Mary Tagert

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Mary Tagert

Part 1

Mary Tagert crept along the side of the decrepit building following the shadows cast by the harsh street lamps. Flowing through the night, a shadow herself, Mary paused to look around her. Nodding her head, she scrambled in through the gaping window before her. Inside she tried to find a place out of the light and the chill breeze flowing through the place. In a corner, she leaned against the cold bricks and slumped to the floor. She was cold. Bone cold. This winter had started early and the cold stayed longer in the day. She closed her eyes and was asleep even though her body shivered.

Mary woke suddenly. She was being pulled up out of the darkness and sleep. In front of her was a large black shadow of a man. Before she knew what was happening she was over his shoulder.

“My things,” she shouted.

“I have them,” he said hefting her duffle in his left hand.

Looking around Mary thought about struggling but she just didn’t have the strength. She also spotted the dog. Large, black and trotting just ahead of the man. She was over John’s shoulder. John and Rudy were well known among the homeless. John had never hurt anyone. Rudy on the other hand would hurt anyone who tried to hurt John or anyone with him.

Through the cold, dark streets, John carried Mary. Until they came to a burnt out building not too far from where Mary had tried to hold up. Inside, John climbed some rickety old stairs to a platform above. He gently set Mary down on her feet. Turning, the dog, Rudy, blocked the stairs. John lay down on a pile of cardboard boxes.

“Come. Lay down,” John said.

Tentatively, Mary lay next to John. He opened his long, heavy coat and pulled her in close to him. She tried to move away.

“Stop wiggling. I’m just trying to keep you warm…”

“Yeah, I bet,” Mary croaked, scared to death.

“Stop,” John said closing his coat over Mary. “Rudy, come.”

The dog trotted over and lay down in front of Mary. John reached over and pulled Rudy close, then flipped several heavy blankets over them all.

“Now go to sleep,” John ordered.

Mary grunted, trying to settle herself. Her flee instinct had kicked in and was still yelling at her to run. Yet in the back of her mind she knew John had no ill will toward her. She shook as the adrenalin dissipated from her bloodstream.

“How old are you girl?” John asked gruffly.

“How old are you?” Mary snapped back.

“Well, said,” John said chuckling.

They both lay quietly. Rudy snorted several times. He was a big black, mostly, Rottweiler, mostly. Mary could feel the heat rising from him as he lay in front of her. Tentatively, she moved her hand to rest on his side. He snorted, but didn’t protest.

“I’m sixteen.”

“You should be home with your parents.”

“Not really.”

“What happened girl?”

“It’s Mary, but you know that. Why are you out here? A grown man like you?”

Silence filled the air once more. The sounds of the city barely intruded the space they were in. Mary lay there, listening to Rudy breath. Feeling John’s chest rise and fall with his breathing.

“I left home two years ago.”

“You’ve lived on the street for two years?” John asked in credulously.

“I have. And they were a lot better than the fourteen years I spent at home. Well not all fourteen, just the last two. Before that, mom was there. Mom was there and everything was good. Daddy had a job. There was food on the table. Then Mom got sick.”

“She died?” John asked.


“Been there,” John whispered, shuddering at a memory.

“Ya. After that, dad lost it. He started drinking. At first he tried, but the drink took away his will…”

“He lost that when you momma died, dear.”

“I suppose. Luckily, my oldest brother was working and brought home food. Dad did pay the rent, but that was it. The rest of his paycheck was for his beer. He didn’t start the hard stuff until later. Whenever he would come home drunk, us kids would hide in my bedroom. It was the only one with a lock on it. Alex, my oldest brother would keep dad away from the rest of us.

“That was until he started punching him. Alex tried to fight back but couldn’t take on a two hundred pound drunk. The rest of us would get slapped around pretty good too. Alex started taking Karate lessons. For two years he took them. Then one night when dad came home blasted, he knocked him down and kept him down. Then he told dad to leave us all alone. Dad got past him and busted in my door. Seems he had it in for me for some reason. Billy my younger brother tried to stop him. Got a broken arm for his trouble. Finally, Alex and Charlie, my other older brother, got dad under control. Alex knocked him out, then dragged him to the living room. Charlie, who was seventeen, Maltepe Escort took Billy to the hospital. Me and Sean, my youngest brother, with Alex stayed in my bedroom the rest of the night.

