Lottie, the Shy, Chubby Bridesmaid

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I was staying in a hotel for a week while I was doing my “Next Step” training for my job. After, I’d be getting put forward for cushy supervisor roles, and go from one pound over minimum wage to 20-25k a year.

Might not sound like a lot to some but I could live like a king on that.

I’m in my late twenties and it’s about time I started moving upward.

The days were filled with cringe worthy team-building exercises, lectures, all the stuff you imagine corporate training courses to be, but I like my place of work and I went along with it, even enjoying myself sometimes as there were a good set of people on my course.

We would do our course, head out for a pub lunch or something then go our separate ways until the next morning.

Some of them would go out clubbing but screw that, I can’t stand those deafening, sticky cattleyards.

I had my games console and a couple of books with me, and for the first couple of nights I would stay up late in my room blasting aliens then nod off reading about barbarians hacking sorcerer’s heads off with broadswords.

Yes I am an unashamed nerd, but as a fairly large guy that works in a retail warehouse for a living, I pull it off, I like to think. I do get flirted with now and then so I’m probably not unpleasant to look at. Subjectively I see Daniel Craig’s James Bond when I look in the mirror, but people do see an imaginary version of themselves when they swill the last toothpaste from their mouths and check their reflections before leaving the house.

If you’re happy in your skin and confident, you see your favourite movie hero smiling back with killer charm when you look in the mirror.

Lots of people, however, like the girl I met at a wedding I kind’ve gatecrashed at my hotel don’t see anything quite so flattering.

I could hear the faintest throbbing of a beat through my floor. It wasn’t bothering me, it was kind’ve relaxing in its repetitiveness.

At about eight pm, I felt compelled to go to the hotel bar for a couple of drinks, I think mostly out of boredom; My nights had become somewhat routine and I’m not a routines guy.

Chucking on some jeans and a t-shirt I took the stairs and made my way into the bar. This bar was more-or-less empty, the party I could hear was in the function room.

I ordered a bourbon over ice and sat absently watching the TV. A comedy channel was on, playing a two-year-old stand up comedy gig.

As I sipped my drink, three giggling girls stumbled into the bar, all wearing matching blue dresses. Well, nearly matching; there were two girls in figure-hugging dresses with a plunging neckline and a third girl in the same dress but it looked ill-fitting, like she was wearing it two sizes too big to cover herself up more.

The other two girls were bony, fleshless things with B-cup tits at best and skinny legs that looked ready to snap, yet they clearly were the ones turning the heads of the tired business reps I shared the bar with.

The third girl was chubby and didn’t appear to have put the same heart into her hair and make-up as the other two girls.

They found the bar, giggling all the way and ordered rose wine.

The barman chuckled. “You have a bar in the function room ladies, you lost?” he teased, his charm aimed at the two skinny girls.

“Balls to that love, queue is a mile long.” one of them answered. “You don’t mind us bridesmaids sharing your bar do you fellas?” she called out to the bar. The half dozen men shook their heads and voiced their support for their presence.

The two skinny girls didn’t seem to talk to the chubby girl much, she was more or less following them, standing just outside the twosome.

She was shorter than them by a foot, and her brunette hair was half-heartedly styled, as if the girls had spent a good long while on their own perfectly curled and ironed and extended hair then realised she made them look bad and given her a once-over with a curling iron. She had chunky secretary glasses on and just came across so awkward, with her chubby face and dumpy posture. I noticed she wore flat shoes too, losing another six inches to the girls in their heels.

I may have been wrong but I think she kept looking at me, though her expression was a little lost. One of the girls turned to me, having noticed I was the youngest guy in the bar by a margin of at least ten years.

“What’s your name then hon?”

“What do you want to know that for?” I asked her with a smirk, using my best charm.

“So I know what to shout later if you know what I mean.” she sneered, grinning with a drunken wink. The eyes of the chubby girl behind her visibly widened, as if hurt.

“In that case, my name is Harder.” I quipped, giving myself an imaginary pat on the back for thinking up a line like that so fast.

The girls laughed aloud, and even the barman chuckled and gave me a “Good one bro.” nod.

“You’re funny babe, come sit with us, it’s shit in there, proper boring.”

With that she turned and headed out of the bar. When I didn’t Sivas Escort follow, she turned and said “Come on then, Harder, you gonna sit with us or what?”

