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LindaLindaThis mostly true story happened some years ago at a place of employment. Its something that happened but was not planned (at least on my part). Have you ever met someone for the first time, and after just a few minutes it was like they were your soul mate for a long time? This is one of those stories. I was a supervisor in charge of a small group and we assembled and tested engineering samples for a medium sized electronics company. There was myself, as group leader; another technician, and Linda, the assembler. There were others in the group for logistics, and documentation, however, their work stations was in a different area that was in cubical world (as we called it).Myself. I was a nerd when younger. I really did not start dating until I was 18. My family was poor, and I could not bring myself to ask a girl out and take a bus…… Physically: I was 32 yrs old, 5’7, about 140#, in fairly good shape, but not muscle ripped, short dark hair. One word: average. When younger, I had coke bottle glasses. I bought soft contact lenses a few years before this story and was told by many that it made me good looking. Even some women came on to me, but I don’t kiss and tell. I was very happily married, had a 10 yr old daughter, and satisfied at home, both physically and psychologically. This says I was not looking for strange stuff.Linda was hired to replace another assembler who resigned to be a housewife with a k** coming due. She was chosen by myself and my directors over three others because of her skills in assembly. Physically, 5’5, very thick dark shoulder length curly hair, “B” (calibrated eyes on my part), somewhat thick in the middle, but it was tomboyish muscle, not fat. Mentally: a laid back southern redneck. Personality: plays well with the others. This last thing is important, because our work area was about the size of a one-car garage. This is what impressed me.She was married, however, her man, Bobby, was unemployed. No c***dren, She was 39 yrs old. They lived in a mobile home, which looked like it had been there in the park for many years, but the park and the inside were clean. They had only one vehicle which looked like a left over from the van craze of the 1970s, you know: inside was paneled and had shag carpeting glued over, convertible sleeping space over the rear wheel wells, and a stereo with 6 speakers. It broke down frequently and since her trailer was on my way to the work, I picked her up and dropped her off many times. I wished Bobbie would get a job so I would know what he was unemployed as…..She was in the department a year and we did lunch a few times, but nothing which could be construed as friends with benefits… I had a saying. “He who screws around under the company tree may wind up being hung from it.” Around thanksgiving time, there were strong rumors of a company wide downsizing ( layoff). I went to my manager and asked. He swore me to secrecy, and said “Yes somethings going on. The VP of engineering told me to rank my employees to make the decision of who and how many easier. Don’t worry, you are safe.” I asked: “who and how many?”“the technician and maybe more, and that is all I can say”About the beginning of December, I got a call from a man who worked for me a while back and he was employed at a competitor. He said they have an opening for an electronics lab manager, with 10 employee-technicians at his place, and bahis firmaları wondered if I am interested. I said “Fill me in.” He went on how they had a lot of contracts and were busy, and the pay, well, was 1 ½ times what I made. So I took him a resume on the way home. Long story short, the employer and I like what we saw in each other and I was hired to start the first week of the year. We did all the paperwork, and since I already had a security clearance, getting me cleared was done over the phone. My present company had a mandatory shut down from Dec 24 thru new years. They were good with employees vacations, and even a 1st year employee got 2 weeks. The last day of working, we had our customary Christmas party and the company had a rule about buying gifts for the managers and such. In some areas this would be called “brown nosing” or even “bribing”. You see, when under a govt contract (or subcontract) you must abide by THEIR rules, in addition to the company’s. Not only can you be “fired”, but in extreme cases, actually imprisoned. That morning I told my director and gave notice. He asked me not to say anything to the others before I left today. I agreed. I was liked and it would have changed the mood of the party.The company let us out at noon with pay. Linda asked for a ride home. I said sure. On the way out, I stopped at a wash sink behind a walled office to wash my hands, and she was behind me. She said “I might as well give you your present now.” I turned around, and was pushed up against the wall, with her tongue kissing and rubbing her pussy against my dick. I said “are you OK?”She said never better, and fingered my package. I said “let’s continue this outside.” I straightened my shirt and we were to my car. I drove her to her trailer which was only about 10 minutes away, and upon getting there she said “Bobbie is not home, he went to visit his useless relatives. Won’t be back till dark. Want some spiked egg nog?”I said “only a small amount I am driving.” She got the drinks and sat next to me. She puts her hand on my leg, just above the knee, and rubs up and down slowly. I was getting stimulated. Then I said “There something we need to talk about.” and quickly withdrew her hand.I said “Not that. I was asked by the management not to say anything at work so I want to tell you this in person now. You must keep this quiet.” She shook her head yes, “There is going to be a company wide layoff in January. I received a job offer out of the blue from [the other manufacturing company] which had more benefits and a lot more pay. A this time I can’t take you with me, however, I think that by me leaving, I save the technician and your job. I feel I am loosing a friend here, although we never got it on, we could talk about anything and were kind of soul mates.”She said “I also heard the rumors, but was afraid to ask. Thank you for telling me. I fully understand that you could not have answered that question before this. Now that is finished, let’s continue with giving you a present. Since I don’t have money to buy a gift, and that its against rules, but now that you don’t work here anymore…” She then turns on the couch and is sitting on my lap with her knees along the outside of my legs and her pussy planted on my hardening dick. She says “somebody down there likes me.”I said “I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but is everything all right kaçak iddaa with you and Bobbie?”She said “No. I had enough of that lazy good for nothing asshole. He has not worked in 2 years. He has a drinking problem, too. I am planning a divorce next year. We haven’t had sex in 6 months.”