Lovers Love Camping Ch. 01

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I was sweating, and I hadn’t even left my house yet. Looking at myself in the mirror, it seemed as if I had just run three miles. The anticipation of going on this camping trip, alone with my girlfriend Anne was killing me. I knew that I still had about an hour or so before it was time to go pick her up so I stripped and hopped into the shower to try to loosen up.

“Okay,” I said to myself. “I can do this.”

After a nice 20 minute shower I went back for another look in the mirror. This time it was as if an entirely different person was standing there looking back at me. The figure I saw looked much more relaxed than before. He had nice head of hair, not too long but long enough that it laid down on his head. His eyes were of deep turquoise and seemed to glint a little bit in the light coming in the bathroom window. Clean shaven, his jaw was fairly pronounced and it flowed back into a slender neck. His chest and arms weren’t flabby, but they weren’t exactly muscular either. The figure stood straight with his back arched slightly so you still admired the naturalness of his chest. Moving down further still, you could see that he was clean shaven below the belt as well. He wasn’t exactly the biggest guy ever, but his equipment wasn’t anything to laugh at. Topping in at about 8 inches he looked pretty proud of his endowments.

After looking myself over for a minute, I wanted to say some kind of cheesy one-liner like “Hey good lookin,” and having the figure respond back to me with “Takes one to know one.” I chuckled at my own cheesy joke as I threw some clothes on and went downstairs.

My living room already had a duffel bag with clothes and other assorted goodies, a pillow encased in a sleeping bag, and a cooler with food and supplies sitting in a pile over in the corner. I had prepared all of those things yesterday for our two night and three day weekend camping trip. The idea was originally inspired by my best friend Kevin, who wanted to bring his girlfriend along as well. The four of us wanted to head up to this secluded camping spot that he and I had visited before. It was very beautiful, and would be a lot of fun. Sadly though his girlfriend had become sick a few days ago and the two of them are unable to make it. Not wanting to cancel the entire trip however, Anne and I decided that we would go alone.

I remembered when I heard about the fact that Kevin and his girlfriend couldn’t come. It was a mix of disappointment of course because I’ve known Kevin for my entire life and we always have a great time together. At the same time though, I was ecstatic. I had never been able to spend time alone with my girlfriend. There was always a parent or someone else there with us. Sure we had been able to spend some alone time together to kiss and fool around a little but nothing on the level of being able to sleep and spend multiple days together. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin.

Even since Anne and I had started dating 3 years ago I have been in love with her. We met at a high school play when I was only 16. She was 15 and a freshman, which put her near the top of her grade as far as age goes. I was a junior and at the bottom of my age bracket, but we hit it off nonetheless. After the play was finished, the two of us were inseparable. We have shared many good times and bad times together, but our love for each other has still persisted through it all. Now I’m 19 and have graduated already. She’s 18 and getting near the end of her spring break. She spent most of it at the shore, but her parents agreed to let her come home for the last weekend to catch up on her schoolwork. Little did they know that her schoolwork was already finished and that her weekend would be spent away in the woods, alone with her boyfriend.

My mom snapped me out of my trance once again and told me that I had only 10 minutes until I was to pick up Anne. She of course knew exactly where the two of us were going and what we were doing, but had accepted the fact that I’m now over 18 and an adult, and I can make my own choices. She was still my mom though, and gave me one of those awkward mom kisses on the forehead before I left.

“Have a good time sweetie,” she said to me as I started picking up my bags.

“Oh I will,” I said in reply, and gave her a slight grin.

She just shook her head at me and chuckled, then watched me go out the front door to load my SUV.

Shortly, I arrived at Anne’s house. Her sisters were still down the shore with her parents so she was all alone in the house. I rang the doorbell and was greeted with an amazing sight. I opened the screen door to get a better view casino şirketleri and looked her over for a moment.

She had her hair in a loose braid running down her back with a red tie-off on the end. Her eyes were big like she had come right out of a Japanese cartoon, and they shined when she smiled at me. She wasn’t wearing much makeup at all, which I loved about her, and she had some small earrings and the necklace I had given her when we were back in high school 2 years back. I bought it when I was down at the shore and it had both of our names engraved onto the shiny heart-shaped surface. I had shortened the chain a little bit so it rested right between her breasts, which I thought was extremely sexy. She was wearing a somewhat low-cut top that barely showed the entire necklace, and was just enough to perk my interest. Her breasts were large for only being an A cup, and they fill out so well in my hands when I touch them. She had a cute belly that squished a little when you poked it, and I love to just sink my hands into it and give her a big squeezing hug. Her hips were wide and she had a pair of tight jeans on that hugged her round ass just so well. She wasn’t very proud of it herself but it was something else about her that I found extremely sexy and just couldn’t keep my hands off of most of the time. As I looked, I could see a small bit of red underwear poking out of the edge of her jeans. Rounding out the entire package was a pair of sneakers that she often wore.

“Wow, now that’s a sight worthy of a picture,” I said with a sly grin on my face as I stared up into her eyes.

