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Hello. Have you ever read a story that begins with this word? I am sure you will have read many stories about a man and a woman. Have you ever read a story that is about you and me? Please let me write one for you.

I hope you are at home, for that is a much more intimate place for us to be together. So if you aren’t at home and you can wait then please do so. Let me come back to you when you are somewhere quiet and relaxed, because, as I write this, in my imagination that is where we are. You and me.

I would like to open our story by asking you to do something for me. I would like you to take your index finger and rest it gently against your lips. Keep it resting there with your lips together. Now let the very tip of your tongue slip out between your lips and touch your fingertip. Move your tongue just a tiny bit from side to side so that you are licking a very small part of your finger.

I am imagining you doing this for me right now and this does two things for me. It allows me to write your obedience into our story. Are you an obedient woman? In our story you will be, for me. Not a helpless submissive, I couldn’t stand that. If you are looking for me to dominate you and punish you then I think we need to call the whole thing off before it doesn’t end in tears and one of us doesn’t get hurt. There. Now I’ve shown you a glimpse of my sense of humour. If you liked it this is a good sign that we will work together well. As your man and my woman; your writer and my reader.

The second thing you are achieving from your compliance with my request is just the beginnings of tingling arousal within me. Are you still licking? Have you made the tip of your finger wet from your tongue? Do you like the idea that you are arousing me? In my writers eye I am there now, watching you. Your action makes me think about your lips, your tongue and your finger. These are all parts of you that are very erotic to me. You are pleasing me by allowing me to instruct you on what to do with erotic parts of your body. Do you want to please me? I very much want to please you. With my words and with the sexuality within me that I want to share with you through my words. A writer always wants to please the reader. But what happens when the writer asks the reader to return the favour? Shall we find out? Together?

I need you to be able to imagine me there with you. Here with you I should say. For you are reading me here, where you are. Where we are. Perhaps you are sat in front of a screen. Perhaps you are reading me on a mobile device and you are lying in bed. Well that would certainly be very nice for me, because you would be holding me in your hand and I find that a very arousing thought. Being with you here and now, in your bed, being held by your hands. But it doesn’t matter, so for the rest of our story I will not assume one or the other. Just one thing Samsun Escort though, before we go any deeper into our story. You need to be naked from the waist down. Or at the very least you need to have no knickers on.

I want you to have a sense that I am here with you. You have already allowed me inside you through my words. Your imagination may be wandering now, because I am explaining how I want our story to be rather than getting on with telling you the story. Patience my darling reader. I am only trying to please you my way rather than your way.

Now, to allow you to imagine me I need to describe myself just a little. Otherwise you will create your own imagined man, and I really don’t want you to do that. I am mature, some grey hairs amongst the thick dark brown. Is that a problem for you? Well there’s nothing I can do about it so please try to work through it. I am told that I am good looking although my shy nature prevents me from preening myself either physically or mentally. I have blue grey eyes which can pierce in the right light, and a smiling mouth. I laugh a lot. Now the tricky bit. I am quite hirsute and I also have a beard, although please think short, tight and well trimmed rather than some biblical phenomenon that straggles down towards my chest. I am strongly built and I’ve been told I have footballer’s legs. These must come from regular cycling as I hate football, and I have not played it since doing so very badly at school. So I am in good shape for my age. Is this enough for you? Too much? How can you sum me up? Can you think of me as your sexy, furry bear, sitting close to you now? Phew. Enough about me. I don’t find this part easy.

Have you ever allowed a man to sit with you, not touching, but instructing? Telling you what things he wants you to do. Watching as you do those things for him. Deriving his sexual pleasure from your own sexual pleasure as you follow his instructions. Have you ever made a man watch you as you pleasure yourself? Is that an erotic idea for you? It is intensely erotic for me.

Now I am going to derive my sexual pleasure from you. You are going to arouse and excite me by letting me tell you what to do. I will show my arousal through my words. I will express the pleasure I see from you through our story.

Lips. Tongue. Fingers. If you are reading me as I want you to then you have already given me your lips, your tongue and your fingers. Now open your mouth, part your sweet woman’s lips for your male writer. Just the physical act of opening your mouth pleases me. It is an act of readiness, receptiveness. You are showing me that you are ready to receive me. If I had things my way you would be able to read my words with your mouth as well as your eyes. And I would ask you to let my words slide inside your open mouth and caress your tongue as you consume me. Perhaps you can Samsun Escort Bayan allow the idea of this. Open your mouth to my idea and allow my words to enter you.

