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Little sisMiranda my little sister just lay on my bed watching me get changed for bed. She reminded me of a cat the way she lie there unmoving her long raven black hair pillowed around her head, but it was her soft dark eyes half closed yet watching every movement with keen interest that told me she wasn’t here out of innocent boredom.It was when I started to open my blue jeans that her eyes finally came open and she slightly lifted her head. I pushed down my pants and underwear together then stopped before my dick sprang into view. “Why do you come in here and watch me change every night”? I asked feeling a bit embarrassed by her overt attentions. Miranda just shrugged lifted her head so she could lay with it propped up on her hand then asked, “Hey Mitch, you ever…well you know… do it with a girl”?Stunned by her question I found myself replying automatically, “No… not yet”. Then proudly puffed up my chest and added, “But I have kissed a girl and she even let me touch her tit”! Miranda just smiled crookedly then unbelieving asked, “Oh really? Who did you kiss”? Embarrassed I looked to my feet feeling my ears go red. “You remember Becky Parks, Jason’s sister”? Miranda nodded yes. “We were in the same class together last year”. “Yeah well her brother sort of dared me too”. So you felt her up? Wow Mitch what was it like”? I guess this dreamy smile crossed my face as I remembered how soft and warm she felt. How Becky smelled like spring flowers and her lips tasted of strawberry. “It was okay I guess”.“Mitch, don’t be like that! Tell me everything”! I pulled my pants back up, turned towards the door and said, “Look I’m going to finish changing in the bathroom. You should go back to your room too”. Miranda pounced on me like a cat catching a mouse. Her hand whipped out catching my wrist that was holding my pants up. “No wait… I wanted to see…” She didn’t need to finish. I followed her line of sight right to the front of my jeans and knew, my little s*s wanted to see my dick! It was a very awkward moment and most likely if nothing happened we would have stayed like that unmoving all night. What saved us was mom calling from the living room, “Miranda, come help me for a minute”! My little s*s eyes still lasered in on my pants whispered, “I got to go”. Then started for the door, just as she reached it I called out, “Hey wait a second”! Then pushed my pants to the floor, my cock now rock hard sprang out! Miranda’s eyes went as big around as a saucer. Mom called again, “Miranda, did you hear me”? She snapped out of her trance called back, “Coming mom”! She stopped herself long enough to lift the hem of her nightgown, showing me her white cotton panties. She giggled embarrassedly, wiggled her hips and left my room saying, “Thanks Mitch! Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you more”?I didn’t understand what was going on with my baby s*s. Girls were still this major mystery and what little the school rumor mill knew about girl’s one thing was certain. Girls weren’t supposed to be as interested in sex like we boys were. Miranda was acting like it was all that was on her mind at least my cock was of great interest to her? When she left my room closing the door behind her I just stood there with my dick in my hand wondering what might have happened if mom didn’t pick that very moment to call? The only thing I knew as fact was I liked the way my sister smiled with I showed her my boner!The next night was a Friday. Mom and dad were getting ready to go out for the güvenilir bahis evening, “Okay k**s, you be good and don’t stay up to late okay”? “Okay mom, have a good time”! “Bye mom, Bye dad, have a good time”! We said like we always did only this time I could feel a real sexual tension coming from my s*s. As soon as mom and dad were out the front door Miranda came and lay next to me on the couch. Her little hand went straight for the front of my shorts and rubbing the flat of her hand over my now growing dick she whispers, “Hurry up and show it to me! I want to see it again Mitch, please”! I put my hand over hers and held it still while I listened for the sound of our parent’s car leaving. I waited until I saw the headlight move across the windows in the front of the house signifying they had really left for the night. Miranda watched with me and once we were sure they were gone we turned our heads to face each other and I said, “Okay but you have to show me yours too”!I swear to god you never saw two k**s move so fast to strip out of their clothes. Like a race to see who would finish first. I stepped out of my shorts slightly ahead of Miranda who was hopping around on one foot trying to get her panties free