Lunch Hour

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Ivanna and I had been teasing each other for ages, probably ever since I first started at Whitmore and Co. last year. She was just so damn sexy, what could I do? We didn’t report to each other, and we kept it fun and light, so I didn’t think there were any harassment issues -maybe that was my libido talking, but I decided to listen to it and keep flirting with her. Lately, our flirting had taken the form of a daily game: “What color is your underwear?” We would send each other a one-word e-mail, or, if no one was around, just say it to each other, as we passed in a hallway. Then laugh and pretend it was innocent. We were both married, so it’s not like it was going anywhere.

Until the day it went all the way.

I was sitting at my desk, rearranging a spreadsheet. My boss had thrown this project at me with no warning, and then promptly run off to an early lunch that was likely to turn into a late lunch. Meanwhile, I’d be spending my lunch on this mindless task. It didn’t take much to distract me. Just Ivanna walking by my office door.

“Hi, Ivanna,” I said, grateful for the diversion from colored boxes with numbers. She was quite diverting. High-heeled boots, short skirt, stockings and a low cut blouse that made me wonder if she had a bra on or not-it often took all my willpower to keep from staring at her perky tits. Time to play our daily game. “Blue.”

Ivanna smiled and raised an eyebrow approvingly. Suddenly, her smile dropped. Her head darted back and forth as she looked up and down the corridor. Then, she locked eyes with me again and gave me a grin. “None,” she said. And with one hand, pulled her skirt up and over her ass.

It was only a moment, then the skirt was back where it belonged and she was gone down the hallway with a wink. But in that moment, I saw her gorgeous, naked ass framed by a black garter belt. I was floored. Her ass was just stunning, and she was clearly dressed to play. I desperately wanted to touch her. She was probably dressed like that as part of an elaborate teasing game she was going to play with her husband, but what if it really was aimed at me? I needed to find out.

I went back to work on my spreadsheet. After a few minutes I decided that she must be at her desk. Time for an e-mail:

‘Laundry day?’

A few minutes later came her response:

‘Thought maybe I’d try to get a rise out of Tokat Escort you today.’

I laughed at that.

‘Come by my office to see for yourself,’ I replied. Then, I got back to work and convinced myself that this was all going to blow over. After a few minutes, I even convinced myself that I hadn’t actually seen anything; that it was all in my head. It had to be. I was working too much, or something. Time for a vacation.

Ten minutes later, the tall form of a gorgeous woman filled my office door. Once again, she looked both ways along the hallway and confirmed that everyone was either out to lunch, or having lunch behind the closed doors of their offices. With a smile at me that was disarmingly sweet, she took her skirt in both hands and lifted it past her hips, exposing her shaved pussy to my ogling gaze. She raised one eyebrow and smiled even wider.

“Okay, you got a rise out of me,” I admitted with a nod. And it was true. My dick strained against my trousers. Still, Ivanna stood there, her skirt hitched up lewdly. She took one step into my office and I bolted up from my leather desk-chair. Our eyes locked again. How far was she willing to take this? I stepped to the side, around to the front of my desk. She took another step. Her eyes broke from mine and glanced at my crotch. I returned the favor with a glance at her pussy while my dick gave a hopeful throb against its constraints.

With a deep breath, Ivanna took the final step into the office. I took a step toward her until she was within arms length of me. I reached and stroked her cheek with my fingertips-I was ready to take it a lot farther. Ivanna let go of her skirt to grab the door giving it a slight nudge so that it drifted toward closed. To my surprise, it stayed open several inches so that I could still see the hallway outside. Ivanna didn’t seem to care. She just walked up to me until our bodies conformed together. I tilted my head and kissed her.

Her arms went around my shoulders while mine went to her waist. She ran her fingers through my hair as our tongues connected. I brought my hands to her breasts. The soft flesh yielded to my gentle squeezing. I felt her nipples harden as my thumbs passed over them. Ivanna gasped at the pleasure and I felt my cock spring fully to life and my brain melt-I was going to fuck this gorgeous woman right now, in my office.

