Lusting For Each Other Ch. 03

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“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Lily panted heavily as Trent’s body pinned her against the back of his office door.

“I know,” replied Trent as he moved his hands up Lily’s thighs, hitching up her skirt and moving into her panties to find her wet pussy waiting for him.

Without hesitation, he slipped two fingers inside. Lily gasped.

“Trent we shouldn’t,” she said again without much conviction.

Trent took the fact that she hadn’t attempted to move his hand away as a prompt to delve his fingers deeper inside her, rhythmically moving in and out.

“Tell me to stop and I will,” he said looking into Lily’s eyes.

Lily said nothing and just bit her lower lip, while her hand reached down to start rubbing Trent’s cock through his trousers before impatiently unbuckling his belt and pulling his trousers and pants down to reveal his hard dick waiting, already wet with pre-cum on the tip.

Lily took it in her hand and started wanking it in time with his fingers thrusting inside her.

“We could get fired, anyone could walk in,” she said as Trent once again pushed his fingers hard inside her. He started using his thumb to rub her clit whilst his other hand went up Lily’s top, covering her breast as he firmly pinched and twisted her nipple.

“You could,” he replied. “Remember, I’m now a company Director, so untouchable.” Trent smirked as he moved his hand higher with an air of authority, grabbing Lily’s neck and forcefully kissing her.

Lily couldn’t take much more, the adrenaline was racing through her body at the thought of someone coming in. At 1pm a number of people were out for lunch but she could still hear the soft humming of voices behind her. She knew Trent’s office door didn’t have a lock and there she was, pinned against it with her skirt round her waist, legs open and pussy being played with for all to see should they peer in through the glass walls on either side of the door with blinds only half shut.

Trent whispered in her ear “I’m going to make you cum so hard the whole office is going to hear…”

Lily awoke! She could feel her pussy throbbing from the wet dream, annoyed and angry at herself for once again letting Trent enter her mind. She lay there staring at the ceiling in the dark. ‘Fuck,’ she thought as she breathed silently.

“One last time,” she promised herself as she reached over to her bedside draw for her vibrator to help finish the job and offer some release to her aching pussy. Her mind however was another matter, she’d deal with that another day. Lily closed her eyes, switched on the familiar buzz, opened her legs and attempted to pick up the dream where she’d left it.



Much had changed for Lily since she walked out of the basement that night, 9 months ago. Realising her heart wasn’t in the Woody Jay 3000 anymore, and wanting to spend more time back in London, she’d sold the business to Mr Chi and using the money had bought herself a two-bed flat in Chiswick. She’d got a job at a rival company to the one she and Trent had worked for, in a role as Head of Innovation and Product Development, and 6 months in she was loving it.

Encouraged by Andrea she’d also started dating, and after a couple of disaster dates, through various dating sites, she’d met a 45-year-old divorced Accountant called Matt – and had been dating for the past 4 months. Matt was tall, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. They’d be introduced by a mutual friend and although it was still early days, she was enjoying his company.

Determined not to rush things, it was 6 weeks and their 7th date when they finally slept together. Matt had been starting to wonder what the hold-up was but Lily had explained she’d been in a complicated relationship, which wasn’t really a relationship, and wanted to ensure her mind was in the right place before taking that step.

When it finally happened it was good, Matt was a good lover. So, for the last 6 months Lily had felt happy and settled.

She was proud of herself for managing to not think about Trent, or even contact him, in her waking day. When the small voice in her head started questioning if she was being completely truthful, she would just shut it down. But that’s not to say she had complete control of her head. Her dreams and day-dreams would occasionally feel so real that she couldn’t shake the thought of him, his touch, his smell, his way.

On occasion she’d find herself closing her eyes as Matt was eating her pussy and imagine it was Trent, back in the basement with others watching, hands tied and feeling dominated but also empowered. But Matt’s touch was different and, feeling a sting in her heart, she’d often fake cuming and then ask him to fuck her doggy style so he couldn’t see the look on her face of feeling disappointed and annoyed at herself for even allowing Trent back in her mind.

He was in the past; there was no future with Trent Young, there never had been. Whatever it was that she’d felt, it wasn’t real and Kartal Escort she reminded herself that it certainly wasn’t reciprocated.



