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LucyThis is the first part of a much larger story we plan on writing. We hope you enjoyAll people, places and events in this story are completely fictional.It had started out innocently enough with Lucy always fancying the older boys at school. However, she soon grew bored of boys, their fumbling hands and awkward advances not satisfying her growing urges – urges, she found out from a little light internet reading, that were not the sort of thing a girl of any age should be having. She eventually moved on to seducing her tutors, and by her 16th birthday she had already had made use of three of them – all completely unaware of each other. She knew it was wrong, but then she could always play the “I didn’t know it was wrong, they took advantage of me” card, and act like the innocent little girl (which seemed to work on her tutors anyway).Her first was Mr Timmins, who hadn’t been that hard to seduce. Who, in his own words, had confessed “If a muğla escort sweet young thing like you keeps flashing the flesh, who am I to deny her attentions?” All it took was some suggestive looks and the occasional lingering touch to his leg whenever she was by his desk, to plant the seeds of her plan. Luckily his desk was wedged in the corner of the class, hiding Lucy’s perverted fondling from the sight of her class mates. Before long the touches became squeezes and her hand soon found his swelling cock. He was very receptive to her searching hands, his own hands feeling the soft, girly skin of her inner thighs. On the second time she “needed help” with her exercise book his wandering hand found her peachy cunt completely naked, her juices already flowing at the thought of his rough mature hands m*****ing her.Easing gently back and forth, she worked his thumb between her folds, clamping her thighs together eskişehir escort on his hand letting him know she wanted this. Turning her head slightly and looking over her shoulder, a little wink was all the encouragement he needed to start applying pressure with his thumb, entering her sex, feeling the tight virgin cunt gradually take him in. Her mind and pussy were on fire, a heady mix of the pain of being roughly opened, and the thrill of being used in front of the class. She was looking at a class room full of her friends and here she was riding a thumb belonging to a man old enough to be her grandfather. The burning grew inside her as the knuckle of his thumb reached the entrance of her cunt, wanting more, wanting to feel the sweet ecstasy of her hole being forced even wider.Having to bite her lip to stop from crying out at the finger fucking she was receiving, Lucy looked back over her shoulder gaziantep escort again, this time mouthing the words stationery cupboard and nodding. A smile like the Cheshire cat spread across Mr. Timmins’ face has he carefully removed his thumb from inside Lucy’s slippery young vagina. He stood up, albeit awkwardly with the bulge Lucy had just created and spoke to the class,“I need to collect some papers from the stationery cupboard and young Lucy here is going to help me. Paul, sit up here and keep an eye on things here while I am gone”. With that he ushered his young charge out of the room while the head boy took the front of the class. “You’d better not be teasing me along or I will make you a very sore little girl” growled Mr. Timmins as soon as they were out of ear shot. Not wanting any delay in her first fucking, Lucy spun on her heel and lifted her skirt, her bare naked cunt on display for all to see, especially the middle aged teacher. Sliding a slender finger along her slit before popping it in her mouth and making a delicious slurping noise, Lucy grabbed Mr. Timmins’ tie and dragged him the remaining distance to the stationery cupboard. Checking one last time that they hadn’t been followed or seen, she pulled him inside.

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