Lust in La Jolla Ch. 05

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Chapter 5. In the Care of Kari

Kari showers some affection on Jake.

Jake was sitting at the kitchen bar, staring out the sliding glass doors to the manicured, postage stamp backyard, sipping a Perrier and trying unsuccessfully to make some sense of the day’s events. First, the whole thing with Jenny on the plane, and then her goodbye kiss that was a lot more than friendly. And she was so beautiful and smart and really sexy … did she really mean that whole bit about not knowing any men like me, and wanting to know me better? How could that be? But even that paled in comparison to what happened with Kari in the car. Why him? In her own way, Kari was just as attractive as Jenny, and at least in Jenny’s case, he understood she was just rebounding from her last relationship. And then there was Theresa and Sara — what was going on with all these women? He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear the front door open and close, and Kari watched him for a moment from the kitchen doorway.

“A penny for your thoughts,” she said, breaking the silence.

Jake jumped a bit, and then looked at her thoughtfully. “That’s kinda funny … I was just thinking how much I wish I knew what you were thinking … I mean, I just don’t understand why … well, you see … why someone as pretty as you would … you know, want to just have sex with me like that. And then there’s Jenny, and that doesn’t make sense either. Did the world change while I was away?”

Kari smiled at him, “Those are definitely more than penny thoughts.” She paused and thought for a few seconds. “You know, what I’m thinking is … that maybe the world didn’t change but you did.” Jake looked puzzled.

“You know, when Jim told me to pick you up, I asked him what you looked like. He said he didn’t really know, but ten years ago when you moved away, you were pudgy and wore thick glasses. So, naturally, that was what I was looking for. Maria was supposed to be helping me look, but, as usual for her, she was mostly looking for hot guys. So, she spotted you walking with Jenny, and we both watched you for, well, for a while. It just never crossed my mind that the great-looking guy with the gorgeous blonde could be the cousin Jake I was there to meet.” She paused and walked over to sit across the bar from him.

“Imagine my surprise when that great-looking guy turned out to be you. Now, I didn’t actually see you kiss Jenny goodbye — at the time, I was searching the crowd for the pudgy guy I was supposed to meet — but Maria did, and she was … ummm, kind of graphic when she described it to me while you were getting the bags. So, you see … well, I was getting turned on quite a bit by this whole thing: a step-cousin whom I’ve never met and who is really not a relative of mine by blood but who will be staying in my house, well, he turns out to be an Adonis and has a gorgeous blonde he just met practically melting in his arms. I mean — that is really hot.” Jake just looked at her in bewilderment.

“And then the … coup de grace,” she continued, “was sitting on your lap, with that short skirt priming my exhibitionist streak like crazy, and … well, let’s just say I felt something pressing against my leg that really caught my attention.” Jake blushed a little as he understood her reference. “I tell you the truth, Jake: I’ve never done something like that before. Hell, I never even imagined it, but I don’t regret it for one second. I truly thank you for an amazing experience that I will never forget as long as I live.”

After a pause, she went on, “What I don’t get is why you are so surprised by the attention you get from women. I know Jim said you were in the Mideast on a scientific expedition for the last few years, but it seems more like you were … I dunno, in a monastery or something.”

Jake laughed ruefully, “Not too different actually. It was an all-male crew, and when we mixed with the locals, well, it was a traditional muslim area, you know, women covered head to toe and no socializing with the white devils, you know. OK, I’m having a hard time believing that women find me … attractive, but if what you say is true, I don’t know what to do.”

Kari laughed gently at that, “Oh, I’d say you know “what to do” alright … I felt you were playing me like a violin in the car. You’re a natural!”

Jake shook his head, “No, that’s not what I meant.”

Kari quickly said, “I know that, I was just being playful. Look, from what I can tell so far, you seem like a genuinely nice guy who won’t take advantage of women, and all you have to do is be yourself.” Jake still looked troubled. “Hey Jake, it’s gonna be just fine. We can talk more about it later — I’m thinking you must be exhausted from the traveling, and I’m a little distracted because … well, something wet and sticky is running down my thighs.” She flashed a big smile at Jake. “I’ve got an idea — let’s take a shower together … there’s a wonderful shower in the master bath.”

“What about your parents pendik escort coming home?” Jake asked.

