Late Night Car Fun

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Late Night Car FunAs I hung up the phone after making plans to meet Kevin, I felt that familiar tingle in my pussy that happens when I’m about to play with a new cock for the first time…I turned on the shower to warm up the water and stood in front of the mirror playing with my chocolate nipples while I waited. I loved cupping my big, full breasts and squeezing my nipples while I watched myself…this particular time I was imagining how much Kevin was going to enjoy seeing them for the first time later that night. I stepped into the shower and poured some of my honey & black seed apricot oil body wash onto a loofah pouf. The soap felt so thick and luxurious and I loved soaping up my tits and watching the white soapy lather build up on my caramel skin. As I slid my fingers down to my vagina, I could already feel my slippery juices leaking out onto my shaved pussy lips. I grudgingly reminded myself to hurry up before I got too carried away playing with myself! After turning off the water I grabbed a fluffy white towel to pat myself dry and smoothed on some shea and cocoa butter baby oil all over my body. I splashed myself with some of my Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume, knowing how the intoxicating scent always drives men to distraction and gets them moving in closer.Hmm…what to wear? Definitely something to show off my curves and reveal just enough cleavage to tease him…I settled on some black leggings and a low-cut white ribbed tank top that contrasted nicely against my tan skin. Add some earrings and a necklace, sheer lip gloss, slide on my flip flops, and I was out the door.As I drove to the lake where we were going to meet, I reminded myself that I was going to be a “good” girl tonight…well, as good a girl as I could be without actually having sex. I mean, we were meeting at the lake. Even though it was dark, I certainly was not about to get it on in public. I’m not the kind of girl who has ever had sex in a car and I was not planning to start now. We were just going to walk and talk for a bit and then maybe I would tease him a little in the car. That’s it. Nothing more. Seriously.I pulled into the parking lot and was surprised that so many cars were there at that late hour. But it was an unusually warm evening for New England, so I guess everyone was taking advantage of the 70 degree temperature. Through the windshield I could see Kevin approaching my car and I popped the lock so he could climb in the passenger seat. We exchanged a kiss and hug and I deeply inhaled his freshly showered scent. Damn…my pussy was already getting warm and moist. I am such a sucker for a good smelling man…it drives me to distraction every time.We chatted in the car for a bit then decided to take a walk around the lake. It was such a beautiful, warm night and the full moon was shining brightly over the water. We walked slowly, talked easily, and laughed often. Still, I was eager to get back to the privacy of the car for a bit of kissing and exploring.We headed back to my car and there were a lot more people around than I was comfortable with. I guess Kevin felt the same way because he suggested that we go somewhere a bit more private. “Naughty boy”, I thought to myself. “I hope he doesn’t think he’s getting lucky tonight because that ain’t happening!”I drove around to the other side of the lake and we pulled into an empty corner of the parking lot. There were only a couple other cars here and they were so spaced out that I felt much more comfortable about the possibility of making out in the car.I turned on some soft, sexy background music while we chatted and noticed that Kevin’s eyes kept drifting down to my tits. After one glance that was especially lingering I figured I would use this as my opportunity to move on to naughtier topics so I asked him, “What are you thinking right now?”He gave a shy smile and said, “I’m thinking that I really want to kiss those beautiful lips.”“Is that so? Well, I think you should try that out,” I responded.He didn’t waste a second before leaning in to kiss my lips softly. Mmmm, it was one of those real good and sweet kisses that just go on and on and on…tongues teasing, nibbling and sucking on lips…the kind sarıyer escort of kiss that promises good times to come. His hand eventually made its way to my breast and he softly squeezed and massaged the hell out of my tits.It felt so good and my moans only encouraged his hands to explore more of my body. I could feel his hand run down my side and slide under my shirt. He ran his hand over my back and whispered “Your skin feels so soft,” as he started to nibble on my earlobes. Aw, dammit! What was already a slowly building ache in my pussy exploded into a hot, dripping flow of my juices. I was whimpering and writhing all over my seat and as he continued to suck and nibble, his hand slid down my leggings and squeezed my hip before moving back to my ass.“Oh my god,” I thought to myself, “I’m starting to lose control here.” I was getting way too turned on way too quickly. I needed to dial it down a few notches before this man had me doing all sorts of filthy things I already told myself not to do!I reluctantly tore myself away from those delicious lips and reached down to explore the very large bulge in his lap. I ran my hand over his pants and used my fingers to stroke the length of his cock. He laid his head back on the headrest and moaned. When my fingers reached the tip, I ran my thumb over it then softly squeezed it.“Oh my god, Karrine,” he groaned. “That feels sooo good!”