Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 05

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Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who has been watching the wrestling tournament on Friday evening. The university gym is packed with a lot of fans. Ling looks through her tiny binoculars at the floor competition. There have been several wrestling matches going on at the same time. She’s dressed in a tight college t-shirt and jeans. Her long black hair is hanging loose whose lips are painted with red lip-stick.

Her eyes follow a wrestler from a visiting team. She whispers, “My goodness, what a great competitor.”

His name is Connor (19 yrs.) who stands at 5’6″ and weighs 141 lbs. He has light blue eyes with golden brown hair. The guy has no big muscles, but has a lot of speed on the mat. Ling notices that he has a body-tan which gives him a dark sexy look. That excites her.

Connor wins his wrestling match and knows it before he’s declared the winner. His hand unstraps the head gear as he breathes hard. He walks in a circle and then stands by the referee. His hand is raised as the winner who quickly walks off the gym floor.

Inside the locker-room. Connor had quickly stripped naked who stands in line for the weight machine. Coach Carey wipes Connor’s sweaty body with a towel. Down from his head, to shoulders, back, Pendik Escort butt-cheeks and his legs. He finally steps onto the machine and raises his hands into the air. His weight is recorded and he steps off.

Minutes later after a shower. Connor sits naked on a bench in front of his locker. The towel lays over his left thigh while he looks down at the floor. There is loneliness in his blue eyes. Coach sits next to him and hands over a note.

He says, “Connor, your first fan. Her name is Ling and she’s a hot Asian babe.”

Connor looks at the iPhone number, “Is she really hot coach?”

Coach smiles while nodding his head, “She’s tall too. She might be worth the climb.”

Connor replies, “I don’t know coach. I’m always too short.”

“Come on, you might get laid. She likes you enough, to give you her number” coach says as he pats Connor on the shoulder. He smiles, stands up and walks away.

It’s late Friday night inside Ling’s Hotel room. The big screen TV plays WWE wrestling. The volume is turned down real low. The lights are off except from that TV screen.

Connor is naked who lays back onto the bed. His knees dangle off the bed. His hands grip the bed sheets. Ling is also naked who kneels in between Kurtköy Escort his legs. Her hair is tied into a loose ponytail.

Her red lips cover his 6-inch cock. Those lips slowly move all the way down his shaft into a deep throat. Her lips touch his brown crotch. She slowly moves back up, but keeps her mouth over his cock-tip.

Her tongue licks him real hard.

Connor looks down as his stomach quivers who breathes hard. He responds, “My… God… G-God… Oh… God!”

Her tongue licks him faster and then in circles.

“God… L-Ling… Oh, my God!!” he screams.

She lifts her mouth off and whispers, “Hold it Connor. Hold it baby.”

He breathes hard, “Oh-Okay… Okay… I-I’m trying!!”

Her lips cover his cock-tip again and she slide’s it down his shaft again. She clamps those lips tightly as they touch his crotch once more.

Connor’s lower back pushes off the bed. He says, “G-God… Can’t hold it… I’m Cumming!!”

Ling’s fingers gently squeeze his round balls as her mouth gulps him down inside her throat.

Connor explodes, “G-GODD…! HUH-GODD!!”

She swallows his load as he collapses back onto the bed.

15 minutes later. The TV still plays WWE wrestling with Tuzla escort no sound. All the lights are turned on.

The naked bodies of Ling and Connor are on top of the bed. She’s laying on her back with the black hair spread over the pillow. Both her knees are bent upward and spread apart. She looks up into his blue eyes. He’s on top in between her legs. His hands are placed under her open arms with his elbows locked. He is also staring into her eyes while his cock is buried inside her black pussy.

Connor has pushed all the way in with his brown crotch hitting her blackness. He thrusts at a steady pace.

His blue eyes never leave hers, “My, God.. Ling.. G-God.. Thank.. You!”

Her tits jiggle after each thrust.

She still looks into his eyes, “Con-nor.. Uunh.. Unh.. Con-nor!!”

Her right hand reaches up and her fingers slide into his mouth. He looks down at her jiggling tits and keeps thrusting.

Connor grunts while his lips clamp down on her fingers, “Mmm.. Mmmm.. Mm!!”

“Con-nor.. Con-nor..!” she says.

His cock pushes in one last time and he stops.

He explodes, “Mmmmmm.! Mmmmm.!” His lips still hold her fingers inside his mouth.

Both of their eyes meet again. She smiles, “I love your eyes Connor.”

His lips drop her fingers and replies, “I love your big bush.”

They both laugh as he pulls out his cock. He climbs off the bed and his hand yanks off the condom. He strides toward the bathroom as she watches his tanned butt-cheeks.

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