Lesley. Part 6

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Lesley. Part 6Rob was sitting in his garden when Lesley pulled onto his drive. Her battered old ford near exploding, she had driven so erratically. She slammed the door shut and walked straight into the house, not bothering to knock. She looked around, and, not being able to find him, shouted out his name. He was listening to music on his headphones and didn’t hear anything. She went into the bathroom for a pee and decided to jump in the shower. She needed to get the stink of that old bastard out of her system and a shower was just the answer. Rob saw the steam coming out of the bathroom window and deduced that either a burglar or his new slut was having a shower. Lesley….she’s back…She scrubbed every nook and cranny of her body, making sure Ernie Hedley was completely washed off. Her skin tingled and gleamed after she finished…..Her body clean her mind still numb. She opened the cubicle door and there stood Rob like a guardian angel, holding a big bath towel, outstretched, and ready for her to walk into. She smiled and walked into the towel and he wrapped it round her and gave her a big hug. She wanted to burst out crying but somehow held it in. She refused to let that old goat make her life a misery. “Come on girl…come and tell me all about it. Ill put the kettles on. . Maybe slip a brandy in to spark it up. Eh? Theres a sports shirt on top of the wash basket…..put that on.”Lesley walked into his spare room and found the top he meant. It was a mans shirt obviously and fit her like a short dress. She pulled it over her head and it covered everything…just. “That’s my girl….come on, it’s a nice evening lets go back outside…you can tell me the whole sorry tale there.”Rob got another garden chair out of the shed and gave it a wipe down before spreading an old towel over it. Lesley sat down.She had a drink from the brandy induced coffee mug and let the alcohol smooth her body and mind almost immediately. Taking her time, she gave Rob a full account of her ordeal in Ernie’s bedroom. She missed nothing out…told the truth, and when finished, held her head in shame. She was mortified. Rob thought all his 64 birthdays had come at once. She’s just spent time stripping, flashing and masturbating in front of a man, who 50 years ago used to use her mother avcilar escort as a sex toy….a woman who cuckolded her husband on the day she married him… Fan-fucking-tastic!!!!!!! “Lesley that’s a very nasty man, for sure. No scruples what so ever. I’m a little bewildered about your reaction though…you say you were very wet and excited by this. Am I right? “”Yyyees i saw my nipples were really hard and when he got me to put a finger inside me…I was wet. I’m so embarrassed. ” she started crying. “What’s wrong with me Rob…..I’m a slut….my fucking mother was a slut…and here I am allowing myself to be abused by that man!!!…i just don’t know what to think or do…””Now girl..don’t you worry about any thing. Robs an expert on horny women and we’ll get you sorted. Ok. Now listen to what I say. Right….A few days ago you come here to tend to me, and accidentally got a look at my cock….now I think that thst snapped open something in your mind that you had repressed away for years. You’ve had a really tough life, and the last ten years have been really really hard. You’ve put your boys ahead of yourself every day of there lives and that’s only right. That’s what mothers do. But..Lesley girl…a girl like you has needs. Those needs weren’t being met…so…they were put into hibernation…locked away…suppressed. Now you’ve told me that you haven’t had much luck with men..and that’s a shame. There’s someone out there for everybody. That’s the truth. Now, you’ve told me you used toys for pleasure or your fingers…and that’s ok. But…. not as good as the real thing. Now…getting a glimpse of my todger…triggered something, and very soon you were living the dream…getting fucked with a porn star cock.!!!!!! Not many women can say they can take a 9″ cock in any position or can, in fact nearly throat that same cock. You can Lesley girl…you can…Now…all this happened virtually overnight….no cock for years and then your getting 9” of me and a fucking off that useless pal of mine….he didn’t even say thankyou…the cheek!!! Now..maybe its in the genes…good chance I’d say. Sounds like your mother was a right goer.. Not your fault..at all..but she obviously liked cock and maybe your dad wasn’t up to the task…not his şirinevler escort fault…they just don’t sound as if they were suited. That’s the thing you see…the k**s of