Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 9

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Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife – 9 Don Abdul ©2010 It was raining when they arrived Mumbai, but their limo driver was there to greet them with an umbrella that kept them dry as they climbed into their transport to their home for the next seven days. A very comfortable home it was too, for Rajiv Chopra, Andrews trusted business partner never did anything by halves. As always, Rajiv had insisted that Andrew and Lynda stay with him and Sunita his beautiful wife in their palatial mansion in the lush, prosperous suburb of the city. The rain beat down hard on the roof of the limo but the occupants of the car were oblivious to the cold dampness that it produced. Lynda who was looking out the window while Andrew sent off yet another frigging email from his Omni present blackberry suddenly settled back in her plush leather seat and closed her eyes. Her heart began to thump in her chest as she recalled her last visit to the Chopra’s home. For months she had wondered about the all too brief burst of vivacity that sometimes lit up the sexy and sensually enticing eyes of the usually demure and outwardly conservative Sunita. Perhaps she was reading too much meaning into it but it seemed to Lynda that there was a rather sexual flavor to it too. Being tired from her previous night’s raunchy fuckfest with her sexy oriental room service waiter, Lynda soon drifted off to sleep as the limousine weaved its way through the city traffic. ********* During the third day of her current visit Lynda observed rather pleasantly that Sunita’s vivacity had lingered for as many days. Andrew and Rajiv had travelled to Delhi for a series of meetings with local Government and Business leaders and they weren’t expected back for another three days. After wearing themselves bahis siteleri out shopping the previous day, Sunita had invited Lynda to join her for Yoga exercise at their private Gym. It was a fully equipped Gym complete with four shower stalls and lockers. Lynda had been shocked but rather pleasantly surprised when her friend turned up in Lycra one piece exercise suit which both flattered and showed off her sexy figure. Sunita was a gorgeous 5’6″ woman with stunning big breasts that seemed to attract Lynda’s eyes like a magnet. She was in her mid thirties and very feminine with such beautiful, naturally curvaceous body. Her generous breasts were very well complemented by her nicely rounded ass. It was quite obvious that she looked after herself, exercising regularly and keeping her stomach nice and flat and her legs well-toned. Lynda suddenly realized she was ogling her sexy hostess, and so she awkwardly asked if they’d be working out to Indian music. Sunita couldn’t possibly have missed her house guest’s lascivious stares; she acted completely oblivious to it. Despite her pretense however, the experienced Lynda saw right through her feigned innocence; she had always suspected that Sunita was a damn sexy tease with a body capable of making any straight woman question herself. ************* ‘Damn! This isn’t fair. There is this fucking gorgeous woman working hard and sweating right in front of me and I can’t just take her and fuck her.’ Lynda’s tortured mind complained, in between deep breaths of their yoga exercises. Lynda struggled through the session and by the time they were done, she was soaking wet, not just from the decent sweat she had worked up, but by the intensity of her arousal as she exercised within close proximity of the canlı bahis siteleri sexual goddess that was the beautiful wife of her husband’s amiable business partner. She saw her chance as they headed for the shower, where she waited until the fine spray of water was droning on in Sunita’s shower stall, and then in all her naked glory she stepped out of her own shower stall and padded gingerly over to the sexy Indian woman’s stall. She coughed slightly as though clearing her throat but not after ogling the sexy curvature of Sunita’s rear view. She gasped with excitement as her eyes traveled up from the other woman’s sexy delicate feet, briefly taking in the beauty of her fine gold ankle chain and then moving slowly up her provocatively sexy hot legs. Lynda’s eyes lasciviously caressed the gently lines at the back of her knees and then as her eyes worked their way higher up the woman’s silken thighs, fortune smiled on the shameless voyeur as her hostess chose that very moment to bend over inadvertently unfurling the silky petals of her lotus in full bloom. Lynda’s breath caught in her throat as her pussy tingled and a rush of excitement coursed through her very horny body. She licked her lips hungrily and opened her mouth involuntarily as if to alert the object of her carnal desires to her presence, and complete awe but no sound formed from her suddenly dry mouth. That was when she coughed, partly to clear her throat, but also to confess her presence before she was caught in the act. The sexual tension had become so damn unbearable, and at that point she had resolved something had to give, for her sanity’s sake most of all. Lynda half expected the sexy Indian housewife to be shocked by her naked presence, and embarrassed by her canlı bahis own nudity. She had anticipated a wild scamper to cover her breasts and crotch but to her most pleasant surprise her hostess made no mad rush to get the towel. “Ahhm… I’m sorry to bother you Sunita but could you please help me wash my back?” Lynda said amidst a slight blush as she struggled to tear her eyes away from Sunita’s very gorgeous pair of breasts. She involuntarily licked her lips again as she fantasized about licking and then sucking on her big ripe and erect nipples. She wondered if the other woman was anywhere near as aroused as she was, but before she could dwell on it her train of erotic thoughts was interrupted by Sunita’s beautiful voice delivered in perfect Queen’s English nurtured by years of very expensive British education. “Oh that’s no problem at all Lynda; you could have just called out from your stall. Poor darling, now see what you’ve done,” she said as she gestured for Lynda to come closer. She pointed at some unwashed foam in Lynda’s hair and fussed about how she hoped she hadn’t ruined her perfect hair. “Well you best step in here before any more damage is done then,” Sunita said making space in the tight quarters of the shower stall for her guest. As Lynda stepped into the space opposite her hostess, there was suddenly no more space for evasive maneuvers. The pin drop silence that ensued was both awkward and tension soaked. When the two women finally looked into each others eyes, the tension eased slightly. It all became crystal clear that theirs was a shared desire for carnal pleasures of each others body. No words were said, yet a bond was formed and sealed in that one meeting of the eyes and the soul, no words were needed as Lynda moved in and planted a soft velvety warm kiss on her hostess’s very tempting lips. The kiss, soft as it was felt so intense and seemed to go on for an eternity as both women completely lost themselves in their new found sensual paradise.

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