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Normally my husband writes the stories for Literotica but today I am writing my own story.

My name is Lisa. I am in my mid forties. I have a daughter named Jessie and my husband’s name is John.

Without going into a long story, I have done about everything a woman can do, sexually, with John’s approval.

Together, we bought a place that we call the Double C Resort. It is a nudist resort where just about anything is allowed.

Now, let me tell you my story…

I love cum, not just the taste of it but I love how it shoots out from a guy’s cock. You see, most of the time guys are cumming in my cunt or ass or shooting their cum down my throat so I never get to see it leave the guy’s cock.

It is the sight of his cum actually spurting out from his cock that I want to see. I am fascinated that a guys cum is produced by his balls, which I also love.

Whenever I fuck a guy, I always try to see his cum fly out from his cock.

Finally, I told John that I had an idea that could satisfy my need.

He listened as I told him my idea.

I told him that I could convert part of the barn into a private space for me to build a platform.

I continued, telling him that the platform would be a few feet off the ground with steps going to the platform. There would be cut outs for six guys on one side and six cut outs on the other side. There would also be a narrow walkway between both halves of the platform, allowing me access to each cutout on each side.

I would have the guys lay on their stomachs with the ability to let their cock and balls hang down for my access.

I would then be able to step up to their cocks and suck their cocks or jerk them off and then watch their cum shoot out of their cocks.

He laughed but said he would ask one of the carpenters to come up with niğde escort a blueprint.

John asked where I was going to get the guys. I told him that I would draw on the guests and others. He just smiled and shook his head.

After about a month, the blueprints were finalized and work on the platform and private space started.

It took two weeks before everything was completed.

However, one thing was added. I had the carpenter make portal holes that could be used to see in the room, just in case I wanted to be seen with the guys.

I was now ready to test the platform.

As I walked around the resort, I met some couples and asked if I could borrow their men to test out the platform.

I finally got three men whose wives gave their ok if they could watch.

We all went to the barn and the women stayed at the portals while the men went on the platform.

The men laid on their stomachs with their cock and balls hanging down.

I then started. I went to the first guy who had a nice cock and it was already hard. I started sucking it and played with his balls. After a few minutes, I could feel his balls moving and contracting and I knew he was ready. I backed up a little, keeping my eyes directly on his cock. I jerked it a couple of times and looked right at his cock and his cum flew out of his cock and onto my tits and stomach.

I saw his cum as it came from his opening in his cock head.

I then went to the second guy and he was really ready. I had no trouble getting him ready for firing his cum onto me.

I sucked his balls and I could feel them that they were ready. I looked right at his cock head and saw his cum hole opening up and then his cum flying out all over me.

Now, the third guy was ready and it didn’t take long before I had him ready. nişantaşı escort But, before I could get set, he shot his cum on my face and in my mouth before I was ready.

I told him it was ok.

I then thanked all three guys for helping me out. I thanked the wives, as well.

I went back to John partially covered in cum and, after he finished laughing, he asked me how things went.

I told him that two out of three were fine but the last guy came too soon, as he could see.

But I did tell him the platform worked.

Then he said, why not let the guests use it too. It would be an added experience for them.

I told him that was a great idea and I would promote its use. I asked him if he would help me demonstrate with me and he agreed.

I quickly made up some handouts and let the guests know that there would be a live demonstration at 3:00 p.m. today.

When it was time, John and I walked over to the barn. We already had the privacy wall removed so viewing was available to all.

At least twenty-five people were there. I gave a short presentation and explained why the platform was built and my fetish.

After my presentation, John got on the platform and laid down with his cock and balls hanging down. I moved toward him and played with his balls. Then I started sucking his cock.

I explained to the guests that I could feel his balls contracting and moving and knew he would be cumming soon, which John agreed with.

As I continued feeling his balls moving, I told the guests that he was ready. I backed up a bit, still playing with his balls and his cock. I looked back at the guests. I then looked straight at his cock head and saw his hole opening then his cum flying out and onto my tits.

The guests applauded.

After ankara olgun escort the presentation, I advised that all the guests could use the platform.

On the way back to the house, a couple stopped us and told us that they love the resort and are so happy that everything is allowed. They introduced themselves as Lois and Andy.

I asked them if they saw the area where our daughter is training future porn starlets. They said no. I told them that if they wanted, I would personally take them there after dinner. They both said thanks and we made arrangements to meet at 7:00 p.m.

At the scheduled time, the three of us went over to the house where Jessie trains the up and coming porno starlets.

Jessie met us and brought us inside to show the guests around. She introduced some of the girls to us and we checked out the rooms where they are taught about techniques used in the porno industry.

Jessie told the guests that her mom does a lot of hands on training. Then Jessie asked my mom if she would show them some of the techniques to the guests.

I looked at Jessie and told her I would and I asked Lois if I could use Andy. Lois said that would be fine and fun to watch.

I told them that I would show them one technique to make it look like a guy cums a ton in a woman’s mouth but doesn’t really.

As I took Andy to the bed, his cock was already hard. We laid down and I started making out with Andy.

Anyway, before long Andy was ready to cum. I told him to cum in my mouth. As I wrapped my mouth around his cock, Andy came. After he pulled his cock out of my mouth, I let his cum and a lot of my saliva pour out of my mouth, making it look like he came a lot and I couldn’t swallow all of it, giving the illusion of a huge cum load.

We got up and they thanked us for the tour and private showing.

I then told Andy that he did shoot a nice load and thanked him for it.

Over the course of a month or so, the platform became a big attraction. Many people would use it for various reasons and I always made sure I at least milked three men a day using the platform.

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