Leigh gets hers.

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Ava Addams

Leigh gets hers.Log in or Sign upHomeStory Archive>In order to comment on a story, you must give it a rating first. This is done to keep the story thread itself nice and clean. We have some changes coming that will provide a better format for commenting, but in the meantime please rate and comment, authors love feedback!Dismiss Notice. Nightclup Pickup 1 voteThreadReviews (1)RickMemberAuthor!Nightclub Pickup by Rick “I like that blouse you’re wearing,” Rick said. He was eyeing Leigh’s black lace bra through its transparent material. It was extremely sexy, but not quite sluttish … a thin line she seemed to be treading in her dress lately, much to his pleasure. “Thank you, honey,” she replied, smiling across the table from him. A three-piece jazz combo played nearby in the hotel lobby as they sipped their drinks in the bar. She gazed into his eyes and smiled as she read his mind. Yes, she knew he wanted her – he always did. She knew that his cock was already half-stiff with the thought of how he would have her later. Perhaps gently and lovingly… but more than likely not. That is, not if things went as they had hoped this evening. Her right leg swung open and closed to the rhythm of the music as her own anxious energy sought a place to escape. Rick reached across the table for her well-formed hands, as if to anchor her, and took each one into his own. Slowly he smiled and then ran her fingers one at a time over his lips. She loved his lips. They were full and forever set in the beginnings of a smile. There was always something about his face that could capture her – his deep brown eyes that could hold her stare for the longest moments, or the way he clenched his jaw as he fucked her, which turned her on more than he ever knew. It was a Saturday night and the place was hopping with locals, business travelers and tourists. As usual, most were male and many were black. “That’s good,” she thought. “Better odds.” Just then, she caught the eye of a very nice looking black man sitting alone a few feet away, looking straight at her. She smiled and then turned back to Rick. “Flirting, angel?” He looked over at the guy and then back at her. She looked stunning tonight, he thought. Her gorgeous red hair framed her pale, beautiful face perfectly, setting off her large, cobalt-blue eyes. Her perfect, sensuous lips were painted an inviting shade of red, which gave her that look that always reminded him of a cross between a baby doll and a porn star. It was look that drove him crazy, and she knew it. “Me?” she laughed. “You know I don’t flirt.” “That’s true,” he said smiling. “You just tease!” She looked back over to find the guy still watching her. She wondered if he could tell that they were talking about him – or, more specifically, what she was thinking about him. “Why don’t you flash him a little?” suggested Rick. “What?” She laughed out loud at the thought. “Turn towards him and keep swinging your leg back and forth the way you do when you get excited. Let him have a peek.” “Rick!” she crossed her arms in front of her and stared at him. She was embarrassed to admit that it would actually be fun to do. Yet she also wanted him to push her a bit more. She liked being controlled like that. “Come on,” he said adjusting himself in his chair. “I want to watch you turn this guy on.” He held her eyes for the longest time, revealing his passion and desire. She knew this was what he wanted – to watch. She smiled and readjusted her chair so that she was turned slightly away from the table and in the direction of her newfound admirer. She crossed her shapely legs and swiveled the leather chair back and forth slightly to the music as she kept her eyes on Rick. If this were going to be a tease, it would be a slow one. When she finally gathered enough nerve to look over towards the black guy again he was still watching her, apparently never having stopped. He glanced down at her legs and then back up, shaking his head slightly as he smiled. Without looking away, she slowly and hesitantly uncrossed her legs and let them part as he watched. He tipped his head slightly to the side as if trying to see more and she laughed nervously, turning back to Rick. “Oh, I bet he’s enjoying you, baby” he said, sipping his drink. After 7 years of marriage, he still thought she was the sexiest woman he’d ever known. Just the thought of her made him hard. “Probably even more than you,” she teased. She smiled and sipped at her wine, waiting for that warm, buzzing sensation it always gave her. “No one could enjoy you more than I do, Leigh. You’re incredible.” He meant it. “You think so?” She leaned over and smoothed her stockings at the ankle, pulling them up her leg until they ended at the soft, ivory-white flesh of her thigh. With her skirt still pushed slightly up, she raised her eyes and found the stranger’s gaze fixed on her delicate hands. She teased