I am entering you now. Your mouth is a place of private, intimate heaven for me and you have allowed me into your warmth and your wetness. Hold me in there. Take your finger and touch these words of mine that are inside your mouth. Slide your finger over them as they nestle against your tongue. Suck hard upon your finger as you slide it back and forth for me. I am doing the same, as I write. It is a very sensual act. And for me, hugely symbolic of course. Hugely. I am hard now, as you suck on your finger and on my words. You are licking me. Sucking me. Into you. Sense your finger and feel how hot and wet your mouth is for me. Watching you do this, even in my writing mind’s eye, makes me very hard for you. I ache for you. Oh yes, my lovely reader, I ache to be inside your glorious, sexy mouth. I am aching for your mouth right now.

Fingers, lips, tongue. Are you thinking of other parts of me? Are your lips still parted for me? To me a woman’s mouth is the most erotic part of her. A kiss is more intimate than anything else. A woman’s fingers and hands are expressions of her beauty. Holding hands and kissing. I hold hands when I make love. Do your other men do this with you?

But there is another part of you that I want my words to touch. It is a private, intimate place and it is where I want to go now. Take me down there. Take your finger, still warm and wet from your glorious mouth. Slide it down to where you know I want it to be. Oh, the thought of you doing this for me is almost too much. Let your fingers alight like a butterfly. Let your hand become my tender touch. I cannot write the words that express how softly I want your caressing to be. And slowly, please. Let me watch you stroke yourself. It is torture for me to be constrained to watch you through my words. Do you enjoy my frustration? Have you done this before? Have you made a man watch you as you touch yourself? For me it is an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain. I yearn for you. Yet I can only have you through my words so my words must try to be good enough for you.

My words want you. Stroke yourself harder. Take your finger and bring it to your lips. Taste yourself for me. Lick your spicy sweetness. Have I made you moist? I want to make you very wet. Your wetness is a gift to me. Share it with me as you caress. Slow your rhythm to mine. More slowly than you would want. Let me build you gently with my languid strokes so that you make more heavenly juice for me. Let my words glaze your fingers with honey. Do not rush me. Am I building you now? You are building me. My desire to be inside you is as hard as a rock. How I long to slide myself inside you and feel the comfort of your warm nectar Escort Samsun as it coats my long, hard desire.

Now your stroking is my stroking. I am moving inside you. My words are having sex with you. My stroking is harder, faster. You are breathing more quickly as my rhythm pulls you gently towards your inevitable release. Feel the tight tension of my wanting inside you. You need me to release you. Soon.

Perhaps you want to close your eyes. To fantasise. Do not cheat on me. Keep reading me. As slowly as you need to. You have let me inside you, and now you will let me stroke you and fuck you with my writing. You must let me stay with you as I make you come. You must come with your eyes open.

Read me. Obey me.

I want to make you wet and slippery as your fingers follow my words. You are helpless now, inside my story. You will be fucked. You will come for me. I want to make you come very hard. I want you to give me your wonderful, precious orgasm. Your gift to me as my lovely, sexy woman reader. Let me rub my words deeper and deeper into your slick, throbbing nub. Let me hear your soft cries and your wetness as your fingers slide back and forth under my passionate bidding. I am bringing you closer. You will give yourself to me soon. I am very hard for you now and my need for you is very great. I want you to open your thighs and your mouth for me as my words have hard, relentless sex with you. Taste yourself one last time before I complete you.

I am fucking you now. Harder and harder. With my wanting words and your wet, sexy fingers. It is agony for me to watch you having sex with me. Release me from my need to make you read me as I fuck you. Let me write your orgasm with my words. Give me your beautiful, sensual release which I find so beautiful and mysterious. Keep reading me. Keep fucking me with your eyes as I fuck you with my words. I need you to want me, to want my strong, writers fingers touching your magic place, and my rigid, aching cock deep inside you, ramming my words into you. I need your legs and your eyes open for me. Here. Now. As you come. Come now, for me, with me. Come hard as my words enter you one by one and fuck you and fuck you. Let me fuck you harder and harder. Let me make you come. You are my reader, my woman. Give yourself to me. Now.

Fuck me.

Oh fuck me.

Fuck me so long and so hard.



Let my last words wrap you in tender warmth and gentle kisses. Release me from my fascinated and frustrating watching of you. Let me come to you and hug you with my loving words as we arrive softly inside the final part of our story. I do not want our story to finish. I want it to fade slowly as you float inside the sensual conclusion of our union. Our story is not complicated, but it is very beautiful to me and, I hope, to you. The plot is simple; if I build you, you will come. I hope very much that you got the plot. It needs both of us.

I do not know you. I never will. But you have let me have sex with you, so now let me love you a little, just for this moment.

No more words now. Only feelings.

We will be together again.

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