Lyla 05 Summer Lovin’

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Lyla 05 Summer Lovin’Lyla: Summer Lovin’She still hadn’t seen much of Sunni since the kiss, besides an awkward hello before Sunni darted out the door to her rehearsal. Lyla had to admit that she didn’t look too good, she had dark rings around her eyes and her usual jet black hair looked limp and greasy. “We need to sit down and move on from this once and for all.” Lyla thought as she poured herself some cereal and checked her phone. She had one voicemail, she hadn’t even heard her phone ring. She cradled her phone between her shoulder and ear as she grabbed some milk from the refrigerator. “Lyla,” Holt’s voice growled in her ear. “I don’t know what you and your boss are doing but fucking with family is a step too far. I am no saint but if you start using Halle, I swear to god I will fucking destroy you worse than you can imagine. YOU FUCKING DUMB BITCH!”Lyla stared into space for a moment listening to the automated message asking if she wanted to return the call. Anger quickly engulfed her. “How fucking dare he,” She seethed. “He has no fucking clue what I am capable off.” She threw the milk back in the fridge, her appetite gone. She quickly scanned her contacts and pressed the call button. “Hi Halle, hope I didn’t wake you, I am free now if you want to go over to inspect the apartment for the investors. Perfect I will be there in thirty minutes. “She hung up and jumped into the shower, determination coursing through her veins. *****”Hey Lyla, come in, I was just getting ready.” Halle said with her usual youthful vigor. She was wearing purple short shorts, a green tank top and her hair in pig tails. “What the fuck is she wearing?” Lyla thought as she stepped past her into the small apartment. It had clothes strewn all over the small lounge, every free surface was either covered in magazines or dirty dishes. “Sorry the place is a bit of a mess, I am just finding my feet.””I have seen worse. You know what Clarke wants us to do in the apartment?””Yes I have it all written down, I was looking for it when you knocked. Make you self at home and I will keep looking.”Lyla looked around in distain. There was a stale smell in the air. “I will help, we can get to it quicker then.””Sure thing.”Halle said, a giant grin across her face. “Lyla I know you said never to mention it again but I can’t get our time at the spa out of my head, it was the best night of my life. I never thought I would get the courage to do anything with a woman, how lucky was I that my first time was with someone as beautiful and cool as you.”Lyla couldn’t help herself, she blushed. “I am glad you had fun.””I even bought a toy,” She said bashfully. “Just like the one you’ve got. I use it almost every night. Oops I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.” She whispered, going scarlett. “It’s fine Halle really, we are just two girls talking. You found that sheet yet?”Holt’s voicemail was still ringing in her ears. She couldn’t believe his cheek, if he hadn’t of stolen the plans from her phone none of this would be happening. She was going to make him pay, she didn’t care if she had to fuck every member of the board, the focus groups and all the investors. The only way she could truly see him suffer was to make sure Clarke had every advantage at his disposal. “Found it… oh.””What does ‘oh’ mean?” Lyla looked at her quizzically. “We have to pick up some champagne and caviar. Do you still have the company credit card?” She said as she stuffed the sheet into a tie dye drawstring rucksack.****An hour later they both struggled to open the doors into the multi-million dollar apartment complex. Both of their hands were laden with expensive, food, alcohol, towels and chocolates. Halle continued to be excitable, jumping around all the stores, pointing out all the things she hadn’t tried but wanted too. Lyla was exhausted. She placed the groceries at her feet as she fished out the key card. “Get the elevator Halle. Fourth floor.””Sure thing.” She bounded off, her flip flops flapping on the tile floor. Lyla picked up her bags, key card in mouth and followed her to the closed elevator. “I cannot wait to see it, looks amazing on the website.” “Yes we just put the stuff in and then we leave.”The elevator doors pinged. A man emerged. “Lyla Samson, is that you?””Seth, what the hell, how are you?”Halle looked between them wide eyed. She looked the giant guy standing in front of her up and down. His short brown curly hair was almost blonde at the tips, sun bleached. His skin was golden brown. He had on wine green shorts and a salmon t-shirt, on his feet