her thigh slightly with her well-manicured fingernails and then crossed her legs and slid them back under the table. “You are so bad,” teased Rick. “I’m sure he’s dying for you now.” “Well, it’s your fault, you know. It was your idea.” Beginning to feel the effects of her wine now, she quickly looked back over and smiled at the stranger and then turned back to Rick. “He is pretty darn cute though.” She blushed at her own words. “Would you like to have him tonight?” She giggled nervously, her face flushing hotly again at his words. “Do you want him?,” he repeated. “I want you.” The sexy tone of her voice told him that she meant what she said. “You have me, Leigh. But do you want him too? I think he’s the type.” She laughed nervously again and smiled at him, her eyes full of obvious excitement. She loved this stage of things – the talk. It turned her on. Even if they went no further than this tonight, she’d be as hot and revved up as he’d ever seen her. “You know I’d have a hard time admitting it even if I did,” she said unconvincingly. “In other words, yes,” said Rick, standing up from his chair and leaning down with his hands pressed against the table. “I’m going to bet that by the time I go invite this guy over to our table and buy a round of drinks, you’ll be more sure of yourself, though.” “What do you want, Rick?” she asked, placing her hand down on top of his. “You know what I want,” he said looking over at the guy and then back to her. “I want to watch you fuck him. I’ll bet he’s hung like a horse. I want to watch your face as he pumps you full of the big, black dick you crave.” Like hers, his face too was flushed with excitement. “Are you sure?” she asked. They’d been through this a hundred times, and she knew the answer. But it still excited her to hear him say it. It made her feel so sexy and…provocative. “Yes,” he said, leaning in towards her ear so that he was barely whispering. His breath was hot. “And then I would like to fuck you afterward and tell you what a delicious little vixen you are.” She looked towards his crotch and saw the reality of his excitement. She felt herself grow wet at the image his words conjured up in her mind. “We’re going up to the room in an hour,” he said looking at his watch. “With or without him.” She watched him walk toward the black guy and smile as leaned over to introduce himself. He then took a seat and the two of them chatted for a moment, occasionally casting long glances over at her as they spoke. She knew they were talking about her, but bahis firmaları she wondered what it was they were saying. She wondered if Rick was telling the handsome black stranger of their secret fantasy already. She couldn’t imagine that being the case, but the suspense was killing her. Then, to make things worse, the stranger smiled and raised his beer in a salute. She smiled and raised her glass slightly in return. Before she knew it, he had picked up his glass and was walking towards their table with Rick. She found her eyes drifting almost uncontrollably down to his crotch, where a promisingly large bulge lay. She wondered if he was as big “down there” as he appeared to be. Her right leg nervously swung back and forth again as they approached. Her breathing grew rapid and shallow, and she felt her face burn with yet another blush. Things were happening so quickly. “Leigh, this is Marcus,” Rick said as they sat down. “Marcus, Leigh.” “Nice to meet you, Leigh,” said Marcus as he extended a large, dark hand to her. His smile was dazzling. Great voice, too. Deep and sexy. “Nice to meet you, too” Leigh managed, extending her own hand in return. Her eyes were drawn to the contrast of her tiny, pale white hand in his large and very black one. Marcus, too, was looking at this. In fact, he seemed almost reluctant to let go of her hand, and she slid it out gently. “So tell me,” he started. “How does it feel to be the most beautiful woman in this place tonight?” He was even more attractive up close – a strong, handsome face and rich, chocolate-colored skin. His mouth looked very kissable, but it was his piercing, sexy eyes that held her attention. Flattered by this remark, she blushed again and smiled. This guy was charming as well as sexy! She cast her big blue eyes down coyly, then raised them again. She noticed that he was as well-built as he was handsome. His strong chest and arms were clearly visible through his shirt. “Talk about your white woman’s fantasy…’ she thought to herself. Marcus caught her gaze and met it steadily, smiling knowingly. She felt herself getting wetter. “Well, obviously I had the best seat in the house tonight. In case you haven’t noticed, every guy in this place has been checking you out,” he said. Then, turning to her husband, he said “Don’t you ever get jealous, Rick? I mean, you saw me eyeing your wife and yet you still invited me over here for a drink. That’s pretty generous.” “Well… Rick’s not your traditional husband, ” Leigh suddenly