Lizzy Loring

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Lizzy LoringElizabeth peered out the window of the carriage as it bounced over the streets of Philadelphia. It was a cold, December night with snow on the ground and more beginning to fall. Her heart was beating quickly and she took a deep breath of the cold air to try and clear her mind for what she was about to do. Sitting beside her, his hand on her thigh, was General William Howe, commander of the British Army. The general had first seen Elizabeth, or Lizzy, to her few close friends, two weeks prior at a gala hosted by the leading Loyalist family in Philadelphia to celebrate the British taking of the city. It had been a festive, at times raucous evening with the all of the leading Loyalists in town and the British General Staff. Lizzy had gone with her parents, and as one of the few single women there, she had naturally attracted much attention from a number of the British officers. Lizzy was a head-turner. She was 5’3″with a head of dark, thick, black, curly hair that fell to her shoulders and set off her porcelain skin, wide, green eyes, and full red lips. She was twenty four years old, and while her dress had certainly not been inappropriate, it hinted strongly that her physical charms were in full bloom. She had a full, round bottom, and large, soft breasts, the crests of which peaked out of the bodice of her royal blue gown. Several of the younger officers had made a point of making conversation with her, but they s**ttered like a covey of quail when General Howe had stepped in and introduced himself. It had been immediately obvious that the General was taken with Lizzy. That was not unusual give his reputation. Lizzy had felt his eyes move over her appraisingly, as he asked her questions about the party, and even a few about the war. It was obvious he was sizing her up. After a few moments, he seemed to decide, and he had taken her arm and guided her around the room with him. He introduced her as “his friend”, Ms. Loring, as if most in the room didn’t know who she was. There had been several other galas in the intervening weeks and Lizzy had been invited to all as the General’s guest. While the general had not spoken about what he wanted from Lizzy, it wasn’t hard to guess, based on the number of times she saw his eyes move over her bosom, and the increasing frequency with which his hand found it’s way to her thigh or her rump. Tonight’s party had been the first that his parents had not attended. They had left the prior day so that her father could attend to business in Boston. General Howe had his carriage pick her up and bring her to the party. The party had been another large affair with dinner and an abundance of spirits, and it was nearly midnight when the general called for his carriage. The general had given her his hand to help her in, and had placed his other hand on her bottom, as she had stepped inside. Once they were seated, he had ordered the driver to take them to the home he was using as his quarters. There was no mention of taking Lizzy home.Lizzy had prepared for this evening as much as she could mentally and emotionally. She knew what she had to do and why, and while she still did not like it, she had reached a peace with it. She knew the stakes, and she knew that if her efforts failed, the consequences would be dire. She looked over at General Howe and smiled coyly, lightly placing her hand on top of his. He was a big man, nearly six feet tall, with broad shoulders. He was thirty eight and while his midsection had thickened with age and his love of rich food and booze, he was not obese. He had brown hair beneath his wig, blue eyes, and tanned, lined skin that showed the effects of many years in the British Army. He was arrogant, like most British officers, but he was not rude, nor was he mean or cruel as many of the others were. In fact, as she had seen, he could be quite charming, and even considerate when he so desired. All of that made what she was about to do somewhat easier to stomach.The carriage arrived at General Howe’s quarter. The door was opened by a young soldier, who saluted smartly. Howe returned the salute and helped Lizzy down. He guided her up the steps to the door, where a manservant opened the door and let them inside. “Good evening, sir, ma’am,” the servant said, taking their coats, “Sir, there is a fire in the grate in your sitting room, and wine on the side table as you requested. Is there anything else you desire?”No, Tinsley, that will be all,” Howe said, “Dismiss the staff.”Tinsley nodded, “As you wish, sir. Good night.”With that, Lizzie and Howe were alone and a moment of panic swept over her. She fought it back as Howe looked at her quizzically.”Are you alright, Liz? Ya’ look a bit pale,” he asked. She forced a smile and nodded, “I’m alright. Guess I took a bit of a chill.””Well,” he said, “in that case, come sit by the fire.” He took her by the arm and led her up the stairs to a sitting room