Let’s Go Where No One Can See Us

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*All characters are fictional and over 18 years of age*


Amber tied the complimentary spa robe around her waist and dug into her bag to find her ear buds so she could listen to her playlist while getting a massage, and while in the hot tub or sauna. She found a handful of condoms and a pack of edibles in her bag and chuckled. She always kept some condoms on hand. About once a month or so, she would have a quickie with one of the EMT’s she worked with and was not above a one-night stand if she met some willing guy while drinking or at a concert. She wouldn’t be needing those during her massage, although if her regular masseuse Cheryl ever wanted to give her a happy ending, she’d totally be down, lol. She dropped the rubbers back in her bag, popped an edible in her mouth, and got out the ear buds and her phone and exited the women’s locker room.

Amber went walking through the maze of hallways that made up the spa area of the Rose Valley Resort to the massage area. She really liked this spa for several reasons; discounts to locals, quality masseuse’s, nice steam room, even handed estheticians, and for some reason, the place was a labyrinth. She had read some reviews that skewered the spa for the confusing halls, but Amber liked it. The lighting was on the darker side, and it gave Pam the feeling of what a swanky European bathhouse must be like. Amber herself had no firsthand knowledge of swanky European bathhouses, but just based off movies and novels, this is what she thought it would be like.

Amber also liked this spa because she usually came around 9:30 to noonish on a weekday, usually Wednesday and it was by far the least busy time. The resort was in the middle of turning over most of its guests and so it was easier to get in a massage and a facial and some relatively private time in the saunas and pool. Pam worked swing shifts as an ambulance dispatcher, so mornings and early afternoons were her free time and it worked out perfect for her. She was a BBW that worked every bit of her curves. She was blonde, 5’8″, ‘a lady never says’ lbs. with natural 40 d boobs. She was confident in herself and her body but did prefer to be nude in the sauna when fewer skinny women were around to judge her. Whether they were really judging her or not, Amber still felt more self-conscious with them around. Another bonus of the sparse traffic was she could (and often did) ‘rub one out’ when she had the sauna to herself. She loved how deliciously naughty it was, masturbating in public. She was divorced and currently single with 2 FWB’s with whom booty calls could be made but no real ‘boyfriend’. At 42 years old, she was comfortable and confident in her sexual desires, and did not need validation from a man to feel complete.

It was 9 am on a Wednesday as Amber made her way in her comfy, fluffy white robe down the hall that led past the small pool/hot tub area and locker rooms to the massage check in desk. She wished she was nude under the robe (something so thrilling about walking around so close to being exposed) but she had one a one-piece bathing suit she would shed for her massage. It did create some amazing cleavage for her, a plus, but she found it did tend to creep and made it hard to avoid a camel toe, so she didn’t wear it to beaches or public pools if she could help it. She found it perfect for her trips to the sparsely populated spa to wear under her robe.

As she rounded the last corner before coming to the glass doors of the massage area, she encountered 4 resort employees, 3 management types and one construction foreman, based off their attire. They were gathered discussing work that was to be done and blocking the last 20 feet between Amber and her massage.

“So, this bathroom here is superfluous, really. There are two in the massage area and then facilities in the locker rooms as well as one just off the pool.” A wannabe alpha manager type said as Amber came around the corner. “Clearly we can convert this to storage. Oh, pardon us miss.” He continued as Amber politely made her way past them. The foreman looking fellow hung an out of order sign on the door.

“We can start taking out the fixtures tomorrow” he said.

“Is there going to be some remodeling?” Amber asked.

An administrative assistant type holding a clipboard and making notes answered. “Yes ma’am, but we will be doing our best to minimize the impact to our guests during the construction” she said through a practiced customer service smile.

Amber nodded and walked on. ‘Damn’ she thought ‘I hope it doesn’t change too much. Fuck, I really hope it doesn’t fuck up my monthly spa time!’

She walked the last few feet and went through the double frosted glass doors that said Rose Valley Healing Massage and checked in for her 9:15 massage with Cheryl.