added. She smiled and winked at him, trying to appear relaxed. “Nor is Leigh your typical wife,” quipped Rick in return. He gazed sexily at Leigh and then smiled at Marcus, leaving things hanging a bit to check out Marcus’ reaction. “I see,” Marcus replied cautiously. Then that same big, knowing smile began to grow on his face as the implications of Rick’s words set in. “I see,” he repeated. He finished his beer and ordered another round for the table. Leigh had seen his look, and she knew what it meant. It was going to happen. Tonight. She looked down into her empty wineglass, wishing the waitress would hurry up with their drinks. She could feel herself trembling with nerves and anticipation. If they had suggested it, she would have gladly gone up to the room and let them both fuck her brains out right then and there. But that wasn’t about to happen, not yet. Finally, their drinks arrived. Marcus paid for them and the waitress left, leaving the three of them alone. Her head buzzing with both her wine and anticipation for where things might head with Marcus, the next 20 minutes passed by in a tense haze. Thankfully, Rick and Marcus began a side small conversation about music, allowing her to go to the ladies room and collect herself. When she returned, they were both still engrossed in conversation. She quickly quaffed the rest of her wine as if it were water, feeling the familiar warm buzz spreading throughout her head and body. She could sense herself loosening up. That was good, she thought. She wanted to enjoy this. That was when she realized that the topic of Rick and Marcus’ conversation had changed. Once again, it was her they were discussing – and in intimate detail. “Rick told me all about your fantasy, Leigh,” Marcus said, reaching over and tracing the outline of her bra with a long, dark finger, “and I’d be more than willing to lend a hand, so to speak. I thought you were the type when I first laid eyes on you – I’m just flattered that I get to be the first one.” She felt a large, powerful hand stroke her thigh boldly under the table, raising her skirt past the top of her stocking as his eyes devoured the pale white flesh there. Leigh was crimson as he raised his eyes back up to hers and hooked a finger from his opposite hand inside the opening of her blouse. This guy was really confident! That was perfect. It both excited her and made things a lot easier. “That looks sexy,” she said as she watched his large, black hand on her pale thigh. “The contrast, I mean,” she added. She couldn’t believe the words escaped her lips. She looked over at Rick, who was smiling mischievously at her. She felt him take her hand and place it on his crotch, where a full-fledged erection strained against her palm. His face was nearly scarlet. She didn’t know which of the two of them was more excited. Rick looked at his watch. “Ahem!” he interjected. “So, what are we waiting for?” His tone was anxious, as if he thought the moment might easily slip from their hands. Leigh sat there and said nothing, almost paralyzed with nerves. The unmistakable look of a highly aroused woman covered her face, however, and Rick had decided that they had better clear out before they caused any suspicion. “Let’s go up to the room now, angel,’ he said. He extended his hand to her as he looked reassuringly into her eyes. “It’s time.” “I’m ready when you are, beautiful,” Marcus said to Leigh, stroking her thigh again. “Let’s go have some fun.” She smiled at him and then rose, lighthearted, from the table. She leaned over, picked her purse up out of the empty chair and headed towards the elevator under Rick’s arm. It opened and Marcus followed them into the empty chamber. As the doors closed, he pressed her back against Rick and kissed her hard. She could feel Rick’s hot breath on her neck as four strong male hands began eagerly exploring her body. Leigh moaned and met Marcus’ kiss like a starving woman. She loved the feeling of being sandwiched between two men, their cocks stiff with desire for her body. Her knees shook as they each humped into her from opposite sides, their hands leaving no part of her petite figure untouched. She was grateful they had to go all the way to the thirtieth floor. By the way Marcus moved against her she knew that he would be good in bed – very good. And for his part, Rick was as hot and bothered as she’d ever seen him. He was now devouring the nape of her neck with fervent kisses and massaging her full breasts while Marcus eagerly explored her lower half. As the elevator rose, so did her skirt, and soon his hands were neatly tucked between her shaky legs. She felt his big fingers slip between the cheeks of her ass and run lightly across her oozing pussy lips as the elevator began to slow to a stop. “Are you always so wet?” He let her skirt fall back down as he licked his dark fingers seductively near her mouth. “Are you always so kaçak iddaa hard?” She looked down at his crotch and saw the obvious