Lilly – Coming of age part 4

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Lilly – Coming of age part 4May 2007Lilly had just forteen the week before and she was happy. Her Dad had agreed to paint over the Unicorn and rainbow walls over her room as a present. The problem was, the smell of latex paint made her gag. So with the May evening hinting at summer, she had grabbed her sleeping bag and headed out to the hammock that was strung between the garage and big oak in the back yard. It was in the shadow of the garage and she had always liked “camping” there.Her brother Larry, who had just finished his sophomore year at college gave her a gift to. It was a series of 60 pictures he had taken of her a couple years ago. She was stripping for him! He had developed them himself and put them into an album. In the back of the album was a strip of 12 condoms as well!The year he was a senior, they had “discovered each other” sexually. They never went all the way, but… They did everything except fuck. Then the night before he left for college, Lilly had heard a quiet knock on her door and Larry had quietly snuck in and for the first time they actually fucked. He was her first, she was not his. It had not been a bad experience, just one that had left Lilly wondering what the big deal was. For her money and time she would just rather 69!!!She had had a few boy friends since then, but most of them did not get more than to feel up her nice firm tits or slide a finger into her pants on a bus ride or at a movie. When Larry came home at the end of that first year of college, he was certain he had found “THE GIRL” so he had almost ignored Lilly. In a lot of ways, Lilly had been wounded to her heart. She knew that they were not going to be long-term lovers and yet she had always imagined when he came home they would pick up where that last night had ended. It had not.That was why his gift had left her mind spinning and she was glad to be out of the house. A couple of his buddies had come home with him to spend a few days before they went their way for the summer and the testosterone was raging as they downed beer after beer. At first Lilly had thought she was just imagining leering eyes following her around the house. They were just probably just being their normal college frat boy selves and she was not used to it. Still, she was glad to throw her pillow and sleeping bag into the hammock and there in the shadows, away from the roaming eyes of her brother’s friends, she took her bra off, put it in a bag she had brought out and climbed into bed in just a short, thin pair of panties and a tee shirt.She was not certain what time it was when she awoke, but it was definitely in the middle hours of the night and she had to pee. The air was warm and muggy and she was feeling a little naughty anyway so she slid out of her sleeping bag and made her way to the house without bothering with her bra or even putting on her short shorts.She could hear her brother and the other three guys with him laughing. They were watching some sort of movie. She was a little disappointed. In her own mind she was not a k** anymore and her brother did not really live there either. Yet she was the one sleeping outside while they had a party. She quietly walked through the kitchen to the hallway bath and let her anger stew. She felt like she should give them a piece of her mind and really tell them off, but she was afraid she would burst out in tears so, she cleaned herself up, washed her hands and started back out to the hall and to her bed for the night, now angry at herself for not having the balls to go tell her brother off.She was almost to the back door when a big shadow fell over the room and she turned to see Derek in the doorway. He was from the Ivory Coast of Africa and when Lilly first saw him she had stood in awe. He was a few inches taller than 6 foot and as broad as her Dad, and yet he was skinny. It was almost as if he had been put into a press and flattened front to back. “Hey there, little Lilly you don’t have to run out of here.” He slurred some of his words so much that Lilly was certain he was either drunk or high or both.He stepped casino siteleri into the kitchen toward the refrigerator and grabbed a can out of the lit interior as she watched. The back lighting showed that he was not quite flat up and down. He had a rather significant bulge in the front of his shorts!!! Lily licked her lips, but decided she had better make an exit anyway. “Hey, you want the first sip of my beer? If you won’t come out and watch with me, at least I can put my lips over where you put yours on the can and imagine.” He smiled at her and the fact that she was a freshman in high school and he was in college was not lost on Lilly! Her face flushed and then she walked toward him as he opened the can and turned it toward her with a big smile.He held the can to her lips and she giggled. She lightly took hold of his wrist and was only vaguely aware of his other hand going behind her to the small of her back. She started with what she thought was going to be a sip, but then she saw his smile broaden as he poured more and more beer into her mouth, holding her in place. When she stopped swallowing, the beer poured over her lips and throat and soaked the front of her, running down to the floor as he refused to stop pouring.