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Lena – my little fucktoyThe bar was full of happy people. It was Friday night, still winter but with the first traces of spring in the parks. In Stockholm that was always a special time of the year. The restaurants and bars around Stureplan had their chairs out al fresco – no one from outside Sweden would ever understand why people would sit outside when it´s just above freezing point…but the tables were full on this friday evening.I had finished my speech at the conference I was invited to, and was heading for a dinner with some folks from the organising company. After my hour on the stage I was surrounded with people who wanted to buy me dinner or at least a drink, but I politely waved them off – I tend to feel best when I`m on my own.sI noticed the couple straight away. It might be that you develop some kind of sixth sense being a dominant pervert..you spot them immediately. “sub-spotting” could be the name of the game. They were sitting at the bar. They guy was in his 40s, smart dressed, thin, the typical nordic guy with a trendy beard. She, on the other hand, was particular. Maybe in her 30s, pretty face, perky tits, probably with small red nipples, slender figure with long legs. Her feet were stuck in a pair of astonishingly high open sandals which was the first clue for me…hell, it was freezing outside! The second was the ridiculously short satin skirt which she barely managed to pull down once every 15 seconds as it rode up her thighs, as well as the blouse with one button too many open on the front. The girl looked extremely nervous. This was not an ordinare date, or a couple having a drink after work…no, this was a guy showing off his pet.The drinks were mediocre, which probably was enough as swedes usually are happy to get something to drink at all, but I gulped down my Martini. After I established eye contact with the bartender, I nodded at the couple, and asked the guy to bring me another martini, and another one to the gentleman over there. I noticed the extra second where he was measuring the need of telling me that they were a couple, and hence needed two drinks, but he probably decided by my looks that I knew what I was doing.As the guy got his drink, and the subsequent information about the generous donor, he seemed surprised…he looked my way with an unsecure smile – I guess this was not what they had planned for the evening, that a middle aged guy would send him a drink…so I rose and pushed my way through the crowd to reach the quiter end of the bar.Excuse me, let me introduce myself, my name is Fabio Castelli, and I am from Italy. I stretched my hand forward. “Eh..Carl” he said, taking my hand..”my name is Carl, and this is Lena” he was nodding towards the half naked girl on his side.I looked her up and down very very slowly. From top to toe, it took almost 10 embarrasing seconds. The expression “he undressed her with his eyes” would have fit perfectly. “She is very pretty, especially now, wearing so little clothes” I said turning back to Carl. He was most visibly stunned.I guess he did not expect that.“she is very pretty” I repeated,… “and I admit that the reason for me buying you a drink was to get a proper look on this little tart” I could see that he was fighting different trained in social reflexes in figuring out what to say next. Here stood a stranger, a foreigner, who was saying that Carl´s girl was a great piece of ass, and that he wanted to “see more” of her, which was on one hand something that turned them on, but how the hell could this guy know that? In a movie it would have been pefectly ok to smack the Martini in the man´s face and ask him what the f’ck he was talking about, but all that Carl said was“Uhm,…you like her?”“ask her to turn around, so I can see her ass better” I said calmly. The girl got bright red and as Carl said something to her in swedish, I could see that she was opposing somehow…but I didn´t understand a word. Carl snapped at her, and she turned around; we were in the game!I reached out and placed my hand on her buttocks, she bahis firmaları jumped, but came back unwillingly….I caressed the short skirt and reached under it. She had panties on, and they were wet I could feel that at once.“make her walk up and down a bit here for us” I instructed. Carl said in impeccable english “do what he says!”…The girl looked a bit confused, and asked Carl something which I didn’t understand…but the answer was “sure, move slowly, so that we can see your slutty body better”, and off she went.It was a sight for gods as she tiptoed over the barfloor in her high sandals…her skirt short as a streethookers, and her blouse rubbing open as she had to squeeze herself through the crowd. I could see more than one hand touching her body “occasionally”. The people in the bar liked what they saw, that was obvious. Lena was presenting her body not only to her man and me, but to some hundred half drunk partygoers at the same time.She breathed heavily as she returned, her bosom was moving up and down and her face was red.“What was her name, you said?” I asked Carl“Lena” he replied, but you can give her what name you want. He was getting the pace. “Let´s give her a name for today, shall we?” we chuckled……”Let´s call her barbitch!” we celebrated our idea with a long laugh and emptying our glasses..