outline of his large cock against his trousers. Rick was in no better shape, and his own erection was straining hard enough to bust his fly open. For a brief moment she felt at ease. “Now, I expect that from you!” she said to Rick, laughing. The sight of two erections turned her on, though, and she couldn’t wait to see them in all their throbbing glory. Suddenly the elevator door opened and Rick led the way toward their room. He swiped the card key through the reader and smiled back at Marcus as he opened the door. “Would you like something to drink, Marcus?” asked Rick, heading towards the small bar. “Sure… a beer if you have one.” He watched Rick walk towards the small refrigerator and looked back at Leigh. It was interesting for her to watch Marcus vacillate between knowing what he wanted and being uncertain of what to do. He obviously knew what to do when he was on his own, but she doubted that he had ever experienced putting the make on a woman who was with another guy, especially one she was married to. “Here you go,” Rick said handing him a can of Budweiser. “Thanks.” Marcus popped the top on the can and took a drink. Leigh crossed her legs and tapped her foot up and down to a silent tune as she waited for one of them to make the next move. Rick offered her a glass of wine, but she refused. She was ready now. She fought the urge to just fall back on the bed with her legs spread and ask to be fucked. She still wanted to be pushed. Rick came near and stroked her beautiful red hair lightly, but she did not raise her eyes to his. Looking at Marcus now, he asked “So, what do you think of Leigh?” Marcus sat down on the coffee table facing the bed and looked at her intently. A shy smile spread across her face as he gazed at her, his eyes devouring every inch of her body. “I think she’s incredibly sexy.” He sipped his beer while keeping his eyes locked on hers. “I think she probably is a lot less innocent than she looks.” She raised an eyebrow and grinned as he continued. “And I suspect that she likes to be dominated.” “I think he described you pretty well,” said Rick, still stroking her hair. “Don’t you?” “Well, I don’t know about the ‘incredibly sexy’ part,” she teased. Marcus laughed, but Rick ignored her jesting. “Yes”, said Rick, lifting her chin and stroking her face now. “Leigh loves to be dominated. Don’t you, baby?” Marcus kept staring into her eyes as Rick spoke. She tried to return his gaze, but her overwhelming desire to have him fuck her while Rick watched embarrassed her. She cast her eyes nervously down again. The tension was building as they all waited for what was to come. Rick walked over and sat down on the small couch, placing his feet on the coffee table behind Marcus. She looked over at him and then turned back toward Marcus, who was taking a sip of his beer. “So, Marcus, what would you like her to do?” asked Rick. “She’s all yours.” Marcus smiled and then cocked his head slightly. “I want to see that hot little body you were flashing at me, Leigh,” said Marcus. “Take your dress off.” This was it, she thought. She stood, trembling violently with a mixture of nerves and lust and doing her best to keep her eyes locked on Marcus’s. Slowly, she unbuttoned her dress. She slipped it off her delicate shoulders and let it fall to the ground, eliciting whistles from both men. As she walked over to the closet to hang the dress up, she could feel their eyes devouring her shapely, ivory-white body. She liked that feeling. Clad only in heels, garter stockings, and a black lace bra, she walked back and resumed her seat on the side of the bed. “Oh yes, ” commented Marcus, “Nice and pale. I like that.” His hand went immediately to his crotch, where he boldly rubbed the growing and impressive bulge growing there. “Now, spread those sexy legs,” he whispered, nodding towards her crotch. Leigh glanced over at Rick for final approval. With his face flushed with excitement and a big smile on his face, he quickly nodded his head in affirmation. Gradually, Leigh opened her trembling thighs. There were no panties to hide behind. A wild mass of thick, dark curls covered her pussy but could not hide its wet and swollen lips from the two men’s hungry gaze. “Whoa, baby, that is one hairy bush you’ve got there,” Marcus said with obvious pleasure. “I’ve never seen anything like it!” Sitting his beer down on the table, he walked over in front of her. He pressed his hand over the hard cock in his trousers and smiled at her. Leigh kept her eyes fixed on the outline of his cock, excited at the prospect of its size. He let out another whistle. “Rub it for me. Touch yourself,” he whispered. Leigh’s fingers slid between her shapely thighs and brushed against the hairy dampness there. As she parted the lips, a pool of silky wetness oozed forth. She rubbed it over her clit and closed her eyes at the sensation. “That’s it, baby,” Marcus whispered. “Rub that hairy thing, sexy lady.” The palm of his hand was