Let Me Take Care of You

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I married at 25 and divorced at 27 with a 2 year old and a lot of regret that I was so stupid as to think my ex could ever be a good husband. He wasn’t really a good boyfriend even, but I was pregnant and hopeful. Anyway, I had a job and I found some friends who shared an apartment and needed to replace one renter who was moving out of town- so I moved in with the three of them. I had my own room and shared one of the two bathrooms with one other girl. The other two women shared a bedroom with a private bath, they were gay lovers but didn’t make a big thing of it. After a while, I considered “dating” again, but every guy I met was pretty much focused on getting his cock sucked and once that happened, fucking me any which way he wanted. I was too desperate to feel loved, but eventually the idea of sex with a guy who doesn’t even know my name was not really very ego-raising.

But what other choice did I have? Guys my age were either divorced or said they were (but were still married or just split up), or they were NOT divorced or married, but were totally strange, or they just didn’t like girls. By that I mean they didn’t LIKE girls, they wanted sex with girls and then they would hang out with guys. They spent so much time with guys they might as well have been gay, but they did not want to TOUCH these guys, so they may not have known they actually were gay?

One day after reading every Craigslist posting that seemed likely, I decided to read others just to see what other people were doing. I had not posted my own, but did read a bunch of postings supposedly by “women for men” and none seemed right for me- I didn’t know how (or whether) to mention my daughter, who was now three. Then I started looking at the M4W postings under “Long term” and it was full of BS and the kind of lies I have heard from men my whole life.

As I backed out to the menu, I noticed “misc romance” and realized I had never checked that out and had no idea what miscellaneous meant in this context. I selected M4W and started reading the postings in order and realized it was mostly married guys who wanted to cheat, and a lot of strange stuff (guys advertising for pussy lips!). Then I saw a posting “single mother for me to take care of you” and even though the AGE was listed as 70, I realized that what I really wanted and needed was SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF ME. I expected that to mean more than just fuck me, and although the wording of the posting was vague, it seemed to promise a lot of money ($3000/mo) for upkeep in return for only TEN MINUTES of “togetherness”. I was making little more than minimum wage at the time, and getting not that much child support because my ex was unemployed as usual. I must have thought “I would do 10 minutes of anything for $3000 a month”. So I replied to the posting, mentioned that I could not host because I lived with three other women, and my age and weight (I am a little overweight). He wrote back and suggested we have dinner someplace convenient for me so we could learn if we were “compatible”. I figured “what the hell”, I get a free meal and… who knows, maybe more.

I got Fran to take care of my daughter Debby that Friday, and walked to the Sharis a few blocks away. When I walked in, I saw an old guy sitting alone and recognized it was Paul from the picture he had sent: an old balding guy. He stood up when I got to the table, and I could tell from his smile that he liked what he saw of me. I hadn’t dressed up, but I did wear a skirt and nice blouse, and carried a jacket because I figured it would get cool once the sun went down. He stood up and I realized he was a very big guy (which he had said), way bigger than any guy I had dated and bigger than most guys, probably 6’4 and 250 pounds, but I didn’t ask him for numbers since they didn’t really matter to me.

I sat down and he suggested we order and then talk while we were waiting for the food. “Order anything, I suggest you get something very expensive that you haven’t had recently.”

“Why expensive?”

“Because I am paying, and even if nothing else goes well, you will have a different experience to remember.”

I liked that, and decided to order LOBSTER, which I have never had before. He asked him what I usually bakırköy escort have, and I said “cheeseburger”. That’s what he ordered, explaining that if I didn’t like the lobster, we could switch so I got something I did like. Plus, he laughed, I like cheeseburgers AND lobster.

“Did you drive here?” he asked.

“No, I don’t have a car. Did you?”

“Yes I did. Do you have a driver’s license?”

“Yes, but I haven’t driven since I visited my folks a few months ago.” I didn’t tell him where they lived, but he asked and I had to decide how much I was going to tell. While I was thinking about that, I realized that his friendly appearance and easy ways had already made me realize that I would not mind being naked with him and letting him do what he wanted to do for 10 minutes! Interesting how quickly I decided that, but now I needed to make sure that was all there was to it.

“My folks live near Bend, a long way from here so I don’t get to visit that often. They sometimes take me out when they are in town for something, which is fairly often since Portland is a lot bigger than Bend. They really love my daughter Debby, and want me to move back to Bend but I had enough of that place, and my Ex-husband lives there and he is such a pain in the ass I want to be far away from him.

