Man in Black Pt. 02

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As Angela bent down to kiss her best friend Siren she thought back to how long they had been friends. They had met online in a mutual forum at first but developed a friendship that wasn’t common to Angela’s experience. She often found other women catty and vapid. With Siren it was different, she could actually have a conversation with her, the fact they had mutual interests was of course nice but she liked that she could be herself without feeling judged. When Angela had moved to a city that was closer to Siren the two decided to meet finally. The first weekend together was so much fun they knew it had to be repeated. Over the last few years the friendship had grown stronger and they visited and got together frequently. After Angela had moved to be with Alaric, this time further away; Siren was here for an extended visit and staying with her and her husband.

Siren looked up at Angela’s full lips as she bent over to kiss her. Helping Alaric fulfill one of her best friends long running fantasies had been very exciting for her, and although she and Angela had played together over the years, she was really excited to see what the future might hold for the three of them. As she watched Angela descend down to kiss her she looked into her gorgeous eyes and saw heat, passion and the red hue of anger. Her panties were soaked from watching the video and remembering the activities of the previous evening; she felt another twitch in between her legs as Angela softly brushed her lips with her own. As the kiss deepened and Siren responded to it Angela suddenly grabbed her by the hair and began biting her lips softly.

Siren moaned in response and felt Angela pull away to whisper in her ear. “I didn’t say it was okay to touch my husband bitch, your ass is going to pay for that.” Angela grabbed a handful of Siren’s hair and pulled her to the floor saying with a growl “On your knees slut, crawl to the bedroom” Siren started crawling but apparently not fast enough, she felt the sting on her curvy ass as Angela grabbed the still rolled up newspaper from the coffee table and swatted her with it. The smack was loud as it reverberated through the room and Siren crawled faster.

Angela watched her friend’s ass as she crawled on hands & knees to the bedroom. She was still excited about the video of her “rape” and her accompanying orgasm. Siren’s shapely body excited her to no end, she had curves in all the right places, her skin was the casino şirketleri color of cocoa butter, a little lighter than her own. As she followed Siren to the bedroom she imagined all the fun they were going to have. There were things she wanted to try with her best friend they hadn’t done before. As Siren got close to the bed she told her “Stop there bitch, stand up and strip yourself to your panties, off with your clothes”

Siren stood up in humiliation and started to remove her clothes. Angela shouted at her “Turn and face me slut” Siren turned and looked into Angela’s blazing eyes; she could see the anger there and lowered her gaze. After wriggling her jeans off her hips and removing her shirt she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Her breasts came free from the bra and her erect nipples shivered at the intrusion of cooler air on her skin. She looked up to see Angela looking directly at her with a gaze of lust/anger in her dark eyes. Angela moved towards her slowly like a panther stalking its prey. As she got closer to Siren she gave a swift open handed slap right across Siren’s bared tit. Siren knew better than to cry out as the blow landed, but just stood there and waited to see if there would be another. Another landed on the opposite tit as Angela shouted. “Get on the damn bed bitch”

Siren climbed on to the bed looking to Angela for direction on how to lie down. Angela grabbed her hair and pulled her down on her back with her head at the bottom of the bed with the command “Stay there and don’t move” Siren watched silently as Angela walked to the dresser and pulled out some silk scarves. She moved back to the bed and proceeded to tie Siren to the bed spread eagled. Next she moved to the side of the bed where Siren could see her. Angela removed her tank top and her breasts came free of its confines as she was not wearing a bra. Siren loved how much darker her skin was than her own. Her nipples were erect like gumdrops and Siren salivated at the thought they might soon be in her mouth. She watched as Angela grabbed the waistband of her shorts and slid them down her lush hips, she was wearing a pair of lacy pink panties that made a nice contrast with her dark chocolate skin tone. Angela stalked to the bed and climbed on next to Siren; she knelt next to her face and Siren could smell her arousal.