stroking his cock through his trousers again and he took a few steps closer until he was directly in front of her. He gyrated his hips as if to tease her with his cock and then he began to slowly pull his zipper down. She moaned as she watched him. She felt so sexy masturbating in front of two men. “You want to see my big, black cock, don’t you, Leigh?” he asked. He reached his hand inside of his trousers and stroked his cock, but did not pull it out. “Yes,” she said softly. Her face was crimson. Marcus stood by the bed and watched her face as he unbuttoned his shirt. He revealed a magnificent chest of smooth, black skin. His body was muscular and well-defined, without being bulky. He could tell she was pleased by the way her hand movements between her legs grew more urgent. Kneeling down in front of her, he began to stroke the inside of her pale thighs, starting at her knees and slowly tracing a line with his large black hands down to where her own small hand moved over her clit. She whimpered as he neared her burning hot and soaking wet bush. “Come on, pretty lady,” Marcus said, unbuckling his belt now. “Show me how you come like that.” “No,” she said, removing her hand. “I want you inside of me.” Her voice was shaky. “You want me inside of you? Are you sure you can handle that?” asked Marcus. Leigh giggled quietly at his playfulness as he stood and unzipped his trousers. He pulled them down over his white bikini briefs and folded them over a nearby chair. She admired his firm, round butt cheeks and powerful thighs as he was turned away from her, but was even more impressed by the obscene bulge laying at an angle across the front of his briefs as he returned. It was pushing out against the thin material and threatening to poke out over the top of the waistband. “I think it’s time to stop teasing, ” he said. He stood by the side of the bed ran his fingers inside the elastic of his underwear. “I couldn’t agree more,” said Rick from his position on the couch. Leigh noticed that he had pulled out his cock and was slowly stroking it, fighting hard against the urge to shoot his load all over the place. Both she and Rick watched anxiously as Marcus slowly pulled the fabric down over his cock, letting it spring forward as he pulled his briefs down and off. Leigh gasped loudly with a mixture kaçak bahis of surprise and pure, a****l lust as she stared hungrily at the massive, throbbing cock in front of her it. Fully erect, it was even bigger than she had imagined all this time – about 10 inches long and as thick as a large cucumber. The shaft was covered with prominent veins – more than any other cock she’d seen before. His balls were equally huge, hanging low and heavy in his leathery black scrotum, which was shaved smooth. The huge mushroom head of his tool bulged out with his excitement, and he teased it gently as he stood near her. “What do you think, baby?” he asked, slowly pumping his thick meat. “Is it big enough for you?” “Yes. It’s beautiful,” she replied. Her voice was husky and quavering. She wanted to come badly. “Yeah,” he said. “I think it’s just the right size for a pretty white lady like you.” He knelt on the floor between her legs again and stroked them gently, raising them slowly and lifting them up over his arms. She rested her shapely ankles on his shoulders as he unsnapped her garter and slowly peeled off her stockings, kissing his way down her pale legs and feet until he got to her pretty toes. Leigh was excited by the contrast of her ivory-white calves around his powerful black neck. She moaned again as he reached up and rubbed his dark fingers over her clit. “You’re awfully wet, baby.” “Oohh… ” she moaned. She was still leaning back on her hands and staring down at the fat black club pointing up at her from between his strong thighs. He caught her hungry stare and smiled. “Are you sure you want this thing inside of you, pretty lady?” he teased. “Yes,” she said. She fell back on the bed, ready to receive him. Pulling off the black lace bra and tossing it aside, she threw her arms back over her head and waited, realizing how enticing her full, white breasts looked in that position. Then she spread her pale thighs wide apart and drew her knees back, giving him a clear view of her swollen, beet-red pussy lips and prominent, hairy asshole. She knew from experience with Rick that this would be a sight he probably wouldn’t be able to resist. She was right. Marcus stood up, looking down at the trembling, flushed white woman stretched out below him. Totally naked now, Leigh was a vision to behold. Petite, shapely and as white as snow, her body had all the right things in all the right places. A tiny waist and wide, curvy hips topped off her muscular, heart-shaped ass. Her full, meaty breasts were neither too big nor too small and were topped off with large, pink nipples that looked picture-perfect when hard. Her petite hands and feet were exquisitely feminine and well-formed, as if