Manday Mania (Part 2)

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Manday Mania (Part 2)That was when I looked up at the TV and saw that there was a different video on and not the one with the two guys and the one girl and her “husband”. I also noticed that the video had a different look to it. However, it showed one woman, sandwiched between two guys but it was from the side and only showed them from the shoulders down. She looked a little familiar but I figured that at my current state of mind after the pot and wine and intense sexual activity I was just imagining things. However, you could hear the moaning of her at least getting close to orgasm and it sounded so much more convincing than the “fakey” moaning coming from the women in the previous videos that I suspected this might be a homemade video. The camera moved around and then zoomed in on their sex organs. She had two cocks in her pussy at the same time and they were going into and out of her pussy at the same time. She started moaning loader and said “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. Then you could hear the two guys start to moan and grunt and shove their cocks into her pussy further and faster. In about another minute you could tell all three of them were orgasming and both guys released their loads of cum into her pussy. I had never seen a pussy take two loads of cum at the same time and I was amazed at how much cum was running out of her. A new video started and it started off with, what really looked like the same woman, but most of her face was covered by a blind fold so I couldn’t make out any features. She was also spread eagled, on the bed, and her hands and feet were secured but not too tightly since she didn’t seem to be in any pain. She was also raised up by some cushions under her butt and back so her pussy was elevated about 8 or 9 inches off the bed. I could hear men’s karabağlar escort voices and one of them was saying to her “now remember the rules, you have to stay as still as possible and not gyrate or grind your hips in any way. She said “she understood” and then the next thing you see is this rectangular box, with a rod sticking out of it and on the end of the rod is this rather impressive dildo. There was also a retractable arm and attached to the end of it was something that looked like a large microphone. Through the camera image I could see the end of the dildo pushed just slightly into her pussy and then the microphone looking thing moved down to where it was pressing down on where her clit should be. Then the dildo was liberally coated with some kind of lubricant and a moment later the dildo started pumping into and out of her pussy. She jumped, a little, when it first started and she even let out a little bit of a yelp but she quickly got into the rhythm of the dildo running almost its entire length into her and out. The dildo started moving in and out, faster and faster, and she started moaning louder and louder. The dildo kept picking up speed. Her moaning was also coming more and more frequently and she was breathing harder and harder. It was obvious she was approaching an orgasm. After the speed of the dildo increased some more her head started thrashing about, her hips started going up and down and she started screaming that she was cumming. Her thrashing and screaming continued for about another 30 seconds when she screamed enough and the dildo machine stopped. What also happened was the blindfold came off and I realized it was Charley’s wife, Sue. I was so mesmerized and enthralled by what I had just seen I did not realize I had karabağlar escort bayan u*********sly moved my right hand down to my pussy and started finger fucking myself. I could feel another orgasm beginning so I then moved my left hand down and started rubbing my clit like I did in the car earlier. In just a few moments I was in a full orgasm. My legs were kicking up and down and I was raising and lowering my pelvis wishing for some more cock. I screamed a bit (actually a lot) and found myself breathing hard and out of breath. I looked around and saw Mark, Charley and Frank, all sitting there staring at me, with their mouths hanging open and stroking their, once again, rock hard cocks. That is when they got up and laid me out on our ottoman, spread eagled. On my back. Mark, immediately jumped on top of me, rammed his cock into my pussy and started furiously fucking me. I started cumming again and started telling him to not stop and to fuck me harder. He then picked up his speed and suddenly started yelling himself “fuuuuck, ohhhhh fuuuuuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming! He then pushed hard into me and once again I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing as he pumped his cum into me. He pulled out and Frank then started fucking me. The different dick started me into another orgasm and as I started to writhe around and grind my pelvis into his he started going “aaaaargh, aaaaargh, I’m cumming too! I’m cumming too! And with that he also jammed his cock as deep into me as possible and I again felt the throbbing and pulsing of a cock pumping cum into me. Frank got off and Charlie jumped on sticking his longer cock, all the way into me. I felt cock inside me where I had never felt cock before and this brought on yet, another orgasm. Charley escort karabağlar also ploughed his cock into me hard and fast and after a few minutes his breathing got real heavy and he started moaning real loudly, I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing, pumping its load deeper into me than Mark or Frank did and this brought on a leg shaking, head thrashing orgasm that left me dizzy and out of breath. I just laid there getting my head back on straight and catching my breath, still a little horny, but I could see “the boys” were finished. After about 5 minutes I got up and as I walked I was leaving a trail of cum pouring out of my pussy. I picked up my clothes and decided a shower was in order and went up to our master bath and took a shower. I brushed out my hair, put on a robe and went back downstairs. When I got to the “mancave” “the boys” were gone and I realized I had some cleaning up to do. There was cum everywhere and that was going to have to go, but I did take a taste of the cum puddle that was on the ottoman because it was a combination of three loads of cum and my own juices. It didn’t taste bad but it was cold now so I decided that I would just get some soap and water and a cloth and do the clean up of the furniture and the floor. (The cum trail I left on the floor went all the way up to my bathroom. I must have had a lot of cum pumped into me to leave that much of a cum trail.) I went to the kitchen, got a bucket of soap and water and cleaned up all the cum. I also sprayed “Febreze” air freshener all over the “mancave” because it smelled like sex. That smell of sex turned me on but I didn’t want Ned waking up and smelling it. I looked over at him and he was out like a light. I went back to the kitchen and emptied out the bucket of soap and water and was busy rinsing out the cleaning cloth when I felt the familiar push of a hard cock on my butt. At the same time two hands came around me and started fondling my tits and the back of my neck was being nuzzled on. This started my juices going and I could really feel the “heat” building up in my crotch. (End Part 2)

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