“We heard dad stir in the living room. He crawled to the bathroom and puked his guts out. Then a while later he crawled to his bedroom. A short time later we heard him snoring and we all went to sleep.”

“That’s when you decided to leave home?”

“Yes. The next morning he came bustin’ in my room, yelling and screamin’ how come I didn’t wake him to get to work on time. How he would probably be fired because of me. Alex knocked him down. Then kicked him in the ribs a couple of times and told him to get out and never come back. Alex let him pack his things. When he went out and car was gone, he pitched a fit. Alex told him to start walking, that the car wasn’t his to begin with.

“That night I packed an old duffle one the boys had found and slipped out my bedroom window. I was surprised my dad wasn’t there, waiting. But he was probably out drinking up the last of his money. So that’s how I came to be here.”

John grunted. Rudy snorted. Then the shadow of a dog as large as Rudy was standing over them. John reached over me and Rudy, flipped the cover back a little and the new dog lay down by our feet.

“That’s Sunny, she’s mine too,” John told Mary as he flipped the covers back over them all.

“So how did you end up out here?” Mary asked.

“Don’t talk about it.”

“Oh. Do you have any kids?”



“Don’t talk about it.”

Mary snorted. Rudy snorted. Sunny snorted.

“Had two, boy and a girl. They died. Their mother died. And if I ever find that drunk driver he will die.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

“Not your fault. Now go to sleep.”

Mary closed her eyes. In her mind her mother was dying all over again. Only this time there were two children with her. Mary shivered and then hugged Rudy to her. The dog huffed, but didn’t complain otherwise. Mary fell asleep shortly after that.

* * * *

For the next two years, Mary and John foraged for food together, sleep in the loft together and hung out together. The dogs had been well trained and now listened to Mary as good as they listened to John. John didn’t talk much, nor did Mary, so they kind of coexisted not talking except to the dogs. Mary would tell the dogs all kinds of stories, mostly for John’s benefit. John on the other hand just scratched them behind their ears and told them how good they were.

In the two years they were partners, John never once tried to touch Mary inappropriately. He would push her out of the way or pull her away from something he thought might be dangerous. But he never hugged her, never…well never tried anything. All of which Mary was very grateful for. Several times Mary grew out of her clothes. John found clothes that fit her. Here periods were a problem before she met John. But now he would scrounge enough money to get her pads so she didn’t bleed all over her clothes anymore.

Most days, John would get up, stretch and then go through a work out. Sit-ups, push-ups, deep knee bends, pull-up on a bar over the door, the usual stuff of staying in shape. Most morning Mary would join him. Doing sit-ups and push-ups. When John would start the pull-up or to lift the assorted weights he had accumulated, that’s when Mary called it quits. She didn’t really need to do much to stay in shape. All the walking and watching how much she ate kept her pretty fit. But every time John stripped down to his trousers and t-shirt, Mary marveled at his physique. He was lean and muscular. As she got older she started to have these inklings. Feelings deep down in her belly. At the time she really didn’t realized what they were, but over time she came to the realization of what they were.

For the last two years, John had had to do with a sink bath at the gas station, down on the corner, to get the stink of living on the street off him. Slip the guy at the counter a couple bucks and he would even give you a used bar of soap along with the key to the restroom. He had taught Mary about that and given her a couple of bucks every month. Mary, reveled in the gas station bathroom. She was finally able to clean that horrible stench out of her hair, off her body and especially between her legs. She was so grateful to John.

For two years Mary saved any money she could find, beg, borrow or steal. For two years Mary waited. Then her birthday came once more. She would be eighteen tomorrow. She hadn’t told John when her birthday was. From the few times Mary had been able to look at herself in a mirror down at the gas station, she wasn’t bad looking. Clean off the dirty and grime and she might even be pretty. She had boobs. John had gotten her a bra, but she preferred not wearing one. Her boobs were firm enough to not need one.

The day after her birthday, Mary grabbed John’s hand and pulled him along with her. It was time to repay his kindness. When Cevizli Escort they got to the flop house, John dug in his heels.

“What the hell?”

“John. My dear sweet John. Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday. Today, I want to give you something back for all you have done for me. Please? I want to do this for you,” Mary pleaded.

