagine this story will ever be posted. Instead, please enjoy this one. I don’t know how many parts it will have, but I do want it to be shorter.

Following this story, I will likely begin work on the spin-off for The Village Sluts featuring Jane so look forward to that. Enjoy!


DAY 1:

Mary beamed as she finally watched her parent’s SUV pull out of the driveway and begin down the street. Within seconds of them leaving, she rushed to the front door and locked it tightly; no one was coming in or out for the next week. With her fortress secure, Mary bounded back upstairs and ran into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

She likely should have waited a while before stripping — just in case her parents came home — but Mary immediately disrobed once in her room. After all, her stomach was about to burst four hours ago; there was no more time to wait. Mary loved her parents but sometimes they were way too obsessive. That was quite evident when her mom went through their packing list the third time, let alone the fifth.

It didn’t matter now though, with her parents gone on a weeklong trip to god knows where, Mary was alone to play. Of course, her parents asked her to go on vacation with them, but Mary had to work all week. At least, that’s what she told them. Unbeknownst to her parents, Mary too took off the week but planned on having much more fun than staying in some bed and breakfast 6 hours away.

She sighed as she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor; her last piece of clothing to go other than her panties. These, however, were part of Mary’s devious plan to be disgusting and were staying on for most of the week. Her nipples were rock solid, and Mary massaged her perky breasts tenderly as she worked off their stress from being contained. She kicked the pile of clothes to the side before looking at her almost nude body in the mirror situated in the corner of her room.

At 19, Mary had finished high school only a month prior and was in peak, youthful fitness. Her body had always been slender, but she began working out more as she grew up and now had what most would consider the perfect body. Flat stomach, big (but not droopy) boobs, and a plump ass gained from an insane number of squats. Mary’s hair was dirty blonde and got wavy when long, but she always kept it cut just above her shoulders. She smiled while watching her ass jiggle in the mirror, only held back by her skimpy, white, bikini cut panties.

It was these panties that were giving away how horny she was; the front becoming transparent as a wet patch of pussy juice soaked the fabric. Mary let a finger prob at the patch, a subtle squelching audible as she poked. Before long, however, Mary removed her hand. “Enough messing around, time to get ready, and then time to play,” she muttered to herself.

With all her clothes (excluding her panties of course) taken off, Mary walked back downstairs. The front door was locked and she now only had the back one to worry about. Fortunately, her backyard was surrounded by large bushes and trees on all sides ensuring no one saw her nakedness through the patio door’s glass. She tickled her hard clit through the moist fabric of her panties as she slid the lock in place. Mary’s fingers smelled strong as she brought them below her nose; not washing for a week would do that. Her tongue cleaned them quickly and she turned to the first-floor bathroom.

It was here where one of the most crucial parts of her plan took place; shutting off the toilet’s water. Getting on her knees, Mary twisted the water-shutoff valve before standing up and giving the toilet a flush. Sure enough, the water in the bowl emptied but didn’t refill; her work here was done. On her way out, she grabbed a couple of old towels from the bathroom closet before going back upstairs. Her parents’ room was next and then finally her own bathroom.

Entering her ensuite, Mary was glad that siirt escort she was an only child; being spoiled had its perks. As she was home alone, Mary left the door open and shut off the water to the remaining toilet in the house. Now, no matter how badly she needed to go, the toilet wouldn’t be an option. Of course, Mary knew that she could turn the water back on at any time, but that ruined the fun, so she pretended the toilets were broken. Originally, she considered shutting off the water to the house directly but that seemed overly difficult and Mary still needed water to wash her dishes and to drink.

There were a few more things that needed to be done, but the most important tasks were finished, and Mary needed desperately to shit. Of course, her toilet was now useless, and she opted instead for the bathtub. Pulling her panties down to her ankles, Mary sat on the edge of the cold porcelain and dangled her ass over the tub. “Here we go, the week is finally starting,” she groaned before pushing.