It was 11:30pm on Saturday night, as Lily leaned her head back in the black cab. It was swishing around from all the champagne she’d consumed that evening. She opened the window a little and took in a large gulp of fresh air, to try to keep herself from throwing up.

Earlier that evening she’d attended an Accountancy ball with Matt. Gosh did they know how to drink, with free-flowing champagne and glasses being topped up without request. Before she knew it, she was quite drunk and starting to lose her footing whilst dancing with Matt. She knew it was time to go home. Matt looked disappointed but respected Lily’s wishes, especially when she explained that she didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his boss, or his bosses-boss.

Being the gentleman he was, he saw to it that she was safely in a black cab and requested that she text when she was home.

Locating her keys in her small gold clutch bag as the cab arrived at her flat, Lily paid on her card and got out, dropping the keys on the path and swearing as she did so. Bending down to pick them up in her long, tight, black ball gown was not easy however she finally retrieved them and walked in through the front door, dropping her bag on the side table.

‘I’ll grab a glass of water and then text Matt,’ she thought as she moved from the hall to the open plan living room/kitchen. She was pretty sure he’d probably ask to come over later so she wanted to check if he had the key with him, as she didn’t fancy staying up.

Flicking on the table light, Lily walked into the small kitchen – heels clicking loudly on the wooden floorboards as she did so. She reached for a glass, ran the tap and took a large gulp of water, then another. The water felt cool and refreshing. “Time to get changed, text Matt and go to bed,” to she said to herself.

Lily reached behind her head to try and undo the zipper on her dress. “Fucking hell,” she said out loud, Matt had zipped the dress and now she couldn’t reach it, and didn’t relish the thought of spending the night in it. “Fuckity fuck,” she swore as she spun comically round trying to get to the zip.

“Need a hand?” came a voice.

Lily screamed, as a lamp was switched on. There, in the living room, sitting in her grandmothers old arm chair sat Trent. Lily stared in disbelief.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” she shouted, pointing to the door. “How the fuck did you get in here? Actually, don’t answer that, just fuck off,” she said waving her hand in a dismissive way, remembering of course that he was a master locksmith and could probably break into Fort Knox.

“Fucking hell Trent, like what the actual fuck, what are you doing here?” she demanded. Trent stood up.

“I’m here for you Lily,” he replied.

“Here for me?” Lily repeated back aghast. “What do you mean ‘you’re here for me’? If memory serves me correct it’s been 9 months and the last time I saw you, you were quite happily face sucking some other woman just after fucking me in a basement with a load of weirdos watching! Now you’re here for me?! Have you fucked your way through the whole of London and are now circling back again? I mean it, get the fuck out Trent, NOW.”

“I can explain,” Trent replied walking towards Lily.

“I don’t want to hear it,” Lily said holding up a hand to stop him getting closer. “You’re like fucking Jekyll and Hyde, hot and cold, I can’t keep up. I don’t know what happened to the guy I worked with?” Trent opened his mouth to respond “No,” Lily said stopping him. “I’m over it. I want you to leave and never come back.”

Her voice cracked slightly as she turned away from Trent, back into the kitchen to get another drink of water. Hand-shaking she raised the glass to her lips as she leaned against the sink.

“Lily,” Trent pleaded softly from behind her.

“Don’t,” she chocked back, “I don’t want to hear it, I’ve moved on Trent, I can’t do this anymore.”

Trent sighed. He hadn’t expected to be welcomed back with open arms but it also hurt him to know he had caused Lily so much pain, but he hadn’t had a choice.

“OK,” he said. “But tell me you’ve not thought about me all this time and I’ll go.”

Lily let out a large sigh, placed the glass of water down and said nothing. Trent took a step closer. Lily didn’t turn around, her head was swimming. Trent was actually in her flat, and looked just as good as she remembered. 5ft 10″, glowing cappuccino skin, thick black hair and beard with soft flecks of white, standing with the air of authority he always did coupled with an easy smile and soft eyes. Her body felt on fire, with rage or desire she wasn’t sure.

“No, fuck him,” she tried to convince herself silently.

“OK I’ll go,” Trent conceded.

“But first, let me at least unzip the top of your dress for you, looked like you were struggling Pendik Escort a bit.”

