Losing my Virginity

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Losing my VirginityIt started during summer before my junior year of high school. I was (not) only 16, innocent. Internet social media started to get really big, blogging and anonymous questioning. So there’s this site, Tumblr where you can blog and people can ask you questions. I didn’t have many followers, mostly friends and random people I knew of at school. One night a hot black guy that had just graduated asked me something. ME. I was so young and he seemed to be so mature that something lured me towards him. He gave me his number and I could not believe it. We texted for a while then one late night, he said “let me come over. You can come out and sit in the car with me. We can talk.” I was young, I didn’t really know what hanging out late night meant. I hopped into the car thinking we were just going to talk. And we did… He made me feel so comfortable. I was texting a lot because I was still a little nervous, an older guy was really interested in me?! He noticed that I wasn’t really paying attention, so he grabbed my phone (typical). I was startled because I was texting my best friend about him! So I did not want him to see it. I went across over the drivers seat so quick, and he started rubbing my back, embracing my hips, and squeezing my ass. I didn’t know how to feel, I grabbed my phone and sat back down in the passenger seat. It felt good, I’ve been touched but I had never felt that way before. He knew I looked nervous, he said “don’t worry..” Then kissed me. I pulled away but he grabbed me and pulled me towards him. He kissed my neck, slowly going to my cheeks, then lips. I pursed my lips together because I didn’t know what to do. But I would slowly give in, and start kissing him back. He turned me around and started kissing my neck from behind me. I could feel my juices flowing, my panties were bahis siteleri soaked. He unclipped my bra, slid his hands under my sweatshirt and caressed my breasts. I let out moans, it was feeling so good. I couldn’t take it anymore so I told him to stop. It gave me a feeling that I’ve never felt before, so I was scared. I left the car. He came around and grabbed my arm. He kissed me and said goodnight. A few days later, I was sleeping over a friends house. Me and the guy texted every day. He told me he loved my innocence, and wanted to see me again. He couldn’t wait til I got home, so I just told him to come to my friends house. He parked his car and I came out. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that he did not come to talk this time. And I knew that I shouldn’t have gone out, but for some reason I couldn’t tell what was right and wrong. There was a temptation, wanting to know what he would do next. I sat in the passenger seat, and we did talk. Our conversation was longer than the last. We were telling stories, experiences that altered our lives. Throughout the night we got closer. We cuddles in the front seats of his SUV. It was rather uncomfortable, but I didn’t care. It was a nice night. He decided we go to the back seat because there was more room. I was much more comfortable; but of course there was another motive. He took his dick out. Now I was a virgin, like really a virgin. This was the first dick I’ve seen. I didn’t know what to do, but he grabbed my hand and guided me. I stroked his cock, and it grew larger and larger under my fingers. It was dry, he didn’t bring anything so he asked me for a blow job. I didn’t know how, so I said no. He wasn’t mad, he just stopped me from stroking him and stuck his hands into my pants. It surprised me. I didn’t shave, down there has never been touched. canlı bahis I was so embarrassed but he didn’t care. He rubbed my clit. I tried getting his hand out but over time I started giving in. Another good feeling. Just being around him and the thought of our last encounter made me wet, and I can hear the stickiness my pussy was making as he slid his finger in me. I let out a loud moan, he added another finger stretching my tight virgin hole. He gently rubbed my nipples, and I got soaking wet. He fingered me so good, I had an orgasm within a few minutes. My body froze and I started shaking– I had never had an orgasm before. He kept fingering me and rubbing my clit until I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him I was sorry and that I didn’t know what happened, then he told me I had an orgasm. After that, I knew that my innocence was fading away. I couldn’t believe I let him do these things to me. I’ve dated guys for months and never let them touch me. I guess it was because he was older, I felt he knew what he was doing. And just the thought of an older guy feeling me, it was foreign and I was curious. A few weeks passed and I haven’t talked to him. He texted and called multiple times but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue on. I was scared; only because i knew for a fact if I were to go out with him, I’d let him fuck me. I felt like such a dirty little girl, but I’ve been good all my life. It felt good to finally do something bad. I was addicted. I loved the sensual feeling. So one day, I texted back. And that night we agreed to meet up. He got to my house and I went into his car, straight to the back seat. We talked for a little bit, but he got straight to the point. He thought it was so sexy that I made him beg for more. And I felt sexy. I was prepared this time. I shaved, and he rubbed on my güvenilir bahis little wet, bald, tight pussy. We kissed, he sucked on my tongue. I was kissing on his neck and he would suck my little nipples. He was hard, I was wet. It was time. He put his head in my tight hole, forced it in. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t take it. I kicked him off. He whispered in my ear “it’s ok” while slowly sliding his head back in. My little Asian virgin pussy was being stretched by a big black cock. I held my breath and he stopped to make sure I was ok. I yelled “just get it over with!” And he forced his huge dick into my tiny pussy. I could feel his dick on my walls, all I could do was moan. It was a different feeling, it hurt so bad but felt so good at the exact same time. I’ve never felt anything like it before. He stroked out, but I trusted up. I couldn’t stop, it felt amazing. He fucked me so hard, my juices were flowing out. I was as wet as can be. He kissed my neck while I wrapped my legs around him. He pounded my pussy so hard the car was shaking immensely. Over time I felt this feeling, like I needed to pee. I told him to stop but he kept going. He felt it coming he said, “don’t worry I’m going to pull out at the right time.” I couldn’t hold it in, the feeling just got stronger every second. Finally, when I couldn’t hold it any longer, he pulled out and my juices squirted all over the upholstery. I was shaking like I did when he was fingering me, but 100x more intensely. Juices kept coming out and my moans were getting louder. He asked me where I wanted his load, and the first thing that came to my mind was my mouth. I told him “cum in my mouth baby”. He looked surprised, but came over me and shot his big fat load in my mouth. I swallowed his delicious cum and licked his dick clean. He said “baby that was the best sex I’ve had in a while, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were a pro.” I smirked at him because I knew he was lying. And the night ended. Ever since my first experience, I’ve been extremely open with my body. I love sex.

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