Little Vixen

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I take you right in the hall….

Pushed the door closed behind us, and pinned you there my hands tangled in your hair, kissing you, passionately like you had my next breath. I tilt your head back so that I can kiss and suck at your neck and ears, panting almost just from the taste of your skin on my tongue. I throw off my jacket and it hits your floor, I don’t care, my purse is there with it. I attack you again, pinning your back to the wall, pressing my body into yours stopping you from moving as I assault your mouth again. I can’t get enough….

I run my hands over your body, feeling your breasts, you’re panting now with me, whimpering “Please” as I touch your breasts; your nipples already so tight, I roll them between my fingers, pinching to hear you gasp with the little bite of pain, I smile into your throat where I am kissing you.

“My good little vixen” I purr into your ear as I slide up your top, I have to touch you. I can’t stop.

You writhe between me and the wall.

I stop long enough to take off my shoes and take you to the couch. I throw you down and put your hands above your head, stretched out you wantonly spread your legs for me with a devious little grin.

I know what you want but I am not going to give it to you yet, I want to taste your nipples and suck on them and see if I can make you cum that way first, by now it has been days and I can feel how hot you are as I kneel between your legs on the couch. Pressing hard with my thigh against your wanting sex, you moan and arch your back.

I know it won’t take much…but I want it to last. It’s your first time with a woman and I want you to feel everything…

I push up your top and you have the sexiest lingerie on for me. I can’t help it I bend over you and bury my face between your tits and you hiss out a “Yessss”.

You bring your arms down and grab handfuls of my hair and pull. I groan. I love it that you are so rough in return, that you aren’t timid. You want to touch me to. I come up and kiss you again, pushing you up so you can see me.

I want you to see everything.

“You can only touch my head and arms for now Vixen, do you understand?”

You pant harder at my orders. You love this part.

Submitting to me. You like it more then you thought you would.

I pull your shirt off over your head and remove your bra and am almost breathless at how beautiful you are. I want to touch you all over, and you want it too. I can see in your eyes; you don’t want me to stop.

I bend down and order you to watch me. I look at you the entire time as I take your breasts in my hands and caress you. Watching you arch and rub yourself against my leg. You want to get off so badly, but I am not going to touch you there, not yet.

I have special plans for your sweet pussy…

I kiss and suck and lick every inch of your chest, leaving nowhere untouched.

You are moaning and clawing at my head, but you do as you are told and watch me and I watch you, too. I want to see what you like, what you don’t.

I want you begging me when I finally lick you.

You’re panting, whimpering with every touch.

“What casino şirketleri do you want my little Vixen? Tell me.” I say with a flick of my tongue across your nipple before blowing a soft breeze over it puckering it again.

“Touch me, please…I want you to touch me”

“But I am touching you my pet, where do you want me to touch you?”

My grin is devious as I nip at your skin with my teeth making you cry out.

I love the sound of it and I groan, my panties are soaked now; just from touching you, hearing you.

“Please…. let me touch you… kiss me again, please?”

You pull me up and wrap your arms around me and kiss me hard rubbing your length against me, moaning and sighing into my mouth, overwrought you need to cum.

So bad after all this time, all this teasing.

I want to hear that giggle … I want to hear you cum for me…

I break our kiss with a groan. Your lips are so sweet, and you smell so good. I can smell it on your skin you are ready. You raise your hips to grind against me. You want me inside you; my tongue, my fingers, anything I will put there you don’t care, you are mad with want.

“Are you wet?”

I know the answer but I want to hear you say it, god I love to hear you.

“Yes Elizabeth, I’m soaked.” God my name sounds so good coming out of your mouth when you are so needy. You shoot up and wrap yourself around me burying your face in my cleavage and licking long and slow between my breasts causing me to shiver all over and pull your hair back, taking your mouth again. Fuck! You almost made me lose my control.

Your tongue and mouth are so hot against my skin I grind back against you…

“No, you first….” I push you back down on the couch.

“Touch yourself. Show me how wet you my little vixen, get your fingers all wet for me and show me.” You look so erotic and edible, as you stare at me and slide your hands down your pants and into your panties. I know you have reached your goal when you cry out. So close even that little bit almost pushes you over the edge.

“Ah ah, not yet my pet. Let me see.”

You pull your hand out and your fingers and covered, slick wet and glistening.


You give me a shy look but I know it’s fake.

You can see in my eyes how much it turns me on to see you this way.

I grab at your hand and put your fingers in my mouth and for the first time I close my eyes.

God you taste so fucking good!

I grab at your wrist with both hands and lick every finger clean. Wrapping my tongue around every digit, sucking and licking every drop off of you I look up at you again and your mouth is parted, your legs are wide and your breathing is erratic. You are so needy I can feel it on you.

I can’t wait anymore.

I have to taste you, more of you. I forcibly tug your pants down… not your panties though.

You look so hot like this.

I watch your eyes again as I go back to your breasts and let the cool air hit you and bring you down a notch, but it doesn’t.

Looking at you seems to be your button. You tangle your hands in my hair and pull. casino firmaları I hiss.

Fuck! I like it when your rough back!

I nip at you as I move down further.

My hot mouth leading the way.