molded by an artist, and were as soft and supple as silk. An amazingly thick, lush patch of hair spread across her beautiful pussy and down to a tightly puckered, delectable asshole that looked good enough to eat. Her beautiful and luminous face, graced with big blue eyes and framed by wonderfully soft red hair, radiated an intoxicating mixture of sweetness and sexiness, innocence and a****l hunger. Her full lips looked like they were made both for sucking cock and for kissing one goodnight. She was the very personification of feminine beauty. He thought of all the other black men she would undoubtedly enjoy after him in the years to come, and wondered if they would feel as lucky as he did right now. He was determined to give her the fucking of her life. Kneeling on the bed, he positioned himself between her widespread thighs, took his massive cock in his hands and eased his hips toward hers. “Mmmm…. yeah,” he said, rubbing the swollen head of his organ against the slick, hairy opening of her pussy. “You’re as hot as an oven down there, baby. You really like the idea of getting fucked by a black man, don’t you?” Hearing him talk like that drove her wild. She knew that Rick must have been loving it, too. “Yes…” she moaned. She could hear Rick jerking off steadily now as he watched and listened to their talk. Marcus started to push the thick head of his ebony shaft into her, pausing a moment to look in her eyes, then suddenly sliding it, stopping when he felt that familiar “popping” sensation. Leigh gasped. The feeling of his thick cockhead stretching her tight opening was unbelievable. She wanted more. Whimpering, she tried to push her hips up to meet him. “You want more?” Marcus teased, moving back from her thrusts. “Yes … please,” she moaned, trying again to hump her hips into him. “Please what, baby?” he asked mockingly. Rick had asked him to make her beg for his cock, and he certainly didn’t mind. Besides, he could tell she liked it that way. “Please fuck me,” she gasped. Her tone was urgent. That was all Marcus needed to hear. “You got it, baby. I’m gonna show you how black men fuck,” he said. Looking straight into her eyes to watch her expression, he pushed the entire length of his enormous black shaft into her pale white body until he felt it hit the back of her cunt, then forced himself in even further so that his heavy balls rested snugly against her asshole. He was amazed at the tightness of this woman’s pussy. Combined with the intense heat coming from her, he had to struggle for a moment to maintain his control. Leigh let out a loud howl. “Aaargh!” She was almost hyperventilating. “Oh god! Uhhh! Mmmmm!” she cried as his long, thick meat stretched her body to previously unknown proportions. Marcus was delighted. “Is that the way you want it, baby?” he teased. “Like that?” He withdrew his huge cock to the head, leaned down, lightly bit her erect nipples and then slammed into her again. Leigh felt like she was being split in two. Fiery heat began to burn from her curled toes up to her scalp, and she found herself humping back up at his strokes with a ferocious, uncontrollable rhythm. “Yes!” she panted. “Oh god, yes!” Marcus was starting to pick up the pace of his thrusts, and her body was slowly adapting to his immense length and girth as he plunged into her secret depths. “Whew, baby!” he gasped, fucking her deep and hard now. “You’re as tight as a fist.” He used his powerful ass muscles to pump his thick meat into her with strong, steady strokes. Leigh’s head was thrown back and she was moaning loudly as he fucked her. He knew that she was really getting off on the size of his cock. “You like getting pumped full of big black dick, don’t you, pretty lady?” he grunted.. Leigh closed her eyes and bit her lip, savoring both the sensation of the enormous cock inside of her and the sound of his words. “Yes,” she moaned, arching her back. She knew what both he and Rick wanted to hear it, but the truth was that she liked it, too. “Yes. I love it!” Her own words excited her even more. There was nothing in the world quite like fucking a white woman, Marcus thought. They were always so wild and out of control. He began to swivel his hips from side to side, grinding them into her with each stroke so as explore every inch of her tight pussy. Leigh’s moaning told him his efforts were not wasted. ‘Oh yeah, baby… right there, huh? You like it like that, don’t you?” “Yes…” She looked at the powerful black chest and shoulders looming over her, their muscles glistening with a****lian sweat as he fucked her. “Yeah, baby! Come on… give it to me. Give me that beautiful white body.” He was kneeling up now as he picked up the pace of his thrusts, plunging his huge black shaft into her receptive body like a jackhammer while spreading her pale thighs wide apart. They looked even paler with his large black hands gripping them, and she noticed this. Her exc

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