Lyla: Polishing Apples

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Lyla: Polishing Apples”Will this heat ever just fuck off.” Lyla said, standing in front of the open refrigerator. It had been unbearable for the last few weeks. The weathergirl said it was only going to get hotter. “Sunni, do you want anything from the store, I need to get out of here before I cook. What’s wrong?” She asked as her friend placed her phone on the counter. “It’s my father,” Sunni said, her voice breaking with emotion. “He will be here next week, he wants to come to see a rehearsal. What am I going to do?””Relax, it will be fine, you are a grown woman now, you don’t have to see him if you don’t want to. Shame on your cousin for telling him your number.””You don’t understand Lyla, you don’t know anything.” She gestured dramatically with her arms.”My father is not like anyone you have ever met before, I am surprised that Mo held out for so long. I will just have to meet him in a safe space and deal with it.”She stood up and walked to her room. “My work has increased and the director wants to double our weekend rehearsal time and with this heat. I just can’t seem to catch a minute.””I am always here if you need anything. OK? If you need any help with your father I can loan you the money for a hit man.” Lyla patted her friends forearm as she walked past. “Thank you.” Sunni said placing her hand on top of Lyla’s. “It means a lot but I will just have to figure it out myself.”Lyla’s phone vibrated as she entered the store. It was a text from Seth. “Just confirming that we are all set for tomorrow night, the weather will be perfect for an evening sail on the lake.” She quickly replied that she was looking for to it and couldn’t wait to catch up with him. Her phone beeped again, the smile drained from her face when she seen that it was a voicemail from Clarke. She had tried to keep their interactions to a minimum since her night with the investors. She still couldn’t forgive him for telling Cassie about their arrangement. It made her feel cheap. Clarke had brushed it off saying that she had over heard him and Mr. Howe talking. He wouldn’t elaborate on what Cassie had meant when she accused him of hiding things about the investors from her. He told her not to worry about anything. She pressed play and held the phone to her face with a grimace. “Lyla Hi, just ringing to let you know that I just got off the phone with Gunnar, he wants to invest in us. He just wants one more meeting to finalise things, I can’t thank you enough for getting them on board, I know it mustn’t have been easy but I think that’s the hardest part over with. It should be easier to get everything we need from now on. Just checking that you got the tickets for the talk. Today’s lunch went well, he is expecting you backstage. I haven’t really seen much of you the last few days. I hope you are ok. Please call or text me when you get this. Thanks.”She messaged him back and told him that she got the VIP tickets that he had emailed to her and that she would be attending as promised. She added that she would let him know how she got on and there was no need for him to text her. “What good does he think I will be to a computer nerd?” She thought as she took a big mouthful of water and splashed some onto her face. ****************************************For what seemed like an eternity the talk finally finished. Lyla tried to pay attention but it all went over her head. The most surprising thing she learned was how young and attractive Marlon was, she had expected some old stuffy man to be waffling on about computers for 2 hours. She was pleasantly surprised to see a tall, thin, well dressed man. His command of the stage was impressive as was the way his voice boomed out confidently, he even got the audience to laugh. His dark chocolate skin seemed to glisten under the powerful lighting. She willed everyone in the small auditorium to not ask any more questions. She wanted to get her meeting over and done with. “At least it’s air conditioned,” She mused as the M.C came out and thanked Marlon for his fascinating lecture. The lights turned on and slowly they all filed out. Clarke had guaranteed her a one on one. He had told Marlon that Lyla was in the running to be a spokesperson for the new app and he would be extremely grateful if he could talk her through the software and capabilities. Clarke had told her that Marlon was something of a genius in the software world, even though they went to college together he had used up all of his favours just to get him to meet with her. “Mr. Gilbert, it’s lovely to meet you, I am Lyla Samson, Clarke’s Associate” She said as he finished talking to the M.C. “Ms. Samson, so glad you could make it, I seen you in the audience.””Really.” She asked skeptically. “Yes you don’t look like my usual attendees.” He said looking at his feet. The confident man she had witnessed on stage was completely gone. He stood before her tugging on his cuff looking extremely awkward. She found it endearing.”I just have to do a quick phone interview now but then I will be free to walk you through the new app and software.” He said once again not meeting her eyes. “Shall I meet you in the bar or are you staying here?””I am using a