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Life was going pretty well for Agnessa. She had come to the United States 5 years ago from Ukraine and had successfully gotten her green card. After working at her uncle’s custodial company, she was able to get a cushy job as a live-in housekeeper for a wealthy family in Delaware.

Mr. Richards was the owner of a property investment company, and lived in a large mansion with his wife and daughter. All her life, Agnessa had been told by her parents that Americans were spoiled and wasteful people; though she knew that not to be true, the Richards family didn’t help fight that stereotype. They threw decadent parties, drove nice cars, and only ate food that had been freshly cooked. They had given her a small bedroom in their monster of a home. Her life consisted of fitting into their exorbitant lifestyle.

Agnessa didn’t really mind working for the Richards family. Sure, Mr. Richards slept with his female employees, numerous strippers, and other women. Sure Mrs. Richards didn’t do anything but sit around with her friends and drink. Sure their daughter Jody brought strange people over the house and strange times of the day. At least Agnessa was living well.

For instance, Mr. and Mrs. Richards had left for a 2 week vacation to a spa resort in St. Kitts, leaving the house to their Ukrainian housemaid. Agnessa had been really enjoying the last few days. She lounged around the pool, ate grass-fed steaks for dinner, and drank the finest liquors. It was as if she had been granted a mini-vacation.

That Friday night, after having dinner, Agnessa was feeling extremely daring. She went to Mrs. Richards’ closet, which was the size of a small apartment, and began trying on some clothes. On a good day, Mrs. Richards would spend on clothes and jewelry what most people would spend on a mortgage.

After trying on tons of designer clothing, Agnessa found a dress she really liked: a red-sequined gown from Vera Wang. She had been looking at herself in the mirror for hours with the garment on. The high slits on both sides of the gown showed off her long, silky legs. The plunging neckline displayed Agnessa’s enormous, perfect breasts. She turned around and waved her curvy backside in a seductive manner, admiring her reflection.

As she played with her long, whitish blonde hair, she lamented that she would never find a man for two reasons. The first reason was that she was what Americans called a “butter face”. Despite her amazingly well-endowed body, her face was far from the classical beauty that men fell for. She had a huge, bulbous nose, bushy eyebrows, big lips, and gapped teeth. More than once, she’d been reached for by men on the street, only to have them recoil when they saw her face.

The second reason was right between her legs. Agnessa gazed down at the enormous tent in the crotch of the dress she was wearing. She had decided not to wear her panties, liking the feel of the fabric against her enormous cock.

She had been born a hermaphrodite. Her parents could not afford the surgery to remove her male parts, so she had learned to live with them. From the time she was born, she had always felt female, and identified as such.

Two years ago, she’d befriended an American girl named Susie, to whom she had revealed her secret. Susie had told her that the new term for people like Agnessa was futanari. Susie was the first female Agnessa had ever penetrated. For a few glorious months, they shared a very physical relationship, which ended after a pregnancy scare.

Since then, Agnessa had never forgotten those wonderful weeks of raw, primal sex. There was many a night that she dreamed of Susie sucking on her huge cock. Maybe she could save up enough money to get plastic surgery to remove her male parts and fix up her face.

“Um, what are you doing in here?”

Agnessa shrieked and whirled around to see two teens staring at her with expressions of amazement and amusement. The one who had asked her the question was Jody Richards, the only daughter of her employer. She was a slim, beautiful girl with green eyes, and short, dark brown hair that was tied back in a ponytail. She was clad in a black shirt, a plaid mini-skirt, and black leggings, which was totally in line with her style as a rebellious teenager. She was always dressing like she was going to a club or concert.

Standing beside her was her friend Declan, a skinny boy with dyed black hair that grew so long that the bangs almost obscured his eyes, which were covered in eyeshadow. He was always coming over the house to drink and do drugs with Jody. Like her, he was always wearing tight, dark clothing, and had black lipstick on, too.

“Geez, Agnessa,” Jody chuckled. “I had no idea that you did THIS while we were gone!”

“I always thought you drank vodka and had Russian mobsters over,” Declan said.

“She’s Ukrainian, stupid.”


“I’m sorry, Miss Jody,” Agnessa said. “Please, do not tell your parents.”

“Really? Because I really think they would be interested about that thing you’re packing down there.”

Agnessa swiftly turned her back to the youngsters in horror. She pursaklar escort had totally forgotten about her erection. She really wanted to run out of the closet and hide in her room for the rest of the night, but the kids were blocking the door to the closet.

“Seriously,” Jody continued as she inched closer to her. “I never thought you would be a futanari.”

“I know,” Declan agreed. “You’ve got a hot body!”