With her ass wanting to release for the past few hours, Mary’s sphincter put up no fight and her log pushed its head out with ease. Another push forced the smooth shit out and it landed with a plop in the tub. It was difficult to tell as it coiled on itself, but Mary guessed that the single log had to be at least 8 inches long. Its color was somewhere between milk and dark chocolate and, based only on looks, seemed to be relatively soft.

“Fuck,” Mary smiled in pure bliss, dropping a hand between her legs. Using her index finger, Mary circled the wrinkled flesh that surrounded her hole. The thick shit clinging to her crack smeared across her pale flesh, coating parts of her butt in a thin layer of filth. After pushing the tip of her finger inside her asshole, Mary brought it to her face. Her entire nail was covered with brown and streaks of scat traveled as far as her second knuckle.

The rich smell was intense as she traced it just under her nose, leaving the subtlest streak just below her nostrils. This way, she would be smelling her filth for the rest of the day. She took a few more sniffs of her finger directly before Mary put it in her mouth. Not wanting to lose the flavor too quickly, she just let the finger rest on her tongue as the shit dissolved in saliva and filled her mouth. The taste was something Mary was far too familiar with; she had been licking and tasting her shit for years now.

With the majority of her waste cleaned from her finger, Mary pulled up her panties and wiped what remained on her finger across their front. The shit that was still stuck to her ass quickly coated the crotch of her underwear and felt great as she pulled the panties up further. The lips of her pussy were ever so slightly visible as Mary continued to pull, giving herself a wedgie in an attempt to squish feces further into her crack. She left the panties like that as she exited the bathroom; she had more to do and her shit needed time to marinate.

Changing her bed was the next task so Mary pulled off the white sheets and set them on her chair. The replacements were kept in her closet, hidden inside a box on the top of the shelf with other items needed for this week. Of course, Mary hid the box to prevent her parents from finding it and it was unlikely they would go through her closet at any point. Standing on her tippy toes, Mary grabbed the box and placed it on the ground beside her bed.

Removing the lid, the rubber sheets Mary had purchased online a couple of weeks ago sat on top. She tossed these onto her bed and dug deeper into the box. Below the sheets were a couple of garbage bags, tape, baby wipes, clothespins, and peppermint soap. These items covered the real prizes; a few condoms she got at school, laxatives, and suppositories. Her toys were also stored in this box and consisted of a pink 6-inch dildo, a black 8-inch dildo, a set of 3 buttplugs each increasing in size, and her prize 12-inch dildo with a connected syringe that allowed it to squirt fake cum. The bottle of fake cum was, of course, also stored in the box.

With everything removed, Mary pulled out the final item; a folded piece of lined paper. Her pussy creamed as she unfolded it and read it allowed, “Mary’s No Toilet Challenge: A Week of Filth and Depravity. All of the following rules must be followed with no exceptions!” Unable to resist, Mary began rubbing her clit through the cum and shit covered panties as she continued to read, “Rule 1: No toilets whatsoever, turn off all water to the toilets in the house. Rule 2: No washing, showering, or bathing. Rule 3: The only clothes allowed are the white, soiled panties that have been worn for one week prior to the challenge start. These may be taken off during play but must always be put back on when finished. Rule 4: Be as filthy as humanely possible without breaking any laws.”

Mary, of course, was responsible for writing these rules and therefore knew them well. However, reading sincan escort them out loud was extremely arousing and seriously built excitement for the coming week. She had come up with the idea after reading something similar on one of the scat forums she frequented but had changed the rules to make it more fun. The old panties, for example, had been all her idea.

You see, Mary was an absolutely dirty girl and had been for as long as she could remember. Her fetishes ranged far and wide but most centered around depravity and mess. King of all her fetishes, however, was her deep, sexual love of smells. The more something stunk, the more it turned Mary on. It was this fetish that led Mary on the path of shit play and she soon developed almost as deep of a desire for scat.