‘My, my, it looks like I got your shirt all wet! I’m sorry.” He had turned her so that she was now penned between the kitchen counter and his big frame. She started to demand to know what the hell he thought he was doing when he leaned down and put his big, dark lips over hers and pressed his lean, hard body against hers. Her struggle finished in seconds as his hands lit fires on her flesh and his lips on hers subdued her every thought.Derek easily picked his friend’s sister up and put her on the counter and stepped up between her knees. He sucked the alcohol and licked her flesh as his lips moved from hers to her jaw line, down her neck until her found that spot where her neck and torso join and any touches somehow seems erogenous. Her moan let him know what he had found and his fingers slowly began raising her shirt, letting her know what he wanted! He dropped her dripping shirt into the sink and resumed his sampling of her flesh. She wrapped her hands around the back of his head. His touch, his lips, his hands his whole approach were all so different from anything she had ever experienced. He was smooth and took his time, allowing his lips or fingers to linger on those places where she responded and soon she was squirming to his every touch! Her juices was almost flowing out of her and he had not moved a finger below her waistline… at least not yet!Lilly leaned back and his mouth travelled down to her breasts. She closed her eyes and shuddered as his lips pulled on her and his tongue flickered over nipple. She wanted to die right then. Nothing could ever feel better! As his teeth lightly pulled on her flesh and she felt him humming into her flesh it was like he had touched her with an electrical current.Light flashed in her eyes and for a moment she thought it was her body’s response to the overwhelming sensations flooding through her brain. But then she heard someone saying, “Shit! Larry, guys… You better come see what Derek found. I’m thinking it’s a hell of a lot better than that porno!” Lilly’s eyes flew open and she saw Larry’s short friend with the blonde hair who reminded her of Barney Rubble, standing in the doorway, dressed only in boxers and sporting a nice tent pole in the front of his boxers. Larry and the other guy that was staying the night suddenly appeared, each also nearly naked and very hard!“Sorry Larry, but your sister is beautiful.” Derek let his hand fall down the sides of Lilly’s flesh and she looked down at how those big hands looked as if they could almost reach around her legs! And thumbs were perilously close to her panties. Then her eyes saw the big, uncut black dick that he had at some point pulled out of his shorts. The shaft was black as night, with the helmet poking up a shade between pink and red and quite shiny with lube.“Guys stop. She’s just a k**. Lillie, get canlı casino whatever you came in for and go back outside.” Larry said as he looked her straight in the eye.Lillie reached between her legs and pulled the gusset of her panty to the side. Then without saying a word and before anyone else could either, she grabbed Derek’s cock and slid the first couple of inches of it into her as she pulled him into her. She looked up at the shocked expression on Derek’s face and said, “He told me to get what I came in for. I came in to get fucked! You get to be first!”Derek picked Lillie up off of the counter and slowly lowered her tight runner’s body onto his hips and slowly lowered her to completely being impaled upon his cock. Lilly saw the other two friends grab her brother and jokingly shove him back and forth. One of them said something like, “Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn!” Lillie looked over at them and said, “He already has! And if he is a good big brother I might give him the best fuck of his life!”The party quickly moved back to the family room. An orgy of epic proportions was on the 56” TV and Derek set her down in front of the and turned her to face the back of the couch as “Barney Rubble” went around to the back of the couch and pulled out his hard white circumcised and slapped it on the top of the back cushion. Lillie climbed up on the couch and grabbed Barney’s cock while shaking her ass at the guys behind her. Derek did not give the other two a chance as he needed to finish what he began!So it was that Lillie began her first ever gangbang with a cock in her mouth and one in her twat while a guy sat on either side of her stroking themselves as they touched and felt her as they also told her in the most crude and vulgar ways what a fucking good little whore she was and how much they liked using little fuck sluts and filling them up with seed! Silently she thanked her lucky stars that her dad had agreed to put her on the pill a few months earlier. Otherwise, she knew she would never really know who the father of her first c***d would have been!Trying describe all of it was impossible. Lillie had never had a dick or anything else inside of her as long as Derek and his prick were and she could literally feel him moving her internal organs around as he drove his spike over and over again so very deeply. Likewise, “Barney’s” bald circumcised dick was the first she had ever touched and feeling the way it seemed to be wrapped so much more tightly within its flesh meant she felt the velvety texture of his veins, the contours of the shaft and the ridge of his cock head so much more than either of the boys she had dated or Larry.Larry reached over and felt her tits as they hung beneath her, but soon stopped. His other friend made up for it though. He wound up lying on his back and grabbing a pillow to lift his shoulder up so he