“Please, children,” Agnessa said. “I really need to leave.”

The European woman gasped as she felt a female body pressed against her back, and a pair of young hands fondling her breasts. Agnessa moaned as the 18 year old girl squeezed her chest. Against her will, she felt her cock gaining new vitality.

“GOD! You have some big tits!”

“Miss Jody, please! This is bad!”

“Yeah, it is,” Jody chuckled. “Just shut up and let me feel them some more.”

Agnessa’s only reply was to moan and struggle futilely as Jody enjoyed her flesh melons. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Declan walk in front of her and crouch in front of her. Before she could even stop him, he moved the front of the gown skirt aside, allowing Agnessa’s large shaft to swing out into the open. Agnessa wailed in arousal and terror at herself being bared. Declan had to move his head in order to keep the massive schlong from uppercutting him in the jaw.

“Holy fuck!” Declan laughed. “This thing is huge!”

“No, please, do not look!” Agnessa cried.

“Really?” Jody said as she looked around to see what Declan was talking about. The girl did a double-take. “Holy shit!”

“Don’t, Miss Jody!”

“Come on! Your dick looks great! I even like the foreskin!”

“Circumcision is so George Orwell,” Declan said.

The Emo boy grabbed Agnessa’s dick with a devious smile and began stroking it. Agnessa moaned loudly as her enormous glans emerged from her foreskin. Declan used his free left hand to massage her testicles, which were covered in dark gold pubic hair. Her sense of decorum was quickly drowning in a sea of lust as the teens lavished her body with attentions long forgotten. She stamped her bare feet on the floor madly, trying not to cum.

She quickly looked down after feeling something wet on her urethra. Declan was licking the tip of her penis, moaning softly as he tasted her flesh. Her eyes widened at the sight; this was the first time a man had ever given her this kind of attention.

“No! That is not a good thing that you do!”

“Relax! You taste so good! I’ll be gentle,” Declan said before resuming his licking.

“I had a feeling about you,” Agnessa said. “You like men?”

“Yes, I like men,” Declan laughed. “Though, I haven’t been with any man with a cock as big and stinky as yours.”

Agnessa shuddered as Declan took as much of her dick into his mouth as he could. This young man’s mouth wasn’t as pretty as Susie’s, but it was working it much more expertly than hers ever did. She was really starting to like this guy. Seeing that male, lipstick-adorned mouth around her cock was driving her mad with desire.

Jody was intrigued at seeing her friend giving head to her European maid. She’d seen Declan fool around with plenty of guys, but never a futanari. She abandoned Agnessa’s chest, and joined Declan in kneeling on the floor in front of Agnessa . She put her mouth to the maid’s hairy testicles and started to suck on them. Agnessa looked down at them and began fondling herself.

“Big fucking nuts,” Jody remarked as she gave them a final lick. “Hey, Declan. Let’s switch.”


Jody firmly grasped Agnessa’s shaft and sucked the glans, while Declan tasted her balls. Agnessa had long given up on the notion on making these kids stop. It had been a long time since she’d gotten any. She didn’t have a car, and her job didn’t leave her enough time for friends. She was a 33 year old futanari, and it was time for her to enjoy herself.

She watched with glee as Jody tried to deep throat her massive dick. The young woman gurgled audibly as her head bobbed back and forth. She clutched Jody’s head, not to push her away, but to guide her mouth.

“Ohhhh, yes, Miss Jody! Suck me good!”

Jody’s only reply was, “Gumphluph! Mughugurrrlbaba!”

Declan got up, unzipped his pants, whipped out dick and started masturbating to the sight of his friend gagging on futanari cock. Looking down, he saw Jody’s nipples tenting within the confines of her shirt. The three of them were faintly aware of the overpowering musk that was filling the closet. Involuntarily, Agnessa was exuding powerful pheromones that were lowering the inhibitions of everyone around her, while increasing their sexual desire. She wanted to see where this would all lead.

“Ah! Miss Jody! I…I…my dick is going to arrive!” Agnessa cried.

“Cum,” Declan corrected her. “I’m going to cum, too!”

“Yes! Let us cum!”

Jody’s eyes widened and her cheeks bulged as she felt a river of semen shooting into her mouth. The ejaculation was so copious that it shot out of her nostrils as well. When it became too much, rize escort she disengaged her mouth from Agnessa’s member and fell backwards, sputtering and coughing.

Agnessa’s head was spinning as she reeled from the force of her orgasm. She fought to remain standing, her knees weak and threatening to buckle. She could feel her dick still dripping with cum, which was staining both her feet and the carpet.

“Holy shit!” Jody croaked.