Lily didn’t object, nor did she say yes. Trent reached out and softly moved the strands of Lily’s hair away from the zip. Lily could feel her heart start to beat in her chest and she held her breath. Trent started to slide the zip down between Lily’s shoulder blades, then he paused. Both knew that she could easily reach round and unzip the rest but after a split second he kept going until he reached the base, which rested just above the top of Lily’s arse. The soft satin style of the dress meant that when Trent let go it fell to the floor, around Lily’s feet. Neither moved.

Lily could feel Trent’s eyes on her, seeing the back of her strapless bra, lace thong resting between her cheeks and black lace-topped hold-ups. The air had become heavy. Trent didn’t move, his cock was pushing painfully against his blue chinos. He desperately wanted Lily to turn around. He wanted a chance to explain and god did he want to fuck her right now.

He’d watched her that night leave for the ball with Matt and nearly didn’t go into the flat. She looked beautiful and happy and what right did he have to step back in her life. Jealously and regret raged inside him as he decided he had to know if there was, or could ever be, a chance of something, if she finally knew the truth.

Lily slowly turned to face him, staring him straight in the eyes, wordlessly searching for some answers. Trent stepped forward and kissed Lily, she pushed him away, hand on his chest, thoughts swimming in her mind. Undeterred, Trent stepped forward again, Lily’s resistance crumbled. “One fuck,” she lied to herself “just one quick fuck, then he’s gone”.

No words were needed as Lily hungrily reached to pull Trent’s shirt over his head and helped unbuckle his trousers whilst he kicked off his shoes and socks. Naked, she could see his erection, as her body remembered how he felt. Kissing roughly again, Trent pulled Lily’s knickers down and moved her sideways so her back slammed against the small wall dividing the living room and kitchen. He wasted no time in pulling up her legs and driving his cock deep inside her. Fuck, it felt good. Lily dug her hands into his shoulders, encouraging Trent to fuck her harder.

Her head was still spinning from the champagne but she thrust her hips in rhythm to Trent’s, wanting to feel him as deep as she could.

To some, Trent’s cock may have been too much and would have pushed painfully against soft walls and flesh but in Lily he had found a place that fit. He knew that he didn’t have to hold back for fear of discomfort for her, that each thrust deeper inside drew gasps of pleasure, not pain. For Lily, so often left wanting to feel more, Trent’s cock provided the hardness, pressure and fullness she desired.

Trent grabbed hold of Lily’s arse and moved her over to the couch. He laid her down as she panted softly and reached to unclip her bra, releasing her breasts and throwing the garment to the floor. Trent leant down and squeezed her tits together, taking turns to suck and bite each nipple. Lily now wriggled beneath him, so turned on that she needed some release, and soon.

“Trent please,” she whimpered.

He looked at her and gave her a small smile before moving his hands back down to her wet pussy, to rub her clit. His mouth returned to her breasts, increasing the pressure as he sucked and bit harder.

“Trent,” she said again, almost pleading with him to release her from the pleasurable pain.

He moved his head and licked her nipples, before slightly blowing on them to make them harder and more erect. He looked at Lily before softly butterfly kissing her stomach, down past her belly button. Lily knew where he was heading and bit down hard on her lip. Closing her eyes, she soon felt Trent’s mouth replace his fingers.

He pressed his tongue firmly against Lily’s pussy, parting her lips as he licked up and down, rolling and circling the tip as he did so. Pressing his tongue against her clit, he once again slipped 2 and then 3 fingers inside her now soaking pussy, driving them deeper and deeper as he rotated them inside.

Lily leant forward in ecstasy, grabbing at the back of Trent’s hair and pulling him closer to her vagina. She leant back again as Trent worked the motion harder, causing Lily to clamp her thighs around his head. Twisting her hips, Lily began controlling the motion of Trent’s tongue, guiding it to the spots that most pleasured her.

She wanted to cum but she also wanted Trent to have to really work to make her cum!

Lily raised her hips and arse up, bringing Trent’s head along so that his tongue had now joined his immersed fingers in her pussy. She released the lock a little so that he was now able to drive his tongue back and forth whilst also feeling the firm press of his nose bridge against her clit.

There was no way she could hold cuming any longer…

“What the fuck is going on here?” Göztepe Escort came a familiar voice from the entrance to the lounge.

Lily froze with the dreadful realisation of who was standing in the doorway. Her legs clasped harder around Trent’s head so as to stop his motion. She arched her back slowly to look behind her.