of her foot. When she did stand upright she whined, “No fair you had lees clothes to take off”! I stood there looking at my sisters naked body and felt overwhelmed by lustful desires. Miranda followed my line of sight right to her puckered bald pink pussy then giggled, “See something you like Mitch”? Slowly I tore my eyes away, gulped and nodded yes dumbly.I can’t really say how we ended back on the couch, lying on our sides facing each other. All I knew was we lain so my face was looking right between my sister’s open legs. Now I’d seen my sister’s pussy before. You know back when we were little and mom made us take baths together. It still looked much the same, a smooth bald mound broken by a slit of flesh that ran up the middle, hiding a deeper pink within. Only now her pussy seemed different, more mysterious alluring, almost beckoning! Somehow in the last couple years my sister’s pussy and become erotic! Miranda lay with my dick right at eye level. Both her soft hands eagerly explored every bump fold and vein. She even cupped my nut sack testing the weight before going back to flipping it from side to side studying in great detail what a boys things looked like close up. For my part I was not quite so brazen. Hesitantly my fingers tenderly parted the silky soft outer lips to see what secrets lay hidden. Her vulva parted for me like the opening of some rare fleshy flower. Things I’d only heard about in passing blossomed before my eyes, Clitoris, Libya, Vaginal opening. Overlaid in my mind was the anatomy image from a text book. I remembered the part names from health class I just didn’t understand what they did?Miranda’s clit peeked out of its hood looking kind of purple and swollen. I reached my other hand in and sticking out a finger flicked it lightly. “Oooo. Mitch… what are you doing”? Miranda asked after doing this sharp intake of breath. I flicked her little love button again remembering the guys at school saying this was where girls liked to be rubbed. “Oh god… what are you doing to me? Mitch…Please…Aha that’s nice”! As I fingered my little sister’s puss I became aware of her hips rocking in time with my touch. I placed the flat of my finger over her bump and pressed down in it. She shuttered then scolded, “Don’t mobilbahis güvenilir mi tease me! Go back to doing what you did before”! I did and in reward Miranda started to pump her fist over my shaft.Things sort of get blurry from there. I could feel my nuts tighten and fill with seamen as my baby s*s worked my cock. I dimly recall putting a finger in her hole and Miranda humping my hand like a woman possessed! My sister came first clamping her thighs closed on my hands. She body jerked wildly as I tried to keep doing what she liked. Shuttering in tempo with her orgasm she wrapped her arms around my legs, I felt my cock brush her cheek as she nuzzled her nose in my pubic hair. Finally she yelled, “Stop… no more okay! Let me do you now”! Miranda pulled me around so I lay flat on my back. She sat on my chest facing my feet. Both her hands took up my cock and she pumped her fists quickly in this death grip. Because she was leaned way over I found myself staring right up her butt crack. Her little puckered rosebud that was her asshole seemed to wink at me! I just wanted a closer look at it so I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back. Miranda thought I wanted to do something else so she lifted up, scooted back and came down with her puss right on my mouth!Once my friend Jason had found this porn site on the internet, a very short movie showed this guy giving a girl head. I kind of knew what was expected to a darted my tongue tip out and started hunting around for her clitty. When I finally felt her bump Miranda arched her back and let out the low pitched growling groan deep in her throat! That told me she liked it so I puckered my lips sucked her button in and flicked my tongue across it! Three things hooked me on pussy eating. First was the taste, sweet and musky. The second part was how my baby sister went absolutely wild humping my face! She loved being eaten out and later would beg me to do it again and again! But the real thrill that turned me into a devout pussy eater came when after a minute my own little sister opens her mouth and sucked my cock!Nothing in my life had prepared me for the feeling of a hot wet mouth engulfing my dick then bobbing her head on it like a sewing machine! Miranda was obvious to what she was doing. My sister was on the verge of her own orgasm. I knew because her moaned her pleasure with my cock stuffed in her mouth! So intent she was on her approaching climax I don’t think she even noticed when my seamen flooded her mouth! She just swallowed and kept on