Taping the note to her wall as a constant reminder, Mary grabbed the plastic sheets and remade her bed. The plastic was likely going to be uncomfortable, but it was better than destroying her regular sheets and trying to explain the results to her parents. Instead, the plastic should prevent any smears and could easily be disposed of at the end of the week.

With her bed made, Mary made her way back downstairs to the kitchen. The large pile of shit behind the closed door of her bathroom was calling her name, but Mary resisted the urge and decided to first make lunch. In addition to her rules, Mary had also planned out a strict diet for the coming week using research and personal experience. By varying her diet, she determined that fruits gave her the sweetest flavor while meat absolutely ruined it. Cutting out meat did slightly reduce the smell though, which Mary found disappointing, but she decided the flavor was more important.

In terms of texture, fiber helped create the smooth consistency she loved but too much could result in a diarrhea-like texture that Mary wanted to avoid. The most surprising result was the effect of dairy. Mary wasn’t lactose intolerant (although she often wished she was for extra gross loads), but she found dairy did tend to make a slinkier shit, so she wanted to include as much as possible.

It was based on these results that Mary made her first meal; a grilled cheese sandwich with extra cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a big glass of milk on the side. She also filled a bowl with strawberries and raspberries that she ate with the sandwich. This meal should, she hoped, give her the best bowel movement for what she had in mind.

Not wanting to waste a moment, Mary ate her food quickly. Of course, her hands went unwashed and Mary really enjoyed the final bites where shit from her fingers came off onto the parts of the bread she was holding. As an extra tease, she shoved the final strawberry deep into her vagina as a snack for later, leaving a thin layer of cream on her hand. The feeling of the strawberry inside of her as she ran up the stairs sent shivers down her spine with every step taken.

It was, now, finally time to play and Mary took a deep breath before opening the bathroom door. Just as she expected, the hour or so that she left her shit sitting resulted in a much stronger smell. Mary quickly shut the door to the bathroom as she entered, ensuring none of the smell escaped. Her experiments and past experiences with shit meant she already knew how time could greatly affect the smell of feces and, every chance she got, Mary let her shit sit.

“Fuck, it smells so good in here,” Mary breathed in the tainted stench. The bathroom air hung heavy and it made Mary cream her panties even more. She walked to the tub and found her turd exactly how she left it. Scooping it up carefully like a baby, Mary once again exited the bathroom, this time leaving a brown smear on the doorknob as her hands were covered in waste.

She settled on the floor just outside the door to her bathroom, the smell slowly permeating out and into her bedroom. Fortunately, her room had vinyl flooring which was easy to clean so Mary didn’t mind dropping leaving her shit on the ground. It landed with a satisfying splat, sending some droplets flying. Her fingers were sticky and the feeling of making a fist was heavenly, shit oozing between the gaps in her hand. She considered wiping them off before grabbing her mirror but decided that would ruin the fun. Instead, opting to just grab the white frame of her mirror and move it into position, resulting in brown smears on the wood and partially on the glass.

Mary removed her panties as she moved behind her original turd, spreading her legs so that the pile of shit was situated between her thighs. Her hands left deep stains on the waistband of her underwear as she studied their crotch. They had been stained for a few days now as Mary’s pussy had been leaking juice into them. Once white, the interior was a crusty beige in the front while the back quickly transitioned to a series of brown streaks.

Bringing them to her nose left Mary in a puddle as their musty, rich sinop escort aroma bombarded her senses. Her crotch and ass sweat were there, but the stink of unwashed pussy was overpowering. The skid marks even more so, left from Mary’s less than diligent wiping routine. In many cases, she wouldn’t wipe at all. This almost got her into trouble a few times as she wore these panties to work throughout the week. On one occasion in particular she was sure that her fellow waitress Joanne was going to catch her when the 21-year-old girl commented on the strong smell. It didn’t bother Mary too much, however, as she found Joanne to be extremely attractive and the incident only sparked further fantasies for Mary’s masturbation sessions.