furnished with several türbanlı ardahan escort couches and chairs set in front of a roaring fire. He guided her to a seat on one of the couches and stepped to the sideboard and poured them both a glass of mederia. Howe, who had already, had large number of drinks that night, handed her hers and then sat beside her on the couch. “This will warm you up from the inside, just as the fire does from the outside,” he said with a grin. He drained half his glass, and Lizzie, in an effort to calm her nerves followed suit. He made small talk for a few moments and then rose and refilled their glasses. He handed hers to her and took another large gulp from his.”Warming up?” he asked.”Yes,” she replied, “Actually, I’m getting a little too warm now.”Howe nodded, “Indeed. I’ll be back in a moment. I’ve got to get this damned wig off and these boots.”Lizzie watched him go and drained her drink. She forced herself to put away the fear she felt and do what had to be done. She stood and wandered around the room, looking at the books on the shelves and waiting. She heard him return to the room, and sensed him step close behind her. His hands touched her shoulders and she looked back at him. “It’s late, lass, and cold, but my bed is warm. Come,” he said softly. With that, he put his hand on her lower back and guided her into the bedroom. As she reached the bed, Lizzie turned to face him. He was dressed only in his breeches. Tentatively, she reached up and touched his chest, caressing it and running her fingers through the hair. Howe smiled and stroked her hair, then let his hand slide down her back and caress her bottom. Lizzie put her other hand on his chest, and stood on her tiptoes to plant a light kiss on his neck, letting her breasts press against him as she did. Howe sighed and placed both hands on her rump, squeezing it, and then moving them around her waist to her belly, steadily moving them upward until he fondled her breasts through her dress. Lizzie looked up into his eyes and stepped back. There was a screen and a dressing table in one corner, and she glanced at it, then back at him, and whispered, “I’ll be back in a minute.”Howe nodded and Lizzie moved behind the screen and began to unbutton and untie her dress and undergarments. She stripped until all she was wearing was a silver chain with a crystal locket around her neck. Then, she took a deep breath and stepped around the screen and moved slowly toward the bed. Howe was sitting on the side, his eyes locked on her as she moved toward him. “My god, you’re an angel,” he breathed. Lizzie smiled and stepped close to him, letting his eyes, and then his big, rough hands move over her body. She leaned close and nuzzled his ear, letting her hands again caress his chest and arms. His hands fondled her bottom, pulling her closer, and then made their way back to her heavy breasts. Lizzie glanced down as she continued to plant soft kisses on his ear and neck, and saw a tent form in Howe’s trousers. She reached down and gently stroked the tent with the back of one small hand. Howe made a sound deep in his throat. Lizzie began to plant soft kisses and licks over Howe’s neck and then moved down his chest as her fingertips caressed his strong arms. She moved to her knees, kissing down his belly as her fingers moved to the buttons on his breeches, unhooking them quickly. Howe pushed his hips off the bed and helped Lizzie pull the breeches down and off. Lizzie looked up and met Howe’s eyes as she took his semi-rigid cock in her hand. Howe took in a ragged breath as Lizzie began to rub his shaft and nuzzle his thighs. Lizzie leaned closer, taking his scrotum in one hand and kneading it gently, then stroking lightly behind it as her other hand continued to steadily stroke his growing penis. Howe moaned softly, his hands in her hair. Lizzie leaned closer and let her tongue circle the swelling head of his cock. It jumped in her hand and immediately got longer and harder. Lizzie’s hand began to squeeze and jack Howe’s stiff cock, making it even harder. “Oh, god, girl!” he moaned and lay back on the bed. Lizzie let her tongue circle the rim of his cock again and then took it in her mouth, letting her saliva wet it and her tongue flutter over it. Howe groaned and his breathing became more ragged. She released the head from her mouth and leaned in and engulfed Howe’s erection between her breasts. Howe groaned as he squeezed his shaft between them and moved them up and down. Howe’s eyes were locked on her breasts as they moved up and down around his shaft. Howe groaned again, and Lizzie began to take the head of his cock in her mouth each time it rose between her tits. As it rose from her cleavage, she would lick it, taking it into her mouth and sucking as it reached it’s apex, and then as it went back down, taking another lick as it dropped out again. Howe’s türbanlı ardahan escort bayan eyes were closed, his chest was heaving, and his hands were balled into fists. Lizzie sensed he was about to