Gary stripped off his boxers and draped them over his sneakers in the locker. He looked around to see if anyone was looking at him as he looked at the swim trucks his girlfriend had bought especially for this trip to the spa. He stood there, nude, trunks in his hand and caught a glimpse bonus veren siteler of himself in the mirror on the wall down the row of lockers. He was overall a modest guy, but if he was being honest, he had to admit he was proud of his body. At 27 he still had pretty much the same body he had in high school, 6’2″, a lean and tightly muscled 190 lbs. with a small bubble butt and a nice thick 9″ hanging between his legs, he knew he had it going on physically. These trunks though, hell, they weren’t the baggy swimming trunks he’d always worn. They weren’t like a speedo, but they were on the tight side. He knew his cock was going to be displayed in these fuckers! At least he had a fancy robe the clerk had given him when they checked in. That would provide him some cover at least.

Gary pulled on his swim trunks and slipped his feet into his sandals. He tried to not keep glancing around the empty locker room so furtively. He felt extremely out of place and was trying to seem like he fit in, but he felt like anyone looking at him could tell he didn’t belong in a nice resort spa. No one had done anything specifically to make him like that, but as a black man, he kind of felt that way almost everywhere there were more white people than black people, and always when he was somewhere more expensive than he could afford. His girlfriend Clarissa had a coupon for half off a mani/pedi/facial package and hounded Gary until he agreed to take her on a day off. This was the last place he wanted to be spending his one day off, but he really wanted Clarissa to just shut up about the spa already. He just wanted to drop her off and pick her up later, but she insisted he come in with her. He didn’t want strangers touching his feet or squeezing his back zits, but he did think the sauna and hot tub would be cool, so he relented. He only had one day off a week between his full-time job at an order fulfillment center plus the part time job he had doing remotes for a local radio station, and this was not his first choice of how to spend it, but since it would make his lady happy, he decided to try and make the best of it.

He pulled on the robe and walked out of the men’s locker room and Clarissa was waiting for him in the common area between the locker rooms. She was a cute young thing, 22-years-old of white/Mexican mix race, a full foot shorter than Gary but she had a wagon full of booty and tits that stood up and said HELLO. They had been dating about 7 months, and Gary was starting to wonder whether the good fucking she had been giving was still worth it, since the hoops he was having to jump through to get it were becoming smaller and smaller. Clarissa was a hottie but becoming a high maintenance hottie.

Clarissa saw him in the robe and sandals and let out a little half disgusted sigh. “Damn Gary, why did you bring those tore up sandals? You have nicer ones!” she said.

“What? These aren’t bad, those others hurt my feet.” He replied.

“Damn. Don’t embarrass me, ok?” She said. “Ok, the salon is on the other side of the check in desk, the sauna and pool is over there (as she pointed behind Gary). You sure you don’t want to come get your feet scrubbed and pampered with me?”

“Nah, fuck that. I don’t like people touching my feet, you know that. I’m going to go for a swim.” He looked around, noticing that he had not seen anyone else since they got there. “Maybe after you’re all pampered, we can get in the hot tub and you can pamper me there, let me feel how soft those hands are, hmm?” he said with a grin and a raised eyebrow as he reached out and gave her boob a little jiggle. Clarissa smacked his hand.

“Fuck Gary, knock it off, don’t act all horny in here and get us kicked out!” she scolded “Aye, fuck, my appointment was 10 and it’s 10:05! I gotta go! She you later baby.” And she turned and sped away leaving Gary standing there seriously reconsidering his current situation. Gary watched her disappear around a corner and went into the pool area.