moaning and sucking! Shit it felt like she was going to suck my nuts out the way she redoubled her efforts. Once my last drop drained in her, the pleasure turned sharp and almost painful, but little Miranda never skipped a beat and sucked me right back to full hardness.When Miranda came she arched her back and body trembling screamed, “Oh God….Put your fingers in me! Fuck me with your fingers….Please”! I did and she exploded as soon as they entered her. I had to use one hand to keep her from falling over. I was drowning in her pussy juices making it hard to keep it up. My nose plugged up and I felt like I was choking, but still I lapped away at her puss! I wanted to make my baby s*s cum for me again!Miranda fell limply across my body. Her hand tenderly took up my cock again. She rubbed my shaft against her cheek and leaned in to kiss it right at the base. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest like she’d just mobilbahis giriş run a marathon. I couldn’t quite reach her back so I ended up stroking her ass cheeks to calm her down. We lay together like that for a good long time, Miranda idly playing with my dick while I rubbed her butt. It was all so calming yet intimate I just felt like I could stay like this forever. Without thinking about it the words escaped my lips, “So like… do you want to be my girlfriend from now on”? Miranda rolled to her side. Her hand never let go of my cock, it was her toy now and she wasn’t about to give it up. She looked me in the eye and with a serious expression asked, “If I say yes can we do this again”? “I guess we have to keep it a secret, you know us being brother and sister” Miranda perked, “I don’t mind that you’re my brother”! I smiled back at her loving face before replying, “You may be my little sister but you’re still the most beautiful sexy girl I ever saw in my entire life! So I’d love it if you were my girl”! Would you believe after all we’d already done she blushes and dropped her eyes embarrassedly? Since she didn’t answer I prompted her. “Well… what do you think”? Miranda flipped around so she could sit her bottom on my belly, she tossed her long black hair over her shoulder as her hands on my chest steadied her balance. She playfully looked down at me and asked, “Do you like me Mitch”? “I shook my head and said, “No… I love you! That’s why I asked”! She gave me this crooked smile then lifting up on her knees she leaned in and kissed me right on the mouth, with tongue! As we kissed I felt her hand snaked between our bodies. She guided my tip right to her opening then to my utter amazement pushed herself back!Miranda was wet enough that my cock just popped into her all at once. Well at least a couple of inches of it. She held still letting herself get accustomed to the intruder stretching her wider than she expected. After a moment she broke out kiss and asked, “So how do I feel to you”! “Oh shit your pussy is way better than your mouth”! She sat up a little again propping herself up on her hands. She looked down to where we joined then looked back at me. “If I do this you have to promise never to stick it any other girls”! “You’re the only girl I’d ever want to put it in anyway so yeah I promise”! She lifted up and pushed down hard! I felt her cherry pop! Buried all the way in she slipped down to take every bit of me in! I could see her wince and worried she might be hurt bad. Miranda took a long calming breath, looked down again to see, “Wow its all in there”! “Yeah it is, how does it feel”? “That fucken hurt! Now I just feel all stuffed like I ate too much”! “I can take it out if you want”? “No it’s fine, I kind of like you in me”! “Well you cunt feels awesome to me”! Miranda loves to hear complements and hearing her cunt felt awesome made her smile, at first. Then she frowned and scolded, “Well hurry up and cum in me! I’m really sore down there so don’t take all day”! I reached up and pulled her down to me. Miranda hugged me tight and as I started to hump up at her she humped down to match my rhythm. Now let’s be honest with each other. I wasn’t about to last long. I was blowing my load in my sister in just over a minute. But the way her cunt muscles gripped my cock I wasn’t about to go soft. Miranda knew by my actions when I squirted too. Hell how could she not notice the way I rammed it up her then held still while my cock erupted? I gave her another half dozen strokes then lay back and let the rest drain. I stroked my sister’s hair and back lovingly, “You can get off now if you want”? She shook her head no, “I like being like this, besides, I’m your girlfriend now. This is where I belong”!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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