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Double Penetration

lesbian sperm donationI double-checked the address of the house to make sure it matched what was listed on the ad “LESBIAN COUPLE SEEKS SPERM DONOR.” It was. I took another look at the house. It was an ordinary Bay Area suburb house, with no evidence it was inhabited by someone who would k**nap me to steal my k**neys. I locked my car, walked up, and rang the doorbell.Anna was the one who came to the door, she she was about as far from a stereotypical lesbian as I would have imagined. In fact, she looked like a short sorority girl with bleached-blond hair, a skirt, and a top that seemed to be just barely holding in her sizable breasts. No bra, that was evident from the quite visible bumps on nipples left.”Jacob?” she said, I nodded, a little awkward “I’m Anna. Come in!”She led me to a sitting room inside the house.”So” I asked her “Are you the one who I’m going to…um…you know…””I hope not.” She laughed “That’s Rikki. She’s in the other room.””Oh okay.” I said.”Now, just to go over what we talked about online. You can look at us, you can touch us, but keep your dick to yourself until you’re ready to get her pregnant.””Got it” I told Anna.”Okay!” she smiled again “Let’s go see Rikki!”She lead me down the hall and opened a door. Inside was a bedroom, with a naked woman—about Anna’s age but a little chubbier, with short brown hair and maybe B-cup tits with pink nipples—lying etlik escort atop the bed. As we entered, she spread her legs, letting us see her pussy, shaved except for a small landing strip above her pussy lips.Anna wasted no time, shutting the door and striding to the bed. She jumped up onto the bed and yanked her skirt and panties off before sprawling out next to Rikki, who hungrily plunged her face between Anna’s thighs, spreading her own legs even more. Looks like an invitation. I stepped toward Rikki, noting that her lips were now moist and beginning to drool onto the bed. She shivered a bit as I let my hands rest on the inside of her thighs, before I went for it, first just gently letting my tongue part her labia, then going a faster, licking up the sweet juices that were now flowing out of her. My tongue touched Rikki’s clit and I began to make circles around it. She didn’t seem to mind.I licked one of my own fingers and began to gently run it around the entrance to Rikki’s hole. Her hips thrust down, towards me, which I took as en encouraging sign and I slid the finger into her, sliding it back and forth along the top wall of her vagina. She began to rhythmically tense and relax as fingered her and licked her clit, and as I placed my lips around it and gave a gentle suck she moaned.Suddenly I heard a sharp buzzing sound by my ear. Looking kızılay escort away from Rikki’s soaked pussy, I saw Anna, She had lost the top, letting her big tits dangle in the air, and she held a buzzing dildo. “May I?”I backed away from her girlfriend’s pussy, and she began to tease Rikki with the vibrator, just barely touching her. I realized, suddenly, that I was now the only clothed person in the room. Time to do my job. I unzipped my pants, letting them fall down to reveal my jutting cock. Neither of the women seemed to noticed—Rikki’s eyes were closed and Anna had begun to fuck her with the dildo.I regarded Anna—her slim body bent over her girlfriend, tits jiggling as she dildoed her, hair flowing her her shoulders. I moved behind her and cupped the underside of her breasts, giving a squeeze, before moving up to her long nipples and giving a gentle pinch. Anna sighed and I began to run my hands all over her body, returning to her beautiful, firm breasts. She reached back, and reaching until she found my cock. Her palm closed over it as she began to stroke back and forth, at the same time pulling out the dildo and holding it straight over Rikki’s clit.Rikki shuddered and cried out as she orgasmed, the wet spot under her getting even larger. Anna now turned to me and began to fondle my balls with her other hand as she played with keçiören escort my cock, a little precum leaking from it as she stroked faster. I wondered what this was like for her. Was she attracted to men? Was she grossed out by this whole thing?That line of thought was cut short as Rikki crawled over and pushed her head between Anna’s legs, heading straight for her clit with her tongue. Anna stiffened and closed her eyes, but kept stroking. Rikki’s position in relation to Anna gave me a perfect opportunity to explore her body, and I cupped her smaller boobs as she licked up Anna’s juices, feeling her rock-hard nipples in my palms.Anna was stroking faster now, other other hand moving frantically all over my thighs as she began to thrust her hips towards Rikki, breathing hard. I watched her tits jiggle, and thought about how it would be to splash cum all over her. But that wasn’t the plan.I felt my balls began to tighten. “Rikki!”Anna released my cock and Rikki looked up, staring at my cock as it throbbed, on the verge of release. Grabbing her, I flipped her onto her back.”Rikki, NOW!” Anna said, and Rikki spread open her legs. I took a moment to stare at her pink, soaked pussy, then thrust inside, filling her. I felt her clench around me as I thrust and pulled out, and then thrust back in again, filling her small pussy with the entire length of my cock. I felt her clench again and that was all the encouragement I needed. I locked eyes with Rikki and let myself spray jets of cum into her, holding her hips in place.Finally done, I released her and withdrew, a small trail of white cum dribbling out of her. I looked up at her again and she smiled. “Thank you.”

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