Lovers For a Short Time

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Anissa Kate

Lovers for a short time only? This a short but torrid story – hope you enjoy. They met in a nightclub. It was an instantaneous attraction between the two of them. Carla looked at the man sitting at the bar and thought to herself, what I could do to him and I know he could get me really hot. In fact she already had a wet, hot pussy as she sat beside him. Richard also thought to himself – Wow! I am really turned on by this lady, she is so hot, hot, hot. He felt his erection beginning to tent his trousers as he sat there. He turned to her and addressed her politely. “Hi, I’m Richard. “Would you like a drink?” Carla was taken aback. This was a direct approach, and she was quite ready to follow up on it. She replied, “Hi, I’m Carla, and I would love a Pina Colada, if you don’t mind.” “One Pina Colada coming up,” he said and gave the order to the barman. After a few drinks Carla excused herself as she had to go to the toilet and do something about her wet panties. When she came out and rejoined him, she had a smile on her face, but told him that she had to leave, as she had a dinner engagement with her sister. “Can I see you again,” asked Richard. “Why don’t I make dinner for you, say on Saturday. şişli escort I will meet you here and we can go back to my place and have a relaxing dinner and some wine with no-one to disturb us.” So, on Saturday they met at the Club, had one drink and left. Richard had brought his car and Carla had taken a taxi. All the way back to the apartment, there was such a tension in the air. They both knew what tonight would bring and were both looking forward to it. She stood at the door, “Key” he asked. “I can’t seem to find it,” she retorted, “maybe you can find it.” He trailed his finger along the swell of the black silk, and felt her shiver. He dipped his finger down and gliding it lazily over the heated flesh, gently abrading her nipple until he saw her eyes clouded and closed. “I would say you were the one who has been practicing,” she murmured softly. This made him smile. “I’m just making it up as I go along.” “Mmmm-mmm. Don’t stop on my account.” He didn’t intend to stop. Not for hours if he could help it. “Looks like I found it,” he murmured as he hooked the key in his finger. “Yeah, I just knew you would,” she said as she let out a long breath. He slid the key into the şişli escort bayan lock and released the locks. “Ask me in, Carla,.” “Come in.” He pushed the door open, and backed her inside. He locked the door and clamped his hands on her hips. He kept walking. “Dinner?” “Can wait.” He lifted the phone off the hook as they passed. “Wine.” “Later, much later.” Her heels bumped into the bottom step. “Keep going,” he said as he smiled. Her legs had gone weak, she moved up the stairs as she braced her hands on his shoulders. “Ask me to touch you.” “Touch me.” She sighed as his hands travelled up her body. “Ask me to taste you.” “Taste me.” And moaned as his mouth slid over her breasts. When they reached the bedroom door, his teeth scraped along her throat, her jaw and left her mouth aching for attention. “Kiss me,” she begged. “I will.” But he only teased the corners of her mouth with the tip of his tongue. “I want the light to see you.” “No, I have candles, they\re everywhere.” She broke open a matchbook but was shaking so much she wasn’t able to strike one. “I’m can’t, I’m trembling too much.” He took the matches from her and slipped his fingers along her thigh. “I want mecidiyeköy escort you too. Stay here.” He worked his around the room lighting all the candles. They shimmered. “Now,” His hands slid around her waist. “Ask me to take you.” He captured her mouth with his, plundering and rocking her with the power behind the kiss. This was what she wanted., a bold, blistering and battering heat. The crash of both of their senses. “I want you. I want you in my bed.” She raced wild kisses over his face. She gasped as he whirled her around and dragged her back against his body. She was stunned to see them both reflected in the mirror, to catch the gleam in his eyes and the desire in his gaze as his eyes travelled down her body. “We have all night. Watch,” he reminded her. He dipped his head to the curve of her neck and shoulder, with sharp little bites that had the first helpless sounds catching in her throat. She watched his hands travel up, saw them, felt them cup her breasts, squeeze, release, slide over the silk, his fingers sliding under it, tugging the material. She braced for him to rip. She shuddered as he simply let his hands glide over her again, and then down. She cried out in arousal as he pressed against her centre. He lifted his head and caught the lobe of her ear between his teeth as their gazes met in the mirror. She had driven him crazy when she walked into the club and he intended to return the favour.

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