“I could say the same thing to you,” She said back with her signature grin.

I stepped across the threshold and wrapped my arms around her hips. My lips quickly found hers and we locked in a passionate kiss as my hands slid down to her ass and pulled her pelvis against mine. She returned the favor by grabbing my butt and giving it a squeeze of its own. I laughed a little and finished the hello kiss.

“What’s up sweetheart?” I asked, still smiling.

“Oh not much babes,” She answered, using her patented named for me that I loved hearing her say. “Just finished packing and was waiting for you to show up. Where do you want me to put my stuff?”

“Right in the back of the SUV is fine. Just push some of mine out of the way.”

Before long, we were on our way. The trip was nice, and consisted mostly of me driving along the highways and sneaking peaks at Anne sleeping in the passenger seat. It was only about a two hour drive to the campground where we were “supposedly” staying. From there, Anne and I lugged our gear through the woods for a couple of miles until we got to the secret clearing that Kevin and I discovered a few years back. We unloaded our packs and I cleared back the pine needles where we were going to make our campfire. It was still early in the afternoon and we were both hot from carrying all the gear. I took off my shirt and made my way along a short path that opened up to a pond. The pond emptied down into a river, and was fed by a large waterfall against the cliff face. The scene was very beautiful.

I stripped down to my underwear and dove into the pond for a quick rinse. The water was cool and crystal clear, and when I got out I felt refreshed yet still somehow sleepy. I laid down on a towel I had brought with me by the water’s edge and closed my eyes for a moment.

When I awoke, I was greeted by a beautiful sight. Next to my clothes in a nice little pile were Anne’s. She must have figured I was going to be asleep for a good while and decided to take a swim. Judging by the position of the sun in the sky, I had only slept for about 20 minutes or so. Looking out the corner of my eye, I could make out her curvy form floating on the water’s surface near the waterfall. Feeling sneaky, I quickly bundled our clothes up and hid them behind a tree. Then I snuck over to the water’s edge and used the waterfall’s noise to mask the sound of me slipping into the water.

I slowly made my way over to where Anne was floating. She was making small circles with her arms to keep her head and chest above water. I noticed that she was wearing the same panties that I had bought for her a few months before. Her bra was missing, and I assumed that she had taken it off for a more comfortable swim. Looking a little closer, I could see that the cold water had caused her nipples to harden and she had this warm, satisfied look on her face. As if sensing my approach, she opened one eye and took a quick glance at me to see who I was, and then closed her eyes again as a grin washed over her face. casino firmaları

Now that she knew I was there, she didn’t jump when I put my hands across her stomach and floated her over towards the rocks under the waterfall. When we got closer, the rocks allowed me to stand, and even lean back against the cliff face. My arms had completely wrapped around her stomach, and I pulled her against me and kissed her on the neck. She leaned her head back and her lips met mine as we locked in a passionate kiss. Her left hand pulled on the back of my head, urging me on as our tongues intertwined in the delicious dance. Still holding her with my left arm, my right hand slipped up to her right breast and began to caress it ever so softly beneath the water. My hand squeezed and kneaded the firm flesh, letting her nipple fall between my fingers as I gently squeezed it and rolled it around in my fingertips. She cooed softly as I continued to do this, and my lips moved back down to her neck.

By this time she too had found a firm footing and I was able to let both of my hands pay attention to her breasts. The firm mounds were warm under the water and each time I rubbed them a little harder, a small moan would escape from Anne’s lips. As my hands continued on their task, Anne placed her left hand on mine and pushed it even harder against her breast, encouraging me to go faster. When I obliged, she grinned and let out another little moan before laying her head back on my shoulder and starting to breathe a little harder.

“C’mon, let’s take this out of the pond and onto dry land,” I ventured. She turned her head to look at me and gave me a nod.

We swam over to our pile of clothes but decided to just leave them there. I picked up Anne’s almost completely naked body and carried her over to the towel that I had been sleeping on earlier. It was a very large towel, and big enough for the both of us so I set her down on her back and lay down beside her. Leaning on my right shoulder, I just stared into her big beautiful eyes and told her how much I love her. She mouthed back to me an “I love you too” when we leaned together and our lips met once again.

I wrapped my left arm across her chest and positioned myself so that I was somewhat on top of her but still laying along her side, propped up on my right elbow. I caressed her face and head as our tongues danced yet again, and then began to move it downward. Caressing her right breast again made her close her eyes and enjoy the feelings of my touching her bare flesh. My lips started making their way southward, kissing her on the neck, on the collar, and on the chest. I took the left nipple into my mouth and as I kissed and licked it, Anne put her hand on the back of my head. She stroked my hair and pressed my head harder against her breast each time my tongue ran across her nipple. More small moans would escape her lips and she began breathing harder again.