“Is this why you wanted to leave early? You’re cheating on me? I can’t fucking believe it!” exclaimed Matt.

Trent pulled his head from between Lily’s legs and casually moved to sit on the armchair. Lily scrambled to locate what clothing she could find, holding her bra over her breasts and using a cushion to cover her modesty.

“It’s not what you think… this wasn’t supposed to happen… I didn’t know he was going to be here…” Lily searched for the right thing to say.

“He? You mean this is him? This is Trent?”

The hurt was clearly evident on Matt’s face. He was torn between walking out and wanting to punch Trent, however he recalled Lily mentioning that he used to box, and so wasn’t keen on risking being hurt physically as well as emotionally.

Lily walked over and attempted to hold his arm in comfort, whilst trying to buy time to find the right thing to say, but Matt wasn’t having any of it.

“You two fucking deserve each other!” he shouted angrily before lowering his tone and aggression and moving his head close to Lily’s “I could have made you happy Lily. I would have been there for you always, but you’ve ruined it. I’m out of here.” Matt turned and left the room, slamming the door closed behind him.

Lily dropped her head, trying to understand what had just happened, and wondering what she could do about it. ‘Fuck,’ what had she lost. Did it hurt? Yes, it hurt that she’d hurt Matt, she cared about him. Matt was a good guy, he cared about her, he was always there for her, he was considerate. But most importantly, he was reliable. It was easy to be with him.

She turned around to see Trent still sat in the armchair, naked with his cock resting on his thigh. Why was he so calm? Is this just a game to him. ‘He turns up, fucks me and leaves again with no consequences?’

“I was happy. You just couldn’t see me happy could you? You had to come back and mess it all up, why after all this time? I just don’t get it,” she raged.

“Lily, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I had a plan when I came over this evening, that I wouldn’t touch you or kiss you, just talk to you and explain. But we clearly both wanted this, it was inevitable.”

Trent stood to approach Lily. The cushion and bra had by now slipped from her hand lay on the floor. All that separated their naked bodies was Lily’s tits close to his chest and Trent’s semi-erect cock on her stomach. He reached to move her hair behind her ear, as she looked up in to his eyes.

“You mean the world to me Lily. I’m not good at saying this sort of stuff, but you really do. Give me one last chance, I know this can work.”

“I don’t want to just fuck about anymore Trent. I want something more meaningful.” She paused “I’m in love with you, but I need to know we have a future. Fuck, I just need to know you’ll be there when I wake up! Otherwise…” her voice trailed off.

“I love you too,” Trent replied “Just trust me one more time.” Cupping Lily’s face with both hands he slowly leaned in for a kiss.

Lily reciprocated, with the kiss becoming more intense as their lips parted and their tongues began dancing in each-others mouths. A barrier had been lifted and both now forgot everything else, and focused on each other.

Trent’s arms moved to embrace Lily as he swept her up by her arse. Lily wrapped her legs around his body and reached around to grasp the back of his head, pulling at a clump of his hair. She could feel the tip of his hard cock pressing on the edge of her pussy as Trent led her over to the sideboard. He moved one of his arms from her arse to clear the space, pushing a table lamp and some ornaments to the floor.

Placing Lily down, he moved from the kiss to biting and licking her breasts, whilst roughly fondling them. Returning to a standing position he slipped his hands under her thighs and dragged them up, lowering Lily’s head against the wall and aligning her pussy with his raging hard cock. Licking his palm and wetting the tip of his dick he slipped it in effortlessly, with each of them giving out a groan of satisfaction. Lily’s eyes rolled back at the thought of how long she’d wanted this.

Trent began to pound his cock further in to Lily as she grappled to hold on from slipping off the counter. Leaning in to grab Lily’s hair and steal another passionate kiss, Trent twisted her body around a little so she was laying slightly flatter on the surface. He raised her leg and continued to fuck her. The sensation of his cock penetrating her at this angle caused Lily to scream and moan, driving Trent to pound harder.

Trent withdrew his dick and pulled Lily to her feet. He spun her around, put her hands on the counter and spread her legs. He dropped to his knees and, placing his hands on her hips, positioned his head once again between her legs to taste her dripping wet pussy. Lily began to gyrate her hips as well as lean back in to his face, as he lapped up her juices.

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