“How was it?” Declan asked, standing there with dick still hard, even though he had spurted cum on both females.

“Like swallowing an entire pot of clam chowder. Damn, Agnessa.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Jody,” Agnessa panted.

“I’m okay, but I think you might want to get that dress dry-cleaned.”

“Yes, I will do it tomorrow. I am going to bed now. Good night.”

“No, stay,” Jody said. “The party’s just getting started.

The young woman got to her feet and removed her shirt and bra. Agnessa found herself mesmerized by the sight of Jody’s bare chest. She had a lovely pair of small, perky tits, with pink, pepperoni-sized areolas.

“Damn! She’s hard again!” Declan said as he watched Agnessa get another erection.

“Yeah, she’s definitely ready to party again,” Jody breathed as she removed the rest of her clothes. Declan followed suit and denuded as well.

Agnessa didn’t resist as the teens escorted her out of the closet and into the bedroom. Once they had exited the closet, both Jody and Declan undid Agnessa’s dress, letting it fall to the floor. Agnessa allowed the two to gaze at and touch her naked body. Jody admired the woman’s voluptuous rump, while Declan licked her large, dark reddish-pink areolas and huge nipples. Agnessa moaned as her penis rubbed against his.

“God, you’re ugly,” Declan said before grabbing her face and pulling it to his.

Agnessa’s eyes goggled as the young man slid his tongue into her mouth. Her dick was throbbing with desire as they shared a kiss. He lewdly slobbered all over her face, and even snaked the tip of his tongue into one of her large nostrils. Agnessa could have sworn that he was poking her brain, because right now her head was swimming, and she was getting hornier by the second. She felt Jody’s soft hands gently grab her by the waist and pull her away.

“Get on the bed, Agnessa.”

“Yes, Miss Jody.”

The futanari climbed into bed and proceeded to lie down on her back. She rested her arms behind her head, revealing her unshaved armpits to the teens. Jody and Declan eagerly climbed onto the foot of the bed, crawling on all fours like a pair of lions approaching their prey. Agnessa could not tear her eyes away from their seductive glares. She was all too willing to be devoured by them.

The teens rested on either side of Agnessa. Jody kissed her on the mouth while playing with her armpit hair, while Declan sucked on her large tits and stroked her cock. Agnessa’s toes curled as her various erogenous zones were being stimulated all at once.

All of a sudden Jody broke off their kiss. The young woman then climbed on top of the futanari and straddled her face.

“Eat me,” Jody commanded.

Agnessa obeyed her employers’ daughter, sticking out her tongue to caress the bald slit hovering near her face. She felt a certain sense of satisfaction seeing Jody’s moaning face and hardening nipples. She put her hands up and cupped them around Jody’s perky ass. The young lady dug her fingers into the headboard as her Ukrainian maid licked her pussy. Many a male and female tongue had graced her nethers, but this pleasure was on a different level.

Both females felt the slight stirring in the bed, and looked over to see Declan crawling over to kneel between Agnessa’s spread legs. He began caressing and massaging her thighs. The woman’s body shuddered with pleasure as she felt Declan spread her pussy open and enter her.

“Ahhhhh, yes!” Agnessa crowed.

“Hey!” Jody said sharply while giving Agnessa a hard smack on one of her large breasts. “Get back to licking my pussy.”

“Yes, I am sorry.”

Jody giggled as the maid resumed her cunnilingus on her. She could feel the older woman’s tongue entering her slit and coaxing her pussy juices out. Jody grabbed her own breast and roughly tweaked the nipple upon it.

Declan steadily pumped in and out of Agnessa, who was already so wet. He reached forward to once again enjoy the bouncing globes of flesh upon her chest, feeling her hard nipples digging into his palms. Her big, hairy penis wagged around in front of him, making his heart flutter and his mouth water. Unable to ignore it, he grabbed the thick, veiny rod and began jacking it off. Agnessa was already bubbling with pre-cum, the clear juices making Declan’s hands slick.

Agnessa was feeling rapturous. She pressed her face into Jody’s crotch, both to muffle her moans and to taste the girl even more. Her reverie was broken by Declan’s voice.

“Jody! I’m gonna cum!”

Agnessa felt the young man blasting his cream into her. Though she wished that they could have climaxed in unison, it still felt good. Jody pulled her ankara rus escort crotch away from her face and crawled down the bed to kneel beside her friend, who pulled out of Agnessa.

“How did it feel?” Jody asked.

“Great,” Declan panted. “I sure didn’t last long, though.”

“It’s okay. Agnessa, sit up.”

