Legal Business and Illicit Pleasure

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As the director of an engineering manufacturing business, Andrew needed the prospect of a court battle with a disgruntled customer like a hole in the head. The customer was expanding their food processing business and Andrew’s company were chosen as one of the main suppliers of equipment, being well respected and established in their field. The early stages of discussion should have sounded alarm bells, when it became clear that the customer was trying to cut costs at every stage and did not have a dedicated project manager. Offering a bespoke design, build and installation service, Andrew’s company were in a position to manage the process, but obviously at a cost. The customer decided to just ask for quotes for individual items of equipment, and design the layout in house, and use a local contractor to build and install. Suggestions were made re the specifications of some of the equipment chosen, with the advice being to move up to a higher spec/cost item in some instances. The customer chose to ignore this advice, and the project started, but was fraught with delays as they seemed to change their mind re details on a weekly basis.

The project was completed and a couple of months later, a letter arrived stating that they were unhappy with the performance of some of the equipment and were taking legal action with a view to claiming a ridiculous sum for damages and lost production. Andrew and his fellow directors made some enquiries, and the general view was that the customer was strapped for cash and was probably looking for an out of court settlement to balance the books. Nevertheless, the whole process would need to be handled correctly and challenged, not only in terms of the compensation claim, but also their reputation as a well respected supplier in the sector. Having had poor service from their existing solicitors, the directors decided to look for someone new.

Anne Richardson was a name that cropped up in a couple of conversations with business associates. Anne was a senior partner in a well respected East Anglian firm, and was described as “highly intelligent, formidable, dogged and pleasing on the eye” by one of her clients who played golf with Andrew’s fellow director. The directors met Anne at her office and first impressions matched the description given. Since the crux of the claim was based around the equipment, it was decided that Andrew as Technical Director would be her main point of contact, and having insisted on scrutinising every bit of communication, and also gleaning a good understanding of what various bits of equipment did, Anne agreed that they had a weak case, and asked him what he felt would be a fair settlement. Andrew was firmly of the view that they had no liability, since the customer had rejected the offer of design and installation, and had not even installed the models he would have recommended to do what they had in mind. There was also the issue of build and installation and it was likely that warranties had been compromised as a result of this not being to their specification. With goodwill and reputation in mind, he suggested that they would visit the site, review the installation, and supply any obviously unsuitable items at cost, less the return value of the existing items.

After months of letter writing and exchanges, the customers solicitor appeared to be getting frustrated at the inconsistent information he received from his client. Anne sensed this, and suggested a face to face meeting on neutral territory, with a view of finding an amicable agreement. Their solicitor agreed a little too readily (suggesting a weakness in their case). The date and time was set, with a venue in a meeting room in a modern hotel near Birmingham. Anne warned Andrew and his MD that these meetings tended to drag on, due to breakouts where clients and legal representatives could discuss things in private, and suggested booking rooms for that night in case things ran on late into the evening, when it could be case of who blinks first. Andrew booked a room for himself and Anne, and Tom the MD said he would have to leave at 5pm regardless but that Andrew had the backing of the other directors to agree with whatever outcome was reached.

Christmas was approaching and on the day, Anne, Tom, and Andrew met for an hour before the others arrived. Her level of understanding and preparation impressed them both and she certainly looked the part, in her elegant heels, black stockinged legs, fitted pencil skirt and expensive silk blouse. Her raincoat and umbrella and overnight suitcase were handed over at reception, and delivered to her room. Tom and Andrew were pleased to hear that she was of the view that they should concede very little if anything, and that IF the case went to court, there were a number of things which went against the customer, especially since she had made contact with a very happy customer who had engaged them to design build and install a similar facility – highlighting that the complainants had Bostancı Escort tried to cut corners and it had backfired!

