Living At The End Of The Road Ch. 02

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It was late evening, and she was sitting by the pool in her robe relaxing before going in the pool for her nightly swim when she heard the doorbell ringing.

“Just a minute.” she yelled.

Opening the door she was surprised to see him standing there.

“Hi, I didn’t think I’d see you again after you left so fast.” she said.

She closed the door behind him, and told him to come in.

He had tried to stay away, cause his brother said he wanted her, but he just couldn’t. What they had done kept coming back in his mind. His cock was already semi-hard just from looking at her. He watched her ass wiggly as she walk away. He saw her robe slowly slide down, floating to the ground.

“Oh baby, I’ve been so fucking hard with wanting you sense I left you that night.” he told her, groaning.

She turn to look at him, smiling, she kneeled down and slides her hands up his thighs and unzips his jeans. Pushing them down and leaning in to lick the tip of his cock.

“OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” he moaned.

His fingers slip thur her hair, pulling her mouth deeper onto his throbbing cock. He felt something hitting the back of his legs , looking he saw she had pulled him a chair. He sat down, and reach under her arms and squeezed her titties, pinching the nipples. He felt her moan all around his cock.

Slowly she pulls her mouth away from his cock when he was hard enough. She laid down on her back and spread her legs wide, and her fingers slid into her wet pussy.

He moved fast, pushing her hand away and rubbed his cock head across her clit, making her moan for more. He just smile and shook his head no.

“No baby you have to wait, not yet. I’ll let you know when your ready for me.” he whispers to her.

He started rubbing his cock head faster and faster over her clit, telling Ankara escort her just how and what he was going to do to her body before the night was over.

“Get set baby, NOW BABY!!” he told her, then slammed his cock deep into her pussy.

He pounded her pussy hard, knowing that they both were ready to explode, he tried holding back as long as he could. When she squeezes her pussy around his cock, he lost it then.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Cummingggggg!!!” she cried out.


“AAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!” he groaned, his cum shooting deep inside her pussy.

They went in the pool to rinse off and spent the next hour talking. He told her why he stay away.

“Please don’t stay away, I have a need only you can take care of.” she told him.

“Oh you do, do you.” he said.

Pulling her onto his lap he kiss her, as she wiggly her ass on his lap, seconds later his cock had slip in her ass crack.

“OOOOOOOOOO.” she groaned.

She turned her back to him and his hands came up and cupped her tit’s, squeezing them hard.

“Lift up and let me fuck your ass baby.” he whispers to her.

She lifted her ass off him and he pulled his cock up, rubbing it across her asshole, then pushing up,slipping inside her asshole.

She push her ass down onto his cock, making it go deeper and deeper up her ass.

“Oh god yes fuck my ass fuck me good”, she groaned.

Holding her hips he thrusted into her harder and harder making her scream for more. He gave her what she wanted and more.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMING!!!” she screamed.

He grunted and filled her asshole with hot cum seconds after she came.

“More please.” she said.

Slowly his cock slip out of her asshole and he pulled Ankara escort bayan her tight against him whispering in her ear.

“Ok, but it will have to wait till I get back from this meeting I have.” he told her.

“Hmm, you think he might be interested in having the meeting here.” she asked him with a wicked smile.

He thought about it and wondered just how far she would go. He asked her what she had in mind.

“I’ll do anything that will get you naked and inside me.” she told him.

He smile and pulled out his cell phone and was talking to someone, asking if he’d like to come over and have the meeting here by the pool while watching a beautiful, sexy lady who can suck a cock better than any one. He hung up and turn to her.

“Ok, he’s coming over and he said to tell you he can’t wait to feel your lips and other parts wrapped around his 10 inch thick cock.” he told her smiling.

She was excited and decided to go upstairs and change into something sexy, then went down to wait.

“Your going to like Mike, I’ve watch him with his ex, She told me afterwards that he knows just how to fuck her till she screams from pure pleasure.” he said.

(Door bell rings) She opens the door to the handsomest black man she’s ever seen. She opens it wider, closes it behind him.

“Come in and have a seat. Can I get you something to drink”, she asked.

He looks her up and down.

“No, not just yet, maybe after the meeting I will.” he told her.

She walks outside and the men followed behind her. She could hear them talking.

“Damn she’s hot, she good as you say she is.” the black man said.

“She’s better than any of the ladies I’ve had before. The first time was last week, and my brother has the hot’s for her to, so I stay away for a week.” he said.

“I Escort Ankara couldn’t stay away any longer so tonight I came over and we went out to the pool and when she drop her robe and went to her knees and suck my cock deep inside her mouth. I almost came, had to hold my fucking balls until the feeling went away.” he told him.

“Let’s get business out of the way. I want to get some of that later.” he told him.

She watched from the pool’s edge, she decided to help things along so she let her robe drop to the ground and slowly she took off the teddy and when the phone rang she went inside to answer it.

“Damn she’s more than you said man. Fuck I’m already getting hard.” he told him.

She stood with her back to the back door trying to get off the phone with her mother when she felt something warm and hard press against her ass, then she felt wet kisses on her neck.

“Hurry up baby I want to feel your hot mouth fucking my hard pole.” he whispers.

“What was that my dear?” hr mom asks.

“Oh nothing mom just my lover telling me to hurry he wants me to suck his hard cock.” she tells her.

She hangs him the phone and kneels down to take his cock in her mouth. She has half his cock in when she hears him.

“Fuck yes, she’s fucking great cock sucker, and you know what lady, when she’s done sucking, my 10 inch black fuck pole will be slamming her pussy till i fill her with my hot cum. So you’ll just have to call back later, bye.” he said hung up the phone and push his cock deeper down her throat

He pulls her up bends her over the table and eases his cock up her ass hole. Standing at the doorway her fantasy man watches her get her ass plowed. Not wanting to be left out he gets up onto the table and slips under her guiding his cock in her pussy. The man fucking her asshole is pounding her so hard the table is sliding across the floor stopping against the counter top.


Five ten seconds later both guys yell that they are cumming too.

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