were grey plimsolls.”I am good, bursa escort wow how long has it been?””Four years I think, this is my co-worker Halle, Halle this is Seth, an old friend.”They exchanged handshakes and hellos. Lyla wanted her gone so she could catch up with him.”Halle, take the key card and I will follow you up, just put stuff away before it gets warm. Apartment 301. Thanks”Halle grabbed the bags and key card from Lyla. Seth had his attention back on her so he couldn’t see Halle’s approving nod.”What are you doing here?” Lyla asked, composing herself after the initial shock.”My father is looking to buy a new two man yacht. I am doing here inspecting it before he signs off on it.””Brilliant.” Was all she could think of to say. “You ever go back down to the Cape?””Not since we last meet,” She said with a smirk.”I did look for you during the summer months you know, was a bit disappointed you weren’t around. Your mother said that you were busy with work, some highflying P.A”Her heart leapt when he said that he had looked for her. Her mother had never once mentioned it. “Mother exaggerates. You in town for long?””Just another couple days, I have to run now but can I grab your number, I would like to take you to dinner and catch up properly.” “I would love that,” She said and begun to list of her digits. “I might even take you out on the boat if we buy it.””Sounds amazing, I look forward to your call.” She said as she pressed the elevator button. She watched his tall imposing frame slink away. “He’s so gorgeous,” She thought as the doors closed. The jolt from the elevator cabin rising only added to the butterflies in her stomach. ****”Did you put everything in its place?” Lyla asked when Halle finally let her in. “Yes, yes, tell me about Seth, how do you know him, he is so gorgeous. Did you, you know.” She slid her index finger into a circle she made with her other hand. “Fucking grow up Halle,” She added with a smile as she playfully shoved her aside. “Damn this place is beautiful.” The giant living area faced out onto a park. A huge L shaped sofa faced a giant flat screen TV. On the right was a massive kitchen, everything chrome.””Wait till you check out the bedrooms.”Halle said, grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her to the opposite side of the entryway. “They are bigger than my place.”The bedrooms were very impressive. Both of them were identical, blood red paint on the walls, the pitch black furniture stood out in contrast to the snow white bed covers. The queen sized bed had a giant gothic wrought Iron bed head.They both backtracked and walked into the giant bathroom. A massive circular bath tub took up most of the right hand side. A giant mirror with lighting all around the edge, hung over his and her sinks. A shower complete with two shower heads and a fold down stool, stood in the left hand side. “How much does this place cost a night?” Lyla wondered out loud. “Who cares.” Halle said sitting down on the edge of the bath tub. “Tell me all about Seth.””There’s nothing to tell really.” She muttered her face betraying her. “Bullshit, now spill, I want the hear everything.”Lyla paused before continuing. She was surprised at how much seeing him again had affected her. “My family and I used to holiday every year down by the Cape. My father would save all his holiday’s from work and we would go there for three weeks every summer. As my brother and I got older it started to become a bit of a boring chore. No internet, not many friends, small area, that type of thing. I had just turned 18 and my brother Curtis had just begun a new job making movies. My mother pushed us to go away for a week together. It would be her treat, as we both were going to be living on opposite sides of the country. We were always close growing up. She eventually wore us down. Curtis agreed to go if I left him alone so he could plot and write a few movies. I agreed to go if he bought me alcohol. A few of my friends were going to drive down and spend a few nights with us. My mother didn’t know about this of course.”Halle continued to stare at her, nodding at her to continue. “I went to the store and Seth was there, we had played together every summer when we were growing up. He was rich so he stayed in one of the houses closer to the beach. He said he used to get sick of the rich bitches so preferred to hang out with some normal k**s. He took me out on the boat that summer. Just the two of us. I was surprised at how skilled he was at sailing. He was a year older than me but he seemed so adult you know. After we watched the sun rise from his yacht, bursa escort bayan we sailed to this secluded beach. A bluff