Lauren and Grey Ch. 02.5

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Part 2 and a half:

Not to be outdone…the game was now on and I composed the following reply.

He leaned back against the headboard of the bed…spent, relieved, content.

He exhaled purposely while staring up at the ceiling…”You are a very dangerous woman, Ms. Lauren”

She propped her head on her right arm and turned to him. “Oh, really?” she coyly replied.

Leveling his head; his eyes lock on hers. He can’t help but half smile approvingly at the sight of her beautiful face. She cracks a devilish all knowing grin as she brings her finger to her lips and teasingly licks at the tip of her still moist fingers; her eyes only closing long enough to express her appreciation of her own taste….”mmmmmm” she moans.

She tortured him by asking: “What would ever make you think such a thing, Mr. Grey?”

His lips painfully purse at the sudden realization that he is enjoyably “in over his head” with this stunningly sexy woman.

Mesmerized; his eyes follow as her left hand slowly and casually moves down her t-shirt and over her left nipple; pausing just long enough to circle the fabric slowly canlı bahis around the areola. She bites her bottom lip while never allowing her sexy eyes to leave his. The hard erection of her nipple is now clearly visible through the taught fabric. The full topography of her areola excited at his stare. Just to make certain that he is aware of her arousal she gives her nipple a twist. He lets out a slightly audible whimper just before biting his lower lip.

Feeling vulnerable as he lays their naked and semi erect: “Who is teasing who?”…he says in a surrendering tone as his hand moves to modestly cover his growing hardness. She laughs innocently breaking the stare long enough to acknowledge his hardening cock with approving eyes.

Her hand continues its quest; finding its way to the still damp splash of cum he shot on her thigh. The perfectly manicured tip of her index finger swirls into the thick cream scooping it up. She turns her attention to his captivated face. “God” she exclaims…. as her finger slides over her bottom lip into her eager mouth. Her eyes close savoring the taste of his man-ness. As her fingers slowly slides bahis siteleri out of her mouth she assures Grey of her fondness for his taste..”You are so fucking delicious!” she declares.

No longer able to hold back; he moves quickly to grab her hand while simultaneously sliding next to her. “You are so fucking sexy” he says as his lips meet hers.

They reenact THE KISS, but this time passion has entered into the closeness. Their mouths eager for each other and tongues dance as his hip finds the snug groove between her thighs. His heart overtly pounding though his skin as the rush of being with her overcomes him. They lose tract of who moaned when and because of what. Their hips grind together. They are dry fucking except the wetness is way too obvious as is the throbbing of his cock against her perfect silky skin.

She moves her right leg allowing him to press his rigid cock against her slit. They both instinctively begin to rock. Her engorged lips spread against his shaft. The head of his cock glancing against her clit with every pressing lurch. Kisses become bites. Bites become audible moans. Sensing her on the bahis şirketleri verge of orgasm; he grabs her wrists, pressing them against the bed as he pushes himself up adeptly letting all his weight against her soaking silky opening.

“I want to see your face when you cum.” he declares.

Still holding tightly to her wrists he begins to fuck her slit. She leans her head back as her body tightens and her lips suctioning on to his cock. His pulsating manhood firm against her gash. She quivers as the first wave of orgasm rushes through her. His eyes locked into hers. She is half moaning half screaming….”Fuck Grey!”

He loses control as the first thick shot of cum shoots onto her porcelain belly. The sensation of the hot cream on her sweaty stomach sends another clenching wave through her quivering body. Shot after shot of his juice shooting between them on to her hot flawless body.

He collapses on to her as he revels in the exalted reaction his mind and body have from not fucking her. Feeling the juices fuse between them, they try in vain to catch their breath as there bodies quiver with each pulse of orgasm.

Doing his best Sean Connery impersonation he whispers: “Extremely dangerous, Money Penny; extremely dangerous.”

Stay tuned to see where these 2 real life heroes end up; because the story line goes on and on……

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