Lucky at poker

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Lucky at pokerUnlucky at love lucky at poker or something like that. Anyway I won the pot last Friday night at our once a month get together poker game. My wife didn’t know I had won so Saturday morning while she was going over to visit one of her friends I went to the mall to spend my winnings. My first stop was Victoria’s Secret where I bought her a black lacy garter belt , matching half cup bra and a sheer pair of black lace top stockings. The style with a four inch wide band of lace at the top. Very sexy. I also picked up a pair of five inch black strappy hills . I like the look of the thin black straps holding a high hill on a stocking covered leg. Now I need that little black dress . I found one at one of the upper end woman’s clothing stores. When I finished my shopping I had spent all of my five hundred dollar winnings. Now to head home and figure out how I could get her all dolled up to go out.It was around three in the afternoon when my wife returned from her visit. I was watching the TV when she came in. I noticed she had a bit of a glow about her, I’m not allowed to ask a lot of questions about where she goes or what she does . That’s her private time she says. So I just asked if she had a good time ? She said she did and she sat down on the couch and put her feet up on the coffee table. Still trying to be cool I acted like I didn’t notice that while she was doing that her skirt was hanging open at the bottom. From my angle I couldn’t see anything but a lot of leg , I couldn’t tell what color panties she had on. So I stood up and said I’m going to fix a drink do you want one? She said yes so I walked to our bar and started mixing , from this angle I was looking straight at her. As I mixed I kept talking to her her eyes where on the TV but she was answering me. At one point she looked at me and I didn’t notice because my eyes where on her legs and trying to see up her skirt. She noticed where I was looking and said are you trying to look up my skirt? I jumped a little then looked her in the eye and said ummm . She said you know that’s private up there. I’m sorry I said , that was rude. After killing a few stiff drinks she and I both where mellow. Her feet still on the table but I noticed every so often she would allow her legs to fall apart just a tad. I was mixing each of hers just a bit stronger each time. On the last round I was mixing while looking at what I was doing she said this will be my last round . I looked up to answer her and when I did I saw her eyes where on the TV and her legs had fallen open with out her knowing . I wasn’t sure I was seeing what I thought I was . She didn’t have panties on. I was just mellow enough to call her out on it. I said Baby where are your panties? I knew I’d get one of two replies to that question , one she’d yell at me for being a sneak or two she’d tell me. Well luck was on my side again. She looked down at the way she was setting , then she smiled and spread her legs wide open showing me her always shaved pussy. She said I guess Mark kept them. OK now I have to play this just right I thought to my self. I acted cool , OH Mark I said. As I came around the bar holding our drinks I said isn’t that John’s buddy? She kept her legs wide open as I walked to hand her the drink. She said yes , he called last night and said he needed me to come see him. I sat the drink down and said türbanlı giresun escort oh OK. I sat down in an arm chair that faces the couch as if to talk to her better. But what I was able to do was stare right at her pussy while she spoke. Her legs started bouncing a little while she said that any time he calls she always goes to see him. She added that he has a very thick cock and he is good at using it. I’m thinking boy I’m batting a thousand today , rarely does she ever tell me about her extra sexual activities. She went on telling me about where she met him and how he used her body. At one point I had to adjust my equipment and she saw it. OH is this making you hard she asked? I said yes it is sweetheart I answered. She said well stand up and take off those pants. I stood and pulled down my jeans , I had a tent in my boxers. She laughed take them off too she ordered. I hooked the waist band and dropped them too. I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. There right in front of my wife sticking straight out was my rock hard four inches. She didn’t say a word she just looked at it while each heart beat make it rise and fall a little. Then she stood and unsnapped the skirt and allowed it to fall. She kicked it to the side. Then she sat back down and returned her legs to the wide open position they where in. The light was better and I could see that her pussy lips where parted and that her opening was a tiny black hole. She said are you going to keep standing there with that little thing pointing at me? OH I said , I’m sorry,I then sat down. I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy. It was slightly reddened , most definitely wet and relaxed. She started talking and at the same time she ran the middle finger of her left hand right up between the swollen lips. She rubbed them across her lips as she spoke. I have no clue what she was saying. But I must have needed to hear it because she yelled to get my attention. Oh I said I’m sorry what was that? She said if you can get your mind out of my pussy long enough to listen I’m going out tonight. I nodded my head. She said Mark wants to share me with a few of his buddies. She reminded me that’s how she met Mark, John shared her with him. I asked how many friends? She said that didn’t matter but what did matter is what she was going to wear. My mind went to all the new sexy stuff I bought for her. I thought this will score points in my favor. I said I’ll be right back. I grabbed all the bags from the bed room and brought them in to show her. I laid everything out on the couch for her to see. She loved the all black. She said you have done good hubby and you should be rewarded. She sat right on the edge of the chair I was just setting in and spread her legs. Clean my cunt with your mouth she ordered. I knelt down and with my hands I parted the lips further , her entrance was a black hole about the size of a quarter. I ran my tongue from her asshole to her clit on the first swipe, then I went inside with my tongue I tried my best to find the seed Mark left there a few hours earlier. He either deposited it in to far or it all ran out. My wife closed her legs on either side of my head the whole time pulling my hair to make me get in there deeper. She came then her legs relaxed , I kept licking I could feel spasms in her thighs. She türbanlı giresun escort bayan pushed me away and said that’s enough I’m to sensitive down there. I stood and wiped my face with my hand. She