Let Me Sleep (750 words)

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“Hold me?” I ask quietly.

I can’t see him in the dark, but I know he’s there. I hear his breathing now that the snoring has stopped. I feel the heat radiating from his skin.

He groans and moans in irritation, “Let me sleep.”

But he opens his arm and I cuddle into him, warm and happy in his embrace. Still, there’s something more, something else I need. I lay a hand on his sienna stomach, smooth and softly rounded, and then glide it down toward his cock. My hand passes over the short hair of his pelvis, kept trimmed for me. I shift my fingers a little further and encounter resistance.

I exhale with satisfaction. He’s a little hard. He’s a little awake and a little hard, and that’s enough for me. I wrap my hand around his purple-brown cock, embracing it for a brief second, enjoying the feel of his smooth loose skin that covers his rigid member, and then I move lower.

I bury my fingers into his massive ball sack, happy to discover that his testicles feel clean urfa escort and dry, no sleep sweat marring the perfect feel of his velvet skin. I fondle his balls, finding first one then the other within his enormous scrotum.

My husband moans softly. He may have been enjoying sleep, but I know he enjoys this too.

I play with his testes a bit longer, then return to rubbing his uncircumcised cock. I wrap my hand around his semi-hard penis and squeeze the loose skin to rub up and down easily. I love this, the sliding, gliding, feel of it.

But still, I want more. I kiss my husband lustily, then I bring my face down to his groin. I suck his dick into my mouth and moan, pushing his foreskin with my lips to expose his heart shaped glans. Circling his corona with my tongue, I tease the gentle gather of skin at the bottom of that ridge.

“I want to taste your cum,” I break long enough to say.

I don’t think my husband is regretting being awake urfa escort bayan anymore, as he shifts his hips. I love that I can fit his whole cock in my mouth right now. Sometimes he gets so hard that it hurts to open my mouth wide enough to accommodate him and I can’t press my lips to his hairy pelvis without gagging.

Not this morning. This morning, I can fit all of him in comfortably. His soft hair rubs against my lips and nose and cheek as I press my face into him. His cock grows in my mouth, and now I feel that little pulse through the bottom of his penis that means he’s close to cumming.

I suck happily. Soon, I think. Soon, I will taste him. It’s been too long since I have swallowed his sperm and I miss it.

There it is now!

The creamy milky liquid pulses into the back of my mouth. The texture of it, fairly thin today, feels divine as it passes the back of my tongue. I analyze the flavor thoughtfully. It’s like unsweetened escort urfa soy milk, but thicker and nuttier.

I pull his leg up and over me so that I can lay with my head between his thighs. I suck his cock back into my mouth. It’s still a bit hard and I wonder excitedly if I can keep him that way and make him cum again. But no, it’s softening quickly now.

As his arousal ebbs, his cock shrinks back into his pelvis like the head of a turtle returning to its shell. Within minutes I’m just sucking on foreskin. I know he wishes it didn’t shrink so much, but I love it. I love teasing it out when I want to play. I love how cute it looks when it hides away.

His flaccid penis rests gently on his massive balls, so large that only one can fit in my mouth at a time. His scrotum overflows both my hands, when it’s hanging loose, skin falling between my splayed fingers. Even when he’s cold, his wrinkled walnut-looking sack is more than a handful.

In his boxers, his package looks enormous. Only I know he’s all balls in there, with his softened cock shrunk up and tucked away.

“I love your cock. It’s mine,” I tell my husband as I lay my cheek on his balls. “I love your balls. They’re mine too.”

“Mhm,” he agrees, sated and already drifting back to sleep.

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