Loosing My Virginity To My High School Teacher

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Loosing My Virginity To My High School TeacherI am a 23-year-old boy who recently finished my bachelors and reside in Pune. My height is 169cm and have a medium physique with brown skin tone. I am not a person who fucks around much and have stayed as a virgin all through my life. I have always had more attraction towards mature ladies than girls of my age, and have crushes on many aunties.So one day I was at home updating the Facebook status of my graduation. Many of my friends and relatives liked and commented on my status and I was just replying to all of them back. I logged in again at 11 pm to check my notifications and was again replying to all the people who congratulated me.After some time I received a message in my inbox saying ‘congratulations’. I opened it to check who wished me and saw that it was a message from my high school teacher. Her name is Priya mam and she had taught me in my grade 12. I was so happy to receive a message from her as I had a huge crush on her back in high school.She was the hottest item in our school and many of the guys used to have a crush on her. Talking about mam, she is currently 42 years and is 183cm tall with a well-maintained figure of 36-30-38. She was very modern when compared to the other teachers in the school and used to wear western clothes when the other teachers wore saree and Kurti.I replied to her saying, ”Thank you, mam, so glad you remembered me,” and opened her profile and started seeing her pictures. I could not believe my eyes. She had just got hotter with her assets popping out in almost every photo. She was online and I got her reply back very soon.We chatted casually for 30 minutes where I told her all about my college life and future plans. We also recollected many good memories from high school. After that, I asked her about her family. She said that she separated from her husband and c***d due to personal problems and now resides with her friends in Bengaluru.She said she was over it and is very happy with her life now. I innocently mentioned that I want to meet her some time to which she replied that she is coming to Pune next week for a wedding and would definitely meet me. I was so happy, crazy and excited to meet her. Over the week I kept in contact with her and we decided to meet on a Saturday at 11 am in a mall.I told my parents that I am going out with my friends and left the house at 9 am on my bike as the mall was pretty far. I reached the mall at 10:45 am and waited in the mall. I was wearing a decent shirt and jeans. I got a call from her saying that she is in the mall. I was super excited and nervous. At last, she came and I could not believe my eyes.She was looking like a modern Milf, wearing a white top with tight sky blue jeans. We welcomed each other with a hug. She smelled so nice and I could feel her soft boobs bahis firmaları on my chest. She had a very tight figure with small fat popping out of her hips. As I look thin and shorter than her, she was looking way out of my league.While walking around the mall I saw many guys noticing her. They might be thinking how can this guy be roaming around with a Milf like her. After walking around for some time, we decided to go for a movie. We got the tickets and entered the theatre. It was empty and there was not much crowd. Only a few couples sitting in corner seats.We sat down in the middle seat as I had innocently booked the ticket. Lights went off and the movie started. We were just talking about how bad the movie is and was cracking some jokes. I looked at mam, and her boobs were very prominent. I could see the lining of her bra.Whenever we cracked a joke or some funny scene was there on the screen she would touch my shoulders, arms, and thighs and this stated to turn me on. Soon it was an interval and I went to use the washroom. As I was walking back one guy just came close to me and said, “It feels good to bang a nail into the wall,” and just left.I was like ”what the fuck” and just got back to my seat. In the second half, we discussed our plans after the movie. Mam said that she was free the whole day and that we could even go for dinner. We decided to go for window shopping after the movie. After that, we went to a resto-bar near the mall.We ordered some drinks and some starters and started talking. She was having a vodka while I was having a beer. She started telling me about her divorce and family problems. She told me told me about how she was sad after the divorce and how she started to see new guys as suggested by her friends. She mentioned that now she feels like a free bird and is enjoying her life in all aspects.Soon we started to talk about me. I told her that I have never been in a relationship and am very shy to talk to girls or hang out with them. I mentioned that I felt very comfy with her. She told me that it’s her pleasure. She told me that she always like me as a student as I was very decent and obedient.Soon the Dj started playing some music and mam insisted on dancing. I told her I don’t know how to dance and that I am very shy. We had a few more drink and she took me to the dance floor. We started dancing and I could see her boobs bouncing up and down. I went close to her and held her waist.I could see her tight big ass and feel her body. I was horny and didn’t know how to control myself. Somehow I managed to control and we got tired dancing and sat down. Mam told me that the crowd was getting cheap and that we went to some private place. I asked mam if she wanted to drink more and she said yes.I called my friend and asked him for the keys of his room. I took mam on my kaçak iddaa bike and went to my friend’s house to collect the key. My