said I need to get a shower and get dressed. She stood up and grabbed a hold of my still throbbing dick. Her hand covered it completely. She squeezed it as hard as she could while telling me to carry those new cloths to our bed room and lay them out nicely on the bed. She followed me down the hall into our room. After I had everything laid out she said turn around and face me. As soon as I turned around she planted a knee right into my balls. I grabbed them and fell to the floor. She put her bare foot on the back of my head and pushed me down into a small ball. As soon as that little thing gets soft I want it locked up. I’ll check it after I get ready , then she walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I couldn’t move for a few minutes. When I could stand I took my CB3000 from my night stand and very carefully worked my tender little buddy into the plastic cage and snapped the lock closed. I went to her jewelry box and took out the ankle bracelet that has the key to my chastity device and laid it with her new outfit. I went into the den and picked up our discarded clothing and carried it into the laundry room. While in there I took a pair of my panties out of the dryer that I had washed that morning. I have several pairs of panties that I must wear when I’m locked up. My wife made me buy them , they are different pastel colors all bikini style with lace around the leg openings. She said that I’ll feel the lace while wearing them under my cloths to remind me of my social standing. I pulled the nylon panties up and arranged my equipment so it stood out proud like she wants it. I waited on her to get ready in the den. It took her almost two hours to get showered and dressed. I heard hills coming down the hall. I stood up to greet her as she entered the room. She was a knock out. Everything I bought fit perfectly. The little black dress hid the lacy tops of the stockings and the thin material didn’t conceal her nipples that where not covered by the shelf style bra. I asked if she liked it? She said yes that this outfit should get all the cocks hard in record time. I figured I’d push my luck and ask to see whats under it. She said first pull down those panties and let me make sure you are safely locked up. I did and she took hold of my cage and even though it was easy to see I was in fact locked up she had to twist it upside down and pull it away from my body. Then she tugged on the lock and said I have your freedom right here she pointed to the small gold chain around her ankle. She pulled up the hem of her dress to show me that it wasn’t but two inches below the bottoms of the wide lace bands of her stockings. She said you are such a nasty husband to want me to go out in public dress like this. As she pulled the dress up farther to let me see how the black garter straps framed her naked shaved pussy. No panties I asked? She said I have a pair in my hand bag. I’ll put them on after the guys get finished with me. I don’t want all that nasty cum leaking out onto my new dress. Besides that way you will have more to clean out of me she added. Now pull up your panties and türbanlı escort giresun get to cleaning this house up. I’ll be home when I get home. I asked her to be sure to be careful and call me if she needs me. She gave me an air kiss so as to not mess up her perfect red lipstick and out the garage door she went. I watch her throw her leg up as she got into her car. I pushed the garage door button to open the door. Our neighbors don’t need to see how my wife is dressed when she leaves the house. Well I went back in and the first thing I did was close all the d****s in the den and put in a DVD of my wife having sex. One of her friends recorded her fucking and made it into a DVD as a gift to me. I know there are other copies out there. I vacuumed the carpet and dusted at I took glances of my beautiful wife being used in every hole in her body. With me she is very matter of fact and strict , but when she gets with her boy friends it’s all do to me what you want. I finished up my cleaning and got dressed to do some shopping. I went to the big store and bought up some food to fix tomorrow afternoon. While there I cruised threw the girls department to see if there was anything I’d like to see on my wife. At five foot four and a hundred pounds she can wear girls sizes too. I picked up a pair of bicycle shorts , they where very thing nylon and white. I know if I get these she will be able to display a camel toe. She likes to show off her assets. I found a top to go with it that was made like a tank top but out of the same thin white nylon. I got it and a new pair of white tennis shoes for her. I was in bed when she came home . It was well after two in the morning. I woke when I heard the garage door opener . But I acted asleep. From the light coming in the window from the street light I could make her out as she undressed. She pulled the dress over her head and laid in on the back of her chair at her makeup table then she unsnapped the bra and laid it on top of the dress next she pulled down her panties and tossed them on the bra. She then turned and got in her side of the bed. I laid still for a minute then acted as if I stretched. My foot found her’s and it was still covered in nylon. She spoke up and said I know you are awake , you had better get to cleaning me I’m completely full tonight. Without saying a word I moved down between her legs. She spread them for me like she did for those guys that fucked her. my hands felt all the way up her stockings until I felt the softness of her thighs. I gently pushed them aside and put my mouth right over her pussy hole. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. The scent of men was on her I could smell their sweat and seamen mixed with her natural female perfume. I licked her way pasted what was needed to get her clean. She was enjoying it so I kept it up. I noticed she had fallen asleep while I was servicing her.The next day I was up cooking breakfast when I heard the toilet flush. She must be up I thought, Then I heard the shower running. I held off one putting the biscuits in until I heard her come out of the bathroom. I had just closed the oven door when my beautiful wife walked in the kitchen. I stood and looked her way. She was wearing the bike shorts and top I bought last night. Just as I thought she would she didn’t have anything at all under them. The shorts where in the cleft of her womanhood and two hard nipples where showing off too. WOW I said when I saw her. She smiled and said you know dressing me up like this is only going to lead to some guy fucking me. I said OH well, she and I enjoyed a day at home. She let my little guy out and made me masturbate in front of her into a spoon then I ate it. I guess life could be better but I doubt it.

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