could suck on her nipples as they swung and jumped with Derek’s every thrust!Derek came all too soon and the moment he pulled out, “Barney” hustled around to fill her pussy with his cock. For a minute Lillie was able to simply focus on him entering her pussy and with him being shorter, he was touching other parts of her tender flesh, lighting anew her waves of pleasure as they built toward a huge orgasm. Her eyes flew open as he slapped her bottom once, twice and then over and over again before grabbing her ass and running the tip of his thumb across her puckered asshole. She closed her eyes tightly for a few minutes trying to focus on the pleasure of the guy sucking on her tits and the dick in her cunt so she was surprised when something was in front of her and touched the side of her face, leaving it wet.She looked up and saw Derek’s ebony body before her, his thick trouser snake, soft, gleaming and subdued in front of her. “You caused me to defile my member in your body, you must now clean it with your mouth!” He smiled and the other guys laughed. Larry said, “Bullshit!” but it did not matter to Lillie. She eagerly grabbed his cock and stuffed all of it into her mouth, noisily and eagerly kaçak casino sucking on him to help her forget the thumb probing for entrance into her ass.Fortunately, “Barney” lost his control within less than 5 minutes of entering Lillie. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had experienced and was now simply riding a continuous wave of sexual euphoria like none she had ever read about. As her throbbing sex was emptied she felt her legs turning to nothing and she crumbled and fell sideways onto Larry’s lap. “If you want, I can stop this.” He whispered into her ear as two loads of cum ran out of her pussy across her ass and onto his thigh. She smiled at her brother and whispered, “I want your cock harder than it’s ever been. Because once I get one more load, I want you to fuck my ass as a grand finale!”The last friend had just sat up on the couch and was considering his options when Lillie pushed herself up off her brother and put her ass up high on his chest before slowly sliding her hips down his torso and then aiming his throbbing cock at her dripping cunt.Lillie had never felt like such a whore before. She felt like one of the women in the magazines her father hid from her. She felt alive and like every nerve in her body was lit on fire with a sexual need and energy more powerful than the sun! She easily took length of this third dick in her and she ground herself against him. Derek leaned over the top of her and kissed her ferociously as his hands and those of the guy fucking her squeezed, slapped, pulled and slapped her tits into red flaming mounds of super sensitive flesh! She bit her lip wondering if there was a whip or a flogger in the house to truly send her into the stratosphere!Then, to her surprise, Larry was on all fours next to her and he laid his face on her belly and she felt his breath on her pussy! She knew what he was doing and could not believe it until she felt his tongue at the top of her slit even as she was being fucked from behind and below! Her fingers wound through his hear and pressed him face first over top of her sex and she began erupting in an orgasm that destroyed reality. The only things that continued to exist was the burning sensations of her nipples, a rhythmic pounding into the core of her body and her brother sucking on her clit, flicking his tongue over her as he always had, sending avalanches of uncontrollable pleasure through her, destroying all in its path!She found herself kissing one mouth and stroking cocks and not even really being aware of who was who or caring. Her mind was shutting down and barely registered when a cock erupted across her face and another shot cum across her tits. The constant banging deep inside of her slowed and then there were replaced by a grunt, a yell and a hard thrust that caused her to nearly gush.She felt Larry lifting her up and she looked at him and smiled. “Your turn, Big Brother.” He wiped her face and smiled. “I already came on you. Twice.” He carried her back the hall through her room. It still smelled of paint but not so bad. He put her in the tub and ran warm water into it before turning the overhead shower on with a soft, warm flow.She was starting to feel everything including pain as she looked up in concern at her brother. “What happened?”“I was hoping you could tell me. At some point last night you checked out. You kept moving, kept fucking and sucking but, right after I came in your ass I knew you were not you. So about 20 minutes ago we realized something was not good and we stopped but….You just laid there, not really asleep but not awake either. So I brought you back here.”“So did you get to fuck me?”Larry chuckled. “Twice. And you did all of the other guys a lot more! It was about two maybe two and half hours of you sucking fucking and jerking every dick in the room! I think the guys might wake up just in time to go the airport tonight at 6:00 to fly out to Mexico.”Lillie sat back in the warm water. Nearly every part of her body was starting to ache including her mind. She gave Larry a smile blew him a kiss and then asked him to close the door on his way out.————————-For those of you wanting to know more about Lillie I suggest you ask.Leave a comment or a vote or both.I need to find out from her some more details about what happened next……

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