The hot tub was on the far side of the pool from the entrance he had entered through. He walked over, looked around once more, took off his robe and sandals and slipped into the hot water slowly. Once he adjusted to the heat, he had to admit it felt really damn good. He eased back and relaxed and started to recall the last time he was in a hot tub, at a hotel after he and Clarissa had gone to a concert. It was in a common area, but it was hella late and no one else was around. Clarissa was pretty lit up and feeling frisky, so she gave Gary a handy under the water before she got up and he railed her from behind while she was bent over the side, holding onto the handrail. He pulled out and coated her caramel-colored ass with a big load. Gary was loving the heat and the jets hitting his back and the big hard on he had gotten from his recollections. He was getting tempted to stroke one out in the tub but decided he should go back to the locker room and maybe duck into a stall or try to find somewhere else more private. He’d save his load for Clarissa if he thought she’d be into it, but she’d been bedava bahis getting more and more reluctant to get freaky lately. He looked around and there was still no one in the pool area so he wasn’t worried about the fact that his trucks were just barely covering his hard cock at this point. He stood and looked down at his bulge and gave his cock a squeeze. Goddamn he wished he could at least get some head out of this spa trip, but Clarissa was being stone cold. He reached in his trunks and gave himself another quick squeeze when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Amber was walking back to the pool/hot tub area after her massage. She was buzzing nicely from her edible gummy and a little rubber legged after Cheryl worked her over so thoroughly, so she was going to chug a bottle of water then get in the hot tub. She had some mash-up mixes playing in her ear and she felt like she was in a movie with her own soundtrack. She grabbed two complimentary bottles of water off the table near the lounge area where they had some water and light snacks for the guests, and she headed back towards the pool and hot tub area with a little groove to her step. She had one bottle in the pocket of her robe and the other she had cracked open and was almost all the way through when she rounded the side entrance to the pool nearest the hot tub. She almost choked on the last swallow of water when she saw the tightly muscled black man stand up in the hot tub about 25 feet away. She had a side view and holy shit what a view. This guy was packing and hard to boot. The fabric on that swimming suit should have been getting paid overtime for being expected to contain that fucking cock! The young man was looking down at his erection admiringly and gave his bulge a good squeeze over the shorts before reaching down inside to stroke his cock. Amber’s eyes were glued. Hot damn what a site. She froze and almost let out a yelp when the young man suddenly looked up and locked eyes with her.

Gary turned and saw a blonde woman in a robe standing and looking at him, making no attempt to hide the fact she was eyeballing his stiff cock, with his hand currently wrapped around it. Gary had a split second of sheer terror and panic, as he had a montage of shame rush through his mind- the woman running to the registration desk screaming, the police being called, Clarissa freaking the fuck out, being 86’d from the spa, getting arrested for public indecency, “Black man exposes himself to white woman at local spa” headlines and news footage. Gary knew his life was over.

But then something happened that Gary not only did not expect, but he would also not have dreamed it would have happened in a million years. The blonde smiled a wide, devilish grin at him and opened her robe, pulling it back so Gary could see her impressive tits and considerably cleavage. ‘Holy shit’ he thought ‘this MILF appreciates the show!’.

Amber could see the panic in the young guy’s eyes when he realized he’d been caught handling his member. She knew at least she didn’t want the show to end and maybe at the most she might get some of that meat for herself. She quickly decided to see where this could lead and opened her robe before the scared guy could sprint away. He might not be into older women with a little around the middle, but hey, you don’t know until you try! She smiled and pushed her tits together. The young man relaxed and smiled back once he realized Amber wasn’t going to freak out. Once he realized that Amber was into what he was doing, he reached down and pulled his shorts against his crotch even tighter, completely outlining his bulge. Goddamn, Amber wanted some of that, for sure and for certain.

Gary smiled at this horny blonde woman. She pushed her tits together for him, so he pulled his trunks tight across his cock and she smiled even wider. She glanced around, then pulled up a chair along the side the pool. She moved the chair a little closer towards the hot tub before she sat down and opened her robe completely. She leaned forward a bit and pulled her suit down some, stopping just shy of exposing her nipples to Gary. Gary gave a quick look around and after making sure no one had walked in, he flashed his cock at the blonde, pulling his cock out for just a couple of seconds before snapping the waist band back in place. He heard the blonde let out a “MMM MMM” when she got a full glimpse of him.

Amber saw the guy flop his cock out of his trunks for a quick peek and damn she was flowing. After the guy covered his cock back up, Amber stood up, spread her legs and pulled her suit in tight, pulling the crotch up between her lips so far they popped out the side, along with a few blonde pubes. She smiled as the guy’s eyes widened and he gave that bulge another squeeze. Amber went one step further and pulled the suit to the side, exposing her pussy and then she slipped a finger in and out of it before sliding the crotch of her suit back in place. She then did the classic porn move of licking her finger and smiling seductively.

