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Subject: The Making of Daniel The Making of Daniel Chapter 47 The normal restrictions apply…..18+ and of course naked……Enjoy! Cocks, cum, balls, fucking, sucking, more cum, piss, and more fucking . . . it was nonstop. My ass was so full of cum, it wasn’t just dripping cum . . . cum was flowing out, along with torrents of piss they were shooting up my well fucked asshole. Dave’s friends were using my ass to dump loads of their sperm and piss into . . . two, three, some . . . four times each, and I was loving every second. But as the night wore on, the guys started to leave, and soon it was just David fucking me in the sling, without another guy around. He was pushing the sling, but slowing, as his semi hard cock stroked my stretched out ass. “Dude, I don’t think I can cum again,” he said, as he laid on top of me, with his cock, balls-tight, against my ass. I had to agree; my ass was numb; I couldn’t cum again if I tried, after shooting at least 7 loads all over my chest, and into various mouths throughout the night. And, to say the least, I needed a shower and to clean myself out. “Cool; help me out of this, and let’s go to bed,” I said, as Dave got off me, and offered me a hand up out of the sling. But when I tried to stand up, my legs just turned to jello, and I fell face first against David’s chest. “Daniel, buddy, are you all right?” he said, with genuine concern. “Um . . . I think so. But I am not sure I can stand up.” With that, he grabbed me under my legs, and behind my back, and scooped me up in his arms, and proceeded to carry me upstairs. I put my arm around him, as he huffed up the two sets of stairs to my bedroom. But he didn’t stop; he turned again and started up to the third floor, and I looked at him questioningly. But I didn’t say anything as he climbed the last set of stairs to his bedroom. The shower felt great, and Dave was being so gentle with the sponge, as he slowly washed down every part of my cum and piss soaked body. And just before he was done, he bent me over, and slowly inserted a long metal tube up my ass, and turned on the luke warm water. Soon, my ass was filled, and was getting cleaned out as well, which felt so good. Dave dried every bit of my body, as I leaned against the wall outside the shower . He was so tender, as he lifted up my cock, and dried my low hanging balls, one by one. And when I was completely dry, he once again picked me up and gently laid me in his bed, and came around behind me, and laid down. And just as I was falling asleep, he put his arms around me, and pulled me close. ‘ I love you, Daniel” he said softly, into my ear, and I fell sound asleep, spooning with my older brother. “Daniel . . . are you okay?” Was I dreaming? No, no, was that my mother? “Daniel, Daniel, wake up!” “Yea, Mom, what’s up?” I asked, as I slightly opened my eyes, and was immediately hit with bright sun light. “Are you okay?” she asked, with serious concern. “Yea, Mom, why?” I said,closing my eyes, due to the light “Why aren’t you in school?” she asked. OH FUCK! And last night came flooding back into my mind. “Yea . . . I was um . . . I didn’t feel good last night, so I forgot to set the alarm.” I opened my eyes again, and she was standing right over me, with a look of grave concern on her face. “Yea, don’t worry, Mom, I’m feeling much better today. Would you make me some breakfast, please?” I said, realizing I was starving. “Sure honey,” she said, as she walked out of the room, confident that her little boy was not sick. But as I heard her walk down the stairs, I felt Dave’s arm pull me tighter against him. And as he began to softly kiss the back of my neck, I slowly began to wake, and that’s when it dawned on me what my mother was looking at while we were talking. The feeling of Dave’s hard cock, subconsciously moving in and out of my ass, fucking me slowly, crept into my consciousness. Then I felt his hand, which was wrapped tightly around my piss-hard cock, and jerking it slowly pretty much to the pace of his ass pushing his cock deep bursa escort into my fuck hole. That’s when I realized that that we were completely exposed, not a blanket nor sheet was covering our naked, fucking bodies . . . and Mom saw the whole thing! Oh my god! As I tried to get up, Dave pulled me back into his tight grip. I guess he was really awake, and wanted a morning fuck! “David, Mom just saw you fucking me!” I said, as his hips began pumping my ass faster. “Oh yea, fucking you . . . yea, fucking you,” was all he kept mumbling as his ass kept a steady pace of his cock sliding in an out of my ass. “Dave, did you hear what I said?” “Who care’s about Mom? I’m fucking you right now!” he said, as he quickly rolled my body over so I was on my stomach, face down in the pillow. And as he pushed himself up, so that his cock and balls were tightly lodged in my ass, he began to fuck me hard. And I mean hard!!! With his hands on the top of my ass, his hips were like a jackhammer, rocking us, along with the bed, back and forth. Noise was coming from everywhere; the bedsprings were squealing, as the headboard was being slammed against the wall. I was screaming with pleasure, and David was grunting loudly as his cock was pounding my ass. When he was finally ready to dump his load of spunk deep inside me, he howled like a fuck dog, until his cock was dry, and his balls were empty, and he eventually collapsed on my back. I