small conference room upstairs as my base. I have some sheets printed out for you in a folder, if you want to go up there and familiarise yourself with the data I hope to be finished the interview soon.”He gave her directions and the key, his phone rang just as she left the auditorium. She still didn’t know what to make of him. **************************She briefly leafed through the folder he had left on the oval desk for her. She understood most of it, Mr. Howe had given her a quick rundown a few days so she wouldn’t look totally lost. He had whispered to her that he understood if she couldn’t get Marlon to come on board, it was always a long shot. She threw him a dirty look and recanted all that he had told her about the app word for word.She ran her hands through her hair in frustration.”What is taking him so long?” Lyla thought as she pushed the chair away from the desk. She was going stir crazy in the little room, waiting had never been one of her strong suits. She had seen a water cooler out in the hallway, she locked the door of the conference room and slowly walked the long carpeted corridor. She was still near the elevator so she could see when Marlon arrived. Approaching the cooler she could hear a man talking loudly on his phone.”I don’t care how, just get her off that site!” Lyla pressed the nozzle and filled her white bahis firmaları paper cup, a large bubble of water gurgled to the top just as she heard her name. “You have got to be fucking k**ding me.” Her stomach dropped, she knew that voice. Quickly collecting herself she plastered a smile on her face and turned around. “Holt how nice to see you.””Fuck you,” He sneered, malice etched onto every inch of his face. “Do you know what you have done, Halle had nothing to do with this.””I don’t know what you are talking about.” Her voice dripping with false sweetness, she was determined not to be intimidated. This was her first meeting with him since he had started all this mess. “Don’t even Lyla, I admit what I did to you was shitty but it was just business, this is beyond personal. Setting my little sister up to do porn. That’s a new fucking low.””Oh she’s you little sister now is she? From what she has been telling me you have been nothing but a prick to her and encouraged your father to cut her off. If you’re not careful I will have to pay your daddy a visit, complete the family set.””Please just tell her to stop, I will sort everything out with our father, just tell her no more porn.””She’s a big girl she can do what she likes.””We both know that’s bullshit Lyla, I am sorry for what I did but this has to stop.””You should have thought about that when you used me and then robbed the plans. Did you really think Clarke or I for that matter, would take it lying down. He wants to burn you to the ground Holt, he said I can light the fucking match.” She turned to walk back to the conference room. “Lyla please, Clarke isn’t the man you think he is, he is just as ruthless as I am. I bet he didn’t tell you the full story behind those two goons he is getting money from. For everyone’s sake, Lyla, just leave, I will pay for your fresh start.””Not yet Holt, I am not finished with you yet. No one makes a fool out of me, especially a fucking man.”She stomped back to the room, Holts words still ringing in her ears.”What the fuck is Clarke not telling me about Gunner and Alexi.” She thought as she closed the blinds to the corridor. She didn’t need Holt looking in at them. A few minutes later she heard a knock at the door. She quickly shuffled a few papers around on the desk and took a few breaths to calm herself down. “Come in.” “Sorry that took so long, I don’t be in town that often so when I do it causes a little bit of a stir in the tech community. You OK? You look very flushed.””I am fine, thank you for asking. I just been reading over your notes. They are very detailed.”Up close she could get a better look at him. Lyla placed him to be about 34, he was tall and slender. Very well proportionate . His skin was the color of dark coffee, he had a small well maintained afro that she just longed to touch. He looked naturally toned, yet she doubted that he ever stepped foot in a gym. “So do have you any questions?” He asked as he removed his coat and hung it on the back of the chair next to her. Mr. Howe had given her a list of questions to ask.She pointed to one of the sketches in the folder. “This part here is a little confusing.” She said, noticing his awkwardness once again. She found him very cute. “Which one exactly.” He said standing behind her, leaning over. His cologne was strong and musky, it was intoxicating. Lyla moved aside slightly to let him lean in closer, her elbow grazed the front of his pants. She was surprised to find that he was semi erect.”Oh I am so sorry.” She laughed. “It’s me who should be sorry. I am so embarrassed.” He said sitting back down and placing his legs under the table. “Please don’t be.” His tameness was egging her on. “From the quick feel I got you definitely have nothing to be embarrassed about.”He just smiled and went to reach for the folder. Lyla’s hand shot out and grabbed his. Her run in with Holt had really bugged her, that man just made her blood boil. The blood was still coursing hot