“Mmmm, good,” I replied as I continued stroking and squeezing his cock through his pants. I was glad to have the focus off of me so that I could calm the hell down and regain my composure. Although my heart rate was finally lowering, make no mistake, I was still getting very turned on watching him enjoy my hand rubbing his cock.I could distinctly feel through his pants that he had a thick cock and my curiosity got the best of me. I had to see it. I needed to feel it for real.I reached up to unbutton his jeans and he was all too eager to lean his seat back a little to give me more room to free his cock. I slid my hand under the waistband of his boxers and awww dammit!!!A long, thick cock just like I thought!I was so turned on at this point that my heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was in my throat. I pulled his cock out of his boxers and started to stroke it slowly. I started to salivate as my mind was consumed by the thought of feeling this thick, hard white dick in my wet pussy.I rubbed his sticky precum all over the tip of his cock and slowly work my hand up and down his shaft. I moved my hand off the shaft and reached down further to gently squeeze his balls. This elicited a deep moan from him and I focused on one ball at a time, softly squeezing and rolling each one between my fingers.“Why don’t we move into the back seat?” he suggested.“Oh honey, as much as I want to, I don’t know about that,” I said. “There are other people around here and I don’t want us to get too carried away.”Surprisingly he just said okay and didn’t press the issue. I was slightly shocked because most guys would resort to begging at that point but he just leaned over and started to kiss me again.He pushed me so that my back was up against my door and with one hand he started massaging my breast, sliding the other hand between my thighs. He rubbed his hand over my pussy and I was slightly embarrassed by how wet I was; sure that he could feel that I soaked my panties and my leggings. His fingers pressed against the crotch of my leggings to separate my pussy lips and I moaned when his finger contacted my swollen clit. He started to work his finger back and forth over it and whispered in my ear: “Your pussy is so wet for me, isn’t it?”I mumbled “Uh huh” and ground my hips against his hand, craving more of his touch against my throbbing clit.He continued to whisper, his hot breath tickling my ear: “I really want to feel how wet you are. I know a place we can go that’s really private. No one will be able to see us.”At this point, I was so turned on that my ability to think rationally was just gone. I sat my seat up and started the car. All I knew was that I wanted to see what else his esenyurt escort magical fingers could do to my pussy. I continued rubbing the head of his cock and stroking the shaft while we drove. He directed me to drive along the lake and moments later we got to a street marked “Private Way”. As I turned down the street, I hazily recalled seeing a sign that said “No Parking, Sunset to Sunrise” but my mind interpreted it as “No Overnight Parking”.I drove down the street until it ended and directly in front of us was the lake. There were trees all around, the moon shone on the water and I could see stars in the sky. I thought to myself, “This guy is good…” It was the perfect setting.We got out of the car and, as we moved to the backseat, I took a closer look at our surroundings. No, that can’t be…Was that…?A tombstone?!?!“Where are we?!” I exclaimed as I jumped back in the car and reached up to lock all the doors. I looked across to the other side of the road and saw more tombstones. “You brought us to a cemetery?!?” I asked in disbelief.He laughed at me and said, “Well, it’s private and quiet, no one will know we’re here.” I told him that I was a little creeped out by this but he laughed it off. “Don’t worry,” he said, “it’s not like they can see us or anything.”“Uhhh, I don’t know about this….” I said nervously as I rolled up the windows.“Just get close to me,” he said with a smile. “I’ll protect you.”“Yea, right,” I thought to myself but, as he wrapped me in his arms and pulled me in for a kiss, our location was all but forgotten.His hand reached into my leggings and slid into my panties. His fingers slid between my pussy lips and he groaned “You’re so wet!! I need to feel my cock on this.”We both wriggled out of our pants and I was wondering how in the hell were we supposed to have sex in the back seat of a car!He told me to lie on my back and he positioned himself between my legs. He pulled condom out of his pocket and ripped open the gold packaging. I licked my lips in anticipation as he rolled the condom down the length of his thick white shaft. He slid the head of his cock up and down over my clit, covering his dick with my juices. I moaned and ground my hips into his cock and begged him “Put it in me!” He teased me for a few more moments before roughly plunging his cock into into my dripping wet pussy.“God, you are so wet!” he marveled. “I can feel your juices all over me.”He started pumping his cock in and out of my pussy and I couldn’t believe that I was having sex in a car right now!But damn…it felt amazing. His dick was so thick and I loved feeling him stretching me out as he fucked me.We were kissing and fucking and he was squeezing my tits and I realized that in our haste I didn’t even take off my bra.I didn’t want to be totally naked in case we needed to make a quick exit so I propped myself up enough for him to unhook and slide off my bra, keeping my shirt on.“Damn! I need to taste these big fat titties,” he declared as he bent over to take my nipple in his mouth.