Angela grabbed her hair and swung her leg over Siren’s face. She settled her panty clad pussy right down casino firmaları over Siren’s mouth and nose smothering her slightly. Siren inhaled the scent of Angela’s soaking panties and took a lick of them to taste her arousal. Her own panties were soaking now and she felt the cool air caress her wetness, she bucked her hips as best she could in response. Angela started grinding her soaking crotch on Siren’s face. “Lick me bitch, eat my soaking pussy” she said as she bore down on Sirens’ full lips. Siren did her best to lick and suck on Angela’s steaming mound through the lacy panties, it was a tantalizing taste of her best friend and she needed more but she knew Angela would dictate the pace. Siren felt Angela grab her head on both sides, and pull her mouth into her crotch. Siren sucked at her cunt with as much suction as she could generate through the lace, moaning openly now as she was forced to service her sexy friend.

Abruptly Angela pulled away and stood up on the bed over Siren, She looked down at her and stepped out of her soaking lace underwear, she straddled Siren on top of her waist and stuffed the soaking panties into her mouth with the words “Lick them slut, taste what you and my husband did to me”. Then Siren felt Angela attack her right breast with her mouth, she took the nipple in her mouth with a hard suck and then started nibbling them with her teeth, with her free hand she pinched and stroked the left nipple. Siren was crazed now and bucking her hips off the bed as she suckled on the pink panties. Angela was pinning her down and Siren was desperate for release.

Angela looked up for a second as her best friend bucked herself into a frenzy, she looked so lewd with Angela’s frilly underthings in her mouth, her heaving tits were so much fun to torture and suck on. Angela’s pussy was leaking copiously and leaving a wet spot on the waistband of Sirens panties. She was enjoying having her friend under her control; she looked forward to seeing where this was going to go. After a few more minutes of playing with Siren’s sensitive tits, alternating the attention she was giving them she moved back up Siren’s body and slowly lowered herself onto to her face. Angela was already well on her way to her second orgasm of the day and playing with Siren this way was only raising her excitement level. She kept her pussy just out of reach of Siren’s mouth to tease her. She reached down to remove the panties from her mouth güvenilir casino and threw them to the floor.

Siren watched Angela’s now exposed cunt descend slowly towards her, it was nicely trimmed and she could see the moisture coating the outer folds, as the scent reached her nostrils. Angela paused just out of Siren’s reach as she moaned with desire. Quickly Angela dropped down onto Siren’s mouth with the words “Eat me now”! Siren started to lick and suck the outer lips of the creamy pussy on her face, she first took them both into her mouth and suckled them gently, gradually applying more suction and tonguing them as they entered her mouth. She loved the taste of her best friend’s pussy, so tangy and sweet. She separated the lips with her tongue and started lapping gently between her folds; she heard Angela moan in response as the heat and dampness settled more solidly on her face. Siren started more aggressively with longer swipes of her tongue through the folds and from the bottom to the top, slowing down slightly as she traced her tongue upward over Angela’s clit. Her clit was engorged with desire so she started to suck and nibble on it gently.

Angela moaned deeply now as Siren worked her over with her mouth, she was very heated and was very close already, she would not need much attention to send her over the edge. When her best friend started in on her clit she looked down, it looked so hot to see Siren underneath her, so she started to grind more aggressively. Angela felt Siren latch onto her clit and groaned with the intense pleasure, she was closer to orgasm than she intended but the whole scene was turning her on so much.

Siren started in more aggressively on Angela’s clit, sucking and nibbling it with more force. She was now actively flicking it and sucking on it, mixing it up with small bites with her teeth, she could sense Angela was on the edge now and redoubled her efforts to put her over the top. Suddenly Angela’s thighs clenched tightly around Siren’s head as her orgasm crashed over her, Siren could feel her shudder and continued to assault her clit with her tongue as her best friend cried out in ecstasy. Angela’s hips rolled as she ground her pussy on Sirens face and she was rewarded with a small squirt of moisture.

Angela continued to cry out as the orgasm rolled over her, with her eyes closed she was in another world; she was so excited and looked forward to more fun with Siren. As she came down from her high she opened her eyes to see her husband standing in the open bedroom doorway watching. He had that crooked smile on his face as he said.

“Looks like a good way to punish a fluffer to me, do you need any help?”

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