“Mary, god no. I think of you as my daughter, Christ!”

“But I’m not your daughter and I want to repay you. How long has it been since you were with a woman?”

John just growled. “Too long.”

“Then let me take you upstairs and give you a gift. A bed to sleep on and woman to lose yourself in.”

“Oh god,” John groaned scrubbing his face with his hands. “What about the dogs?”

“They will wait for us at the loft, keeping anyone who pokes their nose where it don’t belong, out. I have told them to stay there. They have food and water and we will be back there tomorrow.”

“I don’t know…”

Mary grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. She paid for a room, got the key and dragged John upstairs. In the room, Mary put her little backpack on the bed and pulled out soap, toothpaste, with two brushes and a towel.

In the bathroom she laid out the items, then dragged John inside. Looking at him she nodded and went back to her pack and pulled out a razor, a pair of scissors and shaving cream.

“Where did you get all this stuff?” John asked. “And the money for the room?”

“I have been saving and scrounging for almost two years,” she told him boldly. “Now, it’s shower time. Wash, shave, brush your teeth and don’t put those dirty clothes back on.”

“Then what am I to wear?”

“Your birthday suit. That’s all I’ll be wearing in a minute.”

John looked a little shocked, then harrumphed and closed the bathroom door. Smiling, Mary disrobed as quick as she could. She needed a shower and to brush her teeth. But she needed to get out of those dirty, filthy clothes first. It was early fall so the room wasn’t too hot nor too cold. Sighing, she sat on the bed and waited.

* * * *

John stripped out of his clothes. Not wanting to disappoint Mary, he opened the door and flipped them out on the floor. He heard Mary gather them up and set them to the side. John started the shower, adjusting the water temperature. When he had it just right he stepped in and let the warm water cascade down over his trim body. John was not fat under all the clothes he wore. He had always been on the lean side, but now he was nothing but muscle. After all he did work out almost every day.

The water felt good. He had treated himself to this little pleasure in the past when he had enough extra money. Taking the bar of soap, John washed himself. After about twenty minutes, he dried himself and stepped out of the shower. Looking in the mirror he picked up the scissors and started to trim his beard. Fifteen minutes later, he was clean shaven, yet his hair was still long and wild. He brushed his teeth running his tongue along them to see if they were clean.

When he stepped out of the bathroom, he almost fainted. Mary was standing there, naked, waiting to go into the bathroom. He shivered, trying to cover himself. Mary on the other hand stood proudly naked. She had reason to be proud, John thought, she was the most beautiful sight he as seen in a long, long time.

“Geez John, you clean up handsome,” Mary quipped, as she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

John just stood there looking at the closed door, still seeing Mary in all her glory. She was a beautiful girl. No, she was a beautiful woman. John backed to the bed and sat, still staring at the bathroom door. He shivered as he closed his eyes and visualized Mary. She was very pretty. Her face was, under all the dirt and grime, pleasant to look at. But the body she hid under those clothes…it was magnificent. John hoped he could live up to her expectation.

* * * *

Closing the door, Mary leaned against it and exhaled sharply. She had been so nervous about being naked in front of John, when it finally happened, there was nothing to it. She loved every second his eye were on her. She knew he was lean and muscular, but seeing him naked enhanced the experience. And talk about handsome. She hadn’t been kidding him about his looks. Under all that hair on his face was a handsome looking man.

Pushing off, Mary went to the shower. She washed her hair first, then the rest of her. She finally stood in front of the mirror looking at her body all clean and white. At least she didn’t look pasty. But that bush between her legs had to go. Not completely, she didn’t want to look like a little girl. Just a trim. She set to work with the scissors. When she was done she stood back and admired her handy work. Then she brushed her teeth vigorously until she felt they were clean and her breath was fresh.

Nodding, she reached for the door. The anticipation had brought her excitement to an almost fever pitch. She could feel she was wet. It even had started Atalar Escort to roll down her leg. Although a virgin, she was ready to give herself to the kind man who had taken her in and kept her from being used by others. For this she was most grateful. Pulling the door open, she stepped out. John sat on the bed, staring at the doorway. When he saw her his breath exploded from his lungs. Mary stood in the doorway and posed for him. One hand up on the frame the other on her hip. Legs crossed, chest out.