I Tokat Escort Bayan thrust my hips against hers, grinding my desperate cock into her. She gripped my hair and thrust back against me. I spun us around so that her ass was against the desk, my back to the door. I swiftly unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and lowered the zipper. Ivanna took over, tossing my pants over my hips and onto the floor and tugging my boxers down over my ass. My cock bounced into her waiting palm and before I could register it, I was lost to the exquisite pleasure of her stroking hand. I gripped her shoulders for support, buried my face in her neck and let her minister to me.

“Mmm,” she moaned, softly.

I regained enough composure to know that I had to have my cock in her pussy. I was desperate, out of control, not caring that the door to the office was ajar-I just knew that I had to be inside her. I slid my right hand between us and lifted her skirt, the fabric brushing the head of my cock on its way, making me gasp. I brought my fingers to her mound and wandered down to her lips. I let my fingertips glide over her soft outer lips, up and down, until I felt them swell and part. My fingers slipped between them and into her wondrously wet pussy. I stroked back up, drawing her nectar over her stiffening clit. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. I kissed her and she moaned into my lips, letting me muffle her cry.

We stroked each other for a few minutes, deepening our blissful anticipation, each bending and opening our legs to give each other room for our mutual masturbation. One more kiss, though, and I was ready to fuck her.

“Ivanna,” I whispered in her ear. “I need to fuck you. Right now.”

“Do it,” she answered.

I lifted her ass onto the edge of the desk and found she was at the perfect height for me. I bent my legs and pushed gently forward. Ivanna guided the dripping head of my cock to her pussy and I felt her wetness cover me. With another thrust, I pushed inside her, feeling her pussy swallow and caress my cock. I pushed deeper until our mounds connected. I took one deep breath, pulled slowly back out, then stroked back in again. Then, the world vanished and there was only my cock and her pussy and I started pounding her hard.

Ivanna grabbed my shoulders for support as I fucked her. She couldn’t stop herself from giving Escort Tokat a soft grunt with each thrust, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to keep sliding in and out. My cock swelled inside her, sending my pleasure higher. I took her hair roughly in one hand and wrapped my other around her breast, squeezing the nipple tightly.

“Fuck,” she moaned. I squeezed again. “You’re going to make me cum,” she panted.

That was too much for me. I started fucking her harder, pounding my cock into her. I swear, I could feel her clit stiffen against me more and more with each thrust. Her pussy tightened around me as she approached her climax.

“Cum, Ivanna,” I told her. “Cum on my cock.”

I pulled her mouth to me and squeezed her nipple again. She moaned and pressed her lips hard against mine. At that moment, I heard footsteps in the hallway. Someone was walking past. I didn’t slow down at all, fucking her as she started to cum. Her eyes went wide and I could tell she could see something in the hall. Was someone going to watch us cum? We both went over the edge at that moment.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock, timed with her soft grunts of pleasure. I let my orgasm build as she clutched hard at my swelling head. I felt the cum start to drip into her, and then I snapped, pulsing my cum deep into my co-worker’s pussy. She squeezed hard around me, milking my exploding cock. Blast after blast shook my body. Finally, it was over and I let go of her hair-I didn’t realize how tightly I was pulling on her!

I lowered my face to her neck and whimpered softly for a while, enjoying the rhythmic squeezes from Ivanna’s pussy around my draining cock. She took a deep breath and let it out, slowly. As I slowly regained my senses, I turned my head to look at the office door. It was still ajar, but there was no one in the hallway. Someone had been there, right?

I pulled back and looked in Ivanna’s eyes.

“Was someone there?” I whispered.

She gave me a wicked smile and cocked her eyebrows. What did that mean? I cocked my eyebrows back at her but all I got was a giggle.

I pulled my dripping cock from her and yanked up my pants.

“Well?” I asked again.

Ivanna giggled once more as she hopped off my desk. I could tell her legs were shaking a bit. She put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m going to be thinking about you all day, while your cum drips out of me.”


And, with that, my lunch hour was over and I was supposed to go back to work? Needless to say, I had a very hard time finishing my boss’s emergency spreadsheet that day.

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