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julies mom worked weird shifts that allowed my gf and i to do a lot together. we would sometimes go over to her apartment and fuck there. sometimes whenever my friend (Daniel) was not with his gf (a junior in high school), we would go driving around and sometimes stop at julies apartment and fuck my gf. Daniel was a skinny guy about height 5’10”. his dick was maybe 7inches but it was very thick. this was the first time to see a guys dick like his. his dickhead was very fat and his shaft was fatter than his dickhead. i really dont know what to compare it too but my gf could not put his dickhead in her mouth bc his dick was so wide. i remember the first time she had his dick in her, she was making faces and just talking about it fucking hurting. he would always cum quick bc he said that her pussy felt tight to him.

one day when we were in julies room and Daniel was fucking fucking julie (i just watch because i always enjoy watching my ex’s getting fucked by other guys). her little sister caught Daniel fucking her big sister. my gf was holding onto her bed sheets while my friend was fucking her doggystyle. they just stopped and my dick went limp quick. her little sister just said that she was telling their mom and leftthe room. my gf told us to leave, so we did. a few days later my gf called for me to head over to her place. she told me that her sis. and her agreed that i would be the first to do her little sister. her sister was curious and wanted to know what we were doing and wanted to try it. so they discussed what Daniel and her were doing and how it felt.

her little sis. wanted to try it with my friend, but my gf thought that it would hurt way to much and it probably wouldnt fit in her. she said that i would be perfect for her bc i was small enough that it wouldnt hurt as much and because i probably had the dick size as a guy her little sisters age (her little sister was two years younger than julie), so maybe it would be ok. her little sister was very short about 4’7or 4’8 and much thinner than my gf and had a flat chest.

it was izmit rus escort really weird the first time it happened. we did it in the dark. my gf told her that it would hurt a lot the first time but for her to take it and it would get better the more times she did it. i just remember telling her little sis. that i was not big in size that i was tinny and so i wouldnt hurt her as much as other guys. i told her that i might be the same dick size as guys her age so she should be ok. she just looked up at me and had a funny expression on her face when she said “really”.

she was nervous and didnt take off her panties or top off. i asked her to lay on the bed and i took off my clothes. she looked down at my dick and i told her “you see, i told you it was tinny”. she replied “that not tinny”. i told her that she would learn eventually what is considered tinny and what is huge. i got onto the bed and i was on top of her and had to move her panties to the side because she wouldnt take them off. she was really dry. she did not say anything. i had to spit a lot in my hand and put it on my dick and her pussy so it would get wet. when i stuck my dickhead in her she made a painfull sound. i asked if she wanted me to continue and she just shook her head yes. i just went ahead and put all 4 inchesof my thin dick in her and she was making faces as if she wanted to cry. i told her that my dick was all in and that i was going to stay in this position for a bit. she just nodded and i must have stayed in her virgin pussy for about a few minutes. she was better by this point, she must have adjusted to my size.

i could not believe how tight she was and how this was all happening. i told her that i was going to go in and out of her pussy a bit and she nodded as if to say ok. as i looked down at her body size and thought about how tight she felt, i ended up cumming in her in about 5min.. i just stayed on top of her a bit and asked if she was ok. she just nodded and i took out my dick from her litle pussy slowly. i asked her how did it feel and izmit escort she just said that it hurt but didnt say anything else. i stood up and she looked at my dick again and saw that it was about an inch limp. i told her “you see, it is tinny” she just giggled. i got dress and left her room and went over to my gf room. she asked how it went and i told her good. she asked if she cried and i told her that it looked like she wanted to, but that she didnt. she asked if she had bleed and i told her no. i was smiling and julie asked me what i was smiling about, i told julie if she wanted me to fuck her little sister again that i would. julie laughed and said “you liked how tight she was, right” i smiled and told her yes. i told her that i would leave so that she could talk to her little sis.

when i left they talked about her first time. her little sis. asked my gf what the wet stuff was coming out of her pussy and my gf told her that it was my cum. julie explained to her what cum was and how it comes out of a guys dickhead. her little sis. said that she thought she felt it when i came in her. julie asked her sister if she wanted to have sex again or was that enough for her. she didnt know at the time, but julie and her little sis. did continue talking about sex.

julie and i spent more time at her apartment with her little sister. julie and i were always fucking, it seemed. sometimes julie’s little sister would knock on her door, come in and whisper in her ear and ask if she could have sex. julie would just look at me and tell me “whenever your ready for her”. i always seem to get hard quick so her little sister never had to wait too long for me to get hard for her. it didnt take long before julies sister got use to my dick size. julie would tell me that her little sister would tell julie that she wanted to try a bigger dick size, like the dick sizes of chris and daniel that julie had told her about. julie would tell her little sis. that she thought that other guys would be too big for her right now, and that she just wanted to keep her from kocaeli escort saying anything to her mom. her little sister went along with it, but became very well knowledgable about sex; but was still curious about trying bigger dick sizes like her big sister does.

her little sister ask me one time how much bigger other guys dicks were before we fucked one day, and i just used my dick as a measurer and told her to imagine doubled my length. she just looked at my finger measuring and looked up at me and said “really”. As we were fucking i asked her if she wanted a bigger dick in her, but she didnt say anything. i asked her why she wanted a bigger dick in her and she just said “julie says that you are small compared to your friends and that if feels good when your friends are in her”. i asked her what julie ment by good and she said “i dont know, she just feels full”. i asked “doesnt my dick make you feel full?” she said “i dont know”. so after that i came really hard in her little tiny pussy. we laid there while she asked me some sex questions. i started getting hard again after a short time talking. we decided to measure my dick so we looked for a ruler and measured my dick, which was 4 inches. i then told her that guys normaly have dick sized of 6 inches or bigger. it turned me on to see her playing with the ruler wrapping her hand around it and imagining how big certain dick sizes would look like for real.

a few weeks later, julie told me that her little sister had gotten fucked by a guy in the apartment complex who was a 8th grader. she said that when she got home that her little sister told her that her pussy still hurt from him fucking her and that the her pussy was still hurting the day after he had fucked her. her little sister and julie talked about the experience and she said that the guy felt “bigger than me”. julie asked her in what way and her little sister said “it was longer and that it took a bit to put his dick in me”. julie said “so it was thick” her little sister replied “i guess, it felt as if he was stretching me down there”. julie asked her little sister if she was going to fuck him again and she smiled and said yes.

that was just a start for her sister and that too is another story.

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