could feel his cock dripping the last of his load in my ass, as he pulled me up on my knees and grabbed my aching cock. It only took a few strokes, and I was soon shooting a huge load of hot, white cum all over his sheets. I walked down to the kitchen after taking a shower, to find Dad and Dave sitting at the table while Mom was at the stove cooking all of us breakfast. I could barely look her in the eyes, as I went by, knowing what she just saw us doing. I looked over at Dave . . . he was just sitting at the table, naked, reading the sports section of the paper, paying no mind to what happened. “I cleaned up the guy’s room for you two,” my Father said, as he looked at me with a little smirk, and winked. “Looks like Daniel really enjoyed his birthday present.” “What did we get him honey?” my mother asked, as she turned around, still completely dressed in jeans and a ‘T-shirt’ My Dad got a big smile on his face as he got up . . . his cock was huge, and darting out a bit as his balls swung in stride with his step. It was obvious that his mind had begun to imagine the fun he would have with her in the sling. He walked up behind my mother, and pulled her tight to him. Then he grabbed her T-shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her firm round tits, that his hands began caressing, causing her nipples to tighten and protrude. “You’ll see in good time, honey!” he said, as he kissed her neck and then backed away from her. As he walked back to the table, his cock was completely hard with a very noticeable glob of pre-cum bubbling from it’s head. “Um . . . Daniel?” my mother began . . . Oh fuck, here it comes, I thought, and my mind went crazy, trying to think how I would explain what she saw up in David’s room. “Are you going to do a half day at school today, or just skip the whole day?” That was a month ago, and shestill hasn’t said a word about that day. But who cares about that anymore; I was off on an adventure, and I could hardly wait. It’s President’s Day weekend, and I’m heading up to see Todd at his college. He had called a couple of weeks ago, and said how much he actually missed me, and invited me to come visit. Fuck yea! Dave was invited too, but he’s been seeing more of Sven lately, and I think they are getting very close. So he opted to stay home, or at Sven’s, where he is spending most of his time. The highway wasn’t that crowded, and the day was bright and clear. The roads were dry, but there was a nice layer of snow on the hillsides, as I sped by them heading north. With the music blaring in my 4 Runner, I just cruised along, happily checking bursa escort bayan out my fellow drivers as I passed them by, stroking my exposed cock without them even knowing. Eventually, though, I noticed that I was playing leap frog with this trucker. I would pass him, then he would speed up and pass me, but a lot slower, kind of checking me out each time he would pass. Then he would slow down, and make me pass him again. From what I could see, he was cute, in a trucker kind of way. His hair was short, and he had a slight unshaven look. As he looked down at me, I could see his dark sexy eyes watching me play with my cock. Well, never let it be said that I don’t like an audience! So, with my free hand, I pulled my pants down more, showing him all my junk, as I pulled and tugged it hard. He was staying pretty even with me now, watching my every move, as I began to stroke my cock into a hard piece of cum spewing meat. Wanting this to last, he watched intently as I tugged on my balls, which, thanks to my ball stretcher, were now more pliable and easily manipulated around my cock. But my balls were quickly filling with cum, and they wanted release bad. So I grabbed my cock, and began stroking it hard, pulling and tugging on all 10-1/2 inches of my man meat, until my cock shot high into the air, with large spurts of my ball juice. Soon, globs of cum were covering my cock, balls, shirt, pants, and some even splattered on the windshield, all the while my trucker was blowing his horn, as he watched my cock erupting all over me. As I parked the car in front of Todd’s dorm, I pulled my pants up, and assessed the mess I’d made. There were still a few stains on my shirt, but it was my pants that were still wet with cum streaks. Oh well! I grabbed my backpack out of the back seat and made my way up to his room. He’s on the third floor, and, without an elevator, I hoofed it up the whole way. As I opened the door to his floor, it seemed pretty deserted. But it was only 2:30, on Thursday, so the guys were probably in classes right now. But to my delight, about halfway to his room, a guy opened his door, and strutted across the hall, completely naked, and pushes his way through the adjacent dorm room door. Way cool! When I finally made it to Todd’s room, there was a note taped to the door for me. “Little Dude, I’m at my last class which gets out at 4. Door’s open, roommate is gone for the weekend. Make yourself at home. T. PS: SO excited you’re here!!!!! Cool! I tossed my bag on a bed, and checked things out. The room is basic: two twin beds, two desks, and a double dresser with 4 drawers on each side, and with closets on each end. The one window looked out over the campus, where I could see the trees blanketed with snow, and walking paths to each dorm and classroom building. ‘Make myself at home,’ Well, okay I will. Shirt, shoes, pants . . . Yup! In a pile on the floor; now I’m at