“I understand”, he said, and explained that he rarely got out of town, but when he did, his wife and he visited grandchildren in Texas. His other grandchildren were in town so they were often at his home for meals and when their parents were out of town. I liked it that he seemed totally comfortable talking about his wife and grandchildren.

I wanted to ask about the 10 minutes of “togetherness” and what exactly that meant, but I didn’t want to seem anxious. I WAS anxious. He asked how I liked living with three other women, and eventually got me to describe each of them. I decided to explain that although I “could not host”, sometimes all three of the others were out of the apartment, and I could entertain visitors, but it would be sort of anxious for me.

“What about your own apartment? Or do you rely on the others for child care?”

“Too expensive for now, and it took a huge bribe to get one of them to stay with Debby while I came to dinner with you. In fact I need to be back at 8pm! Sorry. And actually I was sorry because I realized how nice it was to have someone to talk to who really seemed interested in me. As we talked, I would ask him questions and he would answer, but immediately turn the subject around to ask what my thoughts and interests were on the subject. Like I asked him about travel and he said he had been to several foreign countries, Alaska and Hawaii and many of the 48 states- but then wanted to know about “your favorite trip”. I have been noplace outside Oregon! except one trip to San Francisco when I was in High School. But he wanted to know all about that trip, so I told him and eventually ended up telling him how it was on that trip that I lost my virginity to my ex-husband, who was in my class in H.S. He managed to ask for details in such a nice way that I enjoyed explaining how we had managed to get back to the hotel we were staying in while everyone else enjoyed a performance of some play. He was curious as to why we had never fucked before, but he did not use the word “fuck”, he made it sound more romantic. I eventually realized that he was way more educated than me, and had learned about almost everything, and had traveled so many places! He spoke several languages, and seemed to know about anything I mentioned, but did not go into details that it seemed he could have spent hours on. I found myself asking about things I had wondered about, but had nobody to tell me about. For example, I had tried “google” to learn about how plumbing worked, and he seemed to know all about it and had actually installed plumbing in his homes. Eventually I learned he was a retired doctor, but not the kind of doctor who would examine you and prescribe medicine. And he made clear that he could not be “your doctor, or your child’s doctor”.

We had been talking for a long time when I realized it was almost 8pm and I had agreed to be back no later than 8pm. I explained bakırköy escort bayan that I had to go, and he offered to drive me. Suddenly I realized I actually did not know this old man, and why would I feel safe being in a car alone with him.

“I have time if I hurry, it’s only a few blocks.”

“Well, OK, we can continue on email if that’s OK?”

I realized that I still didn’t know what “togetherness” meant to him. Maybe he expected to show me in the car? I got up to leave, he helped me with my jacket, and offered to walk me home- but I didn’t want him to see exactly where I lived.

I only had his name from his email, and he had explained that was not his “real” name, but I had used the first part in talking with him, and he said that part WAS real. He didn’t know my name at all, nor my address, only my email. He tossed some money on the table and started to walk with me to the door. I didn’t want to tell him “don’t follow me.”, but I also didn’t want him to walk with me and find where I lived.

Then I thought, “why not?”. What was he going to do. He looked every bit of 70, and how many guys that old are out stalking and raping young women? Actually I don’t know that they aren’t, but I decided to take a chance. “I guess it would be nice if you could drive me.” and he said “Fine, my car’s in the parking lot.”

His car was an old red Camry, but it worked fine and I gave him instructions to my apartment, so we were there in only about 3 minutes. That gave me at least 10 minutes before I needed to go inside. I thanked him for the dinner and the interesting conversation and he responded graciously. Then I asked him, “I suppose you know I am curious as to what 10 minutes of togetherness involves, if it is different from the minutes we have just spent together.”

He laughed and a huge smile appeared. Well we were together, but I was trying to suggest a more intimate type of together, and I hope you sort of understood that. And of course 10 minutes is only a minimum, I myself would prefer to have a lot more of your time, but at least 10 minutes.”

“And what would we do for the 10 minutes together?”

For one thing, we would be very close. The 10 minutes starts when you have all your clothing off and are next to me in bed. It ends 10 minutes later, and we can set a timer if you don’t want to watch a clock. I think everything I am interested in will be a nice experience for you, but I can assure you nothing will hurt you or leave any marks.”

“So… naked, next to you in bed.”

“And for 10 minutes at least.”

“And the rest of the day?”

“I have nothing to say about that- your choice. But I am interested in providing you with a nice place to live, and a car to drive if you want one. And I will provide food and whatever you need for the apartment, and a clothing allowance.”

“And what do I have to do to deserve all that?”

“10 minutes… each day.”

“Every day?”