“Oh … I forgot to tell you all the news. Jim called me to say that he has to stay with his crew at the wildfires tonight. And my mom is visiting my grandparents in Phoenix and won’t be back until Tuesday night.” She gave him a deliberately goofy leer and said with a terrible Mae West accent “So it’s just you n’ me, big boy.” After a giggle, she added “Come on, let’s go upstairs – I promise I won’t bite … much.” And she walked around the bar and took his hand in hers.

He grabbed his overnight bag and followed her up the stairs, enjoying the view of her swaying ass right in front of him. She grabbed a couple of towels and led him into the master bath off of her parents bedroom. “See” she said, pointing to the shower stall, “plenty of room for two.”

She put the towels on the towel rack and then turned to face Jake, who looked back at her uncertainly. She took a deep breath, “OK — so I don’t know why, but now I’m feeling a bit shy. I imagine it feels awkward for you as well.” He nodded. She continued, “I still want to do this though — how about you?”

He thought for a few seconds, then replied, “Yeah, definitely. I mean … I don’t understand all this, but you’re so beautiful and I’m eager … to see all of you.” His eyes scanned her body as he said this.

Jake’s words and gaze sent a rush of adrenaline through Kari. “Oh my!” she gushed, “that certainly got me going again.” She ran her hands up her sides and then over her tits, lifting and squeezing them through her shirt.

Seeing Jake’s eyes locked on her chest, she continued, “Mmmm … you like that? You like watching me touch myself?” She could see the affirmative in his eyes.

She pulled her shirt and bra down under her breasts, bringing them into view for Jake’s hungry eyes — they were perfect globes with hard nipples standing out from light brown areolas the size of Kennedy half dollars.

“You like my breasts? It feels really good when they’re played with.” She squeezed and pushed at the soft flesh, then pinched and pulled at her hard nipples. “Ohhhh yeah, so good … my nipples are really sensitive. Would you like to suck on them?” She squeezed and lifted her breasts together in a clear offering to him. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head and removed her bra, and stood topless in front of him, one hand back at her breasts, the other working on unbuttoning her jean skirt.

“I want to see all of your body too! Please — take off your clothes for me.” She could see from the large protrusion in his shorts that his cock was hard again, and she was eager to see it.

Jake took his shirt off, and Kari wolf-whistled, “Woohoo … very nice! But don’t stop there …” She shimmied out of her jean skirt, leaving her standing there in just her thong panties. Jake had unbuckled his belt, but stopped to stare at Kari’s lush body.

“You like the front side, huh? How about the back side?” Kari turned around, took a wide stance, and bent over at the waist. Only the thin thong strap covered her bare ass, and she did a sexy hip grind that made Jake’s cock ache. She turned back around and scolded, “Hey, can’t you get those shorts off? Maybe you need some help!”

She came and squatted in front of him, smiling up at him as she unzipped his shorts and then slowly pulled his shorts down to his ankles so Jake could step out of them. His huge erection was tenting his boxers, and Kari’s anticipation grew. Her mouth watered and she suddenly knew that she was going to have to taste him, and it had to be now. She lifted the waistband of the boxers up and over the head of his cock and pulled them quickly down to his ankles.

“Ohhh … my … GOD!” she gasped, staring at the thick, 9″ rod of hard throbbing flesh, the head protruding partially from the uncut foreskin. “So big — I can’t believe … you and me … inside me!”

She tentatively reached out and gripped the shaft midlength with her right hand. Amazed that she could not reach all away around the thickness, she instinctively began a short pumping motion, drawing a groan from Jake. The swollen head was even larger than the shaft, and the smooth-skinned purple-pink glans glistened wetly from the pre-cum that was oozing from the opening. She could wait no longer, and leaned forward to press her lips against the hot velvety skin. She licked the head greedily, swirling her tongue under and around the glans, drawing another louder groan from Jake. The taste of his pre-cum was nice, and there was also a distinct residual hint of her pussy flavor from their earlier fucking in the car. Reminded of why they were taking a shower, she gave one more long lick and then stood up. As she peeled off her thong, she said, “Come on — let’s go in the shower.”