“Screw it” I thought to myself and got up to follow them, followed by the envious eyes of the sweaty balding reps nursing pints of lager in the bar.

I followed the girls to their table at the back of the function room, where the music wasn’t so loud it prevented talking. It was the usual medley of cheesy nostalgic stuff, so nothing too annoying.

I was sat at a circular table with the chubby girl on my left, the flirty girl on my right and the other one sat opposite me.

There were about three dozen other people there, and from the girl in the white gown I figured I had crashed a wedding.

“Which of you is chief bridesmaid then?” I asked.

“Me.” answered the flirty girl.

“What are you other two then?” I asked the others. The other girl said “Me and Sarah (pointing at the flirty one) are her bezzie mates and Lottie (pointing at the chubby girl) is the bride’s little sister.”

I looked at the bride on the dancefloor; skinny and blonde like her friends, and she had clearly grudgingly got her plain sister to be her third bridesmaid.

We all chatted, and Sarah kept putting her hands on my thigh whenever she spoke to me. Each time Lottie would look upset.

I tried talking to her over and over but she was so damn shy, at least in front of her two overbearing companions.

The only thing I really managed to find out was she was nineteen, with the other two girls being twenty one.

Finally a song came on that had the blondes squealing with excitement and they stood up.

“Come dance with us!” Sarah commanded. I shook my head. “Not gonna happen. I don’t dance.”

I was pleased to notice Lottie had stayed sat down too. The blondes shrugged and tottered off on their heels to dance, joining the bride.

“You’re very quiet!” I said to Lottie, trying to break the ice.

“Sorry.” came her meek answer.

“You don’t really like those two do you?” I asked her.

She shrugged. “They are my sister’s friends. Don’t have anything in common with them.”

“Sarah really fancies you.” she said.

I looked over to the dance floor. “Not my type.” I said nonchalantly. “Too skinny.” I said. It was the truth. She was bangable, but I’m not into skinny girls.

Her face gave away a little flush-cheeked glee. Lottie was a plain girl, she was no stunner, but she was so sweet, she made my teeth ache just looking at her. Through her ill-fitting dress I could see that she had some fat tits on her, nice jiggly belly and thick thighs. Her arse was nice and broad too. I normally go for really dirty fat girls, but I have had a lot of female friends like Lottie; I like to make girls like her feel better about themselves, try put a little confidence in them which they are so often utterly lacking.

Sarah came back to the table, whispered “Say you’re off for a drink then follow me.” in my ear then announced she needed the toilet.

Confused I waited a beat then said I was off for a drink, following Sarah’s lead.

Out in the foyer she waved her finger at me to follow her, and she led me up a flight of stairs to a room. She pulled a key from her small but pert cleavage.

“Come on then Harder.” she giggled and unlocked the room.

I followed her in as she latched drunkenly onto my face, swirling her tongue round my mouth. She grabbed my instantly-reacting cock through my jeans and sniggered.

“I’m engaged to the bride’s brother but he isn’t here tonight so shhhh.” she sniggered as she grabbed my hand and shoved it onto her tit. I returned her kiss and groped her breast, pulling her dress down a little and finding her braless. I thumbed her nipple as I kissed her before she pulled away and turned away from me and bent over, pulling her panties down; a sexy lace thong.

“Just a quickie, she thinks I’m just using her en suite.” she said as she leant over the dressing table, pulling her dress up.

Without hesitating I unbuckled my jeans, dropped them to my ankles and positioned myself behind her.

She hadn’t mentioned protection and I doubted I would ever see her again so I didn’t either. Dirty slag was engaged yet here she was baring her arse to a guy she met an hour ago.

I took her hips in my hands and guided my throbbing erection toward her glistening cunt; a perfectly shaven, perfumed cumhole.

I prodded her lips with my swollen head then nuzzled the tip inside. She gasped and muttered “Shove it in” sluttily.

Taking my cue I slid my whole length in, sinking right to the hilt. She moaned, somewhat loudly so I hoped none of her neighbours knew her.

I started thrusting, taking it steady. It had been a while and my cock was bare in this girl’s cunt, so I needed to desensitize before I could give it to her good.

I eased in and out for a minute or so, gripping her hips as she groaned with drunken pleasure.

“Oh Harder” she Sivas Escort Bayan muttered with a snigger and I began to speed up.