through her veins, she was unsure if it was Holt or the start of the fuck lust creeping into her. She hadn’t even rubbed one out since her threesome with Gunner and Alexi. She decided it was a mixture of both that fanned the flames in her loins. “Let me.” She whispered seductively. “And relax Marlon, I am a quick learner and I want to know about this app inside and.. out.” He audibly gulped. She slowly removed her own jacket, throwing it on the table. She pushed out her own chair slowly and made a show or uncrossing her long legs. She could see him looking her up and down. Lyla was glad now that she had settled on her navy blue summer dress. It went to mid thigh and on top hugged her large breasts. With the heat wave the city was under it was all she could manage without going around in a bikini. “Would you like some more water?” He said standing up awkwardly, trying and failing to hide the boner in his pants. “Sure, my mouth is so dry.” She replied seductively . Lyla was enjoying herself, toying with him. “Hurry back.” She called as he left the room. She slowly walked to the door a few seconds after he left, switching on the air conditioning and rummaging around in her bag for her phone. She had two text messages, one from Clarke asking how it was all going, the other was from Seth. It was an MMS, she raised one eyebrow quizzically as it downloaded. A smile flashed across her face instantly. It was a picture of him at what she assumed was the new yacht’s steering wheel. His uncut, brown cock was resting on the wheel. The caption read “Every captain needs a good first mate.” He ended it with a smiley wink emoji.” “Fucking hell.” She whispered. Her pussy started to moisten. “Everything OK?” Marlon asked, handing her the cool water.”Yes just fine.” She replied moving past him and closing the door. The snap the lock made as she turned the key sounded like a gun shot. “Just for privacy’s sake, can never be too careful who might be watching or listening.”Marlon, standing as still as a statue, just nodded. “Can I put on some music or will that distract you.” She asked in a whisper. “That would be fine. We don’t have much left to go over anyway.” “Oh, I don’t know about that.” She purred, as she flicked through her library. She selected some slow RNB and placed the phone face up on the desk. Seeing Seth’s dick pic had ignited her lust, she wanted cock. Her earlier enjoyment of toying with Marlon now switched to a predatory nature. He was her prey and she was hungry. She hadn’t been with a black man before and couldn’t think of kaçak iddaa a better introduction than Marlon. “Mr. Gilbert, do you have a girlfriend.” Lyla said positioning her swivel chair closer to him. She swung it around so her legs were grazing his. He shifted uncomfortably. “My work takes up most hours of my days. The internet never sleeps.” He took a big mouthful of water. “You want another cup.” He asked nervously. “Water is not what I want Marlon, and I don’t want to pick your brain anymore.” Her had was placed on his thigh, stroking it slowly. “Lyla, this is not correct work place behaviour.” He said trying to move his leg from her reach. “We don’t work here Marlon, relax. The door is locked, the blinds are drawn and I have music playing. So what if you and I want to have some fun. We are not hurting anyone, are we?”He hesitated.”You look like you need to have some fun Marlon, you work too hard. Do you not want to have fun with me?” She purred. Grabbing his hand she placed it on her breast. He looked like he was about to faint. “I want fun.” Was all he could muster.She extended her own hand and began to stroke the bulge between his thighs. “Just sit back and let me relax you.”Slowly undoing his fly, she maintained eye contact with him, a bashful smile splayed across his face. She reached in and felt the warm flesh of his stiff rod. She slowly began to slide her hand up and down his cock while it was still in his pants. He felt fucking huge under her touch, she could feel his heartbeat gently pulsating with each tug. He bit his lip and began to grind against her hand, matching her strokes with his own. He moved his hips away from the seat and undid the button and pushed down his pants. she could see a small circle of wetness on his underwear.”You dribbling already Marlon.” She said playfully. His cock was stretching the material of his grey boxers to capacity. her mouth went dry as she peeled them down over his huge swollen snake. He was easily 8′. Her pussy was drenched now. She had only seen cocks this big in porno’s. It was always her fantasy to sit on a huge dark chub like this but seeing it real life she was now uncertain. “Fucking hell Mr. Gilbert, that’s a fucking weapon.” She slowly peeled his foreskin away from his helmet. It was a light tan color compared to the darkness of his shaft. Two large balls rested on the seat in a tight ball sack. They were moving up and down slowly, in time with her increasingly swift tugs. The skin on his cock felt amazing under her touch. She stared at in awe, to her it was the most beautiful dick she had ever seen. Lyla licked her lips before taking his helmet in her mouth, her tongue lapping at his piss slit, savoring the salty discharge. “Fuck!” She thought as she did her best