Soon they were standing together under the stream of warm water, kissing while their hands explored each other’s bodies. Kari gently pumped Jake’s cock with her right hand in maltepe escort an overhand grip, while her left hand slid over his chest and shoulders. Jake concentrated his attention on her lovely tits — they were so soft in his hands, with the exception of the very hard nipples. He squeezed them like she had done to herself, and then, using both hands, rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. She moaned into the kiss and gripped his cock a little tighter. He pinched and pulled harder, sending an intense jolt of pleasure from her sensitive nipples reverberating throughout her body before coming to rest in her clit. She pulled back from the kiss, gasping, “Oh shit yeahhhhh!” Looking right into his intense blue eyes, she murmured, “Mmmm … your hands feel so good …uhhhh … don’t stop …” She was pressing herself against his hands now, increasing the pressure.

Suddenly, she reached up with her left hand around the back of his neck, and pulled his head downwards, begging, “oh god, please suck my nipples, I need it so bad.” Jake was happy to comply — leaning down, he greedily latched his mouth onto her right nipple while squeezing the tit flesh under it with his left hand. He took the whole wet nipple and areola into his mouth and sucked hard, squeezing the hard tip of flesh between his tongue and the roof of his mouth and milking it. She groaned and dug her fingernails into the back of his neck. Her other hand could no longer reach his cock — she brought it to his right hand still on her other tit and mashed it into her. It had been a very long time since she had been rough like this with a man, although she frequently played rough with her tits when she masturbated. She was already on the verge of another orgasm.

Jake loved the way Kari’s tits felt in his hands and, even more, her hard nipple in his mouth. The warm water was still cascading down on Kari’s neck and back, and rivulets ran down her chest and around his mouth. There was no question about the way she was responding — she liked it a little rough, so Jake sucked and chewed and squeezed as she groaned in pleasure. He switched sides to suck and nibble her left nipple, and dropped his right hand down to Kari’s snatch. He cupped her pussy mound, and slid his long middle finger into her slippery slit and curled it upwards to hit her G-spot.

“Ohhhh shit yeah … oh fuck – more, give me more … harder” Kari moaned and then grabbed Jake’s hand and pressed it very tight against her pussy, smashing the palm against her clit. She came hard, involuntarily humping against Jake’s hand as she keened her release. Her knees buckled and she would have fallen except that Jake quickly supported her weight by hugging her to him.

“Omigod” Kari gasped, “that was intense!”

She could feel his erection pressing against her belly, and her pussy ached to be filled. She reached between their bodies with both hands and began to gently pump it, amazed yet again at how big he was.

“Mmmm … I want you inside me again — I don’t know if I can take you though … so big! Can you go slow?”

“Yeah, sure Kari. Ummm … are we going to stay here in the shower?”

“Uh-huh. I really want to do it here … maybe I can explain later. C’mon, over here.”

She led him over to the glass door, and after opening it, stood on the elevated tile riser that ran under the glass door and walls. It was about 8 in high — standing on it, Kari was now nearly as tall as Jake, and more importantly, her pussy was on the right level with his cock. Holding onto his shoulder with one arm, she lifted the opposite leg up onto his hip and used her free hand to guide his penis into position. She went up on her tip toes and pushed the silky head between her labia, sliding it back and forth along her slit a few times to lube it. Jake groaned as his sensitive glans were flooded with pleasure. Kari lowered herself onto his shaft, embedding the head and a couple of inches more into her tight hole.

“Oh damn you’re big,” she groaned, “go slow now … let me … oh fuck … don’t move!”

Kari felt an intense mix of discomfort and pleasure as her tight hole was stretched to the absolute max by Jake’s thick rod while at the same time her pleasure centers were being assaulted. As much as the physical sensations, the scenario itself was getting her off in a big way — a gorgeous guy plunging his big hard cock into her in her parent’s shower fulfilled a long-standing fantasy, one she had had ever since her first voyeur experience watching Jim fuck her mom in this same shower over five years ago.

Despite the strong instinctual urge to bury himself deeper into the hot wet depths of Kari’s pussy, Jake remained motionless. He had learned this lesson the hard way: in his second year at college, he had been too quick to thrust with his first serious girlfriend Joelle on their third and most successful attempt at intercourse and had unintentionally hurt her inside. Even though she had completely understood that he kartal escort had done nothing different from the previous men she had been with (other than to possess a much larger penis), she could never again relax enough to even attempt to achieve penetration.

