Lip Smackers

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Walking into my bedroom fresh out of the shower, I spotted the package on the floor by my mirror. I knew who it was from. I could smell the scent of your cologne. It filled my senses and stirred excitement from somewhere deep inside of me the moment I entered my room.

Sitting on the floor my towel slipped from around me, ignored, as I tore apart your signature wrapping in a frenzy to see what awaits me inside the box. Three silk bags adorned with different oriental patterns on each one of them lay nestled inside. Each bag is numbered, 1, 2, and 3.

Number 1 contained a butterfly gemstone waist chain with a note that read, “Wear this around your waist for the rest of the day.” The next bag filled with two tubes of lip gloss, contained a note that read, “Be creative with these.” The third bag held a micro cassette recorder with a note instructing me to turn it on and set it to record immediately. After I turned the recorder on I placed it beside me and returned to the note, the next thing I read is your request that I free my mind letting go of any inhibitions, be ultra slutty and get it all on tape.

I smile as I turn on the tape recorder. ” I am always more than pleased to describe for you, share with you my slutty solo performances. I know you really just want details about me playing with my pretty little pussy.” bahis firmaları Lust drips from every word I speak out loud. I move the box aside quietly and carefully so not to disturb the cassette recorder.

I run my hands over my chest. “Cupping my breasts I am able to snake out my tongue for a sweet taste of my own, Mmm.” Reaching for a lip gloss I uncover it, running it over my nipple, covering it in shimmering _mocha fudge. “You told me to be creative. The aureola of each breast is now covered in a light brown tint from the gloss. My nipples harden as I pinch them between my fingers. Watching my tongue lick my own flesh is turning me on, making my pussy wet.”

Looking at the bags I frown slightly. “I didn’t exactly follow your orders the way you instructed.” Reaching for the butterfly waist chain, I clasp it around my waist. The cool feel of the chain weighs on me, as thoughts of me being punished or reveling in your pleasure with my creativity run through my mind.

Leaning back against my bed frame, I spread my legs far apart in front of the full-length mirror. “I can see myself in the mirror, I have the perfect view of my body, with a close up of my shaved pussy. My hands caress my stomach working lower to my mound with the palm of my hand. The puffy smooth outer lips of my pussy fascinate me. It appears the more kaçak iddaa aroused I am the more pink and swollen they become. I gently part my soft folds with my fingertips. Oh, a rosier shade of pink on my tender insides. So wet, slick with excitement. I rub my fingers slowly up and down the length of my slit, imagining it is the head of your prick teasing me. Dipping my middle finger into the depth of my heat, God it feels so good, so tight…aching, craving more and more for your cock inside of me.”

“I’ve got an idea! Carefully I break the tip off my bottle of lip gloss. Generously coating my hand and fingers with this sweet warm and slick confection, I rub it all over my mound, insides of my thighs, and all over my pussy. I’ve created my own hot oil massage. My hips thrust forward pressing into my fingers working in a circular motion. My little clit is hard and swollen to twice its normal size, From this view I can see it throbbing, aching for your mouth to suck on it. God I want to fuck you. I want to feel each one of your long fingers inserted inside of me, filling me, fucking my tight little pussy, and covering your fingers in my cream. Then I want each one of your fingers sliding into my mouth for me to suck clean. I…want … to…fuck… YOU!

Oh baby, it’s amazing to watch myself on the edge of an exploding orgasm. kaçak bahis The sweat beads forming on my face, my chest, my thighs, and my stomach. My mouth is open, gasping and moaning with a sigh … wishing my mouth was filled with your cock. Pressing down, rubbing my clit with my thumb and thrusting my fingers into my hot sex, I want to cum. I stop pulling at my nipple long enough to grab for the other tube of gloss, this one is thicker and longer…Bending my knees to my chest I part my lips and thrust it inside my pussy. The entire tube of gloss with my pussy clenching around its length, I pump my hips up and down feeling the bottle slide in and out. I can see from the reflection in the mirror, the mixture of my juices and gloss coating my hands, dripping down my thighs. My eyes flutter as I feel the intense shockwaves rising to the surface. Aaah that’s it I’m gonna fucking cum…Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Watching my body convulsing in the mirror, I cum so hard the bottle squirts from my pussy on to the floor with my wetness splashing all over my hands and thighs. Oh how I wish it was you stroking your cock and splashing your hot cum all over my body.” I collapse to the floor in a pool of my satisfied efforts. With my body pliant…I look up to see you staring back at me in the reflection and you are more than pleased with my completion of your assignment.

”Have you been there the entire time watching me?”

A Special thank you to the following people, Kalypso my Dedicated and Patient Editor, My Muse who allows me to share our experiences with other’s.

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