“Oh yesss baby, suck on that tit,” I moaned encouragingly as he nibbled and licked my nipple. He turned his attention to the other tit and sucked on it so that both my nipples were rock hard and wet from his mouth.“Oh god, yes! Please keep fucking my pussy,” I begged as he thrusted harder. As he picked up speed and really started to drill my pussy I could feel his cock hitting my sweet spot deep inside.“Oh my god baby, yes, keep fucking me like that,” I gasped as I felt my pussy starting to tighten up. “Please, don’t stop! I’m cummming!!” I cried out as I my cunt spasmed around his cock.“Oh fuck, yes, I wanna feel that pussy cum for me!” he groaned as he kept pounding away at my pussy.There was a warm explosion in my pussy and, as my hips rose off the seat, I could feel my pussy clamp down and squeeze his cock out of me. He gave me a moment for the aftershocks to pass and then he slid back in and started pumping away.“Fuck!” I thought to myself. I almost wanted to laugh because I had my right foot planted on the roof of the car and the left foot through the moonroof. But it was so fucking hot and incredible avrupa yakası escort that I didn’t even care.He started groaning and I could feel him picking up speed as he got closer to cumming.“Oh yes, baby…cum in my pussy,” I moaned. “Let me feel you cum in my pussy!”“Ohhhh my god! I’m cummmming!” he shouted and slammed into my body with each eruption of cum. “That was amazing!” he said breathlessly as he pulled out and fell back on the seat.“Mmmhmm,” I murmured in agreement and all we could do was sit for a few moments and catch our breath.“It’s so hot in here! Can you open the windows?” he asked.I started to laugh as I noticed that all the windows were fogged up. “It’s a good thing no one is over here,” I remarked as I reached up to the front seat to roll down all the windows. “This would be a dead giveaway!”“I know,” he laughed. “I was praying that I wasn’t going to see one of those police floodlights before we got finished!” and we both laughed with relief.I grabbed some Kleenex out of the glove compartment and handed it to him so he could take off the condom. As I watched him pull it off, I exclaimed, “You’re still hard!?!”“Yea,” he admitted. “I’m still really turned on.”“Mmm, I know the feeling,” I purred as I started to rub my pussy. I leaned up against him as I played with my clit and he started to fondle my tits.I moaned and begged him to keep sucking on my tits while I rubbed my pussy, alternating between sliding my fingers in and out and rubbing my clit.“I love the sound of your fingers in that dripping wet pussy,” he said in this amazed voice as we both listened to the wet rhythm of my fingers against my clit.I started to rub faster as I felt my climax building. “Unghhh, I need to cum,” I moaned as I started bucking my body to get it closer to orgasm.“Mmmm, yes, baby. Let me see you cum!” he breathed in my ear.I could feel this insane orgasm building in my body and I was moaning and crying out so loudly. There was a huge explosion in my body and I shouted out as waves of pleasure rushed all through my body. He just held me as I continued to tremble for a while with the aftershocks.“Wow, that was incredible to see!” he marveled.“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I chuckled.I reached over to stroke his cock with my wet fingers, very turned on by the fact that he was still rock hard.“This is amazing,” I said as I slowly milked his cock with my hand. “Do you have another condom?”“Unfortunately, no, I only brought the one,” he said dejectedly.“Damn!” I said. “And I didn’t bring any because I wasn’t planning on doing anything,” I lamented.He started laughing and said “You look so sad.”I laughed too and said “Yea, well, I hate to have this hard cock go to waste!” I kept stroking his cock and was feeling torn inside between wanting to be safe and wanting to feel him fuck me again.“But we can’t do it,” I said, mainly to convince myself. “We should just get dressed and go.”But I continued stroking his cock and he said “You don’t really want to do that, do you?”“No, I don’t,” I moaned, “but we really shouldn’t….” and I willed myself to just let his cock go. But I couldn’t stop looking at it…just standing up so straight and hard…taunting me…teasing me. And I swear that he was flexing it back and forth on purpose!“Well, I’m clean and you’re clean and if you’re on birth control then we should go for it,” he reasoned.“Unnghhhh, no we can’t do it,” I said weakly as I reached for my clothes.“Come here,” he growled as he pulled me toward him and pushed me on my back. “You know you want this cock,” he grunted as he pushed his dick inside me.I didn’t resist and my soaking wet pussy only confirmed how much I wanted it.“Damn! You are so tight and so fucking wet!” he groaned as he pumped his hard cock in and out of my dripping wet cunt. “Your juices are all over me!” he said in amazement as I lifted my hips to meet every thrust.“Fuck, you are so tight…I’m gonna cum!” he moaned.“Yes, baby, let me see you cum!” I encouraged. “I wanna see you shoot that cum all over me!”“Unghhh, here it cums!!” he cried out. He pulled out at that moment and with a couple of strokes he shot his big, wet, hot load all over my belly.“Oh my god, that felt soooo good!” he exhaled as he collapsed into the seat.“Mmmm, yes it did,” I agreed contentedly.He wiped me clean and we laughed and spoke softly as we got dressed. We climbed into the front seats and I turned the car around to drive back to the main road.At that moment, a bright light from a police car flooded the road with light.“Oh shit!!” we both exclaimed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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