Learning Jenny

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Learning Jenny Much to my surprise Jenny and I did’t anything for quit awhile after that. I became a little bashful as the brothers sat there staring down at us. There eye’s big and full. I did manage to reach over and run my fingers through Jenny’s public hair. She in return rolled over onto her side and began to rub and pull on my nipples. We giggled as girls do, laughed a little then jumped up, ran into the lake and washed any signs of our love feast off our bodies. We played in the lake and her brothers, like zombies, watched until we came to shore, dried off and dressed back into our clothes. It was weeks later that I realized I hadn’t seen Jenny in a few days. It was harvest time, days were getting shorter, Jenny was preparing for the fair, I was helping mom put up can goods. One day mom asked about Jenny, said if I knew how she had been. I couldn’t give a good answer so mom just swoshed me away and told me to go check on her.When I got the her house her brothers waved at me from a distance, but no Jenny. I went to the house and knocked on the door and her mother let me in. Thanking me, said Jenny had been a handful the last 1xbet yeni giriş few days. It was then that I had found that that Jenny had been thrown from a horse and had broken her leg. I hadn’t heard from her because she just got home from the hospital. Her mother in a flurry, thanked me for coming and asked me to stay while she went to the store.I didn’t even have time to respond. OUt the door she flew. I ascended the stairs to Jenny’s room, opend the door a crack and saw her laying there in a cut off t-shirt, white cotton panties and no bra.”What are you looking at?” I could tell she was crancky”Don’t worry Jenny, you’ll be okay.””It’s not that she replied, Now I can’t compete. Bowler had to be put down, and dad’s pissed that all that money he put into her is gone. All because I wanted to ride her bare back.”She began to sob. I wanted to comfort her so I got down on my knees and pulled her face to my chest. I could feel her hot tears flow don my neck, between my breasts and I instantly became aroused. Jenny must have sensed it to because I soon felt her lips on my neck. Kissing me, then biting me. On my ears and chin 1xbet giriş and soon my lips. Jenny was such a great kisser. Lovely soft buds that were tender but demanding. Her hands snuck up my shirt and she pinched at my nipples till they were hard and sore. It was difficult getting her panties down, but we managed.I licked her pussy with out parting the lips. It drove her crazy, she lifted her lips offering her willing pussy to me. But i just licked her lips, circling the area abover her clit gently. “My God, if you’re gonna eat my pussy, eat it and stop fucking around. You’re driving me mad doing that.”But I didn’t listen. I licked her thigh, down to her foot then up the other leg. I crawled ontop of her and awkwardly mounted her with my leg between her thights. Rubbing her. She moaned. We kissed grabbed at each other greedily.Soon I could feel her wetness on my leg, her breasts heaved and she arched her back. “Ah, fuck I’m gonna cum. Please put your mouth on me.” And I did as she asked.Lowering myself between her legs I lapped up the juice that had began to pool beneathe her. I tasted her saltiness and loved it. My tongue sneaked 1xbet güvenilirmi between her folds and like a tease I am…. I tasted her pussy hole, her taint, and even her ass. Soon she was rocking back and forth wanting release.I told her to beg me and she said no.I told her to beg me or I want give you want you want.she almost scream “”Please, I beg you. Please please pleaseeeeeee.” And I dived in. Taking her forcefully, inserting my fingers into her cunt. Her clint clinched between my teeth. When she came I felt her pussy contract around my fingers. I withdrew my teeth but took my other hand and rolled her clit. She screamed at me, “Stop, my god stop I can’t take it.” But I continued a few seconds longer and she shivered. I still was fucking her with my fingers but I gave her clit a rest.When I thought she was ready I started again. This time I went straight for it and she gasped. It happened quickly her pussy clenching again, her nipples pointed straight up at the ceiling, her stomach taunt from the orgasm. As she watched I raised my dripping fingers to my lips and tasted her. Then I lowered myself between her legs and cleaned her up. When I was done I pulled her panties up and began to kissed her.I had time before I heard her mother walk into the house to massage her pussy through her panties and she said “Don’t, you wanna get caught.”My reply to her…. “Maybe I do.”

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