The meeting started with friendly greetings and handshakes as usual, and Tom and Andrew couldn’t help thinking that their customer had operated a similar “buy cheap” approach to their legal team, as a rather flustered and dishevelled looking man in his early 60’s at opposite them with a timid looking young female assistant. In contrast Anne was not only stunningly smart, but also organised and as cool as ice. She had set an agenda and cleverly allowed them to put forward their complaints and claims first of all. The customer and builder/installer were present, and bit by bit, Anne slowly but surely highlighted the weakness of their case, whilst maintaining a calm and pleasant persona. The builder did them no favours, by admitting they had not completed such a complex installation before, and with hindsight should have brought someone else in. Their solicitor would certainly not make a poker player, since his body language and facial expressions were those of a condemned man. He tried to move things on (damage limitation) and asked directly what was on offer as compensation so that he could consult with his client.

The next steps totally convinced Tom and Andrew that they’d picked the right woman for the job. Anne systematically dismantled their case, and stated that there would only be one outcome should it go to court, and that her clients would not be offering anything in terms of financial compensation, but would as a gesture of goodwill, without compromise, prepare a report and recommendations as to how best to achieve what the customer was hoping to achieve with his new facility!. They looked shellshocked to say the least, and their solicitor asked for an hour alone with his client.

Tom had to leave, but his mood was positive, and he thanked Anne for her excellent work and performance. Andrew and Anne retired to the lounge for a coffee, and Andrew felt much more relaxed than he had for weeks. As a 52yo male, it would be fair to say he had an eye for the ladies, divorced and single, he enjoyed female company, and tended to be drawn to smart (mentally and physically) women who were confident and sexy in a subtle, understated way. Anne was sat on a comfortable sofa opposite him, and he found himself seeing the woman beyond the hot shot legal brain. Her outfit oozed class and power, he was certain that the skirt covered stockings and suspenders rather than boring tights, a subtle glimpse of the tell tale suspender clasp bump was barely visible, but he had a keenly trained eye.

Stockings and suspenders suggested some exquisite matching lingerie, and he imagined that the smart, business-like (but nevertheless very sexy) outer wear, covered some utterly delicious, equally high quality lingerie. Her hair was up, subtle makeup, and nicely fitted skirt and blouse (tight enough to notice her feminine curves, but not too tight). Andrew was a breast man, and Anne clearly had well proportioned and well supported breasts – a 36d or more at a guess – he imagined a black lacy bra, and equally appealing nipples. As Anne reached forward for her coffee, her skirt rode up a little and he had the treat of a glimpse of her lower thigh, her sheer black stockings adding to the thrill.

“So, will they hang on playing ping pong for hours, or capitulate, realising that we have outgunned them by bringing you in?” Andrew smiled as he put Anne on the spot.

“Impossible to say, but if I was engaged by them I’d be aiming to come away with something – and I would definitely not want to go near a judge with such a feeble case.

Andrew agreed that they were not well prepared and could not back up a lot of what they had said, and that they had provided written accounts which did not match what was said today.

The hour soon passed and Anne and Andrew tapped the door and entered. After another hour of discussion, a couple more adjournments, by 7pm, they had accepted the offer of support to rectify the design issues, and accepted that they were not going to walk away with a lump of money. Anne typed up the agreement, along with terms stating that there would be no further comment or claim, and went to the hotel business centre to print two copies. These were duly signed and after somewhat strained handshakes, they left the building, well and truly beaten.

Andrew was delighted, and messaged Tom and the other two directors who were equally pleased. Since he and Anne were checked into the hotel, he suggested a celebratory drink followed by dinner. She was also pleased with the outcome, and relieved it had not dragged on for hours with the inevitable outcome. they both headed upstairs, freshened up, Anne reapplied her makeup and applied some more perfume, and despite her unwritten rule of never mixing business with pleasure, felt a little playful, and undid one button on her silk blouse and put on a lovely Ümraniye Escort necklace which would undoubtedly draw an observers eye to the jewel it contained. She let her hair down and brushed it, giving a more relaxed and feminine look, before adjusting her stockings and giving herself a once over in the mirror.