go over the edge, and she released his cock and stood up. “What are you doing? Why did you stop?” Howe sputtered. Lizzie simply pointed and said huskily, “Put your head on the pillows.” Howe rotated his body so that his head was on the pillows and Lizzie moved onto the bed, straddling him. Howe groaned as Lizzie pressed herself against him, kissing him deeply and grinding her pussy and breasts against him. He moaned and squeezed her bottom roughly. Lizzie could feel his erection pressing against her belly, and she adjusted herself so that it began to rub against her warm, moist slit. He groaned again as she dragged her breasts over Howe’s chest and ground her pussy against his erection. After several moments, Lizzie felt his cock begin to slip inside of her. She moaned softly and began to thrust and rotate her hips, drawing his erection deeper inside her. Howe grunted and thrust upward, meeting her thrusts and impaling her more and more deeply on his cock. Lizzie moaned and pushed herself up so that her breasts were bouncing against his chest. Suddenly, she changed the tempo, moving from fast, short strokes to slower, longer, deeper ones. Howe moaned, his erection throbbing and now tingling as she brought him closer. The slower, longer thrusts were driving him mad. Lizzie let herself go as she felt her own orgasm coming. She pressed her clit against his thrusting cock and closed her eyes as she felt herself reaching the edge. She moaned deeply in her throat and let the waves of her climax wash over her. Suddenly, she was there and her head flew back, her eyes wide, and she slammed her pussy onto Howe’s cock as hard and fast as she could, screaming and moaning passionately. It was too much for Howe to take. He grabbed her ass and thrust upward as fast as he could. He was panting and groaning her name and after about ten strokes, he gasped and she felt his cum shoot inside her, several huge bursts, and then many smaller ones. Howe moaned and panted, sighing her name over and over. Lizzie rolled off of him and smiled, kissing his cheek softly, “I hope the General’s little soldier is happy,” she whispered with a giggle, teasing it gently with her fingertip. “Hmm,” Howe said thickly, “indeed.” He caressed her rump and looked at her lustfully. Lizzie rose and padded out to the sitting room and retrieved several towels, some bath oil, and a bowl of water which were both warm due to their proximity to the still roaring fire. She sat the water on the bedside table and took one of the smaller towels, wet it, and cleaned herself. Howe looked at her drowsily, “Come to bed, Lizzie.””In a moment,” she said, and used one of the damp warm towels to clean his shrinking cock. “Thank you,” he said thickly as he cleaned his head and shaft. His eyes were half closed and his right hand absently caressed her thigh. Lizzie watched him begin to doze. As his eyes closed, one of her hands moved to her necklace and pushed open the clasp on one end of the crystal locket, so that it now dangled and swayed as she moved. Then, Lizzie reached for the warm, bath oil and poured some into her hand. Gently, she began to caress his now soft cock. After only a few seconds, she felt it begin to thicken and grow in her hand. She stopped just long enough to oil her other hand, and then resumed caressing his growing erection. Howe’s eyes were still closed, but his breathing was quickening as his cock grew stiffer. Suddenly, Howe’s eyes fluttered open and he gasped, “What are you . .? and then he saw what she was doing and gasped with pleasure. Lizzie’s left hand was slowly stroking his shaft, which was now fully erect and shiny from the oil. Her right hand was gently squeezing and twisting the base of his shaft, making his cock feel swollen and full. He groaned and watched her hands move slowly as the candlelight lit shown off his throbbing member. Lizzie knew he was close to coming, but she wasn’t ready, so she sat back and reached for the oil again. Howe’s breath was ragged and his eyes were locked on her as she took the bath oil, arched her back and poured it over her chest and tits. Howe stared at Lizzie as she began to knead her breasts, rubbing the oil all over them until they glistened. She reached for her nipples and pulled and pinched them gently, her eyes locked on Howe’s which were locked on her. His hand inadvertently went to his cock and began to stroke it. Lizzie took it and put it at his side and whispered softly, “Don’t touch, just watch.”She leaned over him so that her breasts hung and swayed and began to move back and forth, letting them brush his cock as she moved. As she did, she reached down and began to caress and lightly pull türbanlı escort ardahan on Howe’s scrotum. He groaned lustfully. Lizzie took the base of his cock in her other hand and begin to squeeze and stroke it gently. Howe’s eyes were fixed on Lizzie’s swaying breasts, and by default, on the crystal that now also swayed in front of her cleavage. His eyes were glassy