Losing my mouths virginity (true story)

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Losing my mouths virginity (true story)This is the first sexual encounter I ever experienced with a grown ass man who I had just met for the first time that night. As a c***d growing up I happened to be a very rebellious girl and I gave my family hell with my attitude and behavior. Because I grew up with basically a lot of freedom I would do as I pleased when I pleased and even though I knew I would get into loads of trouble I didn’t really care. I must have been around the age of 12 at the time of this incident and I happened to be going through some pretty hectic shit at home. I hated being at home (normal early teenager behavior), and would usually visit my opposite neighbor for company. She was much older than me, around the age of 19 at the time but she wasn’t very bright and was VERY backwards for her age. Even at the age of 12 I was very mature due to my circumstances at home which lead me into thinking for myself as well as brought out the naughty side of me. I went to my neighbor that day telling her that I needed to get outta the house, maybe get drunk or go out somewhere. I didn’t expect her to tell me about men as I thought she was too immature and dilly to even think about men at all, however she told me about a friend of hers that happened to be awesome company and he would definitely give me a great time if I gave him a call. She called him from her cell phone at first so that she could intro us on the phone. We spoke for few min and I told him once I get home I would give him a call and make our plans for the night. I left her house around 5pm, went straight home and called this guy up immediately. He told me he would pick me up around the corner from my house around 6pm and he would be in a red bakkie. He told me that we were going to a house party at a friend’s türbanlı konya escort place and so I knew I had to look extra sexy for the occasion plus I had to impress my “blind date” for the night so I dressed in a black mini skirt and a white top. I didn’t wear any underwear but it wasn’t cos I knew I was going to get sexual cos in all honesty I didn’t know what was going to go down that night however it was just the norm for me to wear as lil as possible. I’ll admit the thought of meeting a complete stranger was fucking exciting but I was scared as hell cos I was still barely a teenager and anything could happen but I still took my chances. I snuck outta the house and walked quickly towards to the agreed meeting area. As I turned the corner I immediately saw the red bakkie, I was filled with different emotions, excited, nervous, scared and oddly turned on. I approached the passenger door and opened it, jumped in and looked at my stranger. To my surprise he was not as young as I thought he would be. Of course I didn’t expect a 18 or 17 year old boy but I didn’t think he was older. We greeted and began talking as he drove me away from my comfort zone. I had lied to him about my age (which I always did because of my fetish for older men). I was 17 to him and he had told me that he was 27. He had taken an interested in my choice of clothing and told me how sexy I was looking and how it turned him on. While driving he placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed it up and down not being too forward by going too high at first and asked me if I was comfortable with what he was doing to me. I didn’t have any objections but I did tell him that I am inexperienced and I confessed that I was scared. He was truly understanding and sweet and spoke to türbanlı konya escort bayan me in a way that made me feel totally comfortable in his presence and I began to trust him. We drove to his apartment where he ran up to fetch something he needed and was back in the bakkie a few min later. He then drove us to a dark and remote place near a lake. My cunt was already wet and dripping from the excitement and I knew that he had brought me to that secluded area to take advantage of me. He asked me if I had ever touched a cock before and whether I had ever had sex before to which I answered honestly, no. He began running he’s hands over my legs again going higher this time while slowly kissing my neck and then putting he’s lips on mine. He’s hands moved higher up my skirt and my legs spread apart as he found his way to my soaking slit. He asked me if I liked what he’s doing to me and how he was making my body feel but the only response I could give him was a moan which seemed to make his cock stick up in his pants. He instructed me to lay flat on his seat and then he layed his body on top of me grinding his cock against me while he kissed and bit at my neck. He sat up lifted my legs on his shoulder and buried his head in my wet cunt. Oh I was in heaven. He began sucking and nibbling at my clit and at the same time putting his fingers in my virgin hole gently, asking me if I am enjoying what he was doing. Oh I was, I couldn’t stop moaning and I knew that I was reaching a climax. He sensed it too and began moving faster and harder which drove me to the most intense orgasm I have ever felt since the first time I ever made myself cum. He got off me and opened his pants and pulled out his man sized cock. It was so big and long and türbanlı escort konya hard and he stroked it a bit while asking me if I would please him too and make him cum. He knew I needed instructions as I was clueless about how to treat a cock so he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock and began moving it up and down the length of his penis. He told me to put my lips around it and take it as deep as I can and to continue the movement making his cock as wet as possible. I seemed to be a total natural at it and It pleased me knowing that I had made such a strong impression on him. I continued giving him my first ever blow job and from his reactions and excited groans I knew I was performing excellently. He told me to stop before he came and asked me if I trusted him to which I replied I do. He told me to lay back once again and put my legs up. His pants was still down and I could see just what a massive cock this man had. He got on top of me this time holding my legs with his hands and began to lower himself on me all the while asking me whether I was okay and reassuring me, making me as comfortable as I could be. I was terrified as I knew what he was about to do but my cunt seemed to have a mind of its own as my juices ran down my thighs. Suddenly I felt the head touch my cunt and I have to admit that it made my clit twitch. He guided his cock to the entrance of my virgin hole and attempted to put it in but I was so scared I asked him to stop to which he didn’t force the issue and respected my decision and got off from on top of me and we both straightened up… I told him that I had no problem with sucking him again, in fact it would make me happy if I gave him satisfaction. I then went ahead without any instructions from him and sucked his cock good and hard until he was literally face fucking me when suddenly I heard him grunt and I felt load after load of thick hot liquid shoot into my mouth… I swallowed every drop, sat up, looked at him and sucked my lips. We then drove away from there and went to the party to which a whole different experience awaited me. I just didn’t know it yet but that story is for another time.

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