Agnessa did as she was told. Her face was burning and her dick was pounding, ready to explode again. Jody stood up on the mattress and stood over Agnessa’s crotch. It didn’t take long for Agnessa to predict what was going to happen. She stared at Jody, who was stroking her already-slick pussy spreading it wide. The young woman slowly crouched down and put her womanhood against Agnessa’s rod.

“Ahh!” Jody said in a shrill whisper as she felt the tip of Agnessa’s penis pop into her. “Oh, what a big fucking dick…Ahhhhhhh!”

“Oh, my god!” Declan said.

Agnessa was speechless, unlike Declan. To both of their amazement, the slender girl was able to take the entirety of the large futanari penis inside of her. Once she was buried up to the hilt, she let out a relieved sigh.

“Ha! I can’t believe I fit that thing inside me!” Jody said, looking down at her loins.

“I do not believe this!” Agnessa agreed.

“Yeah, well, I’ll definitely have to…AHHH! Agnessa what are you doing? Stop! Not too hard!”

“I’m sorry, Miss Jody! It feels too good!” Agnessa said as she drove her hips up into the young girl.

“No! Slow down! Please! AHHHHHH!”

Jody tried to get away, but Agnessa quickly wrapped her arms around her waist as she continued to ram her cock inside of her. Jody was flailing around like a rag doll, her body shaking with every thrust. Declan could see his friend in need, but was too aroused to interrupt.

When Jody tried to plant her feet on the bed in order to gain the leverage necessary to pry herself away, she only succeed in making Agnessa angry. With strength unknown, Agnessa lifted the 18 year old girl off of the bed and left the mattress entirely. The futanari stood while holding Jody and fucking her at the same time.


Agnessa’s only reply was to grunt before leaning forward to suck on Jody’s left breast. Jody’s head left like it was on fire as she found herself overwhelmed by the carnal sensations that ravaged her. She loved the feel of Agnessa’s mouth on her chest. She loved the sound of her butter face maid grunting and panting. And she loved the feeling of Agnessa’s large testicles slapping against her body with every inward thrust.

“Miss Jody!” Agnessa cried. “I…I am going to cum soon!”

“Ohhhhhhh, go ahead! Cum! CUM INSIDE OF ME, AGNESSAAAAAAAA!”

“Oh, Miss Jody! I want to make baby with you!”

“Go ahead, please! Cum inside of me!”


Agnessa stopped her thrusting, bent her knees, and with an almighty cry she blasted Jody’s insides with her dick cream. Jody orgasmed in response to the torrent of sperm rocketing into her. The sheer amount was so much that it overflowed out of her pussy and made a small puddle on the floor. Jody draped her arms around the Ukrainian woman’s neck, panting as they remained connected at the loins. Declan had regained his erection from watching the two women climax.

“Let me down, Agnessa,” Jody panted. “Gently! Gently. I…I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand.”

Agnessa crouched down and slowly allowed Jody to slide off of her rod. Once she had her feet on the ground, she tried to stand upright. Her legs wobbled like a baby horse trying to walk. Agnessa was aroused by the sight of her semen gushing out Jody’s twat and running down her thighs. She had been fantasizing about this for a while.

“I’m surprised you can stand,” Declan quipped.

“I’m surprised I’m alive,” Jody said. “I thought that cock was going to force my liver out of my mouth.”

Declan turned to speak to Agnessa, but his words caught in his mouth as he watched Agnessa become erect again.

“Oh, come on!” He yelled in disbelief.

“This is so unreal,” Jody said. “You’re a monster…I…mean that in a good way.”

Agnessa squirmed uncomfortably, staring at her feet. The meek maid inside of her wanted to get clothed and leave the room, but the beast these two teenagers had awakened a slumbering monster within her, and the monster wanted more pleasure. She dared to look Jody in the eye.

“Oh, hell, no. I’m done,” Jody said.

Declan chuckled, walked over to Agnessa, and took her by the hand. “Come on, honey. Declan’s going to take care of you.”

Agnessa allowed him to lead her back to bed. To her surprise, the thin young man climbed into the bed and got on all fours. Agnessa’s heart skipped a beat as he looked over his shoulder at her and waved his ass.

“Um, are you sure you want to do that?” Jody asked him.

“Totally, it’ll be fun!” Declan said.

“She’ll skewer you like a pig at a luau.”

“I hope so.”

Agnessa jumped into the bed before he could change his mind. She crouched down behind Declan, grabbed him by the waist, and slowly pushed her large rod into his asscrack. She tried to be as gentle as she could once she felt her glans touching his anus. The monster inside wanted to ram it in as hard as she could, but this was her first time. Once she was inside, the both of them let out a shrill gasp.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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