Mares Seeking Stallions: Ace

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Mares Seeking Stallions


He was exquisite. His coat was white, a Cremello Friesian stallion, with pink eyes and a quirk to his lips that she simply could not resist. His genes should never have allowed him to be the polar opposite of what his breed boasted, yet it was so. Tall and fine, his coat gleamed in the multi-coloured overhead lighting, ears tipping back as he reached for his drink. Muscle swelled with an aura of grace beneath that divine coat, demonstrating dedication in every move he made.

And that was why Ace had chosen him.

She’d had to have him. The poor stallion had no way of knowing what he was getting into when Ace cornered him in the bar, winding a lock of his mane around her paw and whispering sweetness in his ear. Matching him for height, the black mare challenged him boldly and he followed her like a colt with his first mare to the alleyway outside. He’d thought she was taking him back to her car, or perhaps the train station, but she’d hauled him off down the alleyway, thrusting him before her like she would guide a yearling.

She slammed his back into the wall with a grunt and kissed him, lips crushed dominantly to his. There was no escaping her hold and he settled for wrapping her arms around her, sliding a paw down and under her daringly short skirt to grope her arse. sakarya escort The mare hadn’t bothered with underwear and he slid his thick finger over her cunny lips with a throaty groan: already soaked and dripping down her inner thighs. It was as if she’d only been out for one thing that night and one thing alone. His hard-on pressed up between their abdomens, held back by what now felt to be a too thin layer of fabric.

Ace’s heart pounded. They hadn’t even exchanged names. She didn’t care what his name was. All she cared was that he was a good enough lay to get her lusts soaring and ecstasy weaving another tune of pleasure.

“Are you just going to kiss me then?” She hissed, green eyes stark in her black face as she stared the stallion down. “Or are you going to be a stud and fuck me?”

He snorted and shook his mane off his neck.

“You move quick.”

Her paw closed on his throat, pressing down, before he even had time to blink and he yanked his head back, nostrils flaring.

“Maybe I don’t have the patience to hang around with colts.”

His eyes narrowed. That got to him. He grunted and squeezed two fingers into her pussy, shoving them roughly up to the knuckle into her hot wetness. Hissing, she arched and flung her head back.

“Oh yes… Now that’s more like it…”

Ace groaned and rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder as his fingers teased deeper, spreading her out in preparation for what was to come. And then his paw was gone altogether as he yanked down his jeans, pink and grey mottled shaft springing out at full mast. It throbbed in his paw and he whinnied as the samsun escort mare launched herself bodily at him, arms around his neck and shoulders to hitch herself up his body. He grabbed her just in time, one paw under her muscled rump, and turned her to the wall, pressing her back to it and letting the tip of his cock graze her lips.

“Stop playing games and fuck me, stud.” Her eyes burned. “Take me like a mare needs to be taken!”

He wasn’t sure if he wanted her as much as she wanted him or if he simply didn’t dare disagree with her. It was hard to think of anything but fucking a mare when she was pressing down onto his cock either way. Capturing her lips with his, he nickered and forced his tongue into her muzzle as he rocked up, spreading her apart with his fat shaft. He slammed his paw into the wall beside her head as her tongue battled forcibly against his, sharing groans, and rammed in all the way, showing her as little mercy as she’d shown him.

Besides, hadn’t she said she liked it rough?

Pinning his ears back, the stallion snorted hotly, pounding her into the wall with all his might. But the mare took everything he had to give her and more, arching out from the sturdy surface with a lusty moan that he felt tremble over his lips. His shaft slid slickly into her, driving up to slam into her inner barrier as he forced her lips to spread and stretch in a tight ‘O’ around his length. It should have hurt – should have been painful – but Ace only groaned louder and twisted her fingers into his mane, pulling him closer to her as his head spun with lust.

This was a mare that could go all night and ankara sarışın escort longer.

And then her phone rang, buzzing against her bosom from the little pocket on her shirt. Ace’s eyes gleamed as the stallion hesitated, breaking the kiss with a questioning whinny.

“Hang on there, hot-stuff.”

Twisting, she shimmied the phone out of her blouse pocket and held it to her ear, an arm slung casually around the equine’s neck as she trusted him to bear her weight. Groaning, he drove into her, tail flagging and legs trembling, unwilling to stop once she’d started. Ace smirked privately. He was every bit the delicious piece of stud-meat she’d hoped he would be.

But there was someone else who’d be interested to hear what she was up to.

“Can’t talk now, darling,” she huffed into the phone, digging her heels into the stallion’s buttocks as he bucked, eyes wild. “I’ve finally got him.”

She giggled, the garbled noise emitted from the phone making the stallion’s ears twitch. But, as good as gold, he kept thrusting, fingers digging into her buttocks as he held her up, pinned in place by her will. Ace panted, letting her head roll back to the rough brickwork, phone pressed to the side of her face.

“I’ll be home once I’ve had my fill of him, don’t you worry about me.”

Ace grinned and kissed her new stud on the nose. He laid his ears back, sharing breath as he groaned, flare just starting to plump up against the barrier of her cervix. Moaning, Ace made sure to direct the vocalisation of her pleasure into the phone, sparing her lover at the other end one last titbit before she returned her attention to the white stud and hung up.

“Love you, darling.”

She whinnied loudly, the sound echoing off the alley walls as he bucked and grunted, cock spurting his first and certainly not his last load of the night deep inside her.

“Don’t wait up for me.”

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