Careful not to remove too much flavor too fast, Mary allowed her tongue to only brush the surface of the cotton. Her taste buds were rewarded with the sweetness of her fresh juices followed by a saltier flavor as she licked deeper. Occasionally flakes of the hardened crust would flake off and hydrate in her mouth, resulting in a stringy slime that Mary would gulp down. Some flavor of shit was present, but the teen largely avoided the brown stains on the cotton; they would be saved for later.

Moving on to the main show, Mary carefully laid her panties to the side and focused instead on the large shit that was in front of her. “First things first,” Mary whispered to herself as she leaned back and braced against the wall. After a push, a long, wet fart escaped the girl’s ass, but the smell was lost in the pile of shit in front of her. Urine sprayed out of her first, the slow stream slowly building until she was spraying piss over the bottom of the mirror three feet in front of her.

As she continued to pee, a thin snake of shit started to slither out of Mary’s ass the same color as her original log but softer in texture. It formed a small pile between her legs, slowly spreading out on the floor. Unfortunately, Mary’s bowels emptied quickly followed shortly by her bladder, leaving her with only the little puddle of soupy scat in addition to her larger log. Still, there was plenty to play with. She grabbed the log and brought it to her face. Its texture was smooth, but Mary could make out chunks of what she guessed were potato from the previous night’s meal.

Breaking off the tip, Mary dropped the rest back to the floor before smearing the nugget against her nipples. Starting with her left, the shit easily coated her areola in a deep brown. Her nipples were hard with arousal and stuck out from the layer of shit. Her right nipple got a similar treatment before Mary brought the remaining lump of shit to her stomach. Struggling slightly, she used the mirror to write the word ‘Slut’ just above her belly button in brown streaks.

Only a tiny bit of the initial chunk remained, and Mary squeezed it in her hand. The shit spread out and coated the rest of her skin, covering the clean portions of her palm in waste. She broke off a piece of the log similar in size to the first and dipped it in the pool of softer, fresh shit. The runnier feces coated the nugget and dripped onto the floor as Mary brought it to her face.

Starting at her forehead, Mary smashed the nugget against her flesh and spread it around. Wet shit slid down her cheeks and neck, coating the top of her breasts in feces. Careful not to get any in her eyes, Mary worked the clump of shit around her face as if she were applying makeup. When the nugget dissipated, a look in the mirror showed Mary that her face was completely coated. A thick, second skin of scat was now covering from her hair to her neck with thin trails streaking as low as her stomach.

Already she was starting to smell, and Mary wanted more. Lifting her arms, she buried her face in her left armpit and inhaled the damp, funky aroma of her body odor. After a week of working waitressing with deodorant, Mary was ripe. She licked the sheen from her skin, spreading the salty taste in her mouth using her tongue.

Using her dirtied hands, she spread shit across her still untouched right armpit before licking it clean. Like the first, this armpit tasted salty from the sweat, but the first tastes of bitter scat were powerful on Mary’s tongue and she quickly lost interest in her sweat, craving more shit to eat. This was easily achievable as she had a large meal sitting just between her legs, so Mary bent over and buried her face in the pile of wet diarrhea.

It quickly coated her face, some flowing into her nostrils as she breathed in. Her air was only shit as she snorted the goo and savored the absolutely rank, overwhelming smell from the shit directly in her nose. Opening her mouth, Mary slurped the waste into her mouth as if it were soup. She raised her torso back up and let the melted feces pour from her lips and run down her body.

Pushing air from her nose resulted in shit being blasted over her legs and the floor. Mary leaned further back and, with one hand, began working two fingers inside her slit. With the other she gently massaged her breast, smearing more shit onto her mound. Mary could feel the strawberry being mashed inside in her as she fingered her pussy and worked the fruit out, pushing it into her hand.

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