“Oh my god,” John whispered.

She was even more beautiful all cleaned up. Her auburn hair framed her face, cascading down her shoulder to cover her left breast. The rest tumbled down her back almost to her ass. She sighed as he looked her up and down. She was magnificent. When she walked toward him he groaned deep in his belly. For the first time in a long, long time his cock grew hard, flopped up and hit his belly. He felt no embarrassment.

Mary, smiled as she watched his cock, the first she had ever really seen up close, flip up from between his legs. She wasn’t all that sure of herself, but she had read several trashy novels she found in the trash, so she kind of knew what to do, just not the actual mechanics of it. Walking slowly toward John, Mary kept her eyes on his. He was looking her up and down, but settled on her eyes as she stopped before him.

“Oh god,” he whispered.

Reaching out tentatively, John finally put his hands on her hips. Leaning forward he kissed her stomach. It convulsed at his touch. Then she was sinking to her knees. She knew what she wanted to do. She reached out and grasped his hard cock. She stroked it, slowly, gently. Leaning forward she lowered her open mouth down around the head. John was bucking his hips and his dick was squirting his seed into her open mouth. A lot of it. She let it hit the back of her throat, but didn’t swallow. That would come later. For now she let his cum drop out and down on his pulsing cock. John groaned as Mary squeezed him in her petite hand.

“Oh my god…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” John said.

Pulling her mouth off his cock, Mary looked up a John and smiled. “Don’t be. I expected that. I thought it was hot. Now go clean yourself up. Don’t use the towel, use the toilet paper.”

“Of course,” John said sheepishly. Smart woman, they would both want to take showers again.

When John left, Mary pulled a small pack of baby wipes from her pack and cleaned herself of John’s fluids. When he came out of the bathroom, Mary was on the bed, covers pulled back with her legs spread. She wanted him to get right to work.

“Eat me,” she told him.

Nodding, John crawled up the bed, wondering where she had learned such language, staring down at her pretty pussy. Her pretty eighteen year old pussy. Imagine an old fart like him being able to taste and even make love to a young eighteen year old pussy. He lowered himself to his elbows. He pressed his lips to hers. She shivered at his touch.

“Oh god,” Mary croaked as she groaned from his touch. “Lick it, please.”

Ever since reading that novel where the woman went around town letting men lick her pussy, Mary has wanted someone to do that to her. And here was John, getting ready to eat hers.

When his tongue touched her skin, Mary swooned. Her head flopped back and her eyes closed as pleasure shot through her body. John was also enjoying her taste and texture. The lips of her pussy were soft and growing as blood flooded them. Mary was excited, very excited. John slowly licked and sucked on her sex. His mouth covered her, his tongue flipped from here to there to everywhere, touching her labia, clit, and her opening. Pushing his tongue inside her, Mary yelled as her body was wracked with orgasm. Not her first, but her best so far.

“That’s it John, make me cum. Oh god I need to cum,” Mary growled.

John licked her harder and faster, concentrating on her clit. Mary’s hips bucked and shook with her excitement. Then John sucked on her clit hard. Mary was over the edge. She squeezed John’s head between her thighs and screamed her pleasure.

“I’m coming,” she shouted.

Lifting his face from her sex, John crawled up between her legs. Mary pulled his lips to hers. She tasted herself on his lips. She tasted good. Then she felt his cock pressing against her pussy.

“Take it easy please, I’m still a virgin. And,” Mary reached to the nightstand, “put this on.” She handed him a condom. John smiled nodding. Rising to his knees he rolled the thin rubber sheath down his cock.

Then he placed his cock against her opening once more. John gasped. Hesitated then slipped the head of his cock into her and stopped.

“I will go very slow, unless you think fast would be better,” John told Mary.

It felt so good to have his cock in her. She was hot, wet and tight. John groaned as she squeezed him.

“Go slow until I tell you push hard and fast,” Mary told him.

Nodding, John kissed Mary tenderly as he pushed his cock in little more. He pulled back a little and then pushed in a little farther. Mary was moaning as their tongues dueled in her mouth. Slowly, John sank into her wonderful pussy until he could go no farther. He had come up against her hymen. Mary jerked as he pressed against it.

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