cordoned it off so you could only reach it by boat. It was very small, but the sand was gold and not full off trash like the main beach. Some trees lined the back so we sat under them in the shade. He told me about his plans for the year ahead, he was going to join his father in the family business. Luxury yachts. He was looking forward to it but was worried he would fuck it up. He pulled some beer from a cooler and we drank in the shade. It was brilliant Halle. It felt like we were the only two people on the planet. We exchanged lingering stares and most of the time we just sat in nice silences. The tension was building between us. We went swimming when it started to get too hot. His body was fucking amazing. Not an ounce of fat on him, every part of him was defined, light brown hair covered his body, his skin was so golden from all the hours spent out sailing. I had just started to become body confident, so I thought to myself that I may have a shot with him.”Halle scoffed. “As if you ever had body issues, your perfect.””You want to hear this story or not.””We were running towards the surf and I twisted my ankle. I feel over in the water, it was so fucking painful. He heard me screaming and picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to our towel near the tree line. He laid me down gently, quickly gave my ankle the once over. His fingers moving pushing certain spots.”He said it was just a sprain, he got an ice pack from the cooler and began rubbing it all over the area. “Yes.” Halle said with her eyes closed. “He didn’t stop at my ankle though,” Lyla continued, almost in a trance. She was watching Halle’s chest rise and fall with ragged breaths.”He slid his hand up my thigh. His eyes never leaving mine. As if every inch he moved further up would be the inch that I would stop him. I never thought of him that way. I obviously knew he was a stud but every girl, each summer that went there wanted to get with him. I didn’t think I stood a chance so I never tried.””The droplets of water ran off his hair onto my exposed thigh. His hands stopped at the waist of my bikini bottom, he shook the rest of his hair over me like a shaggy dog.””Oh Lyla,” he whispered planting soft kisses on my hip as he pulled the cord that was tied against my side. The bikini set was a gift to myself, as I said I had just gained confidence in my skin. I would never have bought something so revealing before, but this was the new me. The black set with the gold hem just jumped out at me from the rack. I knew I had to have it. Halle grunt, her eyes opening slightly. “What happened then.””He slowly pulled my briefs to the side. He stared between my thighs. He slowly positioned himself between my legs, careful not to touch my ankle. He was propped on one elbow his other hand was rubbing my inner thigh.”Halle let out a little whimper. Lyla stared at her as her hand slid down between her thighs. She began to rub herself through the material of her short shorts. “What have I awakened?” Lyla thought to herself.”Don’t stop Lyla, I want every detail.””He slid one finger inside of me. I had a few conquests in high school but there were meaningless, guys who hadn’t a fucking clue what they were doing. I could tell straight away that Seth was going to be different. He moved his finger in and out of me. I was wetter than I had ever been. He moved his head closer, fanning his tongue against my clit. I couldn’t help myself, I moaned and grabbed a handful of his curly wet hair. This spurred him on more, he began so suck it while increasing the pace of his finger. His tongue was doing things to me that hadn’t been done before. I looked down at him as he was munching me, his broad muscled shoulders tense. I moved my good leg between his, rubbing his erection through his sodden board shorts. He moaned as I rubbed faster, his breath against my pussy was amazing Halle. I could feel that he was big.He pushed his shorts down, his hungry mouth not leaving my twat for one second. His cock felt warm against my ankle. I rubbed his dangling balls with my toes. “Your turn I muttered.”Halle’s hand was inside of her shorts now, she was frigging herself frantically. “He moved his body over mine. Where his shadow lay on me, goose bumps arose. His cock was beautiful, amazingly, as brown as he was. He was the first guy I had been with that was cut. His helmet pointed up to his bellybutton, I gently took it in my hand and guided it to my mouth.””Fuck!” Halle moaned. She escort bursa stood up and pulled off her short shorts. Lyla found that she was liking the effect her story was having on her. Halle kicked of her flip flops and sat on