to bob up and down on his shaft. His helmet was hitting the back of her throat and she still didn’t have half of his cock in her. Saliva was spilling out the sides of her lips, she tried slurping it back up but it was in vain. Instead she moved it around the shaft not buried in her mouth and used it to help her hand jerk him off. With each downward motion she pulled more of his flesh into her mouth. There was no way he was going to be able to deep throat him, at least not in this position. The thought of not trying pissed her off.She was on fire now, the lust had once again completely consumed her, thoughts of Clarke and Hoyt and everything else that was bothering her lately left her. She quickly undid the strings at the front of her dress. With the tension removed she quickly pushed the material down her shoulders. Her breasts popping out, it was too hot for a bra or panties. Once again she thought Marlon was about to pass out. The dress now hung over her luscious ass cheeks. She seen he was about to reach out and help her but stopped himself. “Go for it.” She said with a smile. Pulling her hair up she quickly tied it into a tight pony tail. Marlon’s hand felt soft as he grabbed her waistline and tenderly moved the dress down over curves.She kicked her dress to the side and stood before him completely naked. His eyes darting up and down her body rapidly. First focusing on her breasts before lingering on her pussy before going to her feet. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.” He said in an awestruck voice. She climbed on to the table as he too removed his pants. She had to stifle a giggle as she seen his socks were held up by garters. Laying on her back she manoeuvred her body so her head was lying over the edge.”I want you to try and suck you off like this.” She said trying her best to get comfortable. She liked rising to the challenge. “OK.” He said unsure. Grabbing his cock his guided it towards her mouth, he had to stand tip toes to reach her. Lyla stuck out her tongue and felt his shaft slide slowly into her mouth, his head hit the back of her throat but with a deep breath she relaxed and felt it slide deeper into her. Marlon began to moan as her muscles contracted around his dick. He slowly pulled out from her, a wave of spit oozed down over her top lip and onto her nose. He quickly wiped it off and hesitated. “No one has ever done that before.” He said.”Taken you that deep?” She asked as she tried to get her back under control.”Yes and in their mouth that way. You are amazing Lyla.””I want you to try and face fuck me. I might not ever get to play with a cock as big so I want to make the most of it.” He just nodded with a massive smile on his face. She guided him in this time, she tilted her neck and being in this spot she found she could take more of his length easier. After a few deep thrusts she slowly forced her gag reflux down. His balls were now hanging over her nose, she found it hard to breath but was too deep into the thrashing her face was taking to stop now.Lyla could feel her cunt clench with every gag. She slowly began to skim her pussy lips, the light touch under the cool breeze felt fantastic. Tingles ran through the lower half of her body. “What’s he going to feel like in my twat.” She thought as she spat out the excess saliva that was nearly drowning her. He pulled out of her again, a ribbon of drool ran from her top lip to the base of his shaft. She had taken nearly all of him and was secretly quite proud of herself.”Can I? Can..” Marlon trailed off and looked at the ceiling. “Can you what Marlon, can you fuck me?” Lyla said jokingly as she swung her legs around and faced him. He stared at her pussy as she moved closer to the edge of the table. “You going to beat this pussy kaçak bahis up Marlon?” She asked sultrily, revelling in the squirm that rippled through him. “I don’t have a clue what I am doing, things like this never happen to me, I am not prepared.” He said beginning to get into a fluster. She sensed that she was losing him. “Relax, take a deep breath, I will take the lead. You just stay hard and we will be alright.”She beckoned him to move closer to her, spreading her legs she spat on her hand and rubbed her pussy. She could see his cock was still soaked from being half way down her neck. Stretching forward she grabbed a hold of his monster member once more and gave it a few swift hard tugs before rubbing his tip against her slit. He pushed against her opening, after a few seconds of pressure her gash opened up to receive him. His girth was plugging her cunt, as it moved deeper inside of her it felt like was being fuck by a can of beer. The sensation was amazing, every inch of her pussy was reacting to his thick prick. She began to knead her clit with the palm of her hand as she slowly pushed his hips in and out of her. “Just like that to start with, then you can move faster, just let me get used to you for a few minutes.” She looked down between her legs, her pink pussy seemed to glow against his black cock. That image alone sent her close to the edge, she bit her lip and curled her toes. He was hitting areas inside of her that had never been touched, either by a cock or a toy. it was phenomenal. Lyla would never admit this to