Kari also remained motionless for about half a minute while her body adjusted. The initial mild discomfort of being stretched faded but the pleasure, or more precisely, the hunger for more pleasure increased. She lifted up a couple of inches and then lowered herself again, driving his cock another three inches deeper.

“Ohhh that’s it … oh god yes, fuck that’s good!” she gasped.

Her fluids were flowing freely now, mixing with the residual cum from their earlier sex and providing ample lubrication. Incredibly aroused, she began to fuck herself with Jake’s cock, gyrating forwards and back and side to side. Jake felt her pussy clenching and stroking his cock but desperately he maintained his control and let her do all the moving.

“Ohhhh …ohhhh .. ohhhh” Kari panted, her tempo increasing as she climbed towards her climax. As she rode him with increasing ferocity, her tits were rubbing against his chest, their wet skin creating a wonderful slippery feeling. Jake reached up and squeezed one breast, and finding her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he pinched it firmly. This jolt rocketed Kari over the edge, and, head thrown back, she let out a loud wordless moan as her whole body convulsed in a tremendous orgasm.

Once again, she was limp and motionless in his arms, breathing heavily. Jake adjusted his position slightly, inadvertently driving his still hard cock even deeper and making Kari tense and rise up on her toes.

“Ohhhh god – wait!” Kari moaned, “Can’t do more … I’m too sensitive … please, just wait a sec!”

After a few seconds, she gingerly lifted herself off Jake, drawing in a sharp breath. “Jesus, Jake, that was … so amazing … but I feel like, I dunno, I’m short circuited out down there.” She leaned into him to kiss him and felt his cock throbbing against her belly. She reached down to grasp it and said “Oh my, you poor thing — that wasn’t so good for you. Mmmm … maybe I can help you.”

She kissed him again, then dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head that almost completely filled her mouth. Jake groaned and twitched as her tongue worked on the most sensitive spot underneath the head.

Looking up and gazing directly into Jake’s eyes, she purred, “Mmmm … you have such a beautiful cock.” Looking thoughtful, she added, “Come on, let’s move over to a wall so you have something to lean against. It’s my turn to make you feel good!”

Once Jake’s back was against the wall, Kari went for his cock with a vengeance, determined to get him off. Keeping eye contact the whole time, she bobbed her mouth up and down the top three inches or so, pulling out until the ridge of his glans was just behind her teeth and then back in as far as she could go. At the same time, she pumped his shaft with her right hand and fondled his balls with her left, sometimes massaging behind his ball sack in that sensitive patch of skin in front of his anus. She sensed he was getting close as he groaned, “Oh yeahhhh … that’s it … oh god yes”.

She pulled off, looked him right in the eye, and said sexily, “I want you to fill my mouth with your sweet cum — let me have it all, babe!” and then redoubled her sucking and stroking.

“UUUHHHH” Jake grunted loudly as his body tensed and cum exploded into Kari’s mouth, surprising her with the force of the ejaculation. She pulled off after the first two jets, and the last two splattered onto her breastbone. She rolled the cum around in her mouth, enjoying the feel and the salty sweet taste — he even tasted better than other guys she had sucked off — before swallowing the creamy load.

“Mmmm nice!” she said, “you taste good!” She smeared the globs of cum on her chest over her breasts, then licked her fingers clean.

Completely depleted, Jake slid down the wall and sat on the floor with Kari kneeling between his outstretched legs. Suddenly, Kari smiled and then laughed softly.

Jake smiled back, “Tell me, what’s so amusing?”

“Well, I just remembered what I was telling Maria at the airport while we were waiting for you to arrive.” She kept smiling but didn’t continue.

Jake waited for a bit, and then said, “So … what was it? Now you’ve made me curious.”

“Oh, I was saying how Jim would owe me big time for doing this favor for him — you know, picking up his nephew because of him getting called away.”

Jake shook his head, “OK — but why is that funny?”

“Silly, don’t you see. If anything, I owe Jim big time! Of course, it’s not like I can walk up to him and say — Hey Jim, thanks for setting me up to have the best sex I’ve ever had, I’m in your debt!”

“Oh c’mon Kari! I can see how I owe him like you say, but you’re exaggerating!”

Kari’s smile turned to a little frown for a few moments, and then back to a big smile. “OK, that settles it. You just are not getting it, so I’m going to take you on as my personal little educational project. Yep — this is going to be fun!”

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