“Yes, but if there are good reasons for skipping a day or a week, the 10 minutes can be added on to another day. But that is only for GOOD reasons, like if you travel out of town or are very sick. I want to be with you every day, not just for the 10 minutes, but to learn what you are doing and what you need.”

“And if I date others?”

“Well, not during the 10 minutes, but you have the other 23 hours and fifty minutes for doing that.”

I laughed at the idea of spending 10 minutes naked with him while I was on a date with another man, and I think he realized that was why I was laughing.

“Would you touch me during the 10 minutes.”

“Oh YES. And you would touch me! If you need instructions for the 10 minutes, I will provide them. But you need to get going because you only have 2 minutes to make it inside by 8pm”

“Can you wait here for a few minutes?”

“I guess so- are you going to try to convince her to stay with Debby for a little longer so you can return?”

“Yes. exactly that.”

And I did manage to convince her and returned after using the toilet, and sort of rinsing off my pussy just in case, and brushing my teeth.

As I got into his Camry, I said, “thanks for waiting”.

His escort bayan bakırköy reply was, “Perhaps you would like to find out what it is like to be close to me? How else can you decide, even if everything else seems OK.”

“Right, I guess that is what I was thinking… but wasn’t sure exactly how to explain it.”

He explained that he was not as mobile as he used to be and perhaps we would be more comfortable in the back seat. When I agreed, he moved the front seats forward and he got out of the car and moved to the back- I decided to sort of show off and waited for him to get to the back seat and close the door.

“I meant for BOTH OF US to be in the back seat”, he laughed, as he said it. I sort of dove over the seat back between the head supports, and managed to have my butt in his lap and my legs up against his chest after I was totally over the seat.

My skirt fell down exposing my panties, and I sort of skootched backward away from him, as he leaned down and placed his lips against the crotch of my panties and breathed out so that I felt his warm breath on my pussy. “Oh!” I exclaimed without thinking “that feels GOOD.”

“But perhaps we should start with something more conventional, like a kiss?” I slid over to his arms and it was different having such a large old man surround me in his arms, and somehow immobilize my head before his lips pressed gently against mine. Barely touching before they pulled away. I realized that I wanted MORE than that, then realized that is why he had pulled away. He started teasing my lips and when he finally got to a “real” kiss, I was more than ready for it, and found myself licking along his lip with the tip of my tongue. “Thank you for not wearing deodorant or perfume”.

“You asked me not to.”

“Yes, I did, and your actual smell is wonderful, so you never need those for me.”

I did not resist as his hands explored under my blouse, released my breasts from my bra and gently stroked against them and over my nipples. It actually felt really good, and I realized that I had not been caressed that way for a very long time. The guys I had dated since the divorce were interested in getting their cock sucked, then fucking. The idea of caressing me might have come into play if I had not been so quick to suck cock, but I guess I was worried about rejection.

His hands were along my thigh, which felt very nice- I wondered how he kept his hands so warm? His fingers slid under the elastic of my panty, and I could not have instructed him better than he managed on his own. At first I wondered if he had lubricant on his fingers, then realized that the kissing had made me very wet, and the breast stimulation had only added to that. Although he slid fingers into my vagina, most of his attention was to Ms.Clit, who was plenty stiff and I realized that he was doing a much better job than I myself had managed in the past months. He slid my panties down and had me take them off. I thought “Now he’s gonna fuck me” and wondered if I should resist. But why? He was good at this.

Of course he had been doing it for almost three times as long as I had been alive! With the panties off, he pulled my legs up to where they had been before, and now when he applied his mouth, my panties were not in the way- my sopping wet pussy was. Holy crap did that get me off! It was unbelievably wonderful from the moment he started, and I was shaking like crazy after two minutes of what he would later jokingly refer to as a “tongue lashing”. He recognized that I had become too sensitive, but didn’t put me down. Instead he asked, “do you want to try for another?”

I realized what he meant, and by the time I had thought for a few seconds, I also realized, “YES…YES.. that would be great.” And even faster this time, I was over the edge and gasping with delight. That time he did put me down, and returned my panties.

I was going to ask about whether he wanted me to suck his cock, but I decided to let him be in charge and since I didn’t care one way or the other if he fucked me now, or I sucked his cock, or not, why ask?

As he drove away, I suddenly wondered if all this had been a scam, and I had just been totally tricked by an old guy who loved pussy. I felt sort of sicky when I realized that I had no way of being sure he would ever do anything for me, or even email me again! Then I found myself smiling and thinking- so what? I just got exactly what I needed. Why worry when I will soon find out if there is more or not.

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