Liz’s Gang

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Liz slipped her knickers off, and now naked, climbed on the bed. Standing in the centre of the bed, smiling, she slowly, sexily began to manipulate her nipples with her fingers. The nipples became fully erect with her own touch, and she felt the wetness of her excitement radiate between her legs. Tonight was starting to progress exactly how she had fantasised it would. Liz was an attractive lady, in her mid 30’s. She was tall, and nicely rounded, with glorious 36c breasts, and a beautiful peach like bottom that crowned her long legs. She couldn’t resist sliding a hand down across her plump, hairy, mound and sliding a finger through the slit below, opening her legs slightly further as she stood, to give her access to the crotch gap that had been accentuated beautifully a few moments earlier by her tight fitting size 12 jeans. She withdrew the finger, bringing it to her lips so she could taste her own juices. The taste was glorious, as it always was when she was in heat and ready.

Catherine continued to undress, watching her sexual partner all the while as Liz tempted her seductively to bed. The last item of clothing discarded, she stepped onto the bed to join Liz. Catherine, the slightly smaller thinner girl, looked equally stunning. Standing now facing each other they kissed, first just lightly, then deeper as Catherine’s fingers entwined into Liz’s long brown curly hair and pressed her head toward her own. Liz replied by stroking her hand across Catherine’s blonde bob as their tongues entwined. She had been dreaming of taking Catherine all day.

Across the room Marjory and Joanna were also locked in a kiss, but both were still fully clothed, having opted to embrace and fondle, rather than undress. Joanna was taking things slowly with Marjory, as her partner was new to this and needed to gain confidence and lose inhibition. It was paying off, as Marjory’s hands now cupped Joanna’s breasts through her t-shirt as they kissed. Joanna unbuttoned Marjory’s silk blouse as the slow, sexy removal of clothing began.

Catherine sank to her knees, so that her mouth was level with Joanna’s perky breasts with their dark aureoles and chunky pert nipples. She licked one all over then sucked it into her mouth while taking the fingers of her left hand to Liz’s other nipple. Liz had a hand at each of Catherine’s breasts, and was rubbing each deep pink nipple between a thumb and finger as she watched the sexy disrobing progress across the room. Once again though a finger momentarily left the breast it was tending and sneaked down to her own slit. This time as Liz withdrew her own juice ridden finger from şişli escort her cunt she offered it up to Catherine to suck clean.

Marjory’s blouse hung open now, and her bra was being moved up and over her breasts affording Joanna nipple access. Marjory lifted Joanna’s t-shirt, breaking contact between them as she pulled it up and off over her friend’s head, ruffling Joanna’s short straight dark hair as it came off. Marjory quickly removed the bra too, leaving her friend topless. Joanna offered Marjory a nipple to suck, and as she did so her blouse was slid off her shoulders falling to the floor behind her. Joanna pulled away and undid Marjory’s bra pulling it off and leaving both women facing each other topless. They embraced again, bare torso against bare torso, kissing deeply once more.

As they kissed, Joanna’s hands explored Marjory’s naked upper body. For Marjory, three years older than the other girls, this was definitely uncharted territory and her nerves were getting a little the better of her. She no longer acted as an equal with Joanna, rather allowing her friend to lead, and then copy what was being done to her on her partner. Joanna’s right hand edged gradually lower. Eventually her fingers slipped inside the waist band of Marjory’s stylish tailored trousers. Marjory felt Joanna’s hand slide slowly over the surface of her silky panties, and she tingled in a shiver, feeling the wetness as it poured out of her hot cunt, still trapped within the confines of the material, yearning for the attention of Joanna’s fingers.

Light moans were now being emitted from the bed as Catherine, still kneeling at Liz’s breasts, now stroked her partner’s bare mound with the hand not stimulating nipple. Liz loved it, and ached for more. Catherine went slowly, knowing it wasn’t time yet, but allowed a finger to slip into Liz’s slit so she could offer it to Liz to suck clean.

Marjory’s trousers fell to the floor and Joanna’s hand was now inside her panties, rubbing Marjory’s swollen lips within. Still locked in a kiss, Marjory unbuttoned Joanna’s jeans and tugged them down. Joanna wriggled free of the garment and kicked it aside, simultaneously pulling Marjory’s panties down to mid thigh and exposing her hot pussy to the world.

‘MMM, girls. Come and join us on the bed’. Liz beckoned as she allowed Catherines fingers to slip out of her mouth. The first words to be uttered since Liz had begun to strip.