“What´s your name, honey?” I asked the embarrassed girl“Eh…b..bar..bitch, I guess…” she tried to smile but it wasn´t an honest expression on her face. Unfortunately the answer was wrong, so I reached under her skirt and tweaked her pussy lips between my thumb and my index finger. I could see that it hurt quite much. She almost jumped.“It´s barbitch…..SIR” I hissed “Sorry…..SIR” even she was playing along now“M…M….My name is bar…bitch, Sir” she stammered. I nodded in consent.“move up closer here so that I can feel you” I said while she tried to sit up on the high chair without the whole club seeing her pussy. She managed to climb up so that her now open legs faced me and the counter. Carl was ordering a new round of Martinis and a glass of water for Lena. My right hand was suddenly on her sloppy pussy, working first two, than three fingers in her labia. She was clean shaved, hot and very moist. The tiny panties were pushed to one side.“you like that” I said more than asked. “Ehm…yes I do…..Sir” she managed not to forget“So you like to be frigged by a stranger while a whole bar is watching, eh? Guess that´s where your name comes from, isn´t?” I smiled..“I guess so” was all she could say which made me pinch her clit again“….Sir”I worked her pussy for a minute or so, pushing real hard sometimes….she was struggling not to fall from the stool. Her skirt was so high up, that it was not much more than a belt between her blouse and her slender thighs. She was starting to move rhytmically, which was not my intent to encourage:“Is she a good sucker?” I asked Carl a bit too loud. Lena stifenned, as she calculated that a minimum of 20 people around her could have heard what I just asked. Even Carl was a bit perplex, but he went along“If she gets the right encouragement, she sucks like an angel” he said not quite as loud as I had before him, but still so that the persons around him understood every single word. Lena wanted to sink through the floor, you could see that. Her hips stopped the humping, and she sat like a rabbit in the headlights.“Do you mind if I find that out for myself?” I asked Carl in a conversational “matter of fact” tone.“No,….no, ….not at all” I could feel that this was definitely more than they had bargained for, but what the heck, here I was in cold Stockholm, so I had a right to be entertained! Lena was saying something in swedish that could have been something like “Nooo….no Way!” but I decided not to mix into their internal conversation.I have to admit that I had made some field work in the club before I sat down at the bar earlier. It´s always good to be prepared. I knew where the restrooms were, but I didn’t like their setup. But I had found a storage room further kaçak iddaa back behind the restrooms, where I hadnt seen anyone go in our out for a long time now. They stored empty bottles and extra tables and chairs there. “Come on my little whore, it´s time for your to get your reward for being such a nice little slut” I said in Lena´s ear and grabbed her firmly by the wrists. She looked terrified.“You will walk in front of me to that end of the bar”….”If anyone stops you, or caresses any part of your body, you let them do that, and then you THANK them for their attention”….”understood??!” she looked at me in disbelief, but managed to squeeze out a“Yes….Sir”, and off we went, the almost naked girl on high heels, and the middle aged man in a blue blazer with a pink pochette. It was sooo obvious that I had bought her for my pleasure…. some of the women we passed snorted at her, some groped her ass and tits as she passed. A drunk guy put his arms around her and tried to kiss her, but missed and collapsed on the floor. I made a mental note. Other men looked either lustfully or just drunk at the prime meet passing by. We had almost reached our goal when a smart woman, maybe in her 40s stood in our way. “Where do you take her” she had at least immediately catched who was in charge. I decided to risk a bit. This was Sweden, so you never knew what law you were about to break….“We are looking for a quiter place” I said like a stranger asking for the direction. She smiled wickedly“And what will you do with her in that quite place?” she said, giving me the clue that she knew exactly what was going on. She was one of us.“She will show me her appreciation” I said with a smile. Lena was looking to the floor. She was a rag doll now.“Can I?” the woman asked.“Sure” I said, not 100% sure what she wanted, but I was not dissapointed when she moved forward and grabbed Lena by the neck and kissed her intensly. I could see her tongue dart into Lenas mouth and whirl around. Her hand went straight down into her panties.“Barbitch? Right?”…..she had heard, that was clear. She continued to finger Lena wildly, placing small kisses on the cheak of my newly found friend.“Eh…yes…Miss” Lena stammered, looking at me for approval to use Miss instead of Sir“OK, enough now, unless you want to suck some dick as well” I said to the woman who looked at me as if I would offer her cooked sheep heads on a plate. “Not really” she said with a polite smile exposing her sexual orientation. I yanked Lena towards the dark storage room.Once inside I had to wait some minute to let my eyes get used to the dim light. She was standing panting in front of me. Her tits were pumping up and down, and I could almost HEAR her heart beating fast.“ask for it” I said calmlyShe didn’t say a word, so I slapped her face to wake her up.