the floor with her legs wide, flicking her bean.”My mouth was dry, it took a few spits before it glided easily. It filled my mouth, his helmet grazing the roof of my mouth. His hairy balls rubbed against my nose, I didn’t care I wanted all of him. He had two fingers inside of me now, my nerve endings were on fire. The warm breeze from the ocean kissing both our skin. “His cock tasted amazing, salty from the ocean and his pre-cum. I swirled the tip of my tongue over his head while I plunged him back and forth.”I want you now Lyla, he said with his deep voice, I have wanted you for years.”Halle’s legs began to jerk. “This is so fucking hot Lyla, I am so close.”Remembering their last encounter she told her to move to the shower area. “Good idea,” Halle said as she crawled over.”He spat on my pussy before he pushed his dick in. It stretched my hole, it took a few deep breathes before I could take him comfortably. He leaned over me as he slowly began to pull out and move back inside, his eyes never leaving mine. He kissed me passionately. He leaned back, his cock was at an angle now. He slammed into me hard at first, my eyes began to roll back into my head. He continued on like this, I came after a few seconds, the anticipation of the orgasm made me cry out before I released. He didn’t miss a beat, he continued to beat my pussy up. Between the heat and the fucking I was struggling to breathe. When I came again I thought my hip bones would break, it was that intense.”Halle moaned continuously, her cheeks bright read. “Oh fuck, oh fuck.” She cried, a torrent of liquid shot out of her pussy, spraying the walls of the shower and some of the glass partition. Lyla’s mouth went dry as she watched her convulse on the floor. “He laid beside me then,” She continued on, as if nothing had distracted her. Her voiced raised over Halle’s moans. “My legs were closed, he lifted my thigh, giving him access to my cunt. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock before entering me again. I had never been fucked in this position before, I was tighter than usual. I could feel every inch of his dick sliding in and out of me. He soft kisses on my neck were not in contrast to the beating he was giving my pussy. I drove my hand into the sand. The motion had nearly rocked me off the towel. I could feel the pressure build in my loins, I was about to come for the third time.He increased his pounding, his balls slapping off my things. His arm wrapped around me as I released. It was heaven being held in his strong arms. He knelt behind me and started jerking his cock, his shaft was slick with my juices. He fucked his fist furiously before covering my stomach in jets of hot thick creamy cum. His body jerked a few times before he flopped down beside me, breathless. “You think you’ll be able to walk on that ankle, he whispered into my ear, before kissing my cheek. I replied that I could that I just needed a minute.””He didn’t wait, he scooped me up and ran with me into the ocean. The water was bliss against our hot and sweaty skin. He carefully rubbed his load off of me. We twirled around in the waves, our bodies entwined. It is one of my happiest memories.””Then what happened.” Halle asked, Lyla couldn’t help but notice how tired she looked. “We sailed back and went our separate ways, I hoped to see him before we left but my friends arrived the next day and I didn’t spot him around the town. I always thought of him though.””You’re going to meet him again obviously.””Yes I have his number. We will catch up for coffee.””And round four and five and six.” Halle said laughing. Lyla through her a towel.”Clean this place up you fiend, I want it spotless.”****”When do we get paid?” Halle asked as she and Lyla organised the bedroom. “Next week, why?””Nothing just that I think that prick Holt has convinced my Father not to support me anymore. He said his funds are tied up at the moment but I don’t believe him. Holt sent me a nasty email yesterday saying I was a disgrace for working for Mr. Bentley. Apparently they have history.”A quick thought came to Lyla, she could maybe kill two birds with one stone. Get back at Holt and help Halle out.”Remember I said that my brother Curtis was into making movies.””Yes.””Well he also has a cam site, he is always looking for models. It’s usually guys but he is thinking of expanding it to women as well. With your…” She coughed. “Talent, you could be making so much money, you don’t even have to show your face.” “What’s a cam site?” She asked, a confused look on her face. “I will explain on the way back.” Lyla said with a laugh.

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