now, fixed on the swaying mounds and he reached feebly for them again. Again, Lizzie took his hands and put them by his side, whispering, “You can touch them another time. Tonight, let me pleasure you.” Howe nodded weakly and watched as Lizzie continued to sway before him. Now, she took both hands and ran them slowly down his cock, first one, and then the other, squeezing gently as she did. She never stopped swaying slowly, her tits and the crystal moving back and forth and back and forth. Howe’s eyes were glazed and fixed on her tits. His cock felt bigger than he’d ever felt it and he thought it would explode. Lizzie seemed to read his thoughts and bent closer, framing her tits in her left arm, as her right hand moved more quickly up and down Howe’s swollen member. Howe moaned something unintelligible as felt his orgasm coming and Lizzie felt his cock jerk once, and then his cock began to fire. Three long strands shot out onto Lizzie’s heaving tits with the next three strokes of her hand. More followed, covering her tits and hand with Howe’s cum. Howe bucked and moaned, the feeling more intense than he’d ever felt. Lizzie smiled, slowing the pace of her hand and finally, releasing him. His hand immediately replaced hers and he massaged his still erect cock. Lizzie’s hands went to her breasts, as she began to rub Howe’s cum into her skin. Howe smiled drowsily and Lizzie leaned over him again, letting her tits, and the crystal, begin to sway again. Howe’s sleepy eyes followed, back and forth, back and forth. His eyes again quickly became glazed and unblinking. Lizzie whispered, “You’re soo sleepy, William. You’re eyes are so heavy.” She continued to sway, his eyes still trying valiantly to follow her breasts, but his eyelids were drooping, almost fluttering as he fought to keep them open.”Don’t fight it,” Lizzie purred as she took off the necklace and let the crystal swing right in front of Howe’s eyes, “Your eyes are so heavy, William. I’m going to count to five and when I do, you will sleep.”Lizzie counted slowly to five, and when she reached five, Howe’s eyes drooped closed and his head lolled to the side. Lizzie got up, cleaned herself, found a robe and returned to the bed. “William,” she whispered, “Can you hear me?””Yes”, he mouthed softly. “Good,” she cooed, “Now, I’m going to tell you some things that are very important that you need to remember, alright? Nod if you understand.”Howe nodded and Lizzie continued, “William, it’s very important, that you not attack the Patriot Army until spring. They’re no danger and your army deserves to rest and wait for better weather. Do you understand.”Howe mumbled, “They’re no danger. We should wait until spring.””That’s right,” Lizzie cooed, “You must be firm William. The younger officers, and even London, may try to convince you to attack sooner, but you know better.””I know better,” Howe breathed.”Yes,” whispered Lizzie, ” William, do you remember what we did tonight? Do you remember, how I sucked your cock? How I titty fucked you? How I got on top of you, and rode you, until you shot your load into me?”Howe breathed, “Yes,” huskily, and his cock remarkably actually began to stiffen again. Lizzie smiled and began to stroke it gently, “William, do you remember how my breasts looked swaying in front of you? How, your cock felt as I oiled it up and stroked it? Do you remember how it felt and how it looked when you came over my tits? Do you remember how good that felt?”Howe whispered, “Yes.””Good,” said Lizzie, “William, I want you to remember that feeling you had and and picture your cum shooting onto my soft tits, anytime you are asked to attack before spring. Will you do that?”Howe nodded. Lizzie smiled and concluded, “William, you won’t remember this conversation. It never happened. You will only remember the sex we had in vivid detail. You will know that I am your woman, and I will pleasure you again and again unless you take your army out before spring. Now, William, I’m going to count to five and you will go back to sleep. When you awake, you will feel rested and virile, and you will think of the sex we had. Sweet dreams, now.”Lizzie counted to five and listened to Howe’s breathing become deep and regular. She got up and went into the sitting room to collect herself. It was going to be a long winter, and one that would require her to use her body frequently. She hugged her knees to her chest and fought back tears. She could do this, she had to do this, for her brother, who had been brutally killed by the British on Long Island, and for the Patriot Army. That army, camped only a few days from Philadelphia at Valley Forge, was sick, hungry, cold, and in no shape to fight. There was hope though. A new general had taken over as Quartermaster and there was supposedly a crazy, German now drilling the troops. None of that would matter if the British attacked now. Lizzie was determined to do what she could to prevent that.

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