My left hand began to work its way down further, caressing her stomach and reaching the hem of her panties. I ran my hand past their mark and caressed the inside of each leg, gently coaxing her to open her legs up wider. When she opened her legs, it gave me easier access to her sex, and I caressed up even higher. As I rubbed her slit through the cotton panties, I could feel the heat radiating from it and I could hear her increasingly ragged breathing as I teased her. I started rubbing faster now, and pushing on her sex with my fingers. I could feel the wetness underneath and her breathing was telling me how much she wanted me at that very moment. As I moved my hand slowly away from her opening and towards her stomach, she let out a whimper of dis-satisfaction. That quickly changed however when I turned my hand around again and slid it under the hem of her panties. My fingers slid through her pubic hair and rubbed her opening. She started to moan louder in pleasure and put her hand on my arm, trying to make me push harder and faster. I was content however to try to tease her for as long as possible, before finally satisfying her desires.

As my middle finger slid up and down her slit, it started to become wet with her juices. Her lips parted under the pressure to allow me access to her inner pleasure center. I inserted my finger up to the knuckle and began rubbing it in and out of her opening. As she became even wetter I inserted another finger and pushed them both in. My hand gyrated in small circles as my fingers thrusted in and out of her pussy. With my tongue on her breasts and my fingers inside of her, Anne was in a state of absolute bliss. Her moans of pleasure and the movement of her hips became güvenilir casino even more intense. I snuck a quick peek at her face and saw the face of a goddess. Her eyes were clenched shut and her head was thrown back as I continued to pleasure her. She tried to bite her lips to stifle her moaning but it was just too much to suppress.

Feeling even more devious, I stopped the thrusting of my fingers long enough to slide them across her clit then back down and into her pussy. The reaction from her was instant. It was almost as if I had sent an electrical shock across her body. Her hips convulsed and she started to pant heavily. I could hear her begging for me to finish her through her moans of pleasure. Thinking it was time I put her out of her misery so to speak, I was more than happy to oblige.

My tongue danced at her breasts as my fingers once again slipped up to her clit. I placed it between my two already soaking wet fingers and began to roll it around. Her hips almost instantly began bucking against my hand as one of her hands rushed down and pressed itself on the back of mine. With her added pressure and my rubbing of her clit, she began convulsing wildly and moaning louder than I had ever heard her moan before. Shakes ran throughout her body as she slowly came down from the earth shattering orgasm that I had just given her. Both my head and my hand made their way up her body as my lips met hers once again and we locked in a passionate kiss. Afterwards I lay down beside her and listen to her panting slowly die down as she relaxed again. After about 5 minutes or so, our eyes met and she gave me a devious grin.

“What’re you smiling about??” I asked.

“Oh nothing. Just a little something I’ve been thinking about doing with you for some time now. You made me feel so good just then; I think this is the perfect time to show you.”

And before I could respond, she had already jumped on top of me. I wasn’t complaining of course as her hungry lips found mine and she ravaged me. She had become a crazy woman, but when that woman is almost totally naked and is kissing you like she’s never kissed you before, you don’t complain. You just lay there and enjoy the ride.

Her hands ran their way across my chest as we continued to kiss. They grabbed the arm that I was leaning on and pulled it out from under my head, forcing me to fall back onto my back. Her legs were straddling mine now as she moved down lower and began kissing my chest. I didn’t notice her left hand slip down to the obvious bulge of my underwear and caress it through the fabric until she had already begun. She had always been very shy about this kind of thing, but now for some reason it looked like she had completely gotten rid of any inhibitions. Not that I was complaining of course. What she was doing felt amazing. I had never been touched by a woman like this before, and I wasn’t about to stop her now.

She continued kissing my chest and neck as my hard-on became even larger under my underwear. I began to groan a little bit as she caressed it in its full size, straining to escape its cotton prison. Anne was more than happy to oblige me there as well. Her thumb hooked the front of the elastic and I raised my hips a little so she could slide my boxers down far enough to reveal my erection. Her whole hand slipped around my shaft and started to slowly pump me up and down, sliding the skin forward and back over the head. The softness of her hands and her aggressiveness in trying to please me only served to make the feelings even better as she continued.

I started to quietly urge her on, asking her to go faster and squeeze a little harder. She complied well with my directions and I soon found myself groaning louder as my orgasm began to build. I started bucking my hips against her hand, losing control of myself under the pleasure. She held strong though and continued to pump me even harder as my orgasm neared its peak. As if she sensed the moment right before my climax, she kissed and sucked on my neck even harder as even she began to moan a little. That sent me over the edge and I found myself climaxing, hard. My hips thrust into her hand as I orgasmed up onto my chest and onto her hand.

At first she looked a little shocked at what my semen looked and felt like, but then she just smiled and wiped it off on the towel before returning her lips to mine. She snuggled up against me and I sighed, coming down from my own orgasm. My little Anne had taken on a new challenge and had come out of her shell enough to try something new with me. As I lay there with her head on my chest I thought about the prospect of maybe even introducing her to a few more things this trip. Who knows, maybe she’ll even surprise me with a few new surprises of her own. As I started drifting off into sleep, I remembered thinking, “This is going to be one of the best vacations of my life.”

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