today think they invented sex…they didn’t…..nor did we..but like them, we thought we did. In there day, in my day and in your day…most women love the cock…just as men love the pussy. It’s life. Now…when you were triggered by my cock, a few unusual things started happening that weren’t in sinc with your normal life. You felt the need to catch up on all those wasted years, and tried to cram as much as you could into as short a space as possible. Your juices were flowing again and the tap wouldn’t turn off. Things that at one time you would run a mile from suddenly seemed a new experience and your mind and body needed to eat it up like a hungry beggar. Flashing and stripping and fisting your wet cunt is just one of those things. You were naked in the hairdressers and in front of the bikers…you enjoyed it…it turned you on…you will do it again. Your body has changed in the past few days and your mind is still playing catch up. Don’t worry it’s normal to be frightened. Just enjoy it. Your nearly 50 and you need some proper fun. If you want me to help you I’d be delighted. We can push the boundaries and see just how much your willing to learn and enjoy. We can use your pussy as a guide. Sounds to me it’s been your guide today. Eh? You wouldn’t have stayed and done what you did if the juices weren’t frothing up eh Lesley..?” She thought for a few minutes and absorbed his thoughts. He let her think without speaking. “Your a good man.” She said foolishly. “I’m not worldly wise but what you said does make a lot of sense. I’m really sad about how my mother cheated on my dad…he’s my rock. But, it sounds, as you say, that maybe she just couldn’t help it. I know I’m just a working class girl and I don’t understand this phsycobabble but, I think your right. I do enjoy sex with you and I’m learning about myself in a bit of a hurry. Haha. To walk away now would be a shame for me because I do love sex. In fact I’d say….I fucking love sex… Heehee.””Lesley…lie back, and open your legs for me..let’s see if my theory’s right. Let’s see if your dry, moist, wet taksim escort or dripping. Tell me what your pussy says.”Lesley didn’t even think about it. She lay back and lifted her feet up onto the lounger and opened her legs wide. She looked at Rob, who alternated looking at her face and then her gash. She placed a finger at her entrance and tested as instructed. “Dripping!!!!” She said with a huge smile on her face. She continued ‘testing’ her dripping sex, never taking her gaze off Robs watching eyes. “I think you deserve a present young lady,” he said, as he stood up and dropped his shorts. It was half erect and menacing. She didn’t need more instruction, and was on her knees in a flash, salivating on his wondrous weapon. He stripped his shirt off her and lay her on her back. In the 69 position they sucked and licked each other for awhile until Lesley just couldn’t take any more of him nibbling her clit as she was so desperate to be fucked. He slid his cock into her, with her bending at the waist and holding onto the seat of the chair. She came twice and nearly three when he pushed his thumb into her back passage. Rob pounded her for all he was worth….Lesley sighing loudly….loudly enough for Rob to be concerned about neighbours. He could have gone longer but decided to give her his load. He spun her round, pressed her down then wanked his big cock into her open mouth. Rope after rope hit her face…nowhere escaped. She was covered. With a smile on her face she scooped his cum off her face, off her breasts, off her tummy and ate it. She loved the taste of his cum. She was so over that old bastard Ernie she might have to thank him one day….well, maybe not. She wondered what Rob had planned but right now didn’t care. She took his deflating cock in her mouth and rolled her tongue along its full length. She could taste pussy on it too…her pussy. She giggled. She licked his balls and gently took each one in her mouth, revelling in her ‘power’ mmm she moaned aloud to him. He looked down with pleasure, and had to admit to himself that he was very lucky to have found the carer…Lesley. He was convinced she would do anything he asked and over time she would indeed be asked. “Rim my arse hole slut!!!””Mmmm ok!! ” “Good girl…if you behave, I’ll do you later, then…if your very good I’ll show you the joys of ‘up the bum for fun’. How’s that sound sexy Lesley. You fancy a bit of anal?… I’ll be gentle, promise…””You can do what you want with me…I’m yours Rob…I’m yours.”Just like your mother…just like your mother.!!!

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