Andrew awaited her in the bar, his jacket and tie gone, a hint of aftershave and a happy, relaxed demeanour. He had a double take as Anne walked over – if she looked hot this afternoon, she was positively on fire now, despite being in the same skirt and blouse and heels. Her hair, and the necklace drew his eye and he immediately noticed that another button had been left undone. Drinks were ordered and he offered a toast to a very successful outcome, and thanked Anne for her hard work and professional approach.

“It’s now 8pm, we are off duty, we are no longer solicitor and client, so let’s relax and enjoy dinner and the evening!”

Anne smiled and sensed a subtle flirtation in Andrews voice, and found herself agreeing, and wondering if she would, in fact bend her rule bearing in mind the time and the place and the opportunity it presented. They chatted and laughed, Andrew teasing her re her softer side in contrast to the lioness who was ready to savage the sheep chosen to represent their opponents!

She found herself revealing more about herself and her personal life than she ever had to anyone outside her closest friends, and certainly had never been in this scenario with a client (although as Andrew had pointed out, it was now after 8pm and she was not technically his solicitor any more having completed the task she was retained to do). Andrew said he admired the fact that she was in a long and happy marriage, and she found herself dropping hints that there were some gaps in that happiness and fulfilment. Dinner was enjoyable, a nice meal and quality wine, and they sat at 90 degrees to each other, rather than facing. There was the occasional brush of hand and knees under the table, and Anne realised that she was doing nothing to discourage the seduction that was happening. Having made reference to her time at University in the mid 80’s, Andrew refused to believe that she was in fact a few years his senior. The flattery was appreciated and it opened the door to more compliments, which she took graciously, knowing full well that he was upping the ante.

After dinner they retired to the bar and ended up sitting on a sofa in a quiet corner. The lights were dimmer and there was music playing, the G&T’s and wine were certainly having an effect on both of them and conversation became more personal and flirtatious, with Andrew openly telling her what a great figure and dress sense she had, and how the sight of her in her heels and stockings were a major distraction.

“How do you know I’m wearing stockings?” She playfully replied.

“I have a keen eye for detail, it’s my job… I noticed the faint outline of your suspenders when we visited your office and again today, in addition, you strike me as the kind of lady who would be wearing stockings not tights, and there is a hint of wishful thinking on my part” he replied.

“Wishful thinking?” Anne smiled as she asked, and what wishes might you have had?

“Ok, cards on the table, please feel free to respond as you wish to what I’m about to say….you may wish to slap me, chastise me and walk away, or by some outside chance, you may let curiosity and mischievousness overrule your rulebook.”

“What rulebook?” Anne replied.

“The rule that I suspect you have which says business and pleasure don’t mix – however, I am of the view that provided that there is degree of age and maturity and like-mindedness, business can lead to pleasure, and having had a very mutually positive business outcome, I find myself wondering whether you may be receptive to more?”

There was no sign of chastisement or a slap, but a wry smile and a crossing of legs which revealed another glimpse of that shapely thigh.

“Go on?”

“Should I be subtle or dare I be direct?” Andrew dipped his toe further into the water.

Anne smiled and replied “I’d have thought that my performance this afternoon would have answered that question…I find directness can save a lot of time and enable more rapid progress….which is precisely why you are sat on this sofa flirting with me as opposed to still being in that room negotiating with a sweaty solicitor in a cheap suit.”

“Very well summarised… In that case Anne, can I suggest that we vacate this sofa, and either finish or take our drinks and head somewhere more private – I personally booked the rooms and yours was the last king size bed so I would very much like to join you there…”

Anne stood up and took the lead….”There are still rules, but I guess you know them as well as me….let me show you my lovely bedroom…”

No sooner was the bedroom door closed, Andrew started kissing Anne Kartal Escort who responded. That initial kiss is a great tell….if it’s good…what follows is inevitably good. If it’s average, things may go either way.

Anne was definitely a good kisser, and she was clearly responsive to being kissed passionately. Andrew moved to kiss her neck and whispered how good she smelt and how horny she made him feel.