She grunted with each thrust for a couple of minutes before finally whispering “Hurry up a bit, I only said I needed a wee.”

I grinned and sped up, bringing myself to the edge, watching my throbbing cock thumping into this slut’s pink pussy before hammering home one last time as my balls were gripped with orgasm. Her back stiffened as she felt the flood of unprotected orgasm inside her, and my balls pulsed repeatedly, lobbing ropes of spunk up this cheap tart’s cunt.

“Fucking dirty bastard you came inside me!” she exclaimed cheekily, grinning as she turned to face me. She pushed me away, my cock slopping out of her cunt with a squelch and pulled her panties up, wriggling them over her hips.

“You didn’t say not to.” I grinned back at her, face flushed.

“You’d better head back while I wash my pussy out, don’t want my cunt smelling of spunk when I get home tonight.” she smirked. “If I get pregnant I’ll just tell my fella it’s his.” she said, and I am pretty certain she was being serious.

I left the room and instead of just returning to my room, I headed back to the wedding party. Lottie was still sat by herself and I went and sat beside her.

I could tell just by looking at her that she knew what had just happened. She just shook her head disapprovingly.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“That slag that’s engaged to my brother. I know she tried to seduce you.” she said.

Seduce. Way too fancy a word for Sarah’s method of sexually engaging men.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked her plainly.

“Not in the slightest, I hate these people.” she answered.

I stood up. “Then come with me. We’ll find a nice corner of the bar next door and talk there. I want to get to know you better.”

“Do you? What about Sarah?” she asked.

“You’re more my kind of person.” I answered. “I like talking to you so far. We’re both a bit awkward and like our own space.”

She nodded as if I had said something that really rang with her.

We made our way to the bar and sat together in the corner and we chatted over drinks. This wasn’t a seduction thing, I genuinely liked talking to her. She was geeky and awkward and sweet and we could discuss the same films and even games, exactly the kind of girl I was friends with back home, the girls I would idly flirt with to boost their egos, to be their shoulder when they were lonely or having relationship troubles.

I found that Lottie didn’t have a boyfriend, she had dumped her last one because he was a loser that spent all day smoking weed and playing games. She was just a booty call to him really, and I got the impression she had been one to several guys.

She let slip she liked a certain game I was obsessed with, and I had it in my room. Excitedly she agreed to come up so we could play.

I had had sleepovers with girls before, so this wasn’t alien to me. I had moved to the idle flirtation stage of our friendship, suggesting she take off her uncomfortable dress. She just giggled and muttered something about being fat and ugly.

That is my bugbear, hearing girls say that.

When it’s a perfectly slender, obviously attractive girl it just pisses me off, some silly girl digging for attention, but girls like Lottie I knew believed it, and hearing someone have such a genuinely low sense of self-worth really got to me.

I paused the game and took her controller off her and fixed her a hard stare.

“Lottie, if you say anything that stupid again I will roll you over and smack your arse. Bare if I must.” I joked.

She just laughed coyly. “But I am.” she said sadly.

“Lottie, you’re frigging gorgeous.” I said. I meant it too, once I got to know girls like her I really loved them in a brotherly way, I really wanted to heal their fractured egos. After a little while of being friends with me they became noticeably happier and had better success in relationships. Men don’t like their women meek and self-conscious. My friends became more confident and that made them more noticeable to other guys. I think this was my own bizarre form of relationship, having had few steady girlfriends. As I said, I fucked cheap, slutty girls because the emotionally rewarding aspect of relationships I got from my friends.

“You don’t mean that. Guys only say that to get me in bed. They think I’m easy and desperate.”

“Is that what you think of me?” I asked her. I had heard this SO many times.

“Well, no.” she said thoughtfully. “You’re…nice” she said.

“And I already have got you in bed.” I said with a smile “I just wanted to play games with you on it.”

Lottie giggled. “You’re too nice. Why can’t all guys be like you?”

I grinned. I did like hearing that, I have to admit.

She shifted closer on the bed and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and stroked her shoulder, turning the game off and putting on Escort Sivas a music channel.

“I’m never going to meet anyone like you.” she sniffed.

“What do you mean?” I asked. She turned her head and in her eyes was the most longing look I have ever seen.