I get down between your legs and you have both your hands in my hair holding my eyes to yours. Panting, whimpering with every touch every kiss, every lick I give you.

When I am where I want to be I look up,

“What do you want little vixen? Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

I want to hear you. I want to hear your voice again. You sound so hot when you can’t think straight because of what I am doing to you. I look down and your panties are soaked through.

I can smell you and I can’t wait to lick every inch of you. I want you so badly, but this is for you.

I can be selfish later. Oh, and there will be a later. I know now I can’t stop at just once. I have to have you more than once. Just like this.

“Touch me, lick me please! I want to cum. Make me cum Elizabeth, please.”

You pull and arch your back, raising your hips again. I bend down slowly, blowing softly against your hot sex. You’re so hot I can feel it without touching you. I know you’re going to be scorching when I get inside you.

I’m shaking I want you so bad. You’re clawing at my shirt, begging me to take it off. You want to see me too. I shake my head and laugh. “Oooh no.” I tell you and touch the silky skin of your thigh.

I push your legs further apart; spreading your thighs, getting a better view of my objective.

I know what I want, I want it so bad, and have for days.

My mouth waters at the thought of it.

“Please… “

God to hear you beg me… it almost undoes me…

I look up at you and I take one long, slow lick across the wet of your panties and blow hot air against it. You arch and cry out.

I know it won’t me long, your hips are churning and I haven’t even touched your sweet cunt yet.

I can’t wait any longer. I don’t even take your panties off; I just push them aside and moan.

“Fuck you are so fucking wet!”

It’s running down to your ass, making your glisten and shine. You look amazing, sound amazing. I spread your lips and touch you for the first time…

You actually cry out, and arch your whole body from the slightest touch I groan and I try to keep eye contact but you’re so hot and so wet. I want to watch what I am doing. I want you to see me slide inside you. I run my fingers over your hard clit and you cry out, again, squirming again

I press harder and you beg me again.

I growl.

I can’t stand it anymore.

I bend down and run my tongue over you and you claw your nails into the back of my head, and try to squeeze your legs together. You are so close. I know it won’t take me long.

I slide a finger, then two inside you and bury them deep inside you. Squirming myself at the sensation. Your greedy little cunt is pulling my fingers in further as you buck and throw your hips fucking my hand.

“Please Elizabeth… please… god please… make me cum…I want to cum for you…Please?”

You are almost crying güvenilir casino and I can’t hold back any more I wrap my mouth around your hard clit and suck, slow and hard.

You scream. I surprised you. Your nails dig deeper, your legs wrap around me this time, grinding and throwing your hips into it. Fucking my face and then my fingers.

I look up at you…

“You taste so fucking wonderful baby. Wanna taste?”

I wink at you and you just nod writhing to some thumping base line in your body.

I have never seen anything so beautiful or arousing in all my life. I’ve neverwell wanted a woman as much as I have wanted, and still, want you.

I crawl over you, my finger still sliding slowly in and out of you.

Kissing you hard I making sure you can taste every bit of yourself on my mouth and on my tongue. I press harder fucking your tight little pussy as I kiss you. You are soo close. I can feel it.

You want to cum…

“Make me cum Elizabeth, please.” FUCK! My name again…

“Say it again, beg me my little Vixen. Beg me to make you cum.”

I tuck my head in the crock of your neck and push harder and deeper; giving just a little pain.

You wrap yourself around me, holding on tight as I fuck you slow and steady my thumb now circling your clit. You are so wet I slide out of you and then move lower. I know you like this. I hear you whine when you realise what I want to do. I want every part of you. Nothing held back from me by my little vixen.

I circle your tight little ass, your soaked there too, slick and wet. I play just a little pressing only lightly, but it’s enough for you to almost lose it. You curse. Over and over…

“You know what I want. Give me what I want and I will give you want you want my pet…”

My voice is low, horse. I want you to cum. I want to hear that giggle, but I want to hear you beg.

Beg and call my name again….

I bit at your neck, a little nip but you don’t feel it. You’re lost in what I am doing to you.

“Please… please… please. Elizabeth. Please!”

I press harder and pump harder…curling my fingers, stretching you…

I take one of your nipples into my mouth and suck. I can’t take my eyes off of you.

I kiss down your body again. I want to see your face while I lick your sweet pussy. I want to see your face when I make you cum. You keep repeating,

“Yes. Yesssss…Please..yes!” As I kiss you lower, when my face is between your legs I say,

“Watch me baby… watch me make you cum”

I slide my tongue over your pussy again and suck hard on your clit…fucking your deeper with my fingers. Faster. Harder. You arch never breaking eye contact, your nails dig deeper into my skull. I can’t feel it.. All I can feel is you underneath me.

“I want to hear you… tell me when cum baby… tell me.”

You cry out one last time finally arching your back and closing your eyes I break my kiss with your pussy and fuck you faster rubbing your clit with my thumb…

“Come on baby let go… cum for me!”

Your scream out one last time clutching your legs around me and cry out. Then my reward for everything, everything I wanted to give you….but there is so much more I have to give.

The only thing I want from you … that sweet sounding giggle.. You pull me up into your arms and kiss me hard.

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