home. I grabbed a book out of my backpack, plopped down on the bed naked, to relax until 4. “Oh yea, oh fuck yea!” I heard myself saying in my deam, as my cock was being sucked off by a hot guy whose mouth was better than a hoover. “Oh yea, I’m so fucking close . . . suck that cock deep!” I was saying to this guy as I was shoving his head so far into my crotch, I couldn’t believe he was not choking on my cock. And then it happened . . . I blew my load hard into this guy’s mouth, as I pumped my ass harder into his face, draining my balls dry. But as my cock was spewing it’s load in my dream, I knew it was happening for real, which is quite weird, as I haven’t had a wet dream in years. When you cum two or three times a day, it just doesn’t happen that often. But when I opened my eyes, and saw a dark head of hair bobbing up and down on my cock, I realized why I just blew a load in my sleep. Realizing I was awake, this guy looked up at me. His mouth and face were dripping cum, as he began to eat the remnants of my recent orgasm. “You must be Daniel,” he said, with a mouth full of my cum. “I’m escort bursa Jon, your brother’s roommate. Heard a lot about you!” “A yea . . . um . . . I thought you were gone for the weekend?” I said, a little taken back, but not really. I had to admit this guy was fucking hot! As he moved up off my still swollen cock, I could see that his body matched his face in the ‘hot level’ as he stood above me. He had to be 6′ 2″ or more; his body was slim, and very tight, which was obvious from the skin tight shirt he was wearing. His jeans were low rise, and baggy, with a nice sized tent standing out in front. I got up and walked right up to him and kissed his still cum covered lips, our tongues darting into each other’s mouth instantly, as my hand moved down to his tenting jeans. His cock was hard, and, from outside his jeans, felt quite large; too large for me to wait any longer. So I dropped to my knees and quickly pulled his jeans away from his hard standing cock. I wasn’t disappointed! His cock was long and fat, with two egg sized, hairless balls dangling below. He was sporting a nice patch of pubic hair, short, and manscaped neatly above his cock. One swallow, and I had him completely in my mouth, as he moaned uncontrollably. It was a perfect fit, as the head of his cock was lodged deep down my throat. Eventually, he pulled back, and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face slowly, letting my lips feel every inch, crevice, and vein of his beautiful rock hard cock. But now I was aching for his cock up my ass. “You wanta fuck me dude? I like it really hard,” I said, looking up at him with his cock hanging out of my mouth. I certainly didn’t have to ask him twice. He grabbed me under both arms and literately lifted me off my feet and threw me on his bed. There I was, naked on my back, my legs hanging in the air, as I watched him get naked. His chest was chiseled, and had a small silver nipple ring hanging from his left nipple. Hot! As he crawled in between my legs, I took both his nipples into my fingers and began to caress them. He loved that, as they grew hard instantly. His cock was sticking out in front of him, as he worked his way up to my face. Our lips met, and we kissed deeply, as his arms grabbed the back of my legs and pushed them up. Soon, I felt the hardness of his cock dry humping my ass. Little did he know, I was always lubed and ready for a fuck. So when I moved my hand down to his hard cock, and shoved it deep into my moist asshole, a feeling of pure shock and pleasure was evident as his kiss literally stopped, and then got so much more intense, as his cock was easily sliding up my wet, warm fuck-hole. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he fucked me. His motion was slow at first; but, soon enough, he began to pound my ass hard, causing his cock to sink deeper and deeper into me. “Oh fuck yea, fuck me, Stud!” I screamed as his hips were banging against my ass so hard and fast, that the slapping of our skin sounded like someone was spanking me hard with a paddle. Hard, fast, and steady, Jon fucked me good. His cock liked assholes, and he evidently knew just how to fuck them, as he held on tight to my waist. He pulled and pushed me along with the motion of his hips, fucking me for a long time, until I could feel his cock swell deep inside my bowels. That’s when he let loose, and began pounding the crap out of me. He began fucking me so hard, and pushed me so hard, we fell off the bed. But he didn’t miss a beat, while his cock flew in and out of my ass, as his orgasm was building deep in loins. His balls were slapping my ass hard, as well, and then he abruptly stopped. I looked up at his face, and I could see the pain and pleasure on it, as his cock spewed its load of sperm deep into my ass. He didn’t move . . . he wasn’t even breathing, as his body pushed hard against me, as if he was trying to shoot his wad into my stomach. “OH FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” he screamed, as his body fell on top of me. And when I wrapped my arms around him, just as my legs were wrapped around his waist, I saw my brother looking over at us, with a great grin on his face, and a hard cock in his hand. “Jon, I see you’ve met my brother.” Hope you got off good….Let me know, love to hear the messy aol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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