Gary’s cock was fucking throbbing. Had he fallen deneme bonus asleep in the hot tub and was dreaming this scene straight off Porn Hub? No fucking way had really gotten this lucky. He was still standing in the hot tub, so he stepped out, grabbed his towel and started drying off, taking plenty of time to rub his groin while doing so. Once dried, he grabbed his robe and slipped it on but left it open. He positioned a chair at an angle to block the view from the far door and to face the blonde that he was only about 10 feet away from now. He spread his legs and let his cock pop free from his suit and he waved it at the blonde.

Amber stared at guy’s hard cock, sprung free from his suit, and standing straight up. He pushed it at her and back, waving it like a flag. Fucking hell, she was wet and high and horny, and she was tempted to just go mount that fucking cock right now. She rubbed her pussy over her suit as the guy wagged his cock in the air. It was then that Amber had a wonderful fucking idea and sat up with a jolt.

The woman sat straight up with a jolt and Gary quickly let go of his cock and closed his robe and looked around. The way she reacted he was sure she saw someone that Gary had not noticed but when he looked around, they were still alone. The blonde stood up and closed her robe and held up a finger at Gary in the universal “Hold On” manner and she went hurrying out of the side door she had come in. Gary’s heart was racing, both from being turned on and ready to fuck but also from the shot of adrenaline he had gotten from thinking they had been busted. He sat down and waited, hoping the blonde was really going to come back and wasn’t just splitting because she had come to her senses. She was a good bit older than him, and she was a thick chick for sure, but she had some amazing tits and clearly was down to fuck. Shit, even if she gave him a handy in the hot tub it was a fucking win!

Amber rushed back to her locker and fished out those rubbers she had put back in her bag. She chuckled out loud to no one, remembering that she had the actual thought earlier, ‘Well, won’t be needing those’ when she put them back. Lucky for her she was wrong on that count! She put them in her pocket next to her phone and left the locker room.

She had to restrain herself and not actually run down the hall back towards the massage end of the spa. She rounded the corner and the area right in front of the massage clinic was empty. She walked up to the bathroom with the recently hung “Closed” sign hanging on it and hallelujah it was unlocked. She opened the door and peeked inside. She had to flip on the light, and saw it had a nice chair sitting in a corner and a hamper for towels and was nice and clean. She checked and the door could be locked from the inside. Fucking perfect! She flipped the light off, closed the door and hurried back to the pool.

Gary was beginning to think maybe the blonde had changed her mind and run off. He had been sitting there surreptitiously stroking his cock for a couple minutes and was just beginning to lose faith when she appeared in the same door she had surprised him through earlier. She waved for him to follow him and started to walk away, looking back over her shoulder to make sure he was coming. He got up and tied his robe closed and started following her. She stayed a little in front of him as they went down the hall. Gary got the vibe she wanted him to follow but stay a little back and Gary thought that was a good idea. If a spa employee or God forbid Clarissa were to pop around a corner, they’d both have the appearance of not being together, just headed in the same direction. He followed her all the way down two hallways then she came to a hard corner at the end of the 2nd hall. She lingered at the doorway to make sure he was still behind her and then proceeded on. When Gary rounded that corner, he saw her standing at a door that had an out of order sign on it. The blonde stood near it, acting like she was checking her phone. She glanced at Gary and then nodded towards the door. Gary took the hint and walked over and opened the door and went in. Gary turned on the main light and waited.

Amber watched her new friend walk in the door and then waited just a moment to make sure no one was coming out of the massage doors or around the corner and then quickly followed him in the bathroom. She closed the door and locked it behind her and turned and smiled at her new friend. He began to speak, and she put a finger to her lips. He stopped in mid word and Amber walked over towards him. She took him by the hand and led him to the chair against the wall. She sat in the plush upholstered chair, opened his robe and took his cock out of his trunks and immediately began sucking it without uttering a word to him. My god she thought, what a nice cock! Big and veiny, nice round head. He was circumcised, and Amber was relieved. She was pretty sure he was from her peek at his cock earlier, but sometimes when hard cut and uncut cocks can look alike. Amber had to admit she flatly preferred circumcised to uncut. She rolled her tongue around the head and began working her mouth down the shaft. She opened wide and managed to almost deep throat it. She stopped shy of hitting her gag reflex, but she was clearly hitting his moan reflex as her work was obviously bringing him some pleasure.

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