“If we’re being direct, tell me what you want…tell me what you love and what will make tonight as good as this afternoon?

“I want you to kiss my neck and breasts, I want you to tease and suck my hard nipples, take time, lick them, suck them, that will make me so wet. I want you to pull up my skirt and go down on me, I want you to kiss and lick me, I want to lie back and I want you to eat me… I took control in that meeting room, I want you to take control now and reward me.”

Andrew had already undone another button on Anne’s blouse and his lips were now kissing her breasts, as she felt one of the straps of her lacy black bra slip down over her shoulder and her erect nipple exposed. Anne gasped as his tongue teased her nipple and as his lips sealed around it and the sensation built as he sucked, gently, harder, and gently again. The second nipple was revealed and had the same treatment as the first was teased and gently pinched. The hardness of Anne’s nipples left him in no doubt as to her feelings, and in no time the expensive silk blouse lay on the floor and her skirt was around her waist as she was manoeuvred to lie back on the sofa. Heels still on, with one foot on the cushion and one on the floor. Andrew took a moment to savour the view of her beautiful full breasts, the shapely stockinged legs and the quality 3 piece lingerie set which was sexier and more revealing than he had ever imagined. The lacy front panel of her panties revealed a narrow strip of trimmed hair, and the contrast in colour of the material suggested they were more than a little damp…

Andrew stood before her and stripped down to his shorts, before leaning forward, kissing Anne’s lips and then moving down kiss by kiss over her breasts, stomach and over her lace covered mound. He kissed her stockinged thighs, and took in the distinctive musky scent of a woman aroused. The natural pheromones she released to arouse unwitting males. Her panties was been on for some 12 hours, she’d had a leisurely start, showered and prepared, pulled on her stockings and zipped up her skirt, double checked she had all she required and set off for the station for midday. She knew that she had been feeling horny this evening, and that there would be a certain wetness in her intimate areas had she checked, but also in a way she could not really explain, the situation she found herself in that afternoon was a turn on. She was among 5 men and a timid young PA, and she was top dog, she had control and looked good and felt good, and above all professionally she was very very good – that in itself made her horny!. Sensing victory, as her and Andrew sat outside drinking coffee, she could have quite happily slipped to the ladies and given herself an orgasm in no time. Her own power was arousing, but also it was very arousing to be stripped of that power and taken, enjoyed, and pleasured.

Andrews lips and tongue trailed over her stocking tops and the bare flesh beyond them, and he kissed her through her lacy panties, the pressure of his lips and tongue on her swollen lips leaving her wanting more and more.

He paused only to say “God I love the scent of your pussy…I suspect you taste as good as you smell.” before pulling her panties aside and running his tongue up the length of her exposed glistening pink lips.

The teasing continued for a couple of minutes and then her panties were removed and her legs parted fully to allow his face full access to her heavenly waxed pussy, the strip of hair like an arrow directing his tongue to her swollen clitoris. Anne had told him she wanted her pussy “eating” so Andrew was determined not to leave her wanting. She lay back totally exposed, her legs wide apart and pussy open and hungry for tongue, fingers and hopefully and nice thick cock. Andrew probed her with his tongue and sucked her lips and clitoris.

Anne could not resist playing with her nipples as he ate her, and her first orgasm soon started to build. As it got closer, Anne held his head and pulled his face into her crotch as her pussy started to pulsate and tingle. She had no need to hold him close, he had no plans to stop licking and sucking…even after her first orgasm, there was always another ready to be released and continuing to lick and suck, possible with the insertion of a couple of fingers, would pretty much guarantee that an orgasm became “orgasms”

Anne lay back, breathless, and smiled. “Thank you…that felt pretty amazing.”

Andrew silently pulled her to her feet and undid her skirt which fell to the floor. Her bra followed and she faced him in only her stockings suspenders and heels. The bulge of his cock showed through the taut material of his shorts and as they kissed, she took it in her hand and started stroking and squeezing it. Andrew pulled it out of his shorts and pushed them down.

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