Lifeguard 2: Chapters 7 , 8

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Chapter 37 PM. Frank took an Uber to the restaurant. Atelier was located in a boutique hotel that in itself was a hot place. Frank walked in the front door. He was about 5’9” tall, broad-shouldered from wrestling, and maintaining his fitness so even at almost fifty years old, he still looked like an athlete. He didn’t look his age either. His new suit, shirt and cufflinks were an extravagance he hoped would appeal to a certain woman and made him brim with confidence. He looked good, he felt good.He walked to the restaurant. The Maître d’ asked for his name and once Frank said his name, Phillipe replied, “Mr. Johnson we are so glad to have you dine with us tonight. Alex has already called to say he’d be a few minutes late, but asked that you be seated as champagne is already on the table to be served.”  With that, he was escorted through the restaurant. Atelier was a beautiful and understated experience. The tables were not very close together so it lent a certain privacy to each table. Phillipe walked slowly as he was repeatedly being greeted by the diners. He was obviously popular. Frank didn’t mind the slow walk to the table as he saw some really marvelous-looking women, some who even gave Frank an appraising glance. For some reason, Frank liked that.Finally, they were at the table. There was a step up to a very intimate small table that had four chairs and a crystal vase with a bottle of Dom Perignon on ice. Phillipe pulled Frank’s chair out, handed him his rich linen napkin as he sat down, then deftly reached over, pulled the chilled Dom out of the vase, quickly opened it and poured a glass for him to taste. Frank sniffed the bubbly contents, then slowly sipped the small amount in the glass. He smiled and said, “Phillipe, has there ever been a bad bottle of Dom?” Phillipe poured a glassful and smiled and said, “Alas it does happen ever so often, but not tonight. Cheers!”Frank then had a chance to survey the room. He realized that this specific table was the place to see and to be seen. The surrounding walls were well padded and obviously intended to soundproof what people were saying inside of the cocoon. Frank was impressed.He took a few more sips of the bahis şirketleri Dom or the “YUM” as Frank liked to think of this overrated, pricey and wonderful libation. Once the engineering business was well established his wife and he used to celebrate with a bottle. Frank gave an inaudible gasp as he thought about his wife. But for some reason at this time he didn’t tear up. Instead, he lifted up his glass, looked up and said, “Love you, babe.”Shortly, Frank noticed a commotion on the floor. Sweeping into the dining floor were the unmistakable profiles of Alex, Caley, and Jill. They were making very slow progress getting to their table as all three were being greeted and hugged and kissed at almost every table they passed. It was almost like they were movie stars. All three of them. They were all strikingly handsome or beautiful depending on your point of view. And as well they seemed to be genuine and genuinely liked. Jill kept looking over at Frank as they made slow progress. She even gave him a small wave. Frank felt an electricity that such a beautiful person even noticed him. He gulped a bit.Finally, they broke free and went directly to the table. Caley was the first one to greet Frank who had stood up to greet the group. Caley was even taller with her high heels and was beautifully attired in a simple silk dress with a v-shaped neckline. Her hug was tender, her kisses on his cheek divine. Oh, she smelled good. Alex was next and he gave Frank a hearty handshake and then a hug. He was wearing a great-looking suit and simple check shirt. Elegant. Lastly was Jill. “God, she is beautiful.” Frank thought. He turned to greet her not knowing exactly if the chemistry from the night before would carry through to the next day. She reached out and pulled him close to her with her head on his chest and he engulfed her with a hug. A few seconds after she pulled back and kissed him on the lips. Not a peck, a full-on, “We’re adults and I like to kiss.” Frank reacted immediately with a huge hardon. He struggled and started to move around so she couldn’t feel it, instead Jill pulled him even tighter. From there he didn’t even try to hide the effect Jill had on him.Slowly, bahis firmaları they pulled apart, Jill holding his hand. He pulled out her chair so she could sit down and he awkwardly got into his seat as his boner was not subsiding.He looked up and Alex and Caley were watching the entire event. Alex said quietly, “Jill has that effect on some men.”Caley hit him on the arm and giggled.Alex turned to Caley and then said, “Don’t do that, you have the same effect!” and he kissed her.Everyone laughed and Frank’s boner was soon forgotten and everyone moved on to other topics.A waiter named Jacques arrived and made sure they were all served champagne. He carried on a lively discussion with Alex, Caley, and Jill as they all seemed to know each other. He started to tell them what was available tonight on the menu, when Caley interrupted, “Jacques, please just have Chef serve us what he would like us to have tonight.” She turned to Frank and asked him, “Is that okay with you Frank?” Frank couldn’t imagine anything being better than that and so he agreed wholeheartedly. Then Caley added, “Once Chef has chosen what he wants to serve, have the sommelier bring his wine suggestions since that will be so much fun to see how they’ll pair up.”Jill said quickly, “Oh that will be fun.”Jacques expressed his pleasure at being able to do this for the table. After Jacques left, Alex piped in, “Frank you know a little bit about me but I’m not sure you got to know Caley or Jill all that well, so if I may?”Frank agreed for him to proceed of course.“I met Caley the summer after I graduated from high school. I saw her, I instantly fell in love with her and I asked her to marry me shortly after. Caley is a few years older than me so Caley was already headed to law school at Georgetown and now is in practice with her mother representing athletes, models, musicians, artists, rap stars, and other celebrities. I got my Master’s in Computer Science at UVA but spent most of my time in DC with Caley. We took some law courses together. I was focused on the legal side of cyber security and it’s amazing how much our practice overlaps with protecting the brands for people Caley represents. kaçak bahis siteleri You know how Feldman works for your company, just think if we had an individual whose likeness, ability, and money-making potential are destroyed by bad actors out there. Working with Caley and her mother on protecting those rights has been fascinating.”“I met Jill when I joined the swimming team as a sixteen-year-old kid. She was so beautiful. Listening to my parents, they said I followed her around like a puppy dog for years. I was always in love with her. I will always be in love with her.”Just after he said that Caley leaned over and kissed Alex.Frank was getting a bit nervous about the direction of this conversation when Jill squeezed his hand and looked over at him. He melted at her smile.“I don’t know if Jill told you, but she is the principal of the large high school I attended. She’s always giving back. She just loves kids, even goofballs like me. Now it looks like she’s going to progress to Superintendent for a larger school system just outside of DC.”Beautiful, sexy, giving, smart and successful… that totally makes sense Frank is thinking to himself. Frank didn’t know what to say. These three obviously had a special relationship. Was it complicated? He didn’t know, but as they talked, the ease with which they shared this, the calmness and love they had for each other was palpable.Frank cleared his throat and said, “So why are you telling me all of this?”Jill squeezed his hand again, and as he turned to look at her, she said, “Frank, I fell in love with you last night. I want to have your babies. You have a choice, but I’d prefer it if you marry me. I’ve never been married. I’ve never wanted to get married until now. As much as Alex loves me and I love him, Caley is the right person for him. So I would understand you may not want to get married to me, but I could tell last night, I wanted you.Frank was shocked. Somehow he kept his composure and looked back at Jill and smiled and added, “Can we wait until after dinner for me to propose? I’m kind of hungry.”He was a very, very smart man.Laughs and a round of “cheers” were shared all around. Frank kissed Jill this time, not waiting for her to kiss him. His heart was fully captured.After that, dinner was a breeze. The food was wonderful. The sommelier choices were perfect. The company at the table was joyful, entertaining, thoughtful and charming.

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