“I see. Let me ask this. Is your plan to loose him and latch onto me?”“Hell no. you have a good thing going that way, and I will nit get in the middle of it. I have someone else in mind but I want to get the paperwork done before I get with him. If you want, we can do each other here, one time, and nothing more. I just need to be loved and cared for even for a little while.”“OK I think we both can handle that.” We finished our drinks right then and just stood there waiting for the other one to start. She had on a sweat shirt and loose fitting jeans. This is what she and a lot of other women working there had on. Off comes her sweat shirt and she gets up a bit and presents her back to me saying “remove the bra, please.”At this point, I have never seen her any anything less than the fore mentioned outfit. So I had a view of her back, and popped the catch on her bra. She had tomboyish round shoulders, and a V shaped back. The back muscles were smooth but not weightlifter ripped. She turned to me with her very firm “B” cup tits in my face and I sloppily kissed a nipple, and she moaned. I unbuttoned my shirt and it went over my head on top of her sweatshirt, She unbuckled my belt, popped the snap and the zipper, and takes my pants and boxers to the floor, and I kicked off my loafers. I did the same to her jeans and panties. Her front view was very smooth, and practically no fat. Round but muscular hips and legs, and a somewhat thick but strong waist. She saw me staring and said “Like what you see?”“Yes, a lot.”“I was raised as a farm girl. I have 5 brothers and no sisters, and was expected to do chores along with the boys. Being on a farm, and working physical, there is no room for fat. After I left I kept myself up. Most men are turned off by women’s muscles. You don’t seem to mind. Why?”“The men who are turned off are not secure with themselves. So a woman who appears stronger intimidates them, because they don’t feel in charge. They want small, submissive and cute girls. You know, Bimbos.” We both laughed.Continuing on:“I did not date until I was 18. There was a girl in our class who was the most popular, and very beautiful. Slim, great hair and smart. She was 5-11, and quite taller than me. I asked her out to the senior prom. She accepted immediately. I was a nerd with heavy glasses. Once there, I took them off. I now wear some heavy contact lenses now. I was amazed she agreed so fast. I commented, and she said ‘My height with the fact that I am popular makes most guys afraid to ask be out for fear of getting rejected and having their buddies tease them. You are the only one who asked me. Thank you.” “This carries on to you. You dress and act like one of the boys. Try wearing a dress sometimes. Act a bit more feminine, like if someone hold a door for you smile and say thank you. Actually, watch Rosie. She has this down to an art.”“OK. I see. Lets fuck.”She pushed me down on the bed, and my dick was already hard, so she goes down on me and takes it into her mouth. She worked it up, down, sideways and what not. I came after a few minutes into her mouth. She swallowed it kaçak bahis all and said “You taste better…” Then clamped her hand over her mouth. I rolled her over on her back and pushed her legs apart and said “Your turn.” She got this look on her face. I said “You will like it.”I first fingered her a bit and massaged her pussy lips and then rubbed her clit. This cause a long low moan and some dribbling of love juice from her. I then went down on her. She made this unrecognizable sound which said “what the F?” I kept licking and sucking in her and then took her expanding clit in my mouth and sucked it. She said “Oh, my God”, and the moaning and flow increased. While doing this, I slid two fingers in her love hole and fished around for her “G” spot. I knew I found it when she pulled a throw pillow over her mouth, screamed into it, and a gush of love juice onto my face. Mobile homes are very sound conductive so not to have others hear it.She said “Holy shit, I have had two orgasms and second one was the best I have ever had. You haven’t even put it in me yet. No other man has done that to me.”I said “there’s more where that came from. Are you trying to tell me you have never had oral done to you before?”“I had a couple of guys before marrying Bobbie. All of them would finger me, stick it in with them on top, go for 5 to 10 minutes, cum, roll off and go to sleep. If I suggested me on top, they yelled at me.”I rolled over so I was on my back, with my still hard dick straight up. I said “Linda, you are on top GO FOR IT. Please, lets start this gently and carefully.”She gets this big smile. She puts her arms and legs in a position so her dripping pussy is near my dick’s helmet. She says “ready?” I nodded yes. She took hold of my dick and adjusted to center the helmet of her love hole, then slowly lowered herself smoothly until it was all the way in. She said “I like this. You are showing me what I am missing. Do you have an unmarried brother for me?”I laughed and said “only c***d, sorry”She worked me and had a couple of more orgasms and then I came into her. We lay there for a while in the afterglow. I said “I really have to go home now. Are we still good with each other? There’s not going to be problems after this?”“I am keeping my word. One time only. I will say this. You showed what I am looking for if I marry again.”“You mean – – someone with a job?” We both laughed. “That too. You are out to please the woman, not just get your rocks off”“Ain’t that why its called making love?”“ Now I see why you and [your wife] are so happy with each other.”I asked Linda to mention my leaving to certain people when she returned. When I got home, my wife asked if I resigned and parted ways without burning the bridge? “Yes, I did.” She said “Good, in case the new job doesn’t work out.”There was a layoff the next week. I though it was kind of low when employees returned from Christmas/new years break and 40 employees were herded into the meeting room and gang laid off out of their jobs, thru no fault of their own. None on my old group, due to the vacancy I created. She stayed there thru that and another one in June. Next year at years end, the company declared bankruptcy. She called me and I told her to put in an application and put me down as a reference. She did and was hired, along with her new husband, who was also an assembler. He seemed a bit “quiet” for her, but who am I to judge. She did not tell him about us, and I certainly did not.Years later, I retired from the new company. I had some promotions and made good money. It was so nice to work for a company who had their act together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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