Joanna, still pantie clad, took Marjory by the hand and lead her across the room, the latter bare cunted and naked except for the panties still half way down her legs. Joanna climbed mecdiyeköy escort up first, and turned toward Marjory who now for the first time decided to explore beneath the silk still covering Joanna’s crotch, pulling the final garment down right to her ankles in one move. Joanna pulled Marjory up on to the bed and motioned her to kneel next to Catherine, and opposite Liz, Catherine immediately sank lower and began lightly kissing Liz’s hairy mound. Joanna, having kicked her knickers off her ankles, kneeled on the other side of Catherine and began to minister to Liz’s right nipple with her lips. Marjory copied her with the left nipple.

Catherine’s tongue moved towards Liz’s slit. Liz responded with a deep ‘yess’ sliding her feet further apart, and opening her legs wider apart and allowing Catherine access. Catherine gave several long tongue strokes in Liz’s slit, gathering up her flowing juices on her tongue, then savouring the flavour before swallowing and sucking in her clitoris. Liz pushed herself against Catherine’s face indicating the increasing urgency of her need to be released. Catherine began to chew her clit lightly. Liz began the journey to ecstasy, three mouths clamped to her three most sensitive places. Joanna kneeling at her left nipple now had a hand stretched around her fondling and pinching a buttock, and Marjory kneeling at Liz’s right nipple quickly copied. For Liz, this felt like heaven.

Catherine ate Liz expertly, working cunt lips and clit alternately, with a combination of sucking, chewing and biting. Liz moaned deeper and louder. Catherine felt hands on her breasts as she ate, one from Joanna, and one from Marjory using the limbs not wrapped around Liz. Catherine simultaneously introduced a hand to each girl’s bottom, and gradually her hands roamed, first sliding one between Joanna’s legs and then one between Marjory’s. Liz was on the edge as Catherine ate harder. One more sharp suck on her clit elicited a small scream from Liz, and as she screamed Catherine slipped a finger into each of Joanna and Marjory.

Liz was on the road to orgasm, and Catherine was determined to give her a good ride. All three mouths now worked her harder than ever, and a bigger louder scream filled the room. Liz came hard. Her body spazmed violently, then it shook again eliciting a louder scream. Catherine thrust her fingers deeper into Joanna and Marjory as Liz came harder, feeling their juices running, so turned on by their friend’s massive orgasm. Liz couldn’t stop cumming, one orgasm followed the next, Her knees buckled and her legs turned to jelly, but she was held up by Joanna and Marjory, who pressed her against Catherine’s face. Catherine ate her harder inspired by Liz’s orgasmic wailing.

Eventually the orgasm began to subside, and Catherine pulled away, slowing the finger fucking of Joanna and Marjory, who were both panting in heat but some way short of orgasm, and letting Liz collapse to her knees on the bed. Catherine collapsed forward too, removing her fingers from the other girls, as she struggled to regain her breath. Eventually the heartbeats of both girls slowed and they looked up and into one and other’s eyes before embracing and kissing lovingly and deeply. Liz tasted herself in Catherine’s mouth, and savoured her own wonderful flavour. When the kiss broke Liz saw Catherine’s glistening wet cheeks, soaked in cum juices from her orgasm and she began to lick Catherine’s face clean.

After a few minutes Liz asked Catherine to stand, and the fuck continued with their roles reversed. Liz knew that there were three girls yearning for release, and as Joanna and Marjory began work on Catherine’s breasts they immediately felt Liz enter each of them. Catherine’s slow single finger was replaced by two of Liz’s digits, fucking each girl harder and faster as she began eating hard on the cunt at her mouth. Catherine was instantly in heat and lost to the mouths of the three girls intent on pleasuring her. Her hands found Joanna and Marjory’s breasts, and she squeezed and played urging the other girls to cum with her.

It was all too much for Marjory, and she was unable to hold back and wait for the others. Her first lesbian orgasm cursed through her. Catherine felt Marjory bite on her nipple as orgasm hit, and this in turn sent her over the edge with a scream and into the first contraction of a deep orgasm. Two girls cumming right next to her turned Joanna on so much, and she wasn’t far behind. Liz inserted a third finger into her, and orgasm was instant. At the same time Marjory released Catherine’s nipple as she yelled out, obviously she too was being opened wider by Liz’s penetrating fingers.

Liz fucked all three harder and faster, as they bucked together in mutual orgasm. Liz adored what she did, this was wonderful, bringing these three gorgeous yummy mummies to their peaks together. Having each of them orgasm violently and simultaneously all around her. Cum juice flowed liberally, on her hands and in her mouth. She felt juices running down each arm and Catherine was flooding out into her mouth. She heard screams from Catherine, and muffled moans from the other two as they gorged orgasmically on Catherine’s breasts. She wanted it never to stop.

But stop it did, of course, and all four girls ended up in a post orgasmic exhausted heap in the middle of the bed, panting and hearts pounding.

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