“Oh!!” was all she could say, so I raised my hand again, which opened her up…“please Sir, fuck me” she said, not sure what I wanted….but that was not what I wanted to hear, that was kind of cheap. Said thousend times a minute around the world, mostly in bedrooms from wife to husband…I wanted a better style, so I slapped her again and took one of her nipples between my fingers. “You can do much much better than that Lena, you are a poet!”it took half a minute of nipple discomfort, but then she bubbled out:“Sir, ….please….fuck your little slave cunt…..no,….USE me as you want…..no, let ME service you…pleeeease….pretty pleeease…..let barbitch show you what a nice little cocksucker I can be…..” and she fell to her knees fumbling on my zipper. Her mascara was a mess as she had real tears rolling down her cheeks, probably because she realised how degrading AND lustful it was to submit herself to an older guy she never met before.My flesh pole was getting hard, so once she had it out, I showed it deep in her eagerly open mouth…she started to suck and lick for all she was worth. I felt her warm saliva all over. She made little moaning sounds like a young dog….I started to like the little slut.I had to smack her kaçak bahis hand away when she tried to hold my cock – I don’t like that, but she learned quickly. She grabbed the heels of her stilettos like a pro gagwhore and tried to get as much of my cock into her mouth.“You will always look at me when you suck” I said, implicating this was not the last time, which was a bold move, but this is how I am. She looked up with her blue eyes like a little slavegirl eager for her masters approving nod. I rewarded her with a “Good girl”I was rock hard now, and decided to expand the spec I had agreed with Carl…hell, I was in the driver´s seat this evening…I grabbed her hair and pulled her up to my face….she was shaking“pull your panties to your knees, slut” I said, and she almost jumped to comply…she yanked the black laced panties to her knees, and even lifted her little skirt presenting her bald pussy.I whirled her around and bent her over a wooden table. It was a sight for my inner “photo album” which I would never forget. She had a wonderful body; the high heels with the panties around her knees. She had a firm ass.I smacked her hard on her buttocks; three right, three left…I could hear that it hurt, but then I kneaded her buns, fingering her wetwet pussy from behind.“p.p..please” she whimpered, which I took as an inviteI took her blonde hair in my left hand, pulled hard until she bent backwards, ad took my cock with my other hand and pushed deep in her pussy. She was obviously very surprised because she bucked up and down for a while, but then her inner a****l took over….Lena, this uptown Stockholm lady was grunting like a pig or a female lion, humping her pussy on my cock, faster and faster. I could see she liked it.“You will not cum, understood??!!” I said, spanking her hard on her white buttcheek. I don’t know if she understood so I slapped her ass again…“Slut will not come, unless Sir allows it” she said in a first move of finding her own words…..I decided to go for the ultimate prize, and pulled out of her pussy. I could feel the hole pulsating red and swollen after the cock had left..I wanted to show this girl who was her owner per now, and pushed my pole into her unprepared arse.“AAARRGHH!!” she cried out, but in it went, I guess she was trained well at home. Her backdoor was tight but flexible. I loved it! I head her arms on her back, her long legs nicely d****d around us, and her beautiful butt around my cock….I felt I could not stand too much longer, so I decreased my pace going for slow, sucking long in and outs….I was about to come…I pulled her up to her feet, just say“down, bitch”down she went, even putting her palms on the floor….she was beautifu kneeling there with her mouth open, tongue out.I wanted to see my sperm in her face, so I placed my dick on her tongue…she immediately started to lick suck moan gag…whatever you have seen in a porn movie she did….I decided to change plan and showed my meat down her hot wet mouth all the way to her throat, where I suddenly started to pump out my thick seed.She eagerly swallowed every drop, and licked my cock clean even as it came from her ass – she was indeed a cocksucking angel“Thank You Sir” she babbled some 20 times, really making me feel in heaven.I was just about buckling up, when I heard the door open“Can I disturb?” said a voice I recognised. It was the woman from before. She came up to us.“depends, we are just finished here” I said….She looked at the still kneeling Lena, and reached down to her chin, lifting her face up, but not without squeezing her jaw between her fingers.“How much?” she asked me…Lena looked terrified“what do you want to do with her?” I asked all businesslike“spank her, and make her lick me to orgasm” she answered like she would be at the grocery shop so I decided to play along once again…“That´s a hundred Dollars” She actually took 1000 swedish krona from a Louis Vuitton purse and put it on the table where I had violated Lena´s ass before.“15 minutes max” I said and then I pulled the frightened Lena up to my face…“for every minute you come out later than 15 minutes from now I will give you three hard strokes with the cane…..understood?!”“but….” she started, but I was already on my way out to Carl again, I needed a drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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