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Looking for a dateThis true story was suggested by one of my friends on HamsterIt had been several days since I had enjoyed a BBC and I felt the need for a little fun. I showered, applied my markup and selected my outfit for the evening. I choose a white corset with matching stockings, no bra or panties. Over this I wore a short red leather skirt, a red see thru blouse and a black blazer. Off to a club I had frequented before. Upon arrival, I went inside and sat at the bar and ordered a drink. While enjoying my drink I scoped out the patrons and did noticed several nice looking black men. I was enjoying listening to the music while still looking for a potential date. I didn’t have to make a move, because one of the men came over to the bar and asked if he could join me. He sat down and we chatted for a bit before he asked me if I would like to dance. Out on the dance floor he pulled my close and we both swayed to the music. At one point he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer and I could feel his cock thru my skirt. Later as we were sitting at the bar, I bent forward so he could get a good look at my tits in my see thru blouse. Several times I glanced down at his crotch and noticed a bulge. I licked my lips and looked at him and smiled. During our next dance he suggested we go to his place and get to know each other better. I agreed and followed him to his apartment.Once inside he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my lips toward his. His tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth and his treatment izmir escort was having a positive effect on me as my pussy began to get wet. When we separated I stepped back and removed my blazer showing him my braless tits once again. “Nice tits baby” he said and reached out a ripped off my blouse and threw it on the floor. He kissed me again and reached behind me and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. He stepped back to admire me and said”I’m going to enjoy fucking you, you look hot.””I need a good fucking, its been several days since I had a black cock.””So your into black cock then?””I only fuck black men they are superior lovers.””Then get on your knees and undo my pants so you can see what awaits you.”I immediately dropped to my knees and undid his belt and pants and let them fall to the floor. I then lowered his boxers and his semi hard cock sprung out. I was not huge maybe 9 to 10 inched long but a nice thick girth. I began kissing his cock from the head all the way to his balls, then proceeded to lick it. After several minutes I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his hot swollen cock. He let out a soft moan as I sucked his cock, seeing how much I could take. He gently placed his hand on the back of my heard and began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I reached behind him and cupped his ass and began pulling him closer to me and my hungry mouth. Soon the pace picked up and he was ramming his cock down my throat at a furious pace. I could feel his balls escort izmir hitting my chin with every stroke. He eventually grabbed my hair and held it in place with his cock entirely down my throat, He stiffened up and exploded sending a large amount of his hot cum down my throat into my belly. When he was done he stood there and said”You are quite the cock sucked, aren’t you slut?””Yes, I enjoy pleasing black men, there is no greater honor then offering my body to them.””OK slut, lets go into the bedroom so I can give you what you need.”We lay on the bed for a few minutes, I continued stroking his cock until it was again rock hard. I straddled his body and lowered my sopping wet pussy toward his cock. I could feel it parting my lips as it easily slid inside me. I continued lowering myself until he was entirely inside me. I began to rock my hips back and forth enjoying the feeling of that hot cock deep inside me. He reached up and began playing with my tits and nipples. “Slap my tits baby, make them red and twist and pull my nipples until then are swollen and hard.”I didn’t have to tell his twice as he began slapping, pulling and twisting them. I love having this done and it turned me on even more. I began bouncing up and down on his cock, with each stroke I could feel his cock hitting my cervix.”Fuck me baby, Fuck this white slut, fill me with your big cock and cum.” I screamed.”you are a nigga whore” he said”Yes I need you cock and cum, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.”We were in rhythm, and he fucked izmir escort bayan my for quite some time. He grabbed my hips and with one final push began filling my pussy with his hot cum.”OH YES, give he that cum, fill this sluts pussy with it, I need it.”He had so much cum that it began flowing out of my pussy and coating his balls. When I finally got off his cock I immediately went down and began cleaning his cock and balls with my mouth enjoying the delicious taste of his cum. “You are a greedy slut” he said “Clean me all up whore.”I licked his cock and balls until I had removed all the cum. I noticed that he was getting hard again”Fuck my ass, please, I want you to ram that cock deep in my ass.”He placed me on my hands and knees, got behind me and began to probe my ass. “FUCK MY ASS, I need more of your cock and cum.”He buried his cock in my ass and mercilessly began fucking me, slamming his cock in and out of my ass all the while slapping my ass and calling me a white slut. I begged him to keep slapping my ass as he fucked me and I could feel his balls bouncing off my pussy.”I need that baby, Fuck your white slut treat me like the whore I am. FUCK ME”He fucked me hard, deep and fast for over a half hour until again he filled my ass with a massive amount of cum, We both layed there totally exhausted . He told me to give him my phone number so if he wanted more white pussy he knew who to call. I gladly complied and told him he could have my mouth, ass and pussy anytime he wanted it. I got up, went to the living room to retrieve my clothing put my skirt and blazer on picked up my destroyed blouse and drove home. During the drive cum continued to leak out of my pussy and ass, but I was a very content woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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