friend gave me the key as well as a bottle of vodka and gave me a dirty smile. We reached the place. It was a small room in a small building. There were just a room and a balcony.It is a place where he comes to just fuck his girlfriend. We entered the room and it was in a mess. Mam started to clear up the mess and I helped her. There was no bed, only a mattress on a floor and I was so embarrassed about the whole room situation. She told me no worries and we opened the bottle. I opened the cupboard to get the glass and was shocked to see lots of condom packets.I took the glass out and closed the cupboard. We settled down and started to drink the vodka. Along with that, I played some music. We finished more than half the bottle in no time. Mam was enjoying herself and she started to slow dance. This time I wasn’t shy and I joined her. I went closer to her and started to dance along with her.She turned around and my dick was touching her fat ass. We couple danced for around 15 minutes. I saw her top going up and saw a bit of her purple panty. I got so horny seeing that. I took the bottle in my hand and started to drink directly from it and mam joined me. We finished the bottle and I kept it aside.We then just let ourselves loose on the dance floor. This time I really touched her waist, side boobs, and slide my hands over her ass many times. Looked like she was also enjoying it. She turned around again and was twerking on my dick. I could not believe it and started grinding on it.My dick was fully erected by now and I was feeling her side boobs. Suddenly mam turned around and her face was very close to mine. I lost my control and just kissed her lips. I could not believe what I was doing and we kissed for more than 5 minutes. Soon I started kissing her neck and kept her hands on my dick which was covered by my jeans.She was loving the feeling on me kissing her neck and soon we lied down on the bed. I was over her and kissing her wherever I could. We rolled over each other a couple of times. I removed her top and saw her huge boobs in a purple bra. Her skin was so smooth and soft. I could not stop running my hand over her body.She then turned me around and stripped of my shirt and started kissing my neck, and ran her tongue all through my upper body and sucked on my nipples. I unhooked her bra and held her firm big boobs in my hands. I sucked on her tits and saw her moaning to it. I kept sucking on it while she unzipped my jeans and pulled in down.She started to play with my cock over my underwear and was teasing me. I turned her around and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down. God, I could not believe the view I had in front of me. I saw her tight huge ass and thighs kaçak bahis covered in purple Victoria secret underwear. I smelled her pussy over her panty. I pulled her panties down and started to rub on her pussy.It was the first time I saw a pussy in my life. I saw it was wet and I started to lick on it. Mam was enjoying it and was moaning. I also started to finger her. I licked her for 10 minutes straight and she oozed out her cum right in my mouth. I could taste a tinge of her pee in it too. I then removed my underwear and she held my penis right away.She started to give me a hand job. I felt like I was going to cum right away. But she knew it was my first time and was very gentle with it. She put my dick in her mouth and I was in cloud nine. She kept giving me a hand job and blow job alternatively and I was feeling like in heaven. While she was sucking me I came right into her mouth.She swallowed my whole cum in one go. I was breathing heavily and she lied down next to me. Now the alcohol in us had worn out. We both we hugging each other and I could not take my hands off her. After 5 minutes I again started to get horny and placed her hands on my dick and started kissing her.She stroked it and made it big. I spread her legs and she held my cock. She redirected my dick in her pussy and I put my dick inside it. OMG, what a feeling. I was inside her and was feeling amazing. I started to hump her and my dick went in and out of her pussy. I kissed her and was fucking her.She was moaning and was calling out my name. I fucked her for 15 minutes and came inside her. I got scared but she said that she has done tubectomy (A surgery which will not get her pregnant). Both of us were really tired and we went to sleep after cuddling for some time. In the middle of the night at around 4 am we were unintentionally making out and she was over me.She sucked my dick and put it in her pussy. This time she was over me and I fucked her again. I came in 5 minutes and she took all my cum in her pussy. When I woke up in the morning the time was 10 am. I saw mam lying next to me all naked. This was the best morning view I had in my life.I could not stop cuddling her or take my hands of her smooth belly. We started to kiss and make out again. This time I rolled her over and started humping on her ass. She stroked my cock and made it large and I put her in doggy position. I started to fuck her with all the energy I had.I grabbed her boobs from underneath and felt the shaking. I fucked her for 20 minutes and came in her mouth. She sucked all of the cum from and dick and lied down next to me. She told me she had to reach her friend’s place by the afternoon. We started to get ready.At first, I resisted her to put on her clothes. She took her underwear and gave it to me and said, “Keep it.” We both dressed up and got out. I locked the room and started my bike. She sat behind and I dropped her off to her friend’s place. She asked me to call her and keep in touch.That is how I lost my virginity and had an amazing encounter with my teacher.

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