I stroked her cheek to see if her eyes said what they thought they did. She shivered, confirming it. I stroked a lock of her hair behind her ear and she leaned against my hand and closer to me at the same time. I leaned in and kissed her. A slight whimper escaped her throat as we kissed, and our arms coiled around one another.

This was new to me, I had never had this intimacy before. My female friends were very affectionate and cuddly, but none of them had expressed overt romantic interest in me, and neither had I wanted it. I wasn’t sure I wanted this either, but I thought let her have a night like this. It might be a little painful because I will be returning home in a day or two but it will show her what she deserves and what she should expect.

“Do you want to stay in my room tonight?” I asked her. She nodded, those huge longing eyes fixated on mine.

I returned to the kiss and she began fumbling clumsily with my clothes. I took her hands and whispered “Allow me” then lifted off my t-shirt. She stroked my chest as I unzipped her dress and she self-consciously wriggled out of it, laying in just a bra and panties. “You have a beautiful body.” I said to her. I meant that, chubby girls are really my thing. She just folded her arms over her chest and stomach shyly. I took her arms and kissed her swelling cleavage and jiggly belly. “Some men like fuller women Lottie. We don’t all want anglepoise lamps.” I said, making her giggle shyly and relax slightly. I kissed her some more as I reached around to unhook her bra. She whimpered nervously as I peeled it off, exposing a large set of chubby round breasts with large nipples. Her bra had a 38E label inside.

I cupped her fat breasts in my hands and massaged gently. I wasn’t really a tender lovemaker, more a pin-down-and-fuck-until-I-cum kind of guy, but then again that reflected the girls I fucked. Lotti deserved a gentle lover, so I would be.

She whimpered and kissed me, her hips starting to roll subconsciously. I kicked off my jeans, boxers and socks, exposing the growing erection that had mere hours ago been inside her brother’s fiance. Man that’s rough, I thought for a moment, in one night I fucked some dude’s fiance and sister.

She eagerly wriggled out of her panties and tossed them aside and we rolled together. Her hands were inexperienced, they just kind’ve stroked aimlessly around my body, though it still felt nice.

I massaged her buttocks, pulling her breasts flat against my chest.

As I groped the lower part of her thick, fat arse cheeks I felt the heat from her pussy. She had a neat triangle of dark pubic hair, which was nice. I usually fucked girls who shaved, but I like the sight of those little fluffy triangles.

I reached further to tease her pussy with my fingers, making Lottie’s whole body tremble. I doubted she had ever had anyone in her that knew what he was doing, or if he had known, had not cared about her own enjoyment.

I decided to give her a treat and pushed her onto her back then latched my mouth onto her breasts, one at a time, devouring her nipples.

She writhed on the bed, moaning, then whimpered as she felt me moving down her body, realising where I was heading. “Wait…” she whispered, slightly afraid as I pushed open her legs and slicked my tongue between her pussy lips. She screamed aloud and her hips jerked up at the contact, and I reached up to fondle her chubby tits as I began licking this girl out, lapping at her soaking vagina. I teased a little before finding her clit, and when my tongue found it, I knew then that this girl had never even had an orgasm before. For a nineteen-year-old that was shocking, the poor thing.

I gave her two before releasing my jaw from her pussy and shifted up to lay on top of her. She gazed up at me, grinning like a maniac, her hair slick with sweat.

“You made me cum! You really made me cum!” she whispered breathlessly.

I was laid atop her, her fat breasts flat against my chest, and her legs either side of mine, her thick thighs rubbing against mine. She gazed at me with expectant nerves. “Make love to me.” she mouthed, not voicing the words.

I stroked her hair tenderly then gently nuzzled my cock end against her quivering pussy lips. She practically sucked me inside her, and I was drawn into her hungry pulsing flesh tunnel, her back arching as she felt my length fill her.

We gazed into each other’s eyes as I began rocking my hips, not thrusting, just shallow rolls as our bodies settled into one another.

I did sometimes like taking it slow; when the slutty girls I brought home stayed the night, in the morning we would usually have a nice relaxing fuck before she or I left. Here, between Lottie’s thighs, that is what we were doing.

She gripped me a little too tight, unable to take her eyes off me, repeatedly lifting her head so I would kiss her. I was really enjoying this girl’s tits, they were really big and soft. A little saggy, but I liked them like that, they moved more, and against my chest they swayed so sexily.

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