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Madges VisitThe last week has been a roller coaster of emotions for the wife. I’ve needed to take care of her needs some physical some physiological and in return she has once again become my cock slut.The arse fucking over the breakfast bar lifted her spirits and she started to get her act in order. Starting with the constant stream of people fixing waxing and generally buffing her, first fixing the chipped and lost nails returning them to former glory long and red and they look great around my cock working the shaft, cupping my ball sack, with my spunk over them or in and out of her cunt covered in her own juice.The Asian who came to the door, in short white coat, helm up around the bottom of her arse, small tits big nipples nice contrast to the wife European build and heavy tits, she massaged the wife naked, the wife fingering her cunt during the massage and was happy to sit on my wife face with her face buried between her legs head licking clit and fingering cunt until they both climaxed. I stood at the doorway with cock out wanking at the sight. “You want massage mister” was the Asians question when her head came up from the wifes cunt, Nah enjoying the view I said spewing a load in the hand as she buried her head in the wifes cunt.Bouncing up and down on my cock the wife said Mad Boy Madge was coming to stay for the next couple of days. Mad Boy is so called because she travels everywhere with two German boys, which she trains from 18 to do her bidding and lets them go when they reach 25, the wife is her cousin and mad boy is without a doubt the dirtiest stank I know. (Stories for another time). Next day I knew the bitch had arrived when the boys appeared in the garden and started to strip. Looking out from the pod window I could see Madge and the wife glasses in hand both smoking weed on the patio.Madge a beauty 20 years ago, now had a look of a single woman who didn’t give a fuck no k**s, Hugh saggy tits, hair grey streaked and long. Calling her boys over they both ran over and stuck there noses in Madge’s groin. Instructed by Madge the two boys stripped and the wife and Madge inspected their hairless bodies and young cocks. Stopping work was easy and I joined them on the patio, the boys sat at Madge’s feet rubbing and sucking her toes. I took the joint from the wife and Mad Boy kissed me. Polite conversation Mad Boy who has stated that the wife was a favourite cousin should join her in her company. This was new what the fuck, mad boy for all her eccentricities was a very good real estate agent and the recent upturn had created an opening. More drink and d**gs, dinner was ordered in and we sat in the lounge, the boys enjoying the talk which focused on their relationship with Madge By the time dinner was finished, the wifes hand was on my crotch squeezing my cock while we talked about nothing in particular. The d**gs and drink lighten the mood and Mad Boy started to bursa escort rub the belly of the alpha boy who sat next to her. Fascinated by the sight on the sofa opposite I saw Madge’s hand almost without looking or stop talking start to play with the boys cock and within seconds it had got harder and the bell end expanded in Madge’s hand. Pulling the cock harder the boy was clearly aroused and Madge squeezed his plums. Distracted by the sight of Mad Boy I missed the wife starting to pay attention to the other boy first rubbing his cock and reaching round and running her fingers down his arse crack. Madges boy lifted her skirt and exposed a hairy cunt. Pushing the boy off the sofa, he positioned his bell end at her cunt entrance and pushed his cock into her cunt. Madge removed her top exposing her tits and asked if I wanted some. Leaving the wife on our sofa I walked the 3 steps over to Madge and boy and sucked on her tities while she squeezed my cock through my pants.Looking back over to the wife, her hands had aroused the boy to point where its cock was fully erect and he was fingering her cunt. The cock a good 8 inches and thick was hard very hard and the bell end glistened with pre cum. Better let the boy have is way Madge almost ordering the wife. Standing up she removed her clothes and knelt before the sofa with tits hanging down arse in the air, the boy knew what to do and positioned itself behind the wifes arse. Reaching back the wife grabbed the boys cock and positioned it at the entrance to her cunt, without a moment’s hesitation the boy moved forward and his cock was buried into my wifes cunt. The boy fucking the wife in short hard stokes brought the wife to climax, good boy madge called across the room, The wife started to cry out as a second climax hit her, Madge’s hairy cunt was being fucked hard by the cock on this young man. Hard and veiny and now covered in Madges cunt juice, the boy bend down and sucked on Madges nipples. Madge ordered me to take my cock out Madge grabbed my shaft and pulled my cock hard. Nice cock she said, I would like that in me at some stage she said as she climaxed and covered the cock ploughing her cunt in more cunt cream Both boys started to plough the cunts harder and Madge climaxed again just before her companion came, shaking and filling her cunt with boy spunk, the boy fucking my wife came also and withdrew allowing a load of milky white fluid to escape from her cunt. Standing up the wife joined us and knelt in front of Madge and licked her cunt. 10 pulls and I shot 3 ropes across Madges tits and sat down looking for my glass as the wife lapped up my cum from Madges hanger tits.Fuck the wife said as she kissed Madge full on the lips, Mad Boy responded with long time but worth the wait and returned the kiss.Madge got up and the boys followed her to the back door where they were ordered out, Madge came back in as I was playing with bursa escort bayan the wifes tits and snogging her !!. Madge proceeded to light up another joint and said directly at the wife she was her favourite cousin before passing the joint to her.The evening continued with Madge, sitting opposite us, fingering her cunt, smoking and drinking, us naked, me fingering the wifes boy fucked and spunked cunt, while she pulled at my cock absent minded like talking to Madge about boy training. Occasionally commenting on the situation and what next, it started to rain and I went to let them in naked, the alpha boy was in first and thanked me by grabbing my cock, Madge called from the lounge if I could bring some more wine in and give the boys a soft drink I took the wine in first and saw both girls on the same sofa kissing. Back in kitchen the boys stood by the breakfast bar as a I poured a soft drink for both of them and passed a towel for them to dry off. They limp cocks big by any measure were swinging as they dried themselves. Leaving them to it I walked back into the lounge the wife had changed places and was knelling between Madge’s legs licking her cunt. Madge offered me the joint and the wife suggested I joined her, passing the joint over I blew smoke into Madge’s cunt which smelt like wet dog, Madge lifted her legs and exposed her cunt and arse so we could both get in close to bury our faces into her smelly boy fucked cunt which was leaking juice down her brown arse crack. I kissed the wife whose mouth tasted like cunt I imagined mine did the same the wife tongue forced its way into my mouth as Madge held us together.I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and I could disengage from the wife and Madge I was pinned down on all fours by the alpha boy, his cock warm and hard wedged in my arse crack, the wife pinned in the same manner grunted as her assailants weight forced her to re-position and in doing so expose her arse to the boy cock which pierced her anal entrance, the boy pushed his cock deep into her arse and her face relaxed as she felt him start the fuck her. The boy on top of me leant back so his cock found my arse hole and Madge held me and his hard bell end ended cock entered my anal channel, fuck I shouted the wife covered my mouth with hers, the boy started to fuck me and pushed his hard long cock deep into my arse hole. My arse was stinging but opening up as the cock roughly ploughed in and out, the wife was looking ahead mouth open breathing heavy and starting to enjoy the beating her arse was taking. Madge held the joint for me a take a drag and the d**gs helped relax me enough to start to enjoy the moment. Madge encouraged her boys and the wife blew me a kiss and closed her eyes, climaxing. The fucking was intense, I was sweating and cursing . Madge got off the sofa and stood between the wife and I and allowed her boys to nuzzle her snatch, escort bursa knelling she reach under and grabbed my cock and rubbed it hard pulling the foreskin back until it hurt. The wife grunted and said in a low growl “I cumming you fucks” as the boy stopped fucking and released his spunk into her bowels “that spunk is so hot, its burning my arse hole”. Mine stopped fucking and I felt a stream of hot spunk enter my bowels, and another and another. I collapsed and the boy removed his cock, she then put an arm around both of us and kissed us before moving to our rears and rubbing our arses. She leant forward and stuck her face the wifes crack first licking and sucking at the arse hole while fingering mine, then changing over I felt her tongue probing my hole, her other hand pulling at my cock till I climaxed. I rolled onto my back and saw Madge reach over and pull by the cock her boys close to her and start to clean their cocks with her mouth.Laying their watching, Madge got up and said her good nights and walked her boys to the spare room, closing the door. The wife and I finished up the wine, held each other and eventually got enough strength up to go to bed.It was a slow start to the morning, my arse still stung from the pounding it had last night, the wife still asleep I went downstairs to get some water and coffee. Madge was already up and had brew going, she looked like a well fucked whore cig in hand house coat not done up I could see her big hangers and long nipples. Her cunt lips through the matted hair were open and I could smell her cunt. Looking at me she said I was a lucky cunt and enjoyed last night and hoped I had. Walking past me she grabbed my cock and squeezed it tight. Surprisingly it started to respond as she let it go and said, I’m getting a shower I smell like a cum slut. I let her go and got coffee. Drinking it I walked back upstairs past the guest bathroom the door open a crack I could see Madge soaping her well fucked body running hands across her tits and cunt.My cock twitched and without a second though I joined Madge under the refreshing hot water. She turned round and run her hands over my chest asking how my arse was I said sore, turn round she said and as I did she knelt down and spread my arse cheeks, slapping my arse she said your will survive and said look at mine. Turning and holding her arse creeks apart I could see her brown arse hole puckered and open from the 1000’s of fucks it must have had. My pulled my cock now semi hard and held Madge around her waist, pulling her to me my cock slipped into her anal channel and continued to grow hard. The water making the slapping of our thighs louder as I pushed my cock deeper into her bowels. The force of my fucking making her hanger tits slap against her chest, she looked around and said she wanted to come to an arrangement if my wife worked for her. Sending her boys over to do the house work while the wife helped her in her office !!I blew what spunk I had into her bowel, she fingering herself to climax knelt and cleaned my arse crack. Madge left mid-afternoon after convincing us the wife should work for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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