Marce turns Shari onto Lez sex

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Marce turns Shari onto Lez sexWell, where should I start with this one??? Hmmmmm well let’s see, this time I am joined by a horny girlfriend who also is a slut just like me. We both love to suck cunts and cocks. Are you interested now? Knew you would be …… I am a tall woman with a body to match, and my girlfriend is similar. We are BBW and love to suck and fuck and be used hard. I think you should also know that I am a natural red head and YES I am horny. My girlfriend … oh my name is Marce and her name is Shari …. some of you know us already. Let me tell you about our sexual excapdes. I have been sucking cunts since 1994 and introduced Shari to the lez life in 2001 . The night i turned her on was hot… I started by offering a nice glass of wine while I gave her a massage. She quickly relaxed as I am good with my hands . She knew that with a massage came some skin exposure so she wasn’t too startled when I moved her towel away from her hips. She was wearing no clothes only had the towel to cover her ass since she was lying there under my warm touch. After she finished her rather large glass of wine ( was half the bottle actually) I had her lay on her belly to enjoy the pampering I was offering. She did not know that I wanted to suck her to orgasm. The music is mellow and intoxicating. I rub her deeply and she moans her approval. I waste halkalı escort no time with making my move. I start at the lower back so that I can remove the towel right away. I rub her lower back and lower my hands to her ass a bit. Deep massaging she loves this feel. She moves her hips in time with my rubs. I notice her legs pull apart a little as I massage her ass cheeks. I am not shy so I take the opening to touch her ass hole with my finger tips and slightly brush her pussy lips. She shudders and spreads her legs alittle more. I lean to whisper in Shari’s ear , ” Do you like?” She simply replies “uh huh …” So I go back to her ass n pussy area and rub more oil into her skin. I take even more liberty by smacking her ass a bit. Again she moans in responce. My rubbing is focused on her upper thighs, ass and pussy now . The oil is lightly scented and it makes her all the more relaxed. With one hand rubbing her deep I take off my blouse with the other then my bra …. so that when I lean over her she can feel my hard nipples. To this she squirms a little more. Again I ask Shari .”Do you like?” Again she simply replpies with, “uh huh …” She now has a hand reaching behind and pinching one of my nipples. She pinches rather hard to my surprise but I like them pinched hard. I decide to let her turn over as taksim escort I play with her pussy . I let things go the way they are going and spread her legs apart for her, tying her ankles to each side of the table, I want her totally exposed to my advances now. Also tie her wrists to bolts at either side so she is spread eagle for me.Shari had never been touched like this by another woman untill now. I can tell she will like it. I tease her cunt lips with soft gentle flicks of my finger nail. She moans approval. When her cunt starts to show signs of cum I start to finger her one finger at a time. She responds with thrusts against my hand. She wants more… I slowly insert one more finger at a time untill she is rocking on all four fingers. I knew she would like this. I untie her wrists so that she may help with her pleasure. I lick her clit with just the tip of my tongue and she creams right away. Her pussy lips are tight around my hand and my tongue just sends her over the edge. Now that her hands are free she uses one of them to pull my head to her clit and holds it there so she can grind my mouth. She quickly cums all over my hand and face.While she quivers from her hard orgasm I untie her ankles now. I take her by the hand to the sofs where she has me lay back and she opens my legs now to taster her first cunt.She şişli escort just dives right in with her tongue and fingers. I wrap my hands in her hair and hold her face tight to my clit and I grind her fingers too. Shari si very bold though for her first time and she pushes her hand deeper in untill the whole thing fills my cunt. When I realize I have the whole thing I go nuts on it. I am grinding her hand with all I can. She tries to lick my clit too but I am bucking her so hard. She tries to get a finger on the other hand in my ass hole.. to my surprise she gets more than that in there. Before long Shari has one whole hand in my cunt and 4 fingers in my ass at the same time…. it hurts so much but I love the sexual pains …. She realizes that she owns me now. I am Shari’s first twat and she is in control. I tell her I will submit to her fully and she just fucks me all the harder. I am a wanton whore for Shari to use. As this comes to an end I still see in her eyes that she is still quite horny. So I return the favors … I take out my new dildo and she grins at the size of it. It is about 8 inches long and is 2 inches wide … I show her that I can’t even get in my mouth so she know’s how big it is ……. Luckily her pussy is still wet from the last orgasm so i don’t need extra lube this time. I rest the tip at her cunt lips and slowly push it into her hole. She gasps but doesn’t stop me. She knows it will be worth a little pain in the end. My new dildo easily slips in after a few minutes and Shari starts to just fuck away on the dilo . My best friend is more like me than she realized. We are both whores who like to be used hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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