anyone but the mess she had gotten herself into with Holt and the plans being stolen had given her the best sexual experiences of her life. With her free hand she pinched one of her nipples. her other hand still mashing her clit. Marlon now had grabbed both her ankles and was moving in and out of her in a rhythmic pace. She could feel the sheets of paper with his research on them under her back. Crinkling as she moving back and forth on the table under his thrusts. Her pussy was now welcoming every atom of his gigantic cock. As she had thought after her three way with the investors she couldn’t imagine going back to regular sex after this. His heavy balls were gently smacking of her asshole. They had a light fuzz of hair covering them. All the nerve ending in her body were on fire, she could feel the build up starting between her hips. “Harder!” She croaked. His face screwed up in concentration as he increased his tempo, she felt like she was going to burst and it felt glorious. She erupted with him nearly ball deep in her cunt. It rocked her body unlike anything she had ever felt before, her legs continued to thrust long after she came. He slowly pulled out of her and sat back down, watching as she took giant breaths. He was hypnotised as her tits rose up and down. She sat up and grabbed her paper cup, draining the now warm water. Under the cold air from the fan she could feel her face was on fire. The music continued to pump from her cell phone. It had moved on to trance. Marlon made to grab his pants. “What are you doing? it’s still early.””I thought…””That was just the warm up. With me the fun times don’t stop at round one.” She winked. “Why don’t you come and lie on the table?let me do the work this time.”He cautiously moved to the table, his cock swinging as he walked and took position. Running her hand along her pussy, she took some of her juices and rubbed it over his dick. She slowly began to work both her hands up and down the length of his shaft, twisting clockwise with one hand and anti with the other. She was French kissing the tip of his penis noisily. She pushed one of her tits between his legs, her nipple rubbing was against his ball sack. Lyla got back on the table and lowered herself down on to his rod, facing him. He moved his cock between her thighs and parted her lips before sinking his dick back inside of her. She grabbed both of his hand and placed them on her tits. He began to massaged them deeply, a look of wonder still evident on his face. She began to bounce up and down on him, from this angle he was pounding into her G-spot. The sensations were mind blowing, her snatch felt like it didn’t belong to her anymore, from her neck all the way down to her toes felt electrified. She needed more of him though to satisfy her fuck lust, which in the last few weeks seemed to be needing more for it to be quenched. Lyla moved both of her feet closer to his hips and began to slam up and down on him. He cried out at the sudden change of intensity, his face screwed up in concentration. “Fuck me Marlon with your big black cock, make my pink pussy explode!”He grunted and grabbed her hips, throwing his fuck much deeper inside of her. She couldn’t fight the feeling, it just cascaded through her whole body. The orgasm had her dumbstruck. A squeak was the only noise that escaped from her lips. She continued to bounce on him, the table whining beneath them. She loved the sound of bollocks slapping against her. It was easily her favorite sound in the world. “I am going to come!” He exclaimed shortly after.She hopped off him and knelt on the ground. “In my mouth and all over my chin Marlon. I want to taste you so fucking bad.” He loomed over her, meat in hand. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue making sure his piss slit was pointed directly at her face. His hot thick creamy jizz soon erupted and splashed her between her nose and top lip. The next four spurts hit the back of her throat. She closed her lips and swallowed the load, it was salty and acidic but she couldn’t get enough of it. She sc****d the rest of the cum from around her lips and ate it all up. He sat back down on the swivel chair, breathing as if he had just ran a marathon. It was only then, as she seen his dick start to soften did she feel her cravings start to leave her body. She had considered seeing a ther****t to find out if she was a sex addict but decided against it, she was having too much fun for that. Lyla reached across the desk to grab her dress. She smiled to herself as she seen all the sheets with the data on them were either crinkled or covered in sweat.”Lyla I don’t know what to say, that was just… incredible.””Well.” She said as she pulled the dress up over her body, “if you decided to come on board with Clarke and I, just until the app is up and running, I am sure we could make this a regular thing.””I am super busy, Clarke knows this, I told him over lunch.” He seemed apologetic as he pulled on his pants. “The best I can offer right now is advice over video conference calls and maybe a week tops, before the launch.”Lyla walked to the door smiling. “Sounds good to me Marlon. I will let you tell Clarke the good news yourself.

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