M Part 2

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Big Tits

M Part 2More opportunities, more forks in the road, happened in my growing relationship with M. Two weeks following our first weekend together, I had another opportunity to drive down to see her.I arrived Friday afternoon. M had put the same welcoming sign on the garage door that was present on my first visit. There was a note on the front door to walk to the back yard and come in the back (kitchen) door. The yard had been cut and the smell reminded me of the better days of my youth. Hibiscus shrubs were full and blazing with their colorful blossoms. The sound of falling water from the fountain gave a comforting feel to her home. The note on the back door said for me to come in, that she was in her shower.The home was empty. I guessed the younger ones were at friends’ homes and that the oldest, K, was at work. The baby, I learned later, was at daycare. I walked back to her bedroom and entered it. M was sitting there in a silky gown finishing her make up. Through the material of the gown, I could see the black straps of her bra. I imagined it would be as equally revealing as the one she wore the Friday we met.I said hello as I bent over and kissed her neck. She stood up to hug and kiss my lips. The bra was every bit as I expected, if not more. This was a partial cup thing that sat under her breasts exposing the entire top halves. Both nipples were nearly fully exposed- only the bottom of them was touching the fabric of her bra.I opened her robe to reveal the front of her. She wore a black thong over a black garter belt. Dark stockings were fastened to the garters. She’d mentioned us going somewhere special. She looked like it was a buffet we’d be doing and she was the meal, including dessert. Her eyes were more exotic than before, darker liner and shading made her dark brown eyes stand out. She had a hibiscus pinned to her hair. She would take the breath away from any man she met that night, and any women too if they found other women sexy.In the bird world, it is the male that has the impressive showing. While she was a “bird”, it was going to be her who would be impressive tonight. I wore nice linen trousers with a silk shirt that was off-white but had flowers printed on it the same color as my trousers.For her choice of clothing for the evening, she had picked out a flowered dress that would wrap across her front with a tie to hold it together. The cloth was thin enough for ankara escort black lingerie to lightly show through while not giving her total sexuality away. When she walked, one could not help but see her shapely legs. When she sat, she showed her stocking tops. When she bent over, her nipples showed.There was that fork, that decision. I wanted to fuck M right then and there.I didn’t try. Opportunity would certainly present itself again later.We got in my car and headed north towards Houston. She gave me directions withholding our final destination. There was something wrong, out of place. She acted like she was miffed about something. I asked her to share. She said she had gotten home the Wednesday and walked into her bedroom to find her daughter K, and her boyfriend fucking on her bed while watching a video on her computer. There had been a birthday party given for M and she’d been video taped having sex with several men and a woman at the party. The same computer had several files on it of photos taken of her having sex. They were watching M’s homemade sex tape.Further, she said K’s boyfriend had been hitting her sexually, brushing up against her, touching her, making sexual comments, all when K was not around.I laughed to myself.I asked her if she tended to dress in a suggestive manner most of the time. As the conversation developed, she said she felt she did not dress suggestively or provocatively. I told her that as a red-blooded man, I stayed turned on in her presence. I said her nipples showing through her clothes, her make up, her hair, her figure-hugging clothes. All would turn men on sexually. I added it probably turned K’s boyfriend on as well.I asked her what she did when she walked in on them.She said she was pissed off because they were having sex in her bed. Worse, they had gotten into her personal computer and opened personal files. “Violated” was the word she gave. M said she was pissed off because he had been sexual towards her when the daughter was not around.I said she described well how she felt- I said I understood! Again, I asked her what she actually did.Her response was amazing.She said she started undressing as her daughter and her boyfriend cowered under the sheets. The topic of the boyfriend brushing up against her was brought up along with all the sexual comments. M said when she was naked, she pulled the sheets off them and got in between ankara escort bayan them and told him to fuck her right in front of K. She said that if the two of them felt it was okay for them to watch her videos and look at her photos while fucking in her bed, then she should be able to fuck him because that was what he said he wanted to do and K was giving a silent okay to do so.I asked if she actually fucked him.M said K and the boyfriend were having issues. He liked to drink and smoke weed and would take the money to make the purchases leaving her no money to take the baby to the doctor, buy diapers, etc. that were needed. That said, she decided to mess with them and perhaps he’d leave.I told M her response did not answer the question.M said she was going to fuck him right then and there whether K was in the bed or not. He was not hard when she pulled the sheets back. She said she grabbed his cock and started stroking it. M said K’s eyes got big as saucers never taking them off M and her hand jerking the guy off. M said she started going down on him and neither of them stopped her. M said he, referring to him as the Minuteman, blasted a load in her mouth about the time he got hard enough to mount her. She added it was the first time she ever spit cum out- it landed on his chest.M said they both got out of M’s bed and left the bedroom. He was not in the house Friday morning. K said she told him to leave…By the time all of that was shared, I pulled into a nice residential area. We made a few turns before she had me pull up to a nice home. There were four or five other cars parked on the same side of the street near the house. I got out, walked around the car, and opened her door. We walked up to the front door and I rang the doorbell.A nice-looking guy answered the door. I totally suck as guessing ages of folks. But, he certainly looked younger than me. He ushered us in walking us through a formal living room to the rear of their home where conversations were going on. Introductions were made. I could recall half of the names. The men were dressed in a variety of attire from well-ironed and creased jeans and cowboy boots to slacks and shirts like mine. The women were all nicely and suggestively dressed. All were stacked reminding me that Houston had more boob-jobs per capita than most other cities. I was wondering how they’d look in comparison to M’s natural bounty.There escort ankara is something unnatural about a bad boob job, they just do not look right if done poorly. To me, smaller boobs are far more attractive and sexual than having a pair of over-packed sacks of implants that do not sit right.M knew one of the couples and one of the men. All there seemed to know of each other, if not each other and were educated and personable. Conversations flowed in an easy give and take pattern. Several bottles of wine were sitting in ice with glassware near by. Cute munchies were on a tray. As we sipped the wine, more and more laughter got into the conversations. And the conversations turned more sensual.The hostess excused herself saying she’d be right back. She returned wearing a bosom-bearing corset and stockings. Walking over to one of the women who reached up and started caressing the exposed boobs. Within moments, it was obvious that the night was changing.M showed she was certainly an active bisexual by going over to the gal she knew and started kissing her. Each gal had her breasts exposed in a heartbeat. M simply untied her dress and removed it. I repositioned myself and asked if it was okay for me to caress one of the women and to go down on her. Permission granted, I put my lips on what seemed to be a nice C size breast and kiss it. Her husband started on the other nipple and started fingering her.At one point, M was being fucked from behind while licking another woman who was sucking off a guy. Over the course of the evening, each of the guys had fucked at least two women, three of the women had a bisexual experience, 4 condoms were used, and M sucked off one guy swallowing it and was fucked by two more (neither wore a condom). I enjoyed two nice women, besides the one I gave oral to- she said she never fucked other men besides her husband although she did give good head to me. No one took photos…It was really late when M and I got back yo her place.. I was wiped out after driving too much that day. She asked be to suckle her titties and use one of her toys on her. I never saw M remove the thong. I think it was pushed to the side then put back in place once when was serviced. I really wanted to kiss her and we started kissing. She was still wearing the bra, thong, garter belt and stockings. I started sucking her nipple. I was so rewarding to feel it hard in my mouth. She pulled her thong to the side and placed one end of a double-ended dildo in her. I could smell the cum!Sucking her nipples and playing with